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Maniac Mansion walkthrough

Maniac Mansion
© 1989 Lucasfilm Games

                     Maniac Mansion Solution

I used characters Dave, Syd, and Razor since I found out you
need someone with musical talent. Dave did all the moves and
carried all the inventory in my game except where noted.

 1) Go to front of mansion. Pickup left bushes, door mat, and key.
 2) Unlock front door and enter. Open far right door and enter.
 3) Open far right door again and enter. (notice key in Chandelier)
 4) Turn on lamp and go far right to loose panel. Pull panel.
 5) Pickup cassette tape and exit both rooms.
 6) Push right gargoyle while another player goes to basement.
 7) Turn on light, pickup silver key and exit basement for now.
 8) Enter door by grandfather clock and pickup flashlight.
 9) Open refrigerator and pickup old batteries and can of pepsi.
10) Go thru dining room to storage room. Pickup jar & fruit drink
11) Unlock door with silver key and enter to swimming pool area.
12) Fill jar in pool and return to main entrance.
13) Position someone by mail box to wait for package.
14) Save game under " a ".
15) Go upstairs and enter room on left. Pickup wax fruit and
    paint remover. Exit room.
16) Use key pad and enter correct codes. Enter security door.
17) Go upstairs on right and give wax fruit then fruit drink to
    green tentacle.
18) Go upstairs on left and enter the first door on the left.
19) Pickup dime and walk to ladder by bed. Climb ladder to room.
20) Pick up record and key on right wall. Exit to hallway.
21) Go to 4th room on right and use hunk-a-matic machine. Exit
22) Save game under " B " and continue.
23) When doorbell rings, switch to mailbox and pickup stamps on
    package ( Don't pickup package ). Return to person on top floor.
24) While Ed is out of his room, you must enter the room and
    pickup the hamster, the card key, open the bank and pickup at
    least one dime. You have to be quick or he will caught you. Keep
    reloading game " B " until you get it. When you do it, save game.
25) Enter far right door and use jar on man-eater and paint
    remover on blotch on wall.
26) Return to 2nd floor and enter codes for security door. Enter.
27) Go to door on right and enter the room where the piano is.
28) Use cassette in player, use record in Victrola. Turn on
    cassette and Victrola. Turn off cassette and pickup tape. Exit
29) Go downstairs to room on right. Open cabinet door, use
    cassette in player. Turn on player. Pickup old rusty key ( This
    key will get you out of dungeon ). Pickup cassette tape and exit.
30) Go upstairs to piano room with someone who can play it. Use
    cassette in record. Turn on recorder and play piano. Turn on TV
    and watch. Pickup cassette and exit room.
31) Go to room where green tentacle is and give tape. Pickup demo
    tape and exit rooms.
32) Bring another member to top floor and give them both dimes.
33) Have them enter room with man-eater and switch to Dave.
    Position Dave by door to right of Radio room on top floor. Save
    game under " C " and continue.
34) Enter room of old lady and quickly go up ladder to the right.
35) Turn on light and pull picture in front of safe.
36) Switch to person in man-eater room and walk to hatch. Use
    dime in coin slot. Push right button. Use second dime in coin slot
    and push right button again. Use telescope and read safe combin.
37) Switch to safe room and open safe. Pickup envelope but don't
    open it yet. You will be caught when leaving. Just use old rusty
    key to get out of dungeon.
38) Exit telescope room and man-eater room. Use hunk-a-matic if
    you have not used it yet before leaving this floor. Return to
    main floor to met Dave.
39) Send one strong person with yellow key to garage door behind
    the pool area. Open door, open trunk, pickup tool box. Go to pool.
    If power goes out, wait 5-6 minutes for it to come back on.
40) Switch to another strong person and go to grating outside by
    porch. Open grating and enter. Go to water valve at right. Turn on
41) Switch to pool and enter. Pickup glowing key and radio. Exit.
42) Switch to valve and turn off water. Exit to kitchen.
43) Switch to pool and have him return to kitchen. Give items to
44) Fill jar with water from faucet. Use envelope and jar in
    microwave. Turn on microwave. Remove envelope and jar when cool.
    Open envelope and save game under " D " and continue.
45) Take envelope to man-eater room and use with typewriter. You
    will need tools and flashlight with good batteries with you.
46) Open room to right and enter room above. Turn on lights and
    walk to open wires on left. Put good batteries from radio in
    flashlight and wait.
47) Switch to another person and send them to breakers in the
    basement. Open fuse box and save game under " E ".
48) Turn off breakers and switch back to person in wire room.
49) Turn on flashlight and fix wires with tools. Turn off
    flashlight and switch back to basement.
50) Turn on breakers and return both members to main lobby.
51) Use stamps on envelope, put demo tape in envelope and put
    envelope in mail box. Lift flag and leave some there at mail box.
52) After Dr. Fred plays video game, go to room where video games
    are (second floor far right door ) Enter room and walk to Meteor
    Mess machine. Use quarter in coin slot. Write down high scores.
53) Return to front door and wait for doorbell to ring. Go to
    mail and open. Pickup contract and return to house. Save game F
54) Give contract to green tentacle in large speaker room.
55) Go to basement and open door with old rusty key. Open
    Padlocks with glowing key. Open inner door with numbers from video
    game machine. Save game under " G ". Last save game.
56) Enter lab and walk to right. Open door and enter. Walk to
    cabinet at right. Open cabinet and pickup suit. Use card key on
    door and enter. Turn off switch and pickup meteor at right. Open
    door and enter to garage.
57) Use meteor in trunk. Use yellow key in weird edsel....