Abandonware DOS title

Commander Keen 6: Aliens Ate my Baby Sitter! other - codes

   BLOOG: The two-legged, green creaturs with their tongues hanging out the
          corner of their mouths, and with one eye.
   BIP:   Kind of a yellow puddle with a tiny head sticking out of it.
   BABOBBA:  A red, worm-link creature with what looks like one foot.
   BLORB:  A red, gelitin-like being.
   BLOOGLET:  A baby Bloog, in one of four colors: red, yellow, green, or blue.
   BLOOGUARD:  A Bloog which carries a club.
   BOBBA: A full-grown Babobba.
   CEILICK: A grinning, purple, round-headed creature which pokes it's head
            from the ceiling.
   FLECT:  A little fellow with buckteeth.
   FLEEX:  A weird creature with an oversized ear sticking out the top of its
   GIK:    A yellow, hard-shelled, turtle-like creature with spikes for feet.
   MOLLY:  The object of your quest. She's tied up with ropes.
   NOSPIKE: Pale-blue creature with a horn between its eyes.
   ORBATRIX:  A blue, flying eye with small wings.
   VIVA:  Tiny yellow things with big large eyes and ears.