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Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail walkthrough

Leisure Suit Larry 7 - Love for Sail

As with any other walkthrough, try not to read too far ahead, since this
will ruin the enjoyment of the game.  You will not get all 1000 points
if you do everything by the walkthrough either, part of the score is in
the searching for information.

The game is not strictly linear, so you don't necessarily have to do
things in the order they are listed, but there are a few things that
cannot be finished unless you have done something else first.  As with
most Larry games, you usually cannot complete one quest without starting
another in order to get a specific item.

One advantage in this game is that you cannot die or get yourself
hopelessly stuck, however the save/restore feature comes in handy at

If you're stuck, but don't want to give it away completely, try reading
the books in the library or asking Peggy.  Peggy can be found on the
Fo'c's'le, Promenade, and Aft Decks.  Talk to her anyway, she's such a
fun loving little s***.


Q.  How do I get started?

A.  You've just spent the night with Shamara.  She's no longer
    interested in you (nothing unusual) and leaves you hanging

Q.  The bed's on fire!

A.  So, find a way out!

Q.  How can I put the fire out?

A.  You can try whizzing on it... but that won't work.  You can't put
    the fire out.

Q.  I can't open the handcuffs.

A.  Look around you.

Q.  I found a pair of vice grips and a hair weave kit.

A.  Open the hair weave kit to find a needle.

Q.  The needle won't open the cuffs.

A.  Use the vice grips on the needle, then use the bent needle on the

Q.  I can't get out of the room, the door's too hot.

A.  Click on the door and select "other."  Type "break."  You'll go
    crashing through it.  The rest is automatic.


Q.  What's the idea of this game?

A.  What's the idea of ANY Leisure Suit Larry game?  To get laid!  Well,
    this one is no different.  You're on a cruise ship, and there are
    babes-a-plenty.  Certainly a man of your magnitude can score at
    least once...

Q.  Who are the babes in the game?

A.  You will meet Captain Thygh, Drew Baringmore, Victorian Principles,
    Wydoncha and Nailme Jugg, Dewmi Moore, Jamie Lee Coitus, and Annette

Q.  What's this contest thing all about?

A.  You compete against other men (and a woman!?), the prize is a week
    with Captain Thygh.  Fortunately, the games and the babes go hand in

Q.  How do I join the contest?

A.  When you hear the announcement for the contest entry, go to the
    Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge.


Drew Baringmore
Q.  Where do I find Drew?

A.  She's in the clothing optional pool.

Q.  How can I move the laptop?

A.  As with most things, this is beyond your control.

Q.  Can I move the plant branch out of the way?

A.  It's possible...

Q.  I've tried everything, but she won't come.

A.  An experience not wholly unfamiliar to you.

Q.  No, I mean she won't leave her deck chair!

A.  Did you check out the library?  She did mention that she wrote a
    book.  Find it, and skim through it (take it.)  It will give you
    some more things to talk about.

Q.  She wants to come to my cabin, but she has no clothing.

A.  She gave her suitcase to the cabin boy so she could spend the entire
    cruise nude.  You'll have to find the cabin boy to get her suitcase

Q.  Where is the cabin boy?

A.  Check below under "Cabin Boy."

Q.  Okay, so I have the cabin boy's key.  Where is the suitcase?

A.  Now that you have the key, there are three holds that can be
    opened.  Check the forward hold for the luggage.

Q.  She's in my cabin, but she won't get out of the shower.

A.  Ever tried flushing a toilet while someone's in the shower?

Q.  The toilet won't flush.

A.  It's not attached to anything.

Q.  How do I attach it?

A.  If you only had a hose to connect the toilet to a water pipe.

Q.  Where can I find a hose?

A.  There's a fire hose on the Promenade Deck.  Open the glass case and
    take the hose.

Q.  Won't the fire alarm go off?

A.  It doesn't appear to be working.

Q.  Where do I get the scrub brush for Drew's back?

A.  Scrub brush?  What game are you playing?  Pay attention!

Q.  So what do I do with my hose?

A.  I would think that's obvious by now...

Q.  What do I do with the FIRE HOSE.

A.  Use it on the toilet.

Q.  Drew ran from the room screaming.

A.  An experience not wholly unfamiliar to you, Larry.  However, she did
    leave behind something that you will need later.

Q.  So I don't get to screw Drew?

A.  Nope.

Victorian Principles
Q.  What can I do with her?  She's not interested in sex at all!

A.  She does seem like the Miss Tisdale type, doesn't she?  (The bank
    secretary from the Beverly Hillbillies... but most of the people
    playing Larry games are too young to remember that anyway.)  It's a
    little known fact that prim and proper women are really raving
    nymphomaniacs just waiting for someone to bring them out.  (At
    least, that's the way YOU heard it.)  All you need is something to
    unleash that pent up sexual energy.

Q.  What the hell are you talking about??

A.  Okay, in English: notice the book she's reading.  If you could,
    maybe, swap it for something a bit more interesting?

Q.  Where can I find a book that will get her turned on?

A.  Drew was reading "The Erotic Adventures of Hercules."  If you
    haven't already finished with her, ask her to borrow it.  If she's
    already gone, it will be on the table next to her deck chair.

Q.  Okay, I have Drew's book, but I can't get Victorian to read it.  She
    keeps giving it back.

A.  If you could switch it without her knowing about it, it'd be too
    late before she realized what she was reading.

Q.  She won't let me take her book.

A.  Maybe you should try it when she's not looking.

Q.  How do I get her to look away?

A.  Ask her something that she doesn't know about.  She'll turn her back
    on you to look it up in the computer.

Q.  She still won't read the book.

A.  You can't judge a book by its cover... try taking the cover from her
    book and putting it over Drew's book.  Leave the room; when you
    return she'll be a changed woman.  She's now a bit more open to

The Juggs
Q.  Where are the Juggs?

A.  You mean after 6 games, you still don't know where to find... oh,
    you meant... ahem... coff... they're in the hot tub on the Poop

Q.  What might get them interested in me?

A.  A miracle?

Q.  Can I join them in the hot tub?

A.  Nope.

Q.  Will they come out of the hot tub?

A.  Not yet.

Q.  Then why are they here?

A.  Did you find the magazine near Drew?  They are on vacation, but are
    also performing on the ship.  Talk to them about the show, and why
    they are on the cruise.  You'll find out that they had a little
    "incident" involving silicone lubricant and stage lights.

Q.  Where do I find silicone lubricant?

A.  In your cabin.

Q.  How do I get the Juggs to use the lube?

A.  You need to put it in their dressing room so they accidentally use

Q.  Where is their dressing room?

A.  In the Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge, go to the right side of the screen.
    Next to the bartender is a door.

Q.  The bartender won't let me inside the room.

A.  You need to order something that will distract him away from the
    window.  Remember hearing about any drinks that take a while to

Q.  No.

A.  Order a Gigantic Erection.  If it doesn't appear on your
    conversation menu, then you haven't spoken with Drew yet.  (You can
    type it in as "Other" if you don't want to go all the way back to
    talk to Drew.)

Q.  I am in the dressing room, what do I do?

A.  You're not here for autographs, Larry.  Use the silicone lubricant.

Q.  Where?

A.  Do you see anything in the room that they would definitely have to
    use before a show?

Q.  I can't take the deodorant can.

A.  Use the silicone lubricant can on the deodorant can to swap them.

Q.  What about the stage lights?

A.  On the deck above the dressing room is a spotlight.

Q.  I don't see any spotlight.

A.  Go back into the Jugg's dressing room and push the red button next
    to their karaoke.

Q.  The lamp has been lowered, but the show won't start.

A.  The lamp inside the spotlight isn't hot enough for your purposes.

Q.  Where can I get a hotter lamp?

A.  Have you been to the Heaving Ho?  Look around the meat counter.

Q.  Wang won't let me take the heat lamp.

A.  Order some Spork.  Order some more.  Eventually he'll have to leave
    to replace his stock of Spork.  When he leaves, take the heat lamp.

Q.  Okay, I put the heat lamp inside the spotlight.  When's showtime?

A.  Leave the lounge and wait until you hear the announcement that the
    Juggs are performing.  Go to the lounge and watch the show!

Q.  Is that all?  I didn't see much with the lights flashing.

A.  There's a way to get more of an eyeful, but it's not obvious.  The
    best way to see a beaver is to look for a beaver...

Dewmi Moore
Q.  Where is Dewmi?

A.  Dewmi will not appear until you figure out how to win at craps (see
    the crappy... er... Craps section of THE GAMES.)

Q.  What am I doing in her cabin?

A.  What are you usually doing in a woman's cabin?  Trying to score!

Q.  How do I play Strip Liar's Dice?

A.  The idea is to bluff better than Dewmi, and to recognize when she is
    bluffing.  The rules are explained in the game, however the only
    "strategy" I can offer is that you save your game after you roll.
    If you win, continue to the next roll, but if you lose, take note of
    what Dewmi had and then Restore your game.  (I have, however, seen
    the game recognize this trick and change her dice slightly!)

Q.  How can I get her to move that drink glass?

A.  You can't.  You'll just have to keep winning and hope for the best.

    When she's down to nothing, she'll pour you a drink and slip you a
    pill.  After the animation's over, you'll have to go back to your
    room and get dressed.

Jamie Lee Coitus
Q.  Where can I find her?

A.  She's in Captain Queeg's Ballroom.

Q.  What's her story?

A.  She's a struggling fashion designer, looking for the next great
    trend.  You should be able to easily figure out what to suggest.

Q.  She needs material, though.

A.  Look around the ship, there's bound to be something made of
    polyester "hanging around" someplace.

Q.  I looked everywhere, and found nothing.

A.  Then you didn't look everywhere.  Look high and low.

Q.  The sails are made of polyester, but they are rolled up.

A.  If you could raise the sails...

Q.  How do I raise the sails?

A.  Even though there is an announcement about a sail motor testing at
    11pm, this is meant more as a joke than anything else.  It won't
    actually happen.  You have to make the sails go up manually.

Q.  Where are the sail controls?

A.  Where are most controls for a ship found?

Q.  I found the control box in the bridge, but the dog won't let me near

A.  There's another way.

Q.  Can I feed the dog spork?

A.  What, do you want to kill it?

Q.  Is there anything in the kitchen I can feed to the dog to make him
    go away?

A.  Nope.

Q.  Can I put the dog to sleep?

A.  Isn't there enough of that going on already?

Q.  So how do I get past the dog?

A.  You don't.  Did you notice that the control box is accessable from
    both sides of the wall?

Q.  I can't open the control panel from the outside.

A.  Try a screwdriver.

Q.  Where is the screwdriver?

A.  There is a screwdriver in Bob Bitt's toolkit on top of the
    scaffolding in the El Replicant Sculpture Garden.

Q.  Okay, the control box is open.  What can I do here?

A.  The sails need power.  The PA speaker keeps going off, so it's
    obvious that the PA is getting power.  If you had something to connect
    the two...

Q.  Where do I find a jumper wire?

A.  In the Employee's Lounge.

Q.  How do I get into the Employee's Lounge?  There are guns all over
    the place!

A.  That doesn't mean they are actually loaded.

Q.  The door's locked!  It has all these sensors on it!

A.  How do you know the door's locked?  Have you tried pushing it open?

Q.  What am I looking for in here?

A.  Check the bulletin board.  In addition to several pieces of
    information that could prove useful, there is also a jumper wire for
    rigging the slot machines.

Q.  Okay, the jumper wire is attached to the control panel fuses.

A.  Wait for an announcement, then climb up the mast.

Q.  I have nothing to cut the sail with.

A.  Go to the Heaving Ho and grab the knife from the meat table.

Q.  Wang won't let me take the knife.  Too sharp, no touch.

A.  Order some Spork.  Keep ordering Spork until he leaves to get more.
    When he's gone, take the knife.

Q.  The sail went back down.

A.  Wait for the next announcement.

Q.  I got the material, but now I'm stuck in the sail!

A.  You'll get free in the morning.  Pleasant dreams.

Q.  Okay, I gave the material to Jamie Lee, and she took my clothes.

A.  This is a bad thing?  Okay... get dressed and return to the Ballroom.

Q.  The door's locked.

A.  Read the note on the door.  Go in the stage door and enjoy the show.

Q.  I didn't get to score!

A.  A classic case of Jamie Lee Coitus Interruptus.

Annette Boning
Q.  Where is Annette?

A.  Annette will show up in your cabin after you have found the Dessert
    Tasting Room.

Q.  What does she want?

A.  Obviously not what you want.  She wants you to off her old man.

Q.  So what do I do?

A.  Go back to the Dessert Tasting Room and look around the chairs.
    You'll find a life insurance policy.

Q.  How do I find Annette's cabin?  She didn't tell me where to find

A.  Have you tried calling her?

Q.  I don't have her number.

A.  Ask the purser.

Q.  He won't give me her number.

A.  Use the courtesy phone and ask for her.  The purser will dial her
    number for you.

Q.  The old man answered, and I hung up.  Now what?

A.  Go back to the purser's desk and look at the phone.

Q.  I can't, the purser stops me.

A.  Get rid of the purser.

Q.  How?

A.  Ask him to check your account.

Q.  Okay, the phone has buttons on it.  Now what?

A.  Press the red LND (Last Number Dialed) button.  The cabin number
    will appear in the LCD.  The cabin will now appear on the ship's
    map.  Go to her cabin, the rest happens automatically.

Q.  Okay, so her old man is, er, resting peacefully.  Now what?

A.  Go back to her cabin and mention the life insurance policy.  She'll
    give you a stock certificate worth 51% of Boning Transportation.
    (J.R. Ewing would be proud.)

Q.  I didn't get to score with her!

A.  An experience not wholly unfamiliar to you.  That's all you can do
    with Annette.

Captain Thygh
Q.  Can I score with Captain Thygh?

A.  Yes, but not until the end of the game.

Q.  Where do I find her?

A.  She's in her cabin, but you can't get to her until you win the
    Thyghsman Trophy.  See "THE GAMES" for details on each part of the

Q.  I won the games, I am in her cabin, but she doesn't want anything to
    do with me!

A.  An experience not wholly unfamiliar to you.  Listen to her needs.
    Give her something and get something in return.  What do you have
    that she might be interested in?

Q.  She wants to be an oil tanker captain.

A.  Show her the stock certificate.  You're now the majority stock
    holder in the largest oil hauling company in the world, surely that
    should interest her.

Q.  I've finished the game but I don't have 1000 points.

A.  Depending on how you did some things, you may not have all 1000
    points.  For example, if you followed the walkthrough on how to
    magnetize the horseshoe spike, but didn't read the book on magnetism
    in the library, you will be missing points since reading the book is
    worth points in itself.


Q.  How do I play the game?

A.  Insert your card into the centaur's... uh... "slot."  Click on the
    horseshoe range and select "Play."

Q.  My throws are WAY off.

A.  Yeah, way off the ship... perhaps if you could find a way to make
    the shoes hit the stake.

Q.  How do I do that?

A.  There is a book in the library about magnetism.  Give you any ideas?

Q.  Where do I find a wire to make a magnet?

A.  After the Juggs' show, go back to the stage and take the chase
    lights from what's left of their costumes.  Go to the left side of
    the stage and take the remote.

Q.  Where do I use the lights?

A.  Climb up the scaffolding in the Pair-O-Dice entrance and use the
    chase lights on the spike.  If you hit the remote here, you'll see
    the idea behind this.

Q.  I can't climb up the scaffolding.

A.  Not with Bob Bitt there.

Q.  How do I get rid of him?

A.  He's very busy with that statue... maybe if you "helped" him.

Q.  Okay, I put the wire on the stake.

A.  Go back to the horseshoes competition and press the remote.  Now

Best Dressed Competition
Q.  How do I activate the machine?

A.  Check out the manniquin.

Q.  My score was 10!

A.  Well, leisure suits are not exactly at the top of the fashion
    ladder.  But, you can change that...

Q.  How can I increase my score?

A.  Speak with Jamie Lee about her fashion work.  Once you have
    completed this little quest, you can go back to the Best Dressed
    machine and score a perfect 100 points.

LoveMaster 2000
Q.  The best score I can get is a 2!

A.  You need someone a bit hotter, a bit more experienced...

Q.  Who would be more experienced than me?

A.  Anyone not living in a convent, Larry.  Have you "converted"
    Victorian yet?  After you've made it with her the first time, she'll
    be rather willing to prove her prowess.  Suggest the LoveMaster
    2000.  With her help, you'll easily win.

Bowling Tournament
Q.  How do I play?

A.  Stick your card into the walrus's mouth.

Q.  My ball keeps flying off the ship.

A.  It does that.

Q.  Yeah, but I am not hitting anything!

A.  Details, details...  Have you noticed how the announcer points out
    that "other people wipe their balls first."  You have nothing to
    wipe it with.

Q.  Where do I find a bowling towel?

A.  If you have spoken with Annette, she dropped a handkerchief in your
    cabin.  Take it.

Q.  I am still missing the pins by a mile.

A.  Have you spoken to Peggy about how she got her peg leg?  That might
    give you an idea.

Q.  How does this help me?

A.  If KZ Jelly comes into contact with spray deodorant, BOOM.  Now how
    does this affect your game?

Q.  Where do I find the KZ Jelly?

A.  In the Employee Lounge, on the sink.

Q.  Where is the deodorant?

A.  The spray deodorant is in the Juggs' dressing room, but you won't be
    able to take it unless you can swap it for the silicone lubricant.

Q.  What do I do with the KZ Jelly?

A.  Put it on the ball.

Q.  The announcer tells me to be subtle.

A.  You're wiping the ball with the towel, so is everyone else, so if
    the towel was treated with the KZ Jelly, who'd notice?

Q.  What do I do with the deodorant?

A.  Spray it on the pins.

Q.  I can't walk on the alley, how do I treat the pins?

A.  What if you could spray the pins before they get to the alley?

Q.  Where is the pin setter?

A.  Use the cabin boy's key to get into the Aft Hold.  Open the pin
    hopper door and spray the inside with the deodorant.

    Now go back to the Bowling Competition.  When you take your bowling
    ball, use the Treated Handkerchief on it first, then play.  The
    deodorant will react with the KZ Jelly and BOOM!  You'll end up with
    a perfect 300 score.

Q.  I can't get near the table!

A.  Did you notice how the guy who keeps asking for bean dip keeps
    getting groans in response?

Q.  Where do I find bean dip?

A.  On the buffet table in the Heaving Ho.

Q.  I can't take the bean dip.

A.  No, but you can eat it.  Give you any ideas?

Q.  I keep coming up a loser!

A.  Story of your life, eh Larry?

Q.  How can I improve my game?

A.  Did you see the bulletin in the employee's lounge about sanded dice?
    Maybe if you had a pair...

Q.  Where do I get some sanded dice?

A.  You can get a pair of dice from the foot of the Venus d'Dice statue
    in the El Replicant Sculpture Garden.

Q.  How can I sand them down?

A.  Have you examined the toilet paper in your cabin?  It's described as
    being almost like sandpaper.

Q.  How do I use the dice without getting caught?

A.  When the attendant gives you the dice, select "Use -> Sanded Dice"
    instead of "Play."  (After you've rolled a few times, Dewmi Moore
    will show up.  The announcement that you've won the craps tournament
    will come after you have finished with Dewmi.)

Strip Liar's Dice
Q.  What do I do here?

A.  See the section on Dewmi Moore under THE BABES.

Cooking Competition
Q.  Where do I get a recipe?

A.  Go to the kitchen.  Get the wrapped fish (you'll toss out the fish
    and keep the magazine page.)  Read the magazine for a recipe of
    Venezuelan Beaver Cheese.  The back has a recipe for Sliced Kumquat
    and Beaver Cheese Quiche.

Q.  Where do I find the ingredients?

A.  Beaver Milk:  Grab the pot from the kitchen and go to the Lower Aft
    Hold.  Open the hold door with the cabin boy's key.  Use the pot on
    the beavers.

    Kumquat:  Go to the Fo'c's'le Deck and take a kumquat from the
    Topiary Sheep.

    Salt:  In the kitchen behind the pot.

    Lime juice:  Order it from the bartender.

    Mold:  After Drew Baringmore is done with your shower, leave your
    cabin and come back later.  There will be mold on the shower floor.

Q.  How do I mix the recipe?

A.  Go to the kitchen and use the beaver milk on the CyberCheese 2000 to
    make the beaver cheese.  Use the carving knife on the kumquat to
    make the Quiche.

Q.  The judges don't think my recipe is all that great.

A.  Do you have something that might spice it up a bit?

Q.  What would spice up the recipe?

A.  Try the orgasm pills.

Q.  Where do I find orgasm pills?

A.  Remember what Dewmi used on you?  Go back to her cabin and get the
    pill bottle.  Use the pills with the quiche and present the quiche
    to the judges.

Cabin Boy (Xqwzts)
Q.  Where is he hiding?

A.  The cabin boy is behind the lockers in the Employee Lounge.  Peggy
    will tell you to try the second locker on the bottom.

Q.  I have the locker number, but I don't have the combination.

A.  Peggy can tell you.  The combination is 38-24-36.

Q.  Can I open the lockers without getting smacked into the ceiling?

A.  Nope.  Like most things in the game, this is comic relief at your

Q.  What do I do with the cabin boy?

A.  Talk to him.  You get the impression he wants to move to America?

Q.  So what can I do for him?

A.  Peggy can fill you in on the details, but the long and short of it
    is that he needs a passport.

Q.  How do I get a passport?

A.  Ask the purser for your passport.

Q.  The purser wants a photo ID to give me my passport.

A.  Talk to the cabin boy about "pictures."  Assuming you have made it
    with at least one babe on the cruise, he'll have some pictures of

Q.  Okay, now what?

A.  Use the mucilage from Victorian's desk to stick the picture to your
    cabin ID.  Use the photo ID to get your passport from the purser.
    Give the passport to the cabin boy, who will drop a key before
    disappearing.  Take the key.

Dessert Tasting Room/Erotic Room
Q.  What's in that locked room at the end of the Heaving Ho?

A.  Sure sounds interesting in there, doesn't it?

Q.  How can I get in there?

A.  Once the cabin boy has left, use the screwdriver to open the vent
    and crawl inside.

Q.  It's dark and there is slurping going on.

A.  So what would Larry do in a dark room with slurping noises around
    him?  Join the action!  (Get undressed.)

Easter Eggs
A true "egg" will be signified by a flashing multi-color egg in the
upper left or right hand corner.  The rest are just fun things to do.

Egg: Milk the stuffed beaver in the library, then go to the Juggs'
dressing room.  (Only works once.)

Egg: Push the branch when talking to Drew.  (Works more than once.)

Try knocking on Captain Thygh's door before you win the contest.

Flush your toilet a few times.

Stand around doing nothing for a while.

After you win the horseshoes contest, go to the El Replicant Statue
Garden and press the remote.


Shamara's Room
Vice Grips                      Left bed table
Hair Weave Kit                  Right table
Needle                          In Hair Weave Kit

On the P.M.S. Bouncy
Bowling towel                   Annette's handkerchief, in your cabin
Carving knife                   Wang's Meat Counter, Heaving Ho
Cooking pot                     Kitchen
Custodian's Key                 Cabin Boy, Employee Break Room
Deodorant                       Jugg's Dressing Room
Dice                            Venus d'Dice statue, El Replicant
Dildo                           Yeah baby!  "He all over the ship!"
Dirty book for Victorian        Next to Drew, Clothing Optional Pool
Dirty Pictures                  Cabin Boy, Employee Break Room
Drew's Book (Fokker)            Left shelf, Library
Drew's suitcase                 Forward Deck
Fire hose                       Promenade Deck
Glue (Mucilage)                 Victorian's desk, Library
Handkerchief                    Your cabin, after Annette leaves
Heat Lamp                       Wang's Meat Counter, Heaving Ho
Jumper (Anti-Jackpot) wire      Bulletin board, Employee Break Room
Kumquat                         Topiary Sheep, Fo'c's'le deck.
KZ Jelly                        Sink, Employee Break Room
Life Insurance Policy           Under chair, Dessert Room
Lime juice                      Bartender, Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge
Mold                            In your shower after Drew leaves
Orgasm Pills                    Table, Dewmi's Cabin
Polyester material              Sails at the top of the mast, Bridge
Recipe                          Wrapped fish, Kitchen
Remote for Rope Lights          Sound Booth, Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge
Rope Lights                     Stage after Juggs, Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge
Salt                            Behind the pot, Kitchen
Sandpaper                       Toilet paper, in your cabin
Screwdriver                     Tool box on scaffold, El Replicant
Scrub brush                     Perhaps some other game, Not here
Silicone Lubricant              Toilet drain, your cabin
Stock Certificate               Annette gives it to you
Venezuelan Beaver Milk          Lower Aft Hold

Where's Dildo?
Dildo will often show up in multiple places in the same room.  Once you
find him in one location, come back to the same area later on and he
might be in another location.

Behind right column in Das Grande Atriumo
Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge, behind a chair
Aft Deck
About screen
Johnson's Bar (behind left side of the window)
Behind a bucket in your cabin
Inside the library next to left book case
Outside the library leaning against a book (in Das Grande Atriumo)
Behind left fern at the Clothing Optional Pool
Inside bridge
On stage in Captain Queeg's Ballroom
LoveMaster 2000 in the fourth booth
At the Best Dressed Competition
Hanging from the sausages in the kitchen
In the salad in the Heaving Ho
Behind the David O'Cards in the El Replicant Sculpture Garden
Sitting at the blackjack tables in the Pair-O-Dice casino
Behind a chair in Employee Break Room
Behind the railing on Fo'c's'le
Behind the Topiary Beaver on Promenade Deck
Behind the Hippo at Bowling Competition
Leaning against the far horseshoe spike at Horseshoe Tournament
Behind the pineapple at Victorian's desk (after you "convert" her)
Behind the toilet in your cabin
Behind a water pipe in your cabin
Inside the forward hold among the luggage
On the third floor balcony in Das Grande Atriumo
In the tray of meat at Wang's Meat Counter
Behind the hale bales inside the Juggs' Dressing Room
Behind the right fern at the Clothing Optional Pool

henk van gompel

Walkthrough by Glenn Brensinger
(glenn@the-nest.com, docshadow@the-nest.com)
Revision 1.0  November 22, 1996