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The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Serrated Scalpel walkthrough

The lost files of Sherlock Holmes 

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Game notes:

        1.  Talk to EVERYONE, including your pal Dr. Watson!
        2.  Try ALL the replies you see on screen.
        3.  Look at EVERY OBJECT. Especially those you picked up. They usually
            lead to a new location on the map.

        Solved on:   Sept. 30, 1992, Wednesday.
        Total time:  Approximately 6 hours.

Go to Alley.

Get cigs butts, battered piece of paper, white powdery residue, and iron pipe.
Look at EVERYTHING! Like the corpse, abrasions, scratches, etc. Anything you
can point at: LOOK AT IT. Likewise, LOOK AT EVERY OBJECT you pick up.

Talk to Inspector Lestrade. Exhaustively use up all your reply option. It's
also a good idea to talk to Dr. Watson or anyone else. Just use all the
reply option. You never know what sort of information you can get from them.

Open stagedoor and go into the dressing room.

Get perfume bottle, spring (under the wardrobe), flower, and handwritten note.
(REMEMBER TO LOOK AT EVERY OBJECT YOU GET!) Talk to Henry Cattruthers. Give
him the spring. Talk to Shelia Parker. Tell Watson to give her a sedative to
calm her down. Question Shelia again.

Go to Sarah Carroway's Flat; it should be on the map now.

Open umbrella; get brass key. Look at laundry basket; pick up sweater; look
at rugby sweater.

Go to Belle's Perfumerie (this will appear on the map once you look at the
perfume bottle). Talk to Belle about the man who purchased the perfume bottle.
Just exhaustively ask/answer her questions. Buy perfume number 4:
Cote D'Azur. Belle will go into the storage room to get it; this is your chance
to talk to the cleaning woman. Again, ask her about the man who purchased the
perfume bottle.

Go to 221b Baker Street and go inside your house.

Use flower on lab table; use flower on microscope. Use oil-wicker burner.
Use flower on flask.

Use powdery residue on lab table. Use residue on flask. Use oil-wicker burner.
Use reside on test tube.

Go outside and give flower to Wiggins (the boy next to the newspaper stand).
Tell him to locate the person who sells this artificially dyed flower.

Go to Southwark Morgue.

Ask the coroner for the effects of Sarah. Try to get the large key. He'll tell
you that you need permission. Talk to Inspector Gregson. Go to Scotland Yard.

You won't be able to go in; go back to the Morgue. Talk to Gregson AGAIN. He'll
fix things for you. Go in and talk to Duty Officer. He'll tell you to get lost.
Go outside and talk to apparently blind vendor. Tell him that you need some
advice on getting pass the Duty Officer or else you will turn him in. Go in
and talk to the Duty Officer again. Ask for Inspector Lestrade; tell him that
you need his permission to get at Sarah's effects. Talk to Duty Officer to
obtain permission slip. Go back to the Morgue. Show permission slip to the
coroner. Now get large key.

Go to Alley.

Open stagedoor with large key. Go inside; open drawer with brass key. Look at
top drawer and get the opera tickets.

Go to Chancery Opera House.

Show tickets to usher on the left. Talk to the manager. Tell him you want to
see Anna Carroway's dressing room. He'll say no. Don't worry. Go right and show
tickets to usher on the right. Go upstairs. Show your tickets to the elderly
woman. Follow the dialogue and she'll give you a note saying you can have
access to Anna Carroway's dressing room. Pump the elderly woman for ALL
the information you can; it's crucial she tells you that Sarah's boyfriend
(the one who HATES Sarah's pendant) name's is JAMES. Go down and show the
note to the manager.

You need to open up the drawer inside the dressing room. Talk to Watson so
he can distract the manager by going into the closet searching for something.
Open the drawer and look at the middle one. Get the ring of keys. Leave the
opera and ...

Go to 221b Baker Street.

Wiggins should be back by now. If not just wander around other locations until
he is. He'll tell you that he's located the flower seller in Covent Gardens.

Go to Covent Gardens.

Talk to the young girl selling flowers. Buy a flower from her first and then
pump her for all the info. she's got! Pick up the flower bouquet in the barrel.
Use the wire basket in the barrel to get the cuff-links. Go into the Moongate

Ask the bartender (publican) about the cuff links. Then ask him about the
guy who came into the bar. You'll have to beat him at darts before he gives
you this bit of info. Challenge the other three drunks. Beat them and then
challenge the bartender.

Go to Hattington Street Chemist.

Buy any potion from the chemist first. Then talk to the stockboy. Pump him
for all he's got.

Go to South Kensington Field.

Now the guy you're looking for his named James. You need these three pieces
of info. in order to find him. What he smokes (from the cleaning lady in
Belle's Perfumerie), his name (from the elderly woman in the opera), and
his physical appearance (from Belle of Belle's Perfumerie). If you have
all that then talk to the coach and James will come running out from the field.
Talk to him about Sarah Carroway. Then lower the boom by showing him the
perfume bottle!

Go to the Dormitory.

Talk to James; in the end he won't believe his beloved Sarah's dead until
you bring him PROOF ... like a death certificate. If anyone managed to snag
the certificate from the Morgue let me know! I can't do it. Instead let's
bring James something else ... like a NEWSPAPER!

Go to 221b Baker Street.

Talk to Jonas the newspaper seller. Tell him that you want last week paper.
Then talk to Wiggins as he can get it for you. (Actually he HAS it.)

Go to the Dormitory.

Show the newspaper to James. Now while he's all depressed fire those questions

Go the St. Bernard's Publick House.

Talk to the two billiard player and the spectator. You won't get much from them
initially. The player in the yellow sweater (Jack Mahoney) has the info. you
need. After talking to the trio, talk to the bartender. Ask him about the
marriage status of Jack Mahoney. Then talk to Jack again. He'll probably
tell you to bug off at first, but then he'll listen when you threaten to
tell his wife about his mistress. He'll give in and tell you where Antonio
Caruso's flat is.

Go to Antonio Caruso's flat.

Talk to Antonio. Ask him all the questions you can. He'll tell you the location
of Anna Carroway's flat and a little boy who's attached to Anna and how he
likes to play with a gyroscope.

Go to Anna Carroway's flat.

Ring the doorbell or pull the knocker a couple of times first. Then you can
just use the ring of keys to open up the door and go on in. Look at the silver
salver and get the calling cards. Be sure to grab the calling card of
Jacob Farthington, Barrister. You can ignore the calling card of Antonio
Caruso. Now MOVE the left plant pot to spill over some dirt. Go upstairs and
talk to the cleaning lady. Tell her you spilled some dirt downstairs. When
she's gone move the statue and get the book. Look at the book.

Go to The Law Officer of Jacob Farthington.

Talk to him and he'll tell you the whole sob story of the Carroway's family.

Go to 221b Baker Street.

Talk to Wiggins and get his gyroscope.

Go to Picnic Site and Playground.

Use gyroscope on solitary boy. Talk to him and then GIVE him the gyroscope.
He's going to leave his cap. Take it and LOOK at his cap.

Go to Eddington's Equestrian Shop.

Talk to the counterman. He won't tell you who purchased the cap. Not yet at
least. Look at the coat of arms. Some of them are FAKE! Cry fraud and watch
the two customers depart! Talk to Watson and see what he thinks and then
talk to the counterman again. Now he's singing a different tune!

Go to Bradley's Tobacco Shop.

Talk to the young man behind the counter. Then start moving those crates. When
he says you can't just talk to him again. Move all three crates so they form
a step under the moose head. Step up and look at the head. Then MOVE it.

Go to Oxford Taxidermy.

Get the knife (right next to the carcass on the table) and the smock. Look at
both item. Talk to Watson. Talk to Lars. Tell him that if he doesn't tell you
where Blackwood is then he's a whole mess of trouble. Then talk to Watson so
you can get Toby the wonder dog to sniff out Blackwood in the Surrey.

Go the Sherman's Place.

Talk to Sherman. Get the leash. Use the leash on Toby (he's under the store's
two front windows) and you'll be transported to the docks.

Open shed door and get hammer. Move barrel so it's in front of the right door.
Step up on barrel and get pail. Get rag. Use pail on Thames River. Use rag on
pail. Use wet rag on window. LOOK in window. Use hammer on door.

Now you're back at 221b Baker Street.

Go to Scotland Yard.

Talk to Duty Officer and tell him you need a pass to visit the prisoner in
Row Street Police Court.

Go to Row Street Police Court.

Show pass to guard. Open gate and talk to Blackwood.

Go to Jaimeson Buying and Selling.

Talk to Nigel Jaimeson. Just try all the different dialogue and Nigel will
cave in eventually.

Go to Moorehead and Gardner Detective Agency.

Talk to the receptionist. Try all the different dialogue here, too.

Go to London Zoological Gardens.

Talk to Officer Dugan. Open the gates. Go right. Look at corpse, its broken
leg, etc. Talk to Inspector Gregson and his constable. Go into Head Keeper
office. Talk to Hollington. You just need to get the name of lion keeper
from Hollington: Simon Kingsley.

Exit Hollington's office. Go right to where the elephant is. Go right again.
Look at the shiny object in the lion's den. Try to get it. Exit zoo.

Go to Simon Kingsley's flat.

Talk to Simon. Look at his boots. Talk to him again. Look at the picture
of Felix the lion. Talk to him. Look at his books about animals. Now you should
be able to ask him to hold down Felix while you go into the lion's den to
retrieve the shiny object.

Go to London Zoological Gardens.

Go to lion's den and retrieve shiny object. Look at it. It's a pocket watch
with a piece of paper inside.

Go to Moorehead and Gardner Detective Agency.

Try to open the door. Talk to Watson. Talk to the receptionist. Pick up
typewrite and throw it through the door!

Watch the scene between Robert Hunt and Moorehead and Holmes and Watson. Like
those English accent (if you have a SB or PAS-16)!

You'll be back at 221b Baker Street.

Go to Moorehead and Gardner Detective Agency.

(What a ROYAL receptionist! Both her bosses are DEAD and yet she's still here!)
Go into office. Move comfy chair. Move the false shelf of book. Use safe
combination (the piece of paper) on safe. Open safe and get pendant. Look at
pendant. Read letter.

Go to Lord Brumwell's Manor.

Ring bell. Go in and talk to Lady Brumwell. Open door and confront Lord
Brumwell. He's going to leave and lock you in the room. Move left Persian
sword. Move painting and open safe. Get key and use key on door to open it.
Follow Lord Brumwell outside. Watch the bridge jumping scene.

Go to Robert Hunt's flat.

Open small book (on the night stand next to the bed) and get bookmark.

Go to Jaimeson Buying and Selling.

Give bookmark to Nigel. Look at Tarot cards.

Go to Covent Garden.

Go into the Palmist place. Use key on desk drawer. Open it and get silver key.
Move the candle that's on the left column. Use silver key on strong box. Open
it and get parchment. Look at parchment.

Go to Savoy Street Pier.

(Save your game here if you want, because the next move is the LAST move.)
Use iron bar on door. Sit back and watch the ending ...