Abandonware DOS title

Lancelot walkthrough

                              (Level 9/Mandarin)

    PARTS 1&2.

    You start on the forest road carrying weapons and armour.

    Note that in certain parts of the adventure, the solution reads
    "knight, do something". It seems as though any character will do. We
    have just listed which one was used at the time. The only one who can't
    seem to be commanded is the Damosel Maledisant.

    After a certain stage, if you rescue a new knight, one who was
    previously with you will leave.

    To the east you meet The Black Knight. The Knight says you may not pass
    till you prove your worth. "Attack knight". The fight is long and hard
    and each knows the other is a valiant knight. At last the Black Knight
    surrenders. Would Lancelot accept? "Yes". The knight reveals himself to
    be King Arthur and he would like to knight you and for you to join his
    Round Table. Go to him tomorrow. (+20)

    At the serf's Gate, you meet Sir Kay (+10) who mocks you and suggests
    you sleep in the mews. However, if you do this, you lose points.
    Instead go to Merlin. (+10)

    He greets you and says you can stay there. Go to the guest room and
    "sleep" several times. (+30)

    In his library (+10 for entering) are several books. "Read book"
    several times for clues until you have read all of them (+20)

    "Only a Knight free from sin shall reach the Grail".
    "The key to the key is cancellation and much help".
    "Elaine is cursed yet blessed for she will bear the best of knights".
    "Orkney's shrubs can hide a multitude".
    "Arthur's missing knights are in nine places".
    "A selection of Tristam of Cornwall's well-known compositions for the
    "The sound of a horn can be heard in the distance".
    "Turquin's Manor cannot be entered by no knight alone".
    "A true knight is always true to his lady".
    "The Legends of the wounded King Pellam of the Marsh".

    The door to the castle is now open so go to Arthur (+10). He knights
    you (+10) and you realise you have fallen for Guenever. You ask if you
    can be her champion and she says you may if you can prove you're

    Arthur says that there are several knights held captive by rebel lords
    and if you can bring them to Camelot, that would prove you're a worthy

    1. The Castle of Lyonesse and the Red Knight.

    Go through the King's Gate. You meet the Damosel Maledisant. She says
    her lady, Dame Lyonesse, is being held captive. You will have to do to
    rescue her.

    Go to Dame. (Ignore the lady with the hawk for the moment but see later
    for what to do here.)

    You meet a Black knight who won't let you pass. "Attack knight" till he
    yields. Then accept his surrender. He strikes you and rides off. You
    then meet a Green Knight. "Attack Knight" several times again and
    accept his surrender. He also hits you before he leaves (+10). The
    final knight is a Red Knight. Do the same but when you accept his
    surrender, he salutes you (+20).

    At Castle Lyonesse, you can't enter as arrows are fired at you. "Blow
    horn". The Commander of the army comes up. He has no wish to do battle
    with you and explains that the Black and Green Knights are his men and
    evil but the Red Knight is a member of the Round Table who had been
    commanded to act in that way and offers his service to you. The Dame
    thanks you for your help and says Lynet (The Damosel Maledisant) will
    stay with you.

    2.The Manor house and Sir Meliot.

    When you see the brachet, follow it and it goes inside the Manor.
    Meliot is wounded and says his wounds may only be cured by a cloth
    belonging to the witch that made them.

    Go to the chapel. There are 30 huge knights in there. They say if you
    drop your sword and don't enter the inner chapel, they may spare you.
    Don't; just go south.

    In the inner chapel, you see Hellawes carrying a cloth. She says if you
    don't drop your sword, you will die for it. Don't; instead "get cloth".
    She and the knights vanish.

    Go to Meliot. He takes the cloth and touches his wounds which are
    healed. He says he will ride to Camelot with his maid. (+40)

    3.The Broch and Sir Lamorak.

    If you go to the Broch, the portcullis is lowered and you can't enter.

    Go to the bushes (which are large enough for several knights to hide
    under and you can "hide in bushes if you wish) and "Knight, up, up,
    light beacon". When he does so, the guard enters from the Broch and
    goes up. Wait till he goes up or the portcullis will still close at his

    You only have a limited number of moves before the residents attack
    you. And you cannot leave the same way you came in.

    Go in (+10) and down to the basement. Unbolt the door (+20). Inside is
    Sir Lamorak who thanks you for rescuing him. Go back to the basement
    where there is a chest on the trapdoor that you can't move on your own.
    (If you open the chest, it contains rocks and sand.) "Knight, wait,
    push chest" . "Push chest". It slides away from the trapdoor. Go out
    this way and you get to the beach.
    4. Garlon's Turret

    When you pass the turret, the door opens and closes tho you don't see
    anyone leave. After that, you are attacked every-so-often by someone
    invisible and you can't attack them back as you swing wildly and miss.

    The answer is to enter the turret (+10). The invisible being follows
    you. Inside you see heavy shutters by a window through which sunlight
    streams. "Close shutters"; Garlon loses his advantage of being
    invisible. "Kill Garlon". You do so and with him dead, a foul scourge
    is removed from the land.

    5. The Wailing Castle and Sir Pedivere.

    When you meet Sir Breunis in the forest, he says you must die for
    trespassing. At the Wailing Castle is Sir Pedivere. He asks you to kill
    Breunis so he may be free. Attack Breunis till he dies. Sir Pedivere
    thanks you and offers his services. (+30)

    6. Gritstone Castle and the Hawk.

    Here, a worried lady asks you to rescue her hawk which has flown up the
    elm tree and has its lunes tangled. "Up"; as your armour is heavy, you
    leave it at the bottom of the tree. Go "up" again to the hawk and
    "untie lunes" (+20); it flutters to the ground. Go down to the bottom
    of the tree and Sir Phelot is waiting for you. He says his wife has
    done what he asked and that you are now helpless without your armour.
    He is going to kill you. Nearby is a piece of dead wood. "Get wood",
    "throw wood at Phelot"; it strikes him on the side of the head, you
    grab his sword and kill him. The lady leaves weeping and you put your
    armour back on hurriedly in case of attack from the building.

    7. Castle Chariot and Sir Gawain.

    Go to the briars. The Damosel says two are needed to cut them. "Knight,
    wait, cut briars, cut briars." He agrees.

    "Cut briars", you both cut but they start to regrow. "Cut briars"; they
    shrivel and disappear. You can now go north.

    Outside Castle Chariot, you fall asleep under an apple tree and four
    Queens arrive. They are Morgan, Eastlands, Northgales and Outisles.
    They say you must choose one of them or you will never leave. If you
    do, you are untrue to Guenevere so "choose Guenever". They are angry
    and you are thrown into a dungeon.

    A maiden comes and brings you a pewter plate with food on it. Take it.
    Later Morgan comes and offers a glass of wine so take it. She says have
    you chosen her yet? "No". She says you will stay there another day.

    If you offer the maiden the food when she returns, she refuses but says
    a glass of wine would not go amiss. "Give wine"; she drinks it and
    falls in love with Lancelot because of the love potion in it. Realising
    the only thing you desire is freedom, she opens the castle doors for
    you (+20).

    Leave the cell. Outside is another one in which is Sir Gawain who
    thanks you and joins you.

    8. Corbin and Elaine.

    Go to Corbin, and to Elaine. The inscription outside reads 'here lives
    Elaine, cursed by Queens Morgan and Northgates to simmer in boiling
    water till rescued by the best knight in the world.

    If you go in with the Red Knight and Lamorak, you pull Elaine from the
    water. Before this, you can't so it may be score related or according
    to how many people are with you. She says for you to visit her at
    Corbin Castle.

    To the east is a chapel in which is a fiendly dragon. When you enter,
    you automatically kill it.

    You can now enter the castle but the others remain outside. King Pelles
    gives a feast in your honour as he knows Lancelot will father a child
    by Elaine, Galahad, who will complete the round Table. After the
    banquet, Elaine goes upstairs and whispers for you to go to her in the
    east bedroom.

    If you do, you are given a choice of leaving or staying. If you stay,
    you lose 20 points. However, if you leave, you won't father Galahad.
    The dilemma is resolved shortly.

    In the south bedroom (+10 for entering), there's a pillow on the bed.
    Get it. You also see a secret panel which isn't level with the rest of
    panelling. "Lie" and as you sleep a spear is thrown through a secret
    panel and strikes you. "Sleep" again and a Magical Knight enters from
    the panel. He attacks and when he is badly wounded, he re-enters the
    panel and comes back out recovered and attacks again. "Close panel"
    three times so he can't enter it, then "kill knight" till he's dead

    "Sleep". An old man enveloped in adders and carrying a spear of
    vengance enters through the panel. Wait three times; the old man thanks
    you for not attacking him (if you do, you lose points) and sings how
    Joseph of Arimathea entered the land to prepare the way for the Grail.
    He returns through the panel.

    "Sleep"; four gentlewomen and a bishop enter through the panel, then
    return through it.

    "Sleep"; you hear the panel open again. Then a cock crows and the door
    opens to allow you to leave. Leave the room. Dame Brisen, Elaine's lady
    and a great enchantress, gives you some drugged wine and makes you
    believe Elaine is Guenever. Afterwards, you remember but feel no quilt
    as you were tricked and also know you must father Galahad (+40).

    Note, if you go to Elaine freely, you lose 20pts (and don't get the
    points for doing it correctly) so do the perilous bedroom first.

    9. Servage and Sir Mabon de Moir.

    You must do Corbin and Elaine before you can do this bit.

    On Servage, the fishermen tell you that the lord, Mabon de Moir, is an
    evil giant who eats visitors and a knight is in his prison now. When
    you enter (+10), the giant says he doesn't fear you because it was
    prophercied that he would die by the hand of a saint. He hewed the
    right hand from the only saint and keeps it under his pillow. In the
    morning you will fight and he will kill you. He goes to sleep. The
    giant is lying on a sack and there's something in it though you can't
    tell what it is.

    If you look through the keyhole, you can't see anything which is odd as
    you can't see any wards inside.

    "Give pillow to knight", "Knight, put pillow under head", he agrees,
    "get sack". As you get the sack, the knight puts the pillow under the
    giant's head and he sleeps on. If you use anything other than the
    pillow, he wakes and attacks. He also wakes if you make any moise.

    "Look in sack"; it contains a relic. "Examine relic"; it's the
    mummified hand of a long-dead saint. It's black and the fingers have
    shrivelled to clows. "Hit giant with hand" thus fulfilling the
    prophecy. He crumbles into dust.

    You aren't strong enough to open the door on your own so "Knight, wait,
    open door", "open door". (+20) Inside is Sir Bors de Ganis. He thanks
    you and joins you.

    10. Turquin's Manor and Sir Ector of Maris.

    When you are outside his Manor, he attacks you. "Attack Turquin"; you
    attack him several times and he flees into his manor.

    Inside (+10) you see a secret panel and some loose floorboards. You can
    hear his gatekeepers running down a passage to the north.

    If you "step on the floorboards", the panel opens, an arrow flies out
    and you dodge it. The panel shuts again. there is no sign of any way to
    open the panel.

    (If you go north, the floorboards start to move. If you don't jump
    back, you fall into a dungeon where you find Sir Ector de Maris,
    Agravain, Aliduke, Brandiles, Brian, Geheris, Gareth, Lionel and
    Marhaus. Exam Ector to see he is held fast by chains that loop into the
    wall. It beseemed Lancelot that he could free him without any toools.)
    To do this bit, "Bors, stand on planks.", "Gawain, wait, in, break
    crossbow, wait 20". They do this, and now when you go north, the
    presence of someone in the secret passage stops the floor from tilting.
    Because the crossbow is broken, no more arrows are fired so the others
    will follow you.

    On the other side you find a pit which leads to the dungeon. A guard
    room is west and after a while, the guards come out to investigate.
    There is a cage over the pit, suspended from chains, a winch and a
    lever. When you "turn winch" the cage is raised/lowered. When you "pull
    lever", you hear a grating sound from below but it doesn't seem to do
    anything (bug??).

    "Bors, wait 2, turn winch, wait 15, turn winch". "Get into cage". It is
    lowered. Starting with Ector, tell each prisoner to "get into cage".
    Collect as many as you can. You may be winched up before you've
    finished and chased out of the castle by guards. However, return and do
    the rest. Ector thanks you and rides to Camelot. Tell the rest to do so
    too. You only seem to get full points if you rescue all the knight

    10. The Mermaid

    Go to the mermaid. If you take the harp, she snatches it back. Go
    "Pedivere, wait, w". "Get harp". You take the harp and the boat moves
    away before the mermaid can grab it back.

    11. King Mark and the siege of Tintagel.

    Do the mermaid first.

    On the road, a herald stops you and says that King Mark of Tintagel is
    being beseiged and needs help. The sentries of the army will not let
    you past.

    A cart arrives periodically. "In". You all climb into the cart which
    takes you past the sentries. On the other side is a fire of hot coals,
    a cauldron of hot soup and a Sessine ship belonging to the invaders
    which has a pile of sails on its deck.

    The cauldron is very hot but the coals are red-hot with flames on them.
    You can pick either up but are forced to drop them again at once. Even
    the knight can't hold the coals for long tho he can hold the cauldron
    longer than you. "Empty cauldron"; you tip out the soup.

    "Knight, get coals, put coals in cauldron".(+10) "Knight, get cauldron,
    up". Go up too. You are now on the ship by the sails. "Knight, drop
    cauldron", "Knight, get coals, put coals on sails." (+20) They burn and
    so does the boat so the Sessines have to surrender.

    King Mark asks you to enter the city in triumoph but when you do, he
    tells you the fleet was aided by Sir Tristram, a fellow knight. He
    can't chance you will try to free him.

    You are thrown into a dungeon where Tristram already is. The door is
    locked. Tristram asks if you brought his harp and says if he had it,
    you might all escape. "Give harp to Tristram", he plays a tune and
    enchants the guards so they open the cells and you escape through a
    window. (+40)

    12. Castle Meliagaunt.

    After doing all the above (note, if you do this bit to early, you won't
    enter the end-game), go to Arthur and Guenever. Guenever reads from
    some letters she has had from Lynet which praise you. Arthur declares
    you a worthy knight and champion for the Queen. Guenever leaves
    inviting you to join her and her knights at Westminster Meadows.

    When you get there, you hear the Queen has been captured and taken to
    Meliagaunt's castle.

    "Enter" the cart and travel south to the castle (+10). This is because
    going south, your horse is shot from under you and it is too far to

    In the castle, Melaigaunt leads you to the Queen's room. He apologises
    for kidnapping her. Guenever says she will stay there that night, but
    Lancelot will be there to protect her. She then whispers for you to go
    to her tonight. (+10)

    Go to your room and get the gloves and hat from the chest. Wear the
    gloves. Go outside to the window and go up. You hurt your hand. If you
    don't wear gloves, your injury is noticed. In the morning, you hear
    noises outside the door so go back out and round.

    On the way up, you can hear shouting from the Queen's bedroom. Inside,
    Meliagaunt is accusing her of adultery. You defend her and challenge
    him. Meliagaunt sets a date 3 days hence, orders the window sealed and
    leaves with the queen. (+20)

    On the way down the stairs, the lights go out and the floor gives way.
    Lancelot finds himself in a dungeon (+10). A damosel enters and
    promised him his freedom if he will promise to love her. If he agrees,
    he must kiss her. If you ignore her, she leaves and returns the next

    On the third day she says Guenever is to be executed as her champion
    hasn't arrived. She sees he is suffering and offers to free him in
    exchange for one kiss, no promise intended. "Kiss damosel"; she summons
    a horse so you can leave.

    Go to the lawns outside the castle where she is about to be burnt. She
    is fastened to a pyre and Meliagaunt is stoking it. "Fight Meliagaunt";
    he will only fight if you remove half your armour and tie one arm
    behind your back but you do so and still defeat him. (+30) Guenever
    thanks him and leaves.

    Now all the knights are assembled at once (if you don't get this
    message, you've done this bit too soon) and life goes on for 20years.
    Then Galahad arrives and the company is complete.

    The Grail appears and the company vow to find it and, if possible,
    bring it back to Camelot. Lancelot returns to his chamber knowing he
    must not leave Camelot without saying goodbye to Guenever.

    Go east through door (+10); Guenever's room is to the east. Enter it.

    Someone knocks on the door and if you open it, a knight enters followed
    by a group of knights. You are overpowered and accused of adultery. To
    prevent this, "Guenever, wait, close door", "open door"; the knight
    enters and Guenever closes the door. This is Sir Colgreavaunce. "Kill
    Colgreavaunce"; you do so, put on his armour with Guenever helping,
    drive off the other knights and save the honour of the Queen. You leave
    the next day with the Company. (+30) If you "oops", you are outside
    with Sir Colgreavaunce and can do the same sequence, but don't get the
    points; this is another bug.


This seems to be erratic as sometimes you score more in one bit than
another and on replaying, it scores differently. I think there is a
standard total for each section.
There is a also a bug where when being attacked by Phelot, if you try to
leave south and Merlin offers to rescue you, if you accept you gain 50pts.
You can keep doing this! You can gain points in other places by being
rescued, but I think all these are wrong as they would take you over the
1000 points.

The following is one sequence of scoring:

Deal with Knight/Arthur +20
Meet Kay +10
Meet Merlin +10
Enter library +10
Read all books +20
Enter Castle door +10
Meet Arthur/Get knighted +10..................90/1000
Untie lunes +20
Deal with Green Knight +10
Deal with Red Knight +20
Save Meliot +40
Enter Broch +10
Unbolt door +20
Enter Garlon's turret +10
Kill Sir Breunis +30.........................250/1000 Cut briars/throw in
dungeon +10
Give wine to maiden +20
Enter perilous bedroom +10
Get pillow/Kill knight +10
Tricked into staying with Elaine +40.........340/1000 Arrive at
Servage/Enter giant's tower +10
Open door in there +20
Knight put coals in cauldron +10
Knight put coals on sails +20
Escape from Tintagel +40 Deal with Turquin +10
Rescue all knights from dungeon +20..........470/1000 Pass archers +10
Guenever invites you to visit her +10
Meliagaunt issues his challenge +20
Fall into dungeon +10
Rescue Guenever +30
East from room +10
Enter G's room & defeat Colgreavaunce +30....590/1000

Go on to Part 3 on 590/1000

Note there are 10pts missing from this part.


Starting from lance4.

The knights went looking for the Grail. Lancelot found himself at Vagon

Before you can leave, you must "pray".

"Examine cross"; SE to death, NE to peace. You sleep and dream of a goodly
knight led astray by a damosel.

If you get the crown that's there, you lose 50pts and are branded a thief.
The preacher says if you give him the crown, he will help you by shortening
your quest. Galahad warns he is false. If you do, he laughs, and he and the
crown vanish, and you lose another 50pts. You can kill the preacher but you
don't get any points. Instead "make sign of cross"; the preacher is
revealed as a fiend and disappears (+20)

To the south, a knight says he will let anyone past but Lancelot and asks
your name. "Knight, lancelot". He attacks. Fight back, you get close to
death and he says he will let you pass as you have fought bravely (+10)

On the other side is a pavilion and a maiden invites you in to rest. Inside
she offers cakes. You lose points (50 each time) for not entering, eating
the last cake, sleeping with her or leaving before doing any of these. The
solution is to enter (+10) and "make sign of cross". She is revealed as a
demon and both she and the pavilion vanish (+20)

The knight won't let you pass if you are carrying anything. Arriving at the
second cross (+10), examine it; you dream of a place which seemed a chapel
with a tree on one side which was weak and a lily on the other. A good man
said, should not he do great folly that would let this flower perish to
succour the tree that it dropped not to earth.

Go up to Nacien. The followers tell you not to pass or they will die.
Ignore them. Enter (+10), Nacien explains they were apparitions. He gives
you a chalice. If you have just examined a cross, he explains your dream.
The first represents the pavilion and damosel; in the second the tree is
Ector and the lily the maiden, showing you must rescue the maiden first
when you have to make the choice.

Go to the pilgrim by the well. He hasn't drunk for a week but you are too
full of sin to fill the chalice as the water receeds down the well from
you. "Give chalice to pilgrim"; you help him fill it, he drinks and returns
it to you (+20)

To the east, you see a maiden being chased south by a dwarf and your
brother Ector being taken north by some knights. Go south and save maiden
(+20) and north to save Ector (+20). You must do them in this order.

When you meet Galahad, ask him to follow you. He won't till the land is
free from evil. At one stage you hear a voice tell you he is in danger so
you go to where he is. He is being threatened by a group of barbarous
knight. They tell you to flee or you will die too. "Kill knights"; they
attack and you are near death but suddenly, lightning strikes them and they
flee. Galahad thanks you and says he will follow you.

Go to abbey (+10) and examine shield; it is said to be Joseph of
Arimathea's and is for the best knight in the world. "Galahad, get shield."
Examine tomb; only the best knight in the world can open it and live.
"Galahad, open tomb"; a fiend emerges and attacks him but he says God will
protect them. "Galahad, kill fiend"; he does and angels help him (+20). In
the tomb is a dead body of an unbeliever whose presence is a focus for evil
being buried on consecrated ground. The pious priest collect the body and
take it to the wasteland and bury it.

Go to boat, "Galahad, get sword", "get horn". "In"; you both enter the
boat. Only the best knight in the world can steer it. "Blow horn"; a
magical wind springs up, "Galahad, e" etc to move the boat.

Go to Turnance (+10). Two fishermen say the island is being ravaged by two
dragons. You must get both dragons to the hillside but they follow you and
won't stay there unaccompanied. Either get Galahad to go to one, then find
you, while you get the other and go to the hillside, or get one there, tell
Galahad to kill it and go and get the other. When they meet they fight till
both are dead. The fishermen thank you and give you a cup of mead (+20).

Go to the wall of fire (+10). Empty both chalice and cup. Give chalice to
Galahad and "Galahad, wait, fill chalice, throw chalice at wall, fill
chalice, throw chalice at wall". "Fill cup, throw cup at wall, fill cup,
throw cup at wall". This puts out the fire which dies a bit between each
soaking. Go north and "fill cup" to get some sand. Go south (+10)

Go to Bors. He and Percival greet you and say they will help. If you take
the heavy key, a fire spirit replaces it. Go back to boat and "fill chalice
with water" (+10)

Taking the people in the order they are listed on the screen so this works,
"Give chalice to Bors, give cup to Percival, give horn to Galahad". Bors,
wait 3, throw water", "Percival, wait 2, throw cup", "Galahad, wait, blow
horn". "Get key". When the key is moved, the fire spirit appears. The water
extinguished it and a water spirit appears. The sand soaks up the water
spirit and a sand spirit appears. The magical wind from the horn blows away
the sand spirit. (+20)

Unlock door (+20), go east several times (+10, +10). You see some lions but
they don't attack. The final east takles you into the room with the Grail
(+100). You see the grail and return to Camelot where you later become a


Remove preacher +20
Pass knight +10
Enter pavilion +10
Remove damosel/pavilion +20
Get to second cross +10
Get to Nacien +10
Give chalice to pilgrim +20
Rescue maiden +20
Rescue Ector +20
Go to abbey +10
Galahad defeats fiend +20.............(170)760/1000 Move boat +20
Deal with dragons +20
Arrive at wall +10
Get cup of sand +10
Meet Bors +10
Get key +20
Unlock door/East +20
East +10
East +10
East +100.............................(400)990/1000

Total this part 400, total for game 590 + 400 = 990/1000 ie 10 pts short
from pts 1 & 2.

The 'lost' 10 points!........this relates to the book in the library about
King Pellam. Go to the Marsh carrying the horn. You are unable to go North
as you get lost.

Give the horn to another character, e.g., the Red Knight. "KNIGHT, S, BLOW
HORN". He does so and when he blows the horn you can then see a clear way

To the North, you meet King Pellam who tells you the history of the Grail
and how it will appear at Camelot in many years time, after Lancelot's son
arrives at Camelot (+10).

Total (finally!) = 1000/1000.

   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *