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Manhunter 2: San Francisco manual



on being selected for the esteemed position of Manhunter. This 
guide will introduce you to all of the information you will find 
necessary to become an effective, loyal follower of the Orb 
Alliance. Manhunter is the highest position a human can hold 
under the Alliance, so be grateful.

Each day, you will be given an assignment by your sector's super-
vising Orb. The assignments will involve tracking down humans 
who, in some way, have wronged the Alliance. You will be given a 
24 hour period to discover and report the human's identity so 
that he can be corrected.

Unlike Manhunter: New York, you are not immediately issued a 
Manhunter Assignment Device (MAD), but you will find it soon 
after crashing. MAD is your link to the Alliance computer. With 
MAD, you can access the tracking records associated with your 
current assignment as well as the Human Database Service. As 
Manhunter, you are allowed to travel to locations pertinent to 
your current assignment. DO NOT STRAY OR LOITER. Always conduct 
yourself in a manner suitable to your position. Treat your fellow 
earthlings with the indifference they deserve.


MAD is a small, portable terminal linked by radio transmission to 
the Alliance computer. MAD has two functions:

Info & Tracker

INFO: This function provides access to limited information on all 
humans currently residing in the Planet Earth city where you are 
located. After pressing the INFO button, type in the full name of 
the human. The Human Database Service will then provide your MAD 
with information (Address,ID numbers, etc.) of the selected 
human. After receiving information, you may select REPEAT to try 
another name or select EXIT to leave the program. If you accident   
-ally type in the wrong name, you can try again or type BYE to 
leave the program.

NOTE: The Orb Alliance has authorised Manhunters to visit any 
address furnished by the Info system.


All human movement is recorded in the Human Tracking Records 
database of the Alliance computer. Due to the low priority placed 
on these records, tracking information on each human is only 
available from shortly before the time of the alleged criminal 
activity to a time period not extending beyond the end of that 
day. Due to unforseen difficulties with human tracking disks, the 
targeted human's identity is not recorded. Also, tracking of a 
target is cut off if the human should venture under earth soil. 
However, this practice is strictly forbidden and should not 
hamper your investigations.

One function of MAD is to tap into the appropriate human tracking 
records for your current assignment. When MAD first accesses 
tracking records, it will determine and then "tag" the most 
appropriate human target signal. A playback will then begin of 
that target's movements throughout the city. During playback, MAD 
will also display any other human targets that come in close 
contact with the tagged human target. You may tag any of these 
human subjects that you feel may be superficial to your 
investigation. To tag a new target, simply place your marker over 
the desired subject and press Enter. You may encounter a target 
represented by a large 'S'. This human has a special purpose and 
cannot be tagged. The yellow rotating target should change to the 
subject you have chosen. You may replay tracking records as often 
as you find necessary. Manhunters are authorized by the Orb 
Alliance to visit any location that a tagged target visits.

NOTE: Experienced Manhunters have found that the most efficient 
way to use the tracker is to watch it until it terminates 
tranmission. Proceed to replay the transmission, closing MAD 
after the target leaves each location. Travel to the location 
shown and investigate.


A Sierra 3-D Animated Adventure Game, simply stated, is an 
interactive movie where you become the main character. In this 
game, the main character is a Manhunter, an agent of the future 
who spies on fellow humans for an alien empire.

Each 3-D Animateed AdÚventure Game has a main goal, and yours in 
Manhunter is to work undercover as a San Francisco manhunter, try 
to find the killer that you followed from New York, and discover 
why the orbs are so busy in San Francisco. You will need to move 
stealthfully and wisely, as time is quickly vanishing for America 
and its citizens.



See reference card or WALK THRU later in these notes.


Due to the dangerous nature of this adventure game, you will want 
to save your game often. Follow the instructions on your 
reference card to SAVE GAME after you have made important 
progress in the game. SAVE GAME whenever you encounter a 
potentially dangerous situation.

If you do encounter danger, or fail to complete all the required 
tasks to get past a given obstacle, you can follow the 
instructions on your reference card to RESTORE GAME to the place 
you were at when you last saved your game. Intelligent use of 
this function has spared many a Manhunter from having his 
position terminated permanently.

NOTE: Manhunter: San Francisco employs a conveniant feature that 
automatically gives you a second chance after you have 
encountered the most grisly of situations (namely, a gruesome 
death!). This feature allows you to face the most unexpected of 
conclusions without requiring you to replay the entire game.


Look at and examine everything you can. Watch those around you 
closely. Pay attention to detail. There are many clues, both 
visual and symbolic, which will help you succeed in your quest.

SOLDIER ROBOT (full robot)

These servants of the Alliance act as the orb's arms and legs. Do 
not in any way interfere with their activities. They have 
ultimate authority.

SHEPHERD ROBOT (has legs only)

These servants of the Alliance maintain control over special 
humans. It is forbidden to interfere with them.

Arcade difficulty is normally set to hard. If you want to change 
the difficulty level, it is under the "Action" menu selection. 
Difficulty will be reset to hard when you reach the next arcade 


The game starts with two space ships leaving New York. As a 
Manhunter you are chasing Phil, a dangerous killer and Orb ally, 
west across the United States. You follow Phil into San Francisco 
crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, over Alcatraz Island, over the 
city, and down a city street. While zooming down the street you 
hit the side of a building and crash in the street. Phil hovers 
above in his spaceship laughing, then zooms off to land behind 
the ferry building. This introduction sequence repeats until you 
press ENTER.

Your adventure begins as you crash into a city street. When you 
stagger out of the ruined space ship you discover that you landed 
on someone. Two objects are lying next to the legs.

Place the marker over the green ID card. Press ENTER to pick it 
up. You landed on a manhunter. Now you can assume his identity 
while you try to figure out where Phil is.

Pick up the blue Manhunter Assignment Device (MAD), it 
automatically turns on. Its screen flashes "Awaiting Input". 
Let's see what this manhunter was up to.

Place the marker over the INFO option and press ENTER. Type in 
the name of the squished manhunter (Peter Brown) on the ID card. 
Press ENTER to input the name information into the computer. Type 
BYE or select the EXIT option in the right corner to return to 
the main screen.

Place the marker over the TRACKER option and press ENTER. THe 
computer responds, "Tracker has locked on Target. Location: Bank 
of Canton". Press ENTER when you are ready to proceed. (Note: In 
most situations, the SPACEBAR will perform the same functions as 

The yellow target is the person you are currently tracking. 
Remember to always watch where the targets go and what they do. 
After the targets leave the bank, you will zoom out to see the 
targets as they travel on the city map. Then the computer zooms 
into the next location. If the targets split up, the computer 
will continue to track the yellow target. When the computer is 
finished tracking, you will receive the message "Target signal 
lost. Tracking terminated.".Press ENTER to continue.

Select TRACKER again. At each location you can tag another target 
if you want  to follow it. Follow the first target again until he 
reaches the warehouse. Put the marker ove
press ENTER to tag it. The new target turns yellow. After 
following this target to the end, press C to close the computer. 
Now you can travel to several locations.

Press F3 to travel.

You are now viewing the travel map. Locations you are authorized 
to investigate are indicated by a blinking square. Your current 
location is indicated by an X. The blue/red circle is your 
marker. When the marker is square and has a 3 in it, you are 
seeing yourself onscreen (third person).

Follow the footsteps of the first two targets to investigate the 
locations they have visited. The Bank of Canton was their first 
stop. It is not on this section of the map. Move the marker to 
the right until it reaches  the right edge of the screen. The 
screen will flip to reveal the next portion of the map. You will 
see the Bank of Canton, Embarcadero Fountain and the Ferry 
building blinking. Position the marker over the bank. Press ENTER 
to travel there.

Now you are standing in front of the Bank of Canton. Move your 
marker around the screen to reveal various messages.

Position the marker over the door of the building to the left of 
the bank until it changes into an up arrow. Press ENTER to go 

Position the marker over the hole dug in the wall until it 
changes into an arrow pointing into the tunnel. Press ENTER.

You are now standing in a tunnel where the targets disappeared 
and reappeared under the bank. Move the marker onto the log to 
reveal a message. Position the marker over the end of the tunnel 
and it will change into an arrow pointing in the direction of the 
room at the end of the tunnel. Press ENTER to go into the room.

Next, position the arrow over the face of the dead man slumped 
over the desk. The arrow turns into a magnifying glass whenever 
an object can be looked at closer. Press ENTER to look closer. 
Press ENTER to back out of this view.

Position the arrow over the dead man's left hand and press ENTER 
to look closer. Press ENTER to back out of this view.

Position the arrow over the safe, notice the arrow changes to a 
question mark. Read the comment at the bottom of the screen.

Position the arrow over the piece of paper lying on top of the 
right side of the desk. Press ENTER to look at the paper. Read 
the note and press ENTER to put the note in your robe, which 
stores it in Inventory. Press the TAB key to display your 
inventory items, then ESC to go back to the game.

Position the arrow over the piece of paper on the floor by the 
garbage can. Press ENTER to look at the paper. Read the paper. 
There may be clues here that will help you later. Press ENTER to 
put it in your robe.

Note the words on the door in the back of the room. What could 
they mean?

If the arrow is not already pointing down, position the arrow 
towards the bottom of the screen. Press ENTER to leave. Press 
ENTER to back out of the tunnel. Press ENTER to go up the stairs.

You are now outside the bank. Your marker is the blue/red circle 
again. Move it to the far left at the sidewalk and it will turn 
into a left arrow. Press ENTER to go to the left.

Now you are looking at someone lying on the sidewalk. Move the 
marker to the center of his body until it turns to a magnifying 
glass . Press ENTER to look closer.

Move the marker over his head. Press ENTER.

You will notice a large bite on his neck, take the fank lodged in 
his neck. Then pick up the laundry receipt lying on the ground 
next to him. These objects will go in your robe. Press ENTER to 
back up. Press F3 to travel.

Move the marker to the top of the map. The screen flips to reveal 
the next portion of the map. You will see the warehouse location 
blinking. Position the marker over the warehouse blinker. Press 
ENTER to travel there.

You are now standing in front of the warehouse. Move the marker 
around the screen for messages. Go into the front enterance of 
the warehouse and move your marker around again for messages. Go 
into the next room.

This scene is an arcade sequence with a top down view of the 
inside of the warehouse. Try to make it to the room in the lower 
left corner of the storage room. Remember, arcade sequences are 
set back to hard for each arcade game. You might want to set the 
mode to easy. Press ESC to bring up the menu selections. Move 
right until "Special" is selected. Move down until easy arcade is 
selected. Press ENTER to set this arcade sequence to easy.

Now you are on your own! Good luck on your adventure!


1. During your investigation, you MUST be sure to tag ALL 
possible targets. If you fail to tag and follow a suspect, you 
will miss valuable clues and be unable to complete the game.
2. At several points during the game, your cursor will appear as 
a numeral 3 in a box. This indicates that the viewpoint has 
changed from first person to third person perspective. When you 
see the #3 on your screen, the character you are viewing is 
yourself as seen from the eyes of an imagineary observer.

3. In order to use the items you have aquired, you must place 
your cursor on the person or object on which you wish to use the 
item before accessing your inventory screen. If your cursor is 
not on an object or person, the item you choose from your 
inventory will simply be displayed. For example, if you wish to 
break down a door using an axe you have acquired, you must first 
place your cursor on the door, then press your TAB key to view 
your inventory. Now you can highlight the axe and press ENTER. 
The object will be manipulated in the desired fashion.


Manhunter is somewhat different from other 3-D Animated Adventure 
Games. Most of the game is presented in a first person 
perspective. This allows you to view your surroundings onscreen 
as if you are actually there. The perspective changes to thirs 
person several times during the game. When you are in third 
person perspective, you will see your character on the screen.

A marker on the screen is used to move through the game and to 
manipulate various objects. The marker will change shape when it 
is positioned over something that is important to the game.You 
can search a room by simply placing the marker over the various 
objects in the room. Watch the bottom of the screen for 
descriptions of what you can do. Press ENTER or the SPACEBAR to 
perform the actions described at the bottom of the screen. The 
various marker shapes are as follows:

BLUE BALL WITH RED CENTER - You can perform any special 
activities at this location on the screen.

ARROW - You can move in the direction that the arrow is pointing.

MAGNIFYING GLASS - You can take a close-up look at the object.

OPEN HAND - You can take or manipulate the object displayed.

POINTING HAND - You can press (push) the object displayed.

? QUESTION - Describes an object.

3 3rd PERSON - You see yourself on the screen.