Abandonware DOS title

Manhunter 2: San Francisco walkthrough


You start day one in the spaceship ,chasing phil.
You crash into a building (watch the corners), and make an emergency landing.
You see youself coming out o
f the ship (you can tell by the 3 on the screen).
To the left you can see a man lying under the ship.
The game is hardly 2 minutes underway and there's the first corps already.
Seems to be a tradition with the manhunter series.
Don't be afraid, many will follow.
Now move to the man lying under the ship.
Move to take the ID card and the manhunter assignment device ( MAD).
Use the INFO on the MAD to type in the name on the ID card.
Exit the info by typing BYE and go to the tracker.
Now track everyo
ne you see.
If you have done this properly you can visit the next locations.
The scene of the crash.
Bank of canton.
Ferry building.
Embarcadero fountain.
Hyde street pier.
Manhunter appartment.
(There will be more places you can visit,but first you must gather some
equipment an clues).
Exit the MAD and use  to travel to the manhunter appartment.
In the appartment open the drawer and get the cloth.
(Note the hint on it).
Look out the windows and move arround to see
 some locations.
Now travel to the Warehouse and enter it.
Play the game and enter the room on the bottom left.
Get the mallet right next of the desk.(look at the fish on the mallet).
Move over to the desk and note the writing on the desk.
Leave the Warehouse and travel to the Bank of canton.
Enter the tunnel.
Look at the corps and take the note from the desk right of the man.
Get the piece of newspaper left on the desk.
Note the words on the glass door. BAT VOMIT.
Never new bats could throw up.
(must have been something he ate).
Just reverse the letters, and there you have a name: TAD TIMOV.
Enter your MAD and enter the name.
Leave the bank and move to the left.
There's a dead man lying there.
You can look at his hand and his body.
Take the fang from his neck and take the laundry receipt.
Leave this scene and travel to the Embarcadero fountain.
Go into the fountain.
You must press enter to spinout and reach the tunnel on the right.
Once in the tunnel you will have to fight of rats.
st stand there and wait for the rats to come(put it on easy arcade !).
If you have killed all the rats move to the right.
Get the drivers license from near the bed(note the name),and look at the corps.
Take The flask.
Go to the MAD and enter the name of MIC STONE.
Leave the fountain and travel to the Ferry building.
Look at the poster on the right wall.
Leave the building and travel to the Hyde street pier.
Look at the fence,move to the left down the stairs.
move the ( 3 ) under the pier and clim
b the pole.
Climb back and move to the tunnel on the right .
Enter it.
Don't worry you'll survive.
(remember ,you MUST have been eaten by the rat,so don't restore the game).
Leave the pier and travel to TAD TIMOV'S appartment.
Enter it.
You will be eaten by the dog.This is also nessecary.
Now leave the appartment.
You will get an orb override and you must enter the two names.
DAY 2:
You are given the assignment to investigate a burning boat at pier 5.
Travel there
and track everyone. (there are a lot to track !).
If you have done this properly you can visit the next locations.
Pier 5.
The temple
The shop
Transamerica pyramid
Dr's house.
Cable car barn
Private club
There are more locations,but you will be able to visit them as you gather
more information and clues.
Now travel to Pier 5 and look at the boat.Look at the corps.
Get the muzzle. Move the arrow to the mouth of the creature.
A broken fang,how nice ,use  ,go to fang an
d press .
A perfect fit.
Travel to TAD TIMOV'S appartment and enter it.
When the dog attacks you ,use  and use the muzzle.
The dog is now harmless.
Get the camera from the bench.
You have just one flash,so don't spoil it.It may save your life someday!
Look at the painting on the left wall. HEAVEN VISION.
Note the signs on it.
they are:     --------    --------
              --------    ---  ---
              --------    --------
Leave and travel to The temple.
Move to the rig
ht open the door and go to the man.
Rememember the HEAVEN VISION SIGNS ?.
Take four pinches from the second pot on the LEFT.
Move to the pipe and smoke it, press ..
Watch the HEAVEN VISION of the girl turning into a monster.
Get the statue and look at the inscription.
Leave the man and enter the temple.
Walk to the shield and get it.
Play the game.
Now walk under the statue.
You are now at the stairs.
Use  and look at the dragon note.
Seems to be some sort of code.Guessed it alread
y ??. NO !!!.
Well here's the explenation.
The R3 is the L1 to R4.
Just look at the staue third from the right.
Just look at the staue first from the left.
Just look at the staue fourth from the right.
The message is :The castle is the gateway to hell.
Use  and look at the cloth.Read the text.
Let's do just that.
Go to the second statue on the right and look at it.
Use  and use the cloth.
Watch the puzzle.
F oar P ruler.
for orb ruler,or something like that.
Now walk up the s
Play the acid game.(no we're not into new beat,we're into the heavy stuff).
If you finish the game you will find yourself in the ninja initiation room.
Watch the man in front of you get branded.
When it is your turn move the arrow to the box behind the man.
Get one of the scrolls.
Now move the arrow to the right and jump out of the window.
Note WEST on the scroll. It could be a direction,but it is part of a name.
Enter the name ZAC WEST in your MAD.
Now you have another location you can tr
avel to.
Travel to The transamerica pyramid.
Move to the base of the pyramid and enter it.
Look at the wall on the right and get the gun.
Enter the pyramid again and move to the robot.
Play the game.
It's a little bit tricky but it can be done.
After finishing the game and freeing the slave that the robot was beating up,
travel to the laudry and try to enter it.
It is closed today,maybe it's open tomorrow.
Travel to the docter's house and enter it.
Look at the man on the table,he's missing an a
Move to the room at the back and look at the man.
Get the letter from his pocket.
Note the name on it.Now you have another name.
Use MAD to enter it.(NOAH GORING).
Look at the test tube on the desk.
Use  and use the empty flask. It's now full.
Mmmm a nice appetiser.
Leave the docter's house and travel to the scientists house (noah goring).
Look at the window.
you can see coit tower and alcatraz and julius castle.
Remember that the gateway to hell is the castle. Maybe this is it !.
e to the table and notice the needle and thread.
Somebody has done some handy work here.
Get the matchbook.
Look at the files on the floor and read them all.
Travel to the wax museum and go to the wax figure there.
Remember the fish on the mallet ?.
Use  and use the mallet.
Press the button and watch the show.
Move to the left.just look at this picture.Nothing to do here YET.
Move left and climb up the chimney. ZAC'S HOWSE.
Leave the wax museum and travel to the cable car barn and enter it.
Hitch a ride on the next available car.
You're now in the cable car barn game.
As you have seen when you tracked the person going here, he went to
the right side of a block ,top row , farmost right.
(if you don't now what we mean track this scene again and watch carefully).
Don't touch any other blocks or you'll be dead. And watch the robots.
Now flip the switch on that block and walk through the door on the
bottom righthand side of the screen.
Look at the posters and look at the dead man.
t the letter from the belt.
now go back and leave the cable car barn.
Travel to the shop and note what the man has got in his hand.
It's a rat's finger.
Leave the shop and select travel.
You now get an orb override.
Enter the two names you've found.
day three:
You are given the assignment to investigate a human on the
chirardelli square.
Track everyone.
If you have done this properly you can visit the next location.
Chirardelli square.
Travel to the
chirardelli square.
Move to the alley and get the rats paw.
Enter the alley.
After being revived again travel to the laundry. It's open now.
Show the laundry receipt to the girl there.
Watch the show.
You are set free by the slave that you freed from the transamerica pyramid.
Get the walking stick and leave.
Travel to the shop and enter it.
Give the rat paw to the man.At least he seems to like it.
Play the card game until you can get the rat masks as price.
Take the rat mask on the left. This i
s rat mask 1.
(Tip: wait until the cards are shuffled.save the game.pick one card.
if it's the wrong one restore and try another one.do this if you can't win).
Leave the shop and travel to the wax museum.
Hit the fish over the head with the mallet.
(don't worry he's made out of wax so he never gets a headache).
Go to the middle screen. Look at the fresh meat on the pile.
Take a closer look. It's noah goring.
Look at his tie.Remember the needle and thread in his appartment.
Use the fang to cut the
Get the card.
Go to the left and climb up the chimney.
Just intime for desert.
Don't restore but leave the wax museum and travel to the private club.
Take a closer look at the door and wear the rat mask.
Knock and you will go into the club.
Now you have to play with the dice.
Look at the arm that the rat shows you.
Remember the signs on it.(write them down).
When it's your turn to play the rats will unmask you.
When they do, use the flask to distract their attention.
Get the hatchet and
 leave the club.
Travel to chirardelli square.
Climb up the rope and go to the right.
Ther's a man hanging from the sign and he's throwing things at you.
This man has a ring on his neck and you must get it.
In order to get to him you must climb the sign.
You must get very close to him and use the walking stick to get the ring.
When you've got the ring you can just let yourself drop on the ground.
Now enter the window on the left.
Use the ring to open the gate.
Phil is aware of your presence beca
use he has the viewer.
When you move through the tunnel you will fall.
When you drop into phil's kingdom ,you will drop right ontop of him,
ripping of his arm.
He also drops something.Get this.
It's an orb on a stick .
(not orat,thats another game you've played and finished thanx to
our solution.
don't thank us we're glad doing it for you).
When phil throws you into the rat pit use the camera to blind the rats.
Once on the pier descend the stairs and go under the pier.
Climb the pole and u
se the hatchet to make a hole.
Now you're in for a pretty long show.
Once in the warehouse use the hatchet to free yourself from the crate.
You find yourself in some sort of a detention block.
Look at the prisoner second from the middle row.
Looks familiar eh ?!.
It's the girl who has turned into a mutant from the HEAVEN VISION.
Give the statue to her.If the mutant cries you've got the right one.
Now move to the left and take a look at the cell door machine.
Use the orb card to open it and use th
e orb-on-a-stick to fool the camera.
You are carried away buy the girl mutant.(where's the boobs ?).
When you are in the balloon take a closer look at the burner.
Pull the handle and use the matchbook to light the fire.
Enjoy your flight.
And now for some serious landing.
Remember that the gateway to hell is the castle ?.
Well when you are flying over the city you can see coit tower on the
right side of the screen.
Left from it is a castle.
You have to land exactely on top of it.
Now you have r
eached hell.
Look at the screen.
At the left you will see:
lava button.
slave button.
robot button.
The object of this game is to kill the robots with lava and save the slaves.
Think this is hard,just watch the next game.
We will try to explain how to pull this off.
If it doesn't work don't blame us,try solving it yourself.
On the map you can see lava lakes,pipes, lava doors(green), little rooms
and three bigger rooms.Named HELL,FREEDOM and SLAVERY.
Move to the slave button and press it. L
ook where the slaves are.
Move to the robot button and press it. Look where the robots are.
Move all the robots to a room where there a NO slaves.
You can use the room above the FREEDOM room.
If you have done that close ALL the lava doors.
The closed doors are represented by an *.
Move to the slave button and press it.
Move ALL the slaves to the SLAVERY room.
Move to the robot button and press it.
Move ALL the robots in the room above the FREEDOM room to the little room
on the bottom of the scre
en.(just above the lava lake at the bottom).
You can recognize it by a pipe sticking out of the bottem with a dead end.
Now switch to lava again.
Move to the top of the screen.
You can see the city there and the buildings.
Move to the building named: bank of america headquarters.
Just below it you can see a lava door.
Direct under that lava door you see another lava door.
Open that one.
Move to the bottom of the screen and open the lava door above the room
where you have put all the robots in.(t
he one with the dead end pipe).
Now move a bit down and to the right and open the final lava door.
If all goes well you have killed the robots and saved the slaves.
After the show is over move to the slave button and press it.
Move the slaves from SLAVERY to HELL (where you are).
The slaves will come and pick you up and carry you to FREEDOM.
They will put you in somesort of a giant drill.
Remember the markihgs on the mans arm that the rat showed you.
Enter them on the screen.
Press the big red button above it and look at the map below.
And now we can not help you anymore.
You're on your own now.
This is the lava maze.
You have to find a way through the maze and come up in the city.
The exit is two screens to the right and one up,in the top corner right.