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Jetpack manual

      ****  ******  ******  ******    *****    *****  **  ** 
       **   **        **    **   **  **   **  **      ** **  
       **   *****     **    ******   *******  **      *****  
   **  **   **        **    **       **   **  **      **  ** 
    ****    ******    **    **       **   **   *****  **   **

                  (C) 1993-1998 Adam Pedersen
                 Published by Software Creations
                 Re-Published by Impulse Games
                 both those companies are dead,
                 release FREEWARE by Adam Pedersen..

You are a daring adventurer in search of precious emerald gems! 
With your trusty jetpack strapped to your back, enter and explore
a hundred levels full of treasures and peril.  Your quest is to
take all of the gems in each level without getting killed.  When
you collect all the gems for each level, the portal to the next
level will open.  Collect treasure on the way to earn extra lives.


This program is a product of Adam Pedersen.  It is protected by
United States copyright laws and international treaty provisions. 
You may NOT modify or create derivative works based on this program
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kind either expressed or implied.  In particular we make no
warranty as to correctness or fitness for a particular purpose.

In no event shall the author or publisher be liable for any errors
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This document contains proprietary information which is protected
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The information in this document is subject to change without

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                         * THE JETPACK *

The jetpack model L1069-E is specially designed for human flight
with great power, but unfortunately it consumes a large quantity of
fuel.  You must find fuel for your jetpack before you can fly
around the dungeons.  Press down while flying to maintain constant
altitude.  Some levels contain no fuel, so you must rely on ladders
and be careful not to encounter any monsters on the ground.

There is also a Phase Shifter built in to your jetpack which
tunnels through bricks.  Some bricks are denser than others and
require more time to break through.  Grey stone is solid and cannot
be phased.  There are also other items that can be affected by the
Phase Shifter.  You'll have to experiment to discover what they

                          * FEATURES *

There are teleporters that transport you around the level, and
barriers that block your progress.  These barriers are deactivated
by pressing buttons of the same color.  Activate buttons and
teleporters by pressing down while touching them.  Monsters can
turn the barriers on and off by moving over colored floor switches. 
There are moving platforms and ladders that can help or hinder you. 
Icy bricks make it hard to walk, and some bricks are covered with
sludge, slowing your progress.  Monster Stunners, Shields, and fuel
appear randomly for a quick player to retrieve.  The Stunners make
the monsters harmless and paralyze them momentarily.  Shields
protect you from monsters, spikes, and all other hazards.

                           * SCORING *

          Tank of Fuel                  10 Points
          Double Tank of Fuel           20 Points
          Stunner                       25 Points
          Shield                        25 Points

          Emerald Gem                   5 Points
          Gold Coin                     10 Points
          Pile o' Gold                  25 Points
          Golden Vase                   50 Points
          Extra Life                    100 Points

     Extra lives are also awarded every 1,000 points.

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                        * GAME OPTIONS *

At any point in the game, you may press [J] to adjust the
joysticks, or press [PAUSE] to pause the game.
To save the game, press [ALT]-[S] when prompted before each level.

     [S]  Start the action!
     [E]  Enter the Level Editor
     [Q]  Quit the game

     [H]  Help on the game
     [D]  Watch a demo of the game
     [B]  View the top 15 High Scores for both standard and
          homemade levels

     [F1] Help on the game
     [F2] Adjust the number of players from 1 to 8
     [F3] Change the starting level or select random levels.
     [F4] Select which levels to play: the standard levels, your
          own homemade levels, or continue a saved game.
     [F5] Enable or disable joysticks.  Normally 'AUTO' should
          work, but on some computers joysticks are detected
          incorrectly.  If movement is erratic select 'FORCE 1' to
          use only port 1, or 'DISABLED' to just use keyboard

     Speed can be adjusted from 0 (SLOW) to 8 (FAST) or 9 (MAX)
          [+] Faster
          [-] Slower
     [SPACE] Toggle status bar
     [F1]  Quick help on controls
     [F10] Pause/Boss key
     [ESC] Kill this life
     [Q]   Quit the game

     * CONTROLS *
          Jetpack: [button A]
          Phase Shifter: [button B]

          Movement- [ARROWS]
          Jetpack-  [ALT]/[keypad 0]/[INSERT]
          Phase Shifter- [CTRL]/[ENTER]/[DELETE]

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         ******  *****   ******  ******   ****   ***** 
         **      **  **    **      **    **  **  **  **
         *****   **  **    **      **    **  **  ***** 
         **      **  **    **      **    **  **  ** ** 
         ******  *****   ******    **     ****   **  **

Jetpack contains a full-featured level editor so you can create and
share thousands of customized levels.  You can also play these
levels in a full game from the main menu, just press F4 and select
'customized'.  You can find lots of homemade levels to add to your
collection on the internet.
You can test levels in the editor with F2. 

          Draw- [button A]
          Select Tiles- [button B]

          Movement- [ARROWS]
          Draw- [ALT]/[SPACE]
          Select Tiles- [CTRL]/[ENTER]

          [F1] Help Information
          [F2] Play test this level
          [TAB] FILE OPTIONS
               [ENTER] View level
               [L] Load level
               [S] Save level
               [D] Delete level
          [Q]  Quit the editor

          [DELETE] Erase tile
          [INSERT] Pick up tile
          [R]  Scatter random tiles

          [C]  Clear level
          [B]  Block on/off
               [P] Paste
               [F] Fill

          [S]  Set starting position
          [D]  Set door
          [1] to [8] PLACE ENEMIES
               [1]  Bad Guy
               [2]  Steel Ball
               [3]  Spring
               [4]  Missile
               [5]  Spikes
               [6]  Flitzer
               [7]  Bat
               [8]  Homer

---------------------------- Page 5 ----------------------------

The level editor is one of the most exciting features in Jetpack. 
With it you can create thousands of your own levels to play and
share with friends.  Press [ENTER] for a layout of all 120 tiles
available for level construction.  Use the arrow keys to choose a
tile and then place it in the desired location with [SPACE].  The
joystick can also be used.  A quick way to pick a tile is to move
the cursor on to one that is already on the level screen and press
[INSERT] to pick it up.  A shortcut key for putting down background
tiles (erasing) is [DELETE].  This key is also used to erase
monsters and other objects.

If you're having trouble getting started on a level, press [R] to
randomly scatter your selected tile.  This will give you a
foundation around which to create a level.  The Block function also
helps in level construction.  Block works like the Block option in
most word processors.  Press [B] to mark the starting point of the
block, then move and press [B] again to mark the endpoint.  The
rectagonal area you have just selected is now saved in memory.  You
can press [P] to paste it down with the top-left at your current
cursor location.  Press [F] to fill the entire blocked area with
your selected tile.  Press [C] to clear the entire level.

There are eight types of monsters that you can use to make your
levels more challenging.  You can place up to 20 monsters in each
level, by pressing [1] to [8] for the monster type.  The monsters
are listed at the bottom of this page.

Before testing your level, you must set the starting location with
[S] and the location of the door with [D].  Test your level by
pressing [F2].

For the File Options menu, press [TAB].  From here you can choose
to [S]ave your level, [L]oad a level, [D]elete a level from disk,
or view a level with [ENTER].  Press [ESCAPE] to return to the

If you need help recalling these commands, press [F1] for help.

                        * THE MONSTERS *

     Trackbot       This guy will track you down
     Steel Ball     Rolls around crushing everything in its path
     Spring         Bounces up and down
     Missile        The fastest enemy, flies in a set pattern
     Spikes         Bounces in a diagonal path of destruction
     Flitzer        Flitzes around randomly
     Batbot         Uses radar to hunt you down
     Homer          Travels through bricks straight toward you

---------------------------- Page 6 ----------------------------

                     * MORE JETPACK STUFF! *

     If you are a hardcore Jetpack fan, or just need some help with
any (or all!) of the 100 Jetpack levels, there used to be a
Jetpack Hint Book!  It came printed with an index of levels,
pictures of all 100 levels with a trace of the best route,
and a humorous level solution for each level.  Don't you wish you
had one?  It will probably be a collectors item some day.  Well
it's too late now.
It also reveals the ULTRA-SECRET cheat keys for Unlimited Lives,
and 2000 Shield Invincibility!  These keys were used by the
programmer for debugging and they remain hidden in the program!

     By the way, don't forget that secret cheat key that helps you
through tricky levels.  In any level, hold down the [BACKSPACE]
key, and ['] (apostrophe).  This will skip to the next level.  Use
it wisely, because this magic combination can only be used twice in
a game for each player!

OK, since you can't get the book I'll tell you the real cheat keys:
TAB + 2 + S  : Skip a Level
TAB + 2 + D  : Record a Demo (before starting)
TAB + 2 + L  : Extra Life
TAB + 2 + F  : Extra Fuel
TAB + 2 + I  : Invincible

If you like this, look for God of Thunder, it rocks!  But remember there's
this villager you have to talk to TWICE, everybody gets stuck on that.

Read the history.txt file for more info.

                        * JSWITCH.EXE *

The Jetpack Graphics Module Switcher is an add-on module for Jetpack
that lets you switch graphics sets.  Run it to set Jetpack for
Christmas graphics, or Jetpack Junior graphics.