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Legend of Kyrandia 2: Hand of fate walkthrough



 This walkthrough gives explicit instructions on playing THE HAND OF FATE to 
a successful conclusion. It does, however, assume you have read the Game 
Manual and are familiar with the various methods of controlling your 

 The walkthrough assumes that everything you are instructed to pick up, you 
put in your inventory.


 Kyrandia is disappearing piece by piece. The Kyrandian mystics are baffled. 
The Hand figures out what is wrong and selects Zanthia to collect the 
solution: a magic anchor stone from the center of the world. Zanthia returns 
to her lab and finds nearly everything stolen!


 Pick up the flask of water from under the rumpled carpet. Pick up the 
blueberry. Say good-bye to Faun. Leave and witness Zanthia's first change of 

 Click on the eyes in swamp. Pick up the blueberry. Leave by going north to 
the Dock.

 Notice the dock. Go west.

 Take the spell book out of the hollow stump. Read the spell book. Note the 
ingredients of the potion recipes you must collect. Go north to the 
Gnarlwood Tree.

 Break off a piece of the gnarlybark from the low branches. Pull up the 
onion just beyond the tree. Go north to the Ferry.

 Talk to Brueth the Fairy. He wants some gold. Go west to the Dark Swamp, 
then go north.

 Pour the water on the everglowing fireberries. Now you can pick them. You 
don't really need them but you do need an empty flask. Head west into Herb's 

 Take the empty flask on Herb's desk. Take the spare (toad) stool. Talk to 
Herb. Take the bag of the manure. Leave. Go south, then west to the 

 Push the tree down and walk across it, picking up the skeleton key on your 

 Feed the onion to the alligator. Collect his tears in an empty flask. Take 
the cauldron from the hollow in the tree. Go north to the Hot Sulphur 

 If you are short of empty flasks, return to Herb's to collect another.

 Collect some hot water in an empty flask. Pick up the sulphur rock from the 
end of the path. Return to the Ferry then head east, stopping to chat with 
the fishermen at the Natural Bridge. They need some bait. Head east again to 
the Cave Entrance.

 Here you will meet Marko and his Hand. Pull out the onion. Enter the cave.

 Talk to the rat. He will not let you pass. Look at your spell book. Mmmm, 
Swampsnake potion. It scares bears in woods. What about rats in caves? Well 
you have the ingredients, so make it!  Put the onion, sulphur rock, hot 
water, reptile tears and stool in the cauldron. Note the colour of the 
potion. Fill a flask with the green potion and click it on the rat. Walk 
east to the Dark Cavern.

 Click on each of the skull's teeth and note the positions of the different 
colors: Green, Purple, gap, Orange in the top row from left to right. Aqua, 
Red, Yellow, Blue below. Return to the Cave Entrance and go south to the 
Firefly Tree.

 Save. Feed the blueberries to the fruit flies. Note the order of their 
flashing colors. (This is variable from game to game.)  You will probably 
run out of blueberries before you have grasped the order, so restore until 
you have noted the entire sequence and write it down. (You will need it 
later.) Now, return to the Dark Cavern.

 Click on the skulls teeth to make the colors light up in the same order as 
the fruit flies colors flashed. Open the chest with the skeleton key. Take 
out the alchemist's magnet and the cheese. Leave. Return to the Natural 

 Give the cheese to the fishermen. Return to the Weed Patch.

 Free Marko by feeding the manure to the weeds. Return to the Dock.

 Take the anchor and use the alchemist's magnet on it. You now have some 
gold so, return to the Ferry. 

 Calamity! The ferry has been burned by the mail dragon! The dragon has 
dropped four letters. The dragon will give you a ride if you find them and 
return them to him.

 Go to the Quicksand. Take the letter from the skeleton hand. Go the Hot 
Sulphur Springs and pick up the letter from beside the rocks. Go to the 
Firefly Tree. Pick up the letter. Return to Zanthia's lab. Take the letter 
from the roof. Return to the mail dragon. Give him all four letters.


 You land in a Meadow. Pick up the letter. Search the haystack for an empty 
flask. Pick some grain stalks. Go east to the City Gate.

 The guards won't let you in. Return to the meadow.

 Here you will meet a ghost who wants a body. Put the ghost in a empty 
flask. Head west to the Farmhouse.

 Give the letter to the farmer. He will tell you his recipe for mustard and 
that the guards like sandwiches. Check your spell book. Aaaah! A sandwich 
spell! Go south to the Garden.

 Pick up the alchemist's magnet. Click the ghost in the flask on the 
scarecrow. Note the crops in the field and the elephant/aardvark's hose. 
Return to the Farmhouse.

 Take the baby dragons bowl. Leave the dragon's tears for now. Take the 
vinegar. Head west to the Water Wheel.

 Operate the wheel to open the valve. Climb up to the stick wedged in the 
wheel and remove it. Now you've got the grinder pounding, Note the 
electricity but _don't_ touch it! Return to the Garden. Click on the hose to 
water the garden. Pick a lettuce and pull up some radishes.

 Return to the Farmhouse and enter the Cellar.

 Take the scissors and four horseshoes. Notice the cheese maker. 

 Return to the Meadow and clip the sheep with the scissors. Keep the wool. 
Then milk the sheep with an empty flask. Return to the Cellar and put the 
milk in the cheese maker and operate the long wooden handle on the cheese 
maker. Take the cheese. Now you have to make the mustard.
 Return to the Water Wheel. Grind the grain under the pounder and put the 
grain in the bowl. Put the ground grain in the cauldron. Grind the radishes 
under the pounder and put the ground radish in the bowl. Add the vinegar. 
Put the mustard in the cauldron. Put the cheese and lettuce in the cauldron. 
An orange potion! Fill the empty flask with the potion. Then make the 
sandwich by clicking the flask on Zanthia. Return to the farmhouse.

 Collect some dragon tears. The dragon will cry if you give him his bowl 
back then take it away again. Return to then City Gate.

 Click the sandwich on the guards. Enter the City Gate.


 Remove the stick from the sea-horse fountain's mouth and keep the stick. 
Enter the Mustard store. The proprietor is in a trance. Look at the map on 
the wall.

 Go north to the Alley. The tavern door is locked. Click on the seven 
colored lamps to the left of the tavern entrance. Do you remember the order 
of the color lights from the fruit flies? Use it again here. Enter the 

 Pick up the mug and fill it with root beer from the keg. Talk to the tavern 
patrons. The Mustard barge is the only boat that goes _near_ Volcania. But, 
you can't leave until you've recited a poem. Wait your turn then click on 
the podium. Leave the tavern. Go south, walking by the octopus. (We'll be 
playing his shell game later.) Go west across the rope bridge. Pick up the 
parchment and place it in your spell book. Take the empty flask and notice 
the orange peel and wrapper. Notice that the sheriff is in a trance. Now 
look at you spell book.  The new page contains a recipe for a trance potion 
and you have found indications of those ingredients!

 Head east along the long dock to the Mustard barge. Did you notice Marko's 
hand slipping away? Did you see something glinting in the water? The captain 
is in a  trance. Return east then  head west to the island next to the fish 

 Look at your spell book. You have some of the ingredients for the Skeptic 
Spell. Pick up some mud from the puddle and get an impression of the rabbits 
footprint. Mix some vinegar and root beer in the bowl to make sweet and sour 
sauce. Put the reptile tears, sweet and sour sauce, a rabbit's footprint and 
a lucky horseshoe (right way up 'U') in the cauldron. A purple potion, but 
check the recipe. It must be activated at an Altar of Doubt! What's that 
archway in the distance? Let's go see! Head east. 

 Reach for the rope with the stick. Continue east. Well, the question mark 
looks like this altar is doubtful. Place a flask of the potion on the altar. 
Now place another flask of purple potion on the altar. You now have two 
skeptic potions. Return west, using the stick with the rope again.

 Use the potion on the sheriff. Go to the jail. Here you will find Marko 
locked in a cell. He tells you to find a magnet and get the key out of the 
water. Do you remember that glinting in the water? Now you have to make a 
magnet. Return to the Water Wheel in Morningmist Valley.

 Click one of the upside down 'U' horseshoes on the electricity to make a 
magnet. Return to the long dock in Highmoon. Use the magnet to get the key 
out of the water. Don't forget to pick up the magnet afterwards. Return to 
the jail.

 Use the key on the lock of Marko's jail. . . Now you are both locked up! 
Try and use the magnet on the key. (If you forgot the magnet, use the rope 
and hook mentioned later in this paragraph.) Oh no! The sheriff has thrown 
the key out of the window and the key has been swallowed by a fish! OK, now 
click around in the hay in your cell and you will find a rope and hook. 
Click the fishing rig on the window. Now you have the key, open your cell 
and Marko's. Return to the Mustard store. Click the second skeptic potion on 
the proprietor. He tells you you need three gold coins to book passage on 
the Mustard barge. Three gold coins! Time to go and think how to find those. 
. . over a drink in the tavern?

 Back at the tavern, there is a brawl going on except the antagonists are 
being held back from hitting each other. Want to see them fight? Then try 
and stop the scarecrow from holding them back. Click on the scarecrow a 
couple of times. Eventually a blow makes contact and a gold tooth falls out. 
You won't be allowed to pick it up unless you disguise it. Turn it to lead 
using the alchemist's magnet. Pick up the lead tooth. Leave the tavern and 
turn the tooth back to gold with the alchemist's magnet.

 You are going to need some luck to play against an eight legged shell game 
trickster. Drop a lucky horseshoe on the ground near the middle shell. Then 
give the octopus the gold tooth. When the octopus has stopped swapping 
shells, pick the middle shell, and you will win two gold teeth. Play again 
by giving the octopus one of the gold teeth. Pick the middle shell again. 
You now have three gold teeth and the octopus won't play with you anymore. 
Pick up the lucky horseshoe. So, now you have three gold teeth! How do you 
make three gold coins to pay for passage on the Mustard barge?

 Return to the Water Wheel in Morningmist Valley and place each gold tooth 
under the pounder and you will create three gold coins. Return to Highmoon, 
and go to the Mustard store. Offer the three gold coins to the proprietor 
and you will receive a voucher.

 So now you have booked passage on the Mustard barge but the captain is in a 
trance. Return to the Altar of Doubt. Fill an empty flask with the purple 
potion and place it on the altar. Return to the Mustard barge.

 Click the skeptic potion on the barge captain. Then offer the captain your 
voucher. Remember, this barge is going to Mustard Island but you want to get 
to Volcania. Somehow you must change the barge's course. Look at the ship's 
wheel. It is controlled by a magnetic compass. Place your magnet in the coil 
of rope next to the wheel.


 Another change of outfits and almost cleaned out knapsack! Pick up all 
starfish, seashells and sand dollars and rocks that you see. You should find 
the familiar stick lying on the shore. Head east until you meet an elderly 
couple. Talk to them. (You don't need the quill pen or empty flask, unless 
you want to do more extensive exploring and practice some spells. . . You 
can collect the ingedients for the Flying Red Shoes spell on the surface of 
Volcania, make the shoes and use them. . . but they don't help you get to 
the center of the world.)

 The elderly couple will ask you to buy a map to the center of the world. 
Find the purchase price (six sand dollars) by walking around Volcania. Chat 
with Jessica when you see her. Ignore the official looking man sitting at a 
desk (unless you want to be held up on the surface of Volcania a long time. 
Also ignore the smarmy guy on the couch (unless you want to practice the 
Flying Red Shoes spell). Return to the elderly couple and pay for the map. 
Then they will ask you to pay for registration for an anchor stone (six 
starfish). When you have collected the purchase price and paid for 
registration, they ask for payment for insurance forms (six seashells). When 
you have paid the insurance, they will tell you to jump down one of the 
vents! You should have two rocks in your inventory. Go to one of the two 
large hot air vents and jump in. You land in the Lava Cavern.

 Pick up the two rocks. Go west and pick up the flask. Notice the door to 
the anchor room and go east until you find the stick. Go east and walk over 
the green bridge. Start climbing the green steps, stopping to pick up the 
lead heart. Turn the lead into gold using the alchemist's magnet. The throw 
the stick to the baby dinosaur. Do this twice. Now go over to the hot air 
geyser and fetch some black pebbles. Pick up the third rock.

 Return to the Tyrannosaurus Rex and take some crystal fuzz from the palm 
leaves. Now you can make a teddy bear. Put the black pebbles, crystal fuzz, 
and gold heart in the cauldron. Fill the empty flask with the blue potion 
and click the flask on Zanthia. A teddy bear! Now climb on the T Rex. After 
your ride, you have a red rag. Go to the anchor door screen. Leave and 
return until the dinosaur is facing toward the anchor door. Then pick up the 
fourth rock and go the anchor door. Use the red rag on the dinosaur. . .

 So, the real problem is with the Wheels of Fate! Pick up the parchment and 
put it in your spell book. Now you've got to get out of here by your own 
means. The only way out is to go up the way you came down. So you have to 
cause an eruption and find a safe way of being carried up by it. Put a rock 
over the vent in the anchor room. Go east and put a rock on the vent by the 
green bridge. Now place a rock on the vent next to the green steps. Return 
to the screen with the anchor door. Place the last rock on the vent near the 
unstable bubbling lava and walk on to the rock on top of the bubbling lava.


 Pick up a flask from where you landed. Check out the terrain. Note the big 
flint rock and the trees blocking your path. Pick up the pinecone. Go west 
and meet the armored guard! He will tell you that the trees are musical. He 
won't let you cross the bridge so you must distract him. Time to check the 
spell book. Let's try the snowman spell. Pick up some snow, the twigs and 
moss. Pick up the rolling stone and return to the flint rock. Make charcoal 
by placing the twigs near the flint and clicking the rolling stone on the 
flint. Place the snow, moss and charcoal in the cauldron. Fill the empty 
flask with the potion. Return to the armored guard.

 Click the potion on the guard. The guard will leave. pick up the walnut 
from the hollow at the end of the bridge. Walk over to the dented statue. 
Check your spell book. One of the newer pages suggest some ways of doing a 
good deed. Brighten up the statue by using the alchemist's magnet on him. 
Take the drum and jacks out of the box. Take the acorn. Throw the jacks to 
the people being chased by a foot. . . and you hear something about the 
origins of the evil wizard's hand, the _left_ Hand, now heading for the 
Wheels of Fate!

 Return to the trees and place the drum on the stump.
Walk past the trees to the tram.

 Talk to the squirrel. You can't get the squirrel to operate the tram for 
you and he won't let you operate it. You'll have to get rid of him. Give him 
the pinecone, walnut and acorn. Put the rolling stone in the treadwheel. 
Click on one the tram cars and Zanthia will climb in the next one.


 Notice the child's lollipop. Now visit the Hunter' Lodge. Talk to the 
hunters. They won't let you borrow their equipment until they've caught the 
abominable snowman. Abominable snowman? Check the spell book. Pick up the 
flask. Take some musk from the ox's head. Pick up a cannon ball. Go outside 
and take the feather duster from the side of the tram station and pick up 
some snow. You need the lollipop to substitute for sugar for the spell. How 
can you distract the mother? Turn the cannonball to gold using the 
alchemists' magnet. Then give the gold cannonball to the mother, Take the 
child's lollipop. Make the abominable snowman potion by putting the snow, 
lollipop, musk and feather duster in the cauldron. Fill the empty flask with 
the yellow potion. Click the flask on Zanthia and she will turn into an 
abominable snow woman. Go into the Hunter's lodge. . . and you get kidnapped 
by the real abominable snowman!

  Go outside and break off three icicles. Not again! The abominable snowman 
is really in love! Go outside again and you will see the hunters. The 
hunters won't go inside to the abominable snowman, so you will have to make 
the abominable snowman come out. Go inside again. Take the flask from the 
rack of bottles and pick up the box of candy. Take the bottle of cologne. 
Get some feathers from the pillow on the couch. Make another abominable 
snowman potion using the icicle, candy, cologne and feathers. Go outside and 
use the potion on the hunters. Now climb up to the path using an icicle. 
Head east.


 The rainbow machine is broken! How do you fix it? Well what does a rainbow 
look like? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Seven colors 
and seven empty flasks. So lets fill them. First read the notice. All the 
ingredients needed to make the potions are in the large inventory on the 
right and all the spells are in your spell book apart from one. All 
ingredients are in the inventory but you must operate the three levers to 
reveal all the ingredients. There are eight different displays as each of 
the levers has two postions. Now you have to find an empty flask to transfer 
potions from the cauldron to the rainbow machine flasks. Drink the hot 

 Make the indigo potion by putting the amethyst and blueberry in the 
cauldron. Fill the sixth flask, on the rainbow machine, from the left.

 Now you have to make the other potions as follows and transfer them to the 
correct positions in the rainbow machine. Make sure you flush the cauldron 
between making each potion:

Color    Spell Name         Ingredients

Red      Flying Red Shoes   Hot Air
                            Feather of Snipe (Quill)
                            Red Leather

Orange   Sandwich spell     Mustard (Vinegar and Ground Radish)
                            Ground wheat

Yellow   Abominable Snowman Snow
                            Sugar (Lollipop)

Green    Swampsnake spell   Windywoof (Gnarly Bark)
                            Smell of Eggs (Sulphur Rock)
                            Lizard Tears (Reptile Tears)
                            Toadstool (Furniture type stool)
                            Hot Water

Blue     Teddy Bear         Fuzz (Crystal Palm Fuzz)
                            Heart of Gold (Use alchemist's magnet on Lead

Violet   Skeptic potion     Lucky Horseshoe
                            Rabbit Footprint
                            Sweet & Sour Sauce
                            Lizard Tears (Reptile Tears)

 When you have the rainbow machine working, go outside and take an icicle 
from the cabin and use it to climb up to the rainbow.

 After your encounter with Mr. Hand, walk east then down along the Rainbow 


 You can't get past the light beam to the doors. Look at how the beam is 
reflecting off a gold dish. Use the alchemist's magnet on the gold dish. Now 
you can go through the doors.

 Walk up the path on the left and you will find the wheels of Kyrandia and 
an empty spindle. You need to repair this. Leave the room and go up the path 
on the right.

 This is an inverted version of the game, the Towers of Hanoi. The aim is to 
pile the disks in order on the left to open the left side and then the 
middle to open the middle. The right side does not open.

 The sequence for opening the mouths is below. Interpret the notations below 
as follows: L -> M means move the disk on the left to the middle. R -> L 
means move the disk on the right to the left.

 To open the left mouth:

R -> L, R -> M, L -> M, R -> L, M -> R, M -> L, R -> L, R -> M, L -> M,
L -> R, M -> R, L -> M, R -> L, R -> M, L -> M, R -> L, M -> R, M -> L,
R -> L, M -> R, L -> M, L -> R, M -> R, M -> L, R -> L, R -> M, L -> M,
R -> L, M -> R, M -> L, R -> L.

 The left mouth contains your stick.

 To open the middle mouth:

L -> M, L -> R, M -> R, L -> M, R -> L, R -> M, L -> M, L -> R, M -> R,
M -> L, R -> L, M -> R, L -> M, L -> R, M -> R, L -> M, R -> L, R -> M,
L -> M, R -> L, M -> R, M -> L, R -> L, R -> M, L -> M, L -> R, M -> R,
L -> M, R -> L, R -> M, L -> M.

 In the middle mouth you find a gear.

 Return to the Kyrandian wheels and place the gear on the spindle. Use the 
stick to wedge the gear in place . . . 

 Kyrandia is saved!

 But here comes Mr. Hand with Marko . . . 

 As soon as you have control, click on the left of the screen to avoid the 
Hand's attack. Do this a second time. When the Hand is ready to attack the 
third time, Marko is trying to get free. Click on the Hand and Marko and you 
will be able to dispose of the Hand, together, once and for all.

 Enjoy the closing scenes. . . 
 THE HAND OF FATE is published by Westwood Studios and distributed by Virgin 
Interactive Enterainment, Inc.

 This walkthrough is copyright (c) 1994 by Diana Griffiths and the Gamers 
Forum Adventure Library. All rights reserved.