Abandonware DOS title

Mega lo Mania manual


 There is always an air of excitement around the universe just before
 the birth of a new planet. New land to explore and plunder, new resources
 to exploit. But the dawn of a new civilisation is something even more
 alluring to those insatiable megalomaniacs who care about such things.
 For many of them it is their once a lifetime opportunity to achieve the
 supreme power and immortality they so crave.

 Why? Because for every new civilisation there has to be a new god to 
 oversee them. And for every god there is guaranteed supremacy for all 

 It is no wonder then that the battles to win such godship are often
 excessively fierce and always very bloody. But luckily for the contestants
 the blood spilt is not their own but that of the human `Pawns' that act as
 playing pieces in their evolutionary war game. The winner of which will
 recieve that ultimate and alusive prize of eternal godship.
 This game they play is curious one, it is a game they call...... 
 MEGA lo MANIA - `the game of the power crazy'.

 The arena is the vast glass orb at the top of the universe in which all 
 new planets are conceived and nurtured, the field of the play is none
 other then the embryonic planet itself.

 And from the massed throng of egocentrics, would-be gods and all round 
 nasty pieces of work that are by now surrounding the planet. There will
 eventually emerge, through not entirely democratic election, the four
 most suitable contenders. By the end of the contest one of these will 
 have achieved immortality.

 Each of the four contenders is then appointed as the controller of a race
 of people. It is the objective of each leader to annihilate the opposition
 in battle. After the final battle is won the victorious team will assume
 total control as the only race the planet will ever know and the planet
 itself will revert to its normal course.

 Meanwhile the controller of the victorious team will be crowned as their
 one and only god. Forevermore given the power to create and destroy at a
 whim. To dream up sunkissed beaches and unleash colossal volcanoes. I 
 wonder is there any greater pleasure?


 MEAG lo MANIA is a game where the player chooses to be one of 4 
 would-be-gods, each seeking to gain total supremacy over a planet. Each
 of the 4 would-be-gods controls a race of people (his team) Who slowly
 advance in weapon and defence technologies (from cave man,through the 
 middle ages, the Victorian era and on to present day nuclear weapony and
 beyond) and fight each other for control of islands.

 The player wins by taking control of all 28 islands situated around the
 planet surface. The first 27 islands are divided into groups of three -
 each group being known as an Epoch. The player may choose to conquer the
 islands in any order, but he must conquer each Epoch is sequence before
 he can finaly fight the `Mother of Battles' over the 28th island - known
 simply as MEGA lo MANIA. Only then will the player have achieved the 
 ultimate goal of becoming the eternal god of this battle scarred planet!.

 As well as this, MEGA lo MANIA also features the voices of your chief
 `people' - a sector on the sector map will flash whilst the person is
 speaking to indicate where the report is coming from. The following
 people can report to you during any game:
 Your Chief designer (once a design is complete).
 Your Laboratory Prefessor (once you`ve built a laboratory).
 Your Head of Pit (once you`ve built a mine).
 Your Sergeant Major (when one of your armies is attacking an enemy sector)
 Your Home Guard (when one of your sectors is being attacked!).
 Your Receptionist (When the game is paused!).
 Your Factory Girl (Once you`ve built a factory).

 (Atari ST and CBM Amiga)

 ESC - Quit                - One of the other team leaders will mock you! 

 P   - Pause On/Off        - Your Receptionist will put the game on hold 
                             for you!.
 B   - Mouse button Swap   - For the player who get things round the wrong
 HELP- Trainer Mode On/Off - Icon descriptions are given for beginners.

 Whenever you lose (or quit) an island, The game will be over. If you
 restart a new game, You  will always start on last Epoch that you played.

 If you want to SAVE your game position, click on OPTIONS (on the island
 selection screen). from here, Click on Save and you will be given a 
 password - write this down! If you click on LOAD you type in one of your
 old passwords and that game position will be restored.

 NOTE: Whenever SAVE is used, it will only save your game position as if
 you had just entered that Epoch - in this way you can only save Epochs
 and not individual islands.


 After the initial title screens, you will see the four faces of the team
 leaders - one for each team colour - red,green, blue and yellow. At this
 stage you should select the team leader you`d like to be. The remaining 
 three team leaders will become your computer opponents.


 On the next screen, you will see the three islands of the first Epoch.
 In the top left conrner you will see a plan view sector map of the island
 being viewed. Your team leader`s face is shown immediately to the right
 of this map. To the far right of him are shown the faces of the computer
 opponents who wish to contest this island. At the bottom-left of the 
 screen, you will see the number of men at your disposal to conquer this
 Epoch - this is called your `man pool'. You start the game with 100 men
 in your `man pool'

 View any other island in the Epoch by clicking on it.
 Alternatively, you can click on the name of the island using either
 mouse button to rotate through the islands. Clicking on PLAY ISLAND will
 select the island being viewed for play. 


 Decide how many men to put in your tower. You may use as few or as many as
 you desire. To put men in your tower, click on the bright white `O' with
 the right mouse button. clicking with the left mouse button will return 
 them to the `man pool'

 Once you are happy with the number of men in the tower, click on the 
 sector in the sector map where you wish to place your tower. The contest
 has begun!.

 Remember any men not used on the island will be carried over for use on 
 the remaining islands. Also, any men left over after conquering an Epoch,
 will be carried over to the next Epoch.

 It is important to note that at the start of each new Epoch you are also
 given an additional 100 men.


 This guide is designed to show you how to operate the menu`s icons and 
 controls of the game, the HELP windows are switched on. These are designed
 to help you and explain what is happening. To toggle them on/off, just
 press HELP key.

 |HYDR0S NOTE: There Is A Screen Shot With A Description Of Wot The Icon|
 |And Houses Are... So I`ll Leave This Bit Out!. But I Think The HELP   |
 |Option Does That For You anyway!...I Dunno The Game Is Too Boring 4 Me|
 |    And I`m Not That Good At Ansi! To Draw Houses and Factories!      |

 In the top left of the screen is the plan view sector map of the island.
 Each island can be built of up to four by four sector grid. Each sector
 is either vacant or contains one tower and/or up to four armies 
 (one for each team and up to a maximum of 250 men). Towers are 
 represented by squares and armies by `blobs' set around the towers -
 Each army and tower flag is shown in its own team colour.

 Coloured team shields, each representing one teams.

 Clicking the pointer on a sector will bring it into the enlarged window
 on the right hand side of the screen with its revevant control menu being
 displayed in the bottom left of the screen.
 (note the sector being viewed is highlighted on the sector map).
 The window shows the number of buildings and their types in this sector
 as well as a proportional respresentation of any armies camped outside of
 towers - animated battles are shown here too!. A team only controls those
 sectors in which its owns a tower. Control menus are not shown for sectors
 in which it wins a tower. Control menus are not shown for sectors that
 the player does not control.

 If a team moves an army into a vacant sector, and the team is not allied
 to any other team, the army will start to build a new tower - the time
 taken to do this is shown in the bottom left of the screen. If a team
 moves an army into an occupied sector, it will attack any armies or towers
 belonging to any teams that it is not allied to.

 Clicking on any team shield other than your own will attempt to ally that
 team with your own but there may never be a total alliance of all the 
 teams. Shield colours show which teams are allied with whom. When trying
 to ally with a team, the leader`s face will appear in place of the sector
 map, he/she will then inform you of their decision. And, sometimes the
 face of a team leader will appear to ask you whether you would like to
 make an alliance with his/her team. You can answer by clicking on YES or
 NO. To break off the alliance, simply click on any black shield.

 A number shown next to a shield indicates how many men are in the army
 positioned in the highlighted sector. Clicking on any of these numbers
 will toggle full army statistic breakdowns.

 Clicking on the `little man' icon above the team shields, will make the
 game run faster!. Use the right mouse button to speed time up and the left
 mouse button to slow time down. Game time can run at 1:1 time, 1:3 time
 and 1:9 time.

 Below the Sector map, a date shows what technology level the selected
 sector has reached.

 Always appears. This icon(Shown dressed in the era he represents) Shows
 the number of men available in the tower. Any men left in the tower will
 automatically reproduce (because there are women in the tower as well!!). 
 The more men there are the faster they will reproduce. It is important
 to note that you can`t click on this icon. At least one man must always
 be left in the tower.

 Only appears when you`ve built a factory. Any number beneath it shows
 the number of factory workers allocated to it. Clicking on it enables
 you to manufacture designs that need to be factory produced. Click
 on a design to start manufacturing it and set the number underneath
 the crate to the number of units that you wish to manufacture (Note:
 this is known as a production run). Finaly allocate a number of Factory
 Workers to the production run.

 Elements are used in your designs. More elements become available as you
 gain an open cast mine or build a deep pit mine through technological
 advancement. The number beneath an element shows the number of miners
 allocated to mining it. Click on the element icon to view the quantities
 (in blue numbers) of the elements in the sector and the numbers of Miners
 allocated to mining each one. You may increase or decrease the number
 of miners here.
 NOTE: A hand icon next to an element indicates that the element is
 gathered automically by any men left in the tower (when they`ve not
 busy reproducing that is!). If an element can no longer be mined then no
 Miners can be allocated to it.
 Only appears when you start open-cast mining or when you`ve built
 a deep pit mine. Click on it or any element icon to view the quantites
 of elements in stock

 Only appears when you are able to build a Factory, a Laboratory or a mine.
 Any number beneath indicates the number of Builders allocated to building.
 Click on any one of them to view the progress of your building work and
 alter the allocations of Builders.

 Note: Allocations of Inventors, Factory Workers, Miners and Builders can
 all be altered from the main menu via the numbers beneath the icons
 without having to enter any of the sub-menu`s.


 BRIGHT WHITE NUMBERS - These Numbers can be altered by pointing the mouse
 pointer at them, decrease them by clicking the left mouse button or
 increase them by clicking the right mouse button
 DARK WHITE (GREY) NUMBERS - These numbers are for information only and
 cannot be altered.

 YELLOW NUMBERS - These numbers or an `OK' symbol show that the icon
 above them is selectable for use. Once selected the cursor will change.

 RED NUMBERS - These numbers only appear once a yellow number has been
 selected as described above. To Return the cursor to normal and deselect
 the current option, Click with the cursor on the red number.

 BLUE NUMBERS - These numbers represent the number of tonnes of an
 element in stock.

 TASKS - When men are being allocated to a task, a clock is shown next to
 the task indicationg how long the task will take to complete (Realtime)
 The blue segments of the clock represents seconds remaining and the number
 under the clock represents minutes remaining. The more men you allocate to
 a task, the faster it will be completed.

 GREEN ARROWS - These point from gatherable elements to the tower men to
 show that this element is being gathered automatically.

 GREY ARROWS - These Show that any men available in the tower may now be
 allocated to the task to which they point.


 This section of the manual describes gameplay. To find out how to access
 menu`s and operate icons you should read the quick key control guide in
 conjuction with the following sections.

 Every sector within an island has a technology level. When you start 
 playing an island a11 the sectors are set on the same date and every team
 begins at the same technology level (See below)
 There are 3 islands in every Epoch, the first three being called Aloha,
 Bazooka And Cilla and continuing in alphabetical order. There is a last 
 island called MEGA-lo-MANIA Which is played somewhere in the distant 
 future. In Epochs 7,8 and 9 it is possible to put men into suspended
 animation for later use in this, the Mother of Battles.
 Epochs              Starting Technology Level
  *1*                *9500 BC*
  *2*                *3000 BC*
  *3*                * 100 BC*
  *4*                * 900 AD*
  *5*                *1400 AD*
  *6*                *1850 AD*
  *7*                *1915 AD* 
  *8*                *1945 AD*
  *9*                *1980 AD*

 Mother Of Battles
 (Somewhere in the distant future!)
 When you first start an island allocated some men to begin inventing
 a design. Designs come in three categories - tower shields,defensive 
 weapons and attacking weapons. Each invention is made out of elements
 which your men either gather locally or mine out of the ground - 
 (more on this later)

 Each island can yield a maximum of twelve designs(four of each category)
 starting from the three designs that correspond with the islands intial
 technology level and followed by the next 9 designes as set out in the
 following table:

 Technology Level  |   Attacking Weapons    |   Defensive Weapons
   9500 BD         |    Rock                |    Stick
   3000 BD         |    Small Catapult      |    Spear
    100 BD         |    Pike                |    Shortbow
    900 AD         |    Bowman              |    Boiling Oil
   1400 AD         |    Giant Catapult      |    Cross Bow
   1850 AD         |    Cannon              |    Musket
   1915 AD         |    Bi-Plane            |    Machine Gun
   1945 AD         |    Jet Fighter         |    Bazooka
   1980 AD         |    Nuclear Missile     |    Nuclear Deterrent
   2001 AD         |    Flying Saucer       |    Star Wars (SDI) Lasers

 Shields are simply numbered 1 to 4 to indicate their strength in this
 particular island (as there can only ever be four shield designs in any
 on island)

 To start inventing you should select a design and allocate men to it and
 the countdown clock will activate. The design are shown in three columns
 sheilds,defensive weapons and attacking weapons. The design are listed in
 order of technology level. It is always best to select that least advanced
 design first as these take less time to invent. You will notice that not
 all the twelve designs for the island are available straight away.

 NOTE: If you can`t invent a design it could be because - 
 1. Your tower hasn`t progressed enough in technology or
 2. You don`t have enough of the right elements in stock or
 3. You may even need a build a laboratory before you can start inventing
    the design.

 Designs with a small factory symbol in the top-left of their icon
 indicates that they must be manufactured in a factory once invented.

 Your designs may take some time, in which case use the run fast icon
 if your want to speed time up but be sure to slow time back down again
 when the design is ready (or sooner if you are attacked!).

 Look Out For these Icons:-         HYDR0 {WOT PICTURES!}

 Element Name          Mining Type
 Wood                  Gatherable
 Rock                  Gatherable
 Bone                  Gatherable  
 Slate                 Gatherable 
 Moonlite              Open Cast
 Planetarium           Open Cast
 Bethlium              Open Cast  
 Solarium              Open Cast
 Aruldite              Deep Pit
 Herbirite             Deep Pit
 Yeridium              Deep Pit 
 Valium                Deep Pit
 Parasite              Deep Pit
 Aquarium              Deep Pit
 Paladium              Deep Pit
 Onion                 Deep Pit
 Tedium                Deep Pit
 Moron                 Deep Pit
 Meermite              Deep Pit   
 Alien                 Deep Pit

 After exhaustive mining, you will find that your elements start to run out
 Your chief miner will let you know when this begins to happen. If is does,
 no arrow(green or grey) will be shown leading to or from the element that
 has been exhausted, any miners allocated to it will automatically be 
 returned to their sector tower.

 As sectors progress in Technology Level you will have the option to build
 up to three external buildings as well as your tower - a deep pit mine, a
 factory and a laboratory. People can be allocated from your tower to work
 in these buildings as set out below.

 From Technology Level 900AD you will have the option to build a deep pit
 mine (See elements).
 From Technology Level 1400AD you will have the option to build a factory.
 Higher Technology Level designs can only be manufactured in factories.
 Factory Workers must be allocated to work in the factory to manufacture
 these designs - each job us known as a `production run'

 From Technology Level 1850AD you will have the option to build a 
 laboratory. Really high Technology Level designs can only be invented
 in laboratories. Inventors must be allocated to work in this building
 to invent these designs.

 Each of the external buildings, including the tower has a wall status bar.
 Each bar represents the damage status of the walls of each building.
 The bars will gradually go down as their respective buildings are damaged
 by attacking armies. If the bar for a building disappears then the  
 building is destroyed and anything inside it or in its defensive turrets
 will be destroyed and anything inside it or in its defensive turrets will
 be destoryed with it (including any designs,weapons,shields,elements and
 most of all - any men!) And, if it is the tower that is destroyed, any men
 remaining inside external buildings left standing will defect to the 
 enemy army.

 Shields can be built or manufactured to repair buildings. The higher the
 Technology Level of shields, the more it will repair a damaged building.

 In the later Epochs, you can `shut a sector down' by putting it into
 suspended animation - the relevent icon will appear on the shield menu
 and should be dragged onto the tower to be shut down. Any men put in
 suspended animation will be carried forward for the final island - the
 Mother of Battles. You may not shut down your last tower unless you have
 an army in the field - it is wise to keep a balance between the number
 of men you feel safe in shutting down and the number of men you retain
 in order to win the island.

 To Defend buildings, defending weapons can be set up in their turrets.
 From this position of height, defending soldiers can take the upper hand
 against any armies of equal Technology Level and numbers. The only 
 drawback for defenders is that they are limited in numbers. Each building
 has a number of defensive turrets set upon it - only one defensive weapon
 may be slotted into each turret at a time. The tower has 4 defensive 
 turrets set into it, the Factory has 3, the mine has 2 and the Laboratory
 has 1.

 Each defensive weapon is operated by one soldier except for nuclear  
 deterrents and SDI lasers which are unmanned.

 At Technology Level 1980AD, nuclear deterrants become available. This
 defensive weapon can be placed in a turret (in any of your buildings)
 in one of your sectors and will automaically look out for incoming
 missiles. If it detects one, it will automatically fire at the sector
 the incoming nuke originated from - this really gives the enemy something
 to think about.

 NOTE: That these are one-fire weapons only are impotent against 
       conventional attack.

 At Technology Level 2001Ad, defensive Star Wars (SDI) lasers become 
 avaible. This defensive laser has two users: (1) It is harmful against
 all forms of conventional attack; (2), It will automaically look out for
 incomoing missiles. If it detects one it will automatically destroy it,
 However, the laser itself can only do this once as it will then overheat
 and destroy itself!.

 The following definitions shall be used when describing this section:

 Friendly Sector = Any sector which contains a towers or army of your own
                   or your ally(ies)
 Enemy Sector    = Any sector which contains a tower or army from a team
                   thats is not allied to you

 Neutal Sector   = Any sector which doesn`t contain a tower or army

 Each attacking weapon requires a number of soldiers to man it. Most of
 the early Technology Level weapons will only require one soldier but as 
 the weapons become more sophisticated, more soldiers may be required to
 control each one. The number of soldiers is indicated by the Roman
 numeral in the top-left of each icon. Nuclear missiles are unmanned 
 weapons are may only be fired one at a time.
 When an enemy enters an `Enemy' sector, it will attack any army, and
 tower and any building that do not belong to the same team or any team
 not allied to it. Any men trapped inside any buildings that are destroyed
 will die!. All allies in a sector will join you in an attack. The attack
 will continue until either side is totally destroyed ot until one side
 totally withdraws (taking heavy casualties for retreating unless they are
 retreating into their own tower - in which case they take no casualties)

 Destroying an enemy tower will bring the report that a sector has been
 conquered. Unarmed men are very weak and are usually only moved around
 as armies to get them from one tower to another. When attacked, unarmed
 men can fight but they can only throw pebbles (which they conveniently
 find lying around on the ground!). Unarmed man cannot damaged enemy

 When an enemy enters a neutral sector they will attempt to build a new 
 tower (as long as you are not in an alliance). Towers can only be built
 by teams who are NOT allied to any other teams or teams. In this way, 
 Leaders are forced to break-off alliances on order to expand their

 When an enemy begins building a tower, a countdown clock will appear in
 place of the control menu, when the sector is highlighted. This clock
 indicates the time it will take to build the tower. If it seems to be
 taking too long, add a few more men and/or speed up the passage of time.
 Once a tower is built, the men in the army will automatically move 
 themsleves into it.

 From Epoch 6, nuclear missiles are available. Nukes cannot be intergrated
 with other weapon types and have to be sent separately one at a time.
 A nuke can be fired by building it as an army and placing it on any sector
 that doesn`t contain one of your own towers or a tower of one of your  
 allies. It should be noted that if a sector is hit by a nuke then the
 sector is totally and absolutely annihilated - nothing survives and the
 sector cannot be highlighted be the pointer. A large crater will appear
 in any sectors on the sector map that have been nuked.


 On the 28th island you must fight the Mother Of Battles. This is basically
 a free-for-all pitched battle where all of the people that were `shut-down'
 in the earlier islands are transferred forward and armed with laser
 blasters (no other weapons are allowed) for each team.

 Before men are transferred forward into the Mother Of Battles they are
 held in suspension inside a deep freeze cabinet, but when they are 
 defrosted you will find that you lose some of them as this process is
 still undergoing technical difficulties! In other words make sure you 
 `SAVE' as many men as possible!..