Abandonware DOS title

Mission: Impossible manual

                                Mission Impossible
                              Agent Procedure Manual

                                GETTING STARTED

After You Have Accepted The Mission...

It's too late to turn back.  We know it won't be easy -- nothing assigned
to the IMF ever is -- but we hope this manual will get you headed in the
right direction. The first screen to apear gives you four options: Select
Agents, Play Game, Restore Game or Quit Game.

                                SELECT AGENTS

You have a variety of options from which to choose.  These options are the 
key to setting up the game. The first item of business is to select four 
agents and create a team, or use one of the preset teams.  The right chemistry
between members of a team can handle even the toughest case.


Enter an alias (or "code name") for the agent in the Alias entry box. If you 
want to change the picture of the agent, press the TAB key.  The cursor will 
disappear from the Alias box.  Use the left/right arrows to scroll between
the agent photo selections.  When you have a photo you like, press TAB again
to return to the Alias entry box.  Use the up/down arrow keys to move between
Alias/Attributes/Skills.  Use the left/right arrows to modify the Attributes 
Skills.  Use Page Up/Down  to see all the skills.  There are 20 combinations
for both lists.  Customize your agents to create a well balanced IMF team.  
After creating an agent, hit S to save.  You will be asked for the agent's 
name.  This may or may not be the same as the agent's alias.


A list of all known agents will appear.  Move up and down the list with the 
arrow keys, then press ENTER to choose an agent to delete.  Once an agent is
deleted you cannot get him back.  Before you make the final step, the game
will ask you to confirm the selection.


Examine an agent's attributes without changing them.


Select the agents whom you wish to place on your IFM team.  You will be 
allowed four agents at a time on each team.


Remove an agent from a team, but keep him on the roster of available agents.


Save a team of up to four agents.  Each team has a unique code name which you
enter through the keyboard.


Select the team to be activated for duty in the current mission.


Remove a team from the roster.


Review the agent characteristics of each team member on the currently 
activated team.


Remove all agents from the currently activated team.

                                PLAY GAME

Allows you to exit the setup-up screens and move into the mission scenario,
if you have used RESTORE TEAM.

                                RESTORE GAME

Returns you to a previously saved game.  This can be very handy if you feel
you've gotten off track with your investigation.  Go back to a previously 
saved game and try again.

                                QUIT GAME

Returns you back to the systems screen of your computer.

                        YOUR VIEWS OF THE MISSION

There are two perspectives which are used during the game -- the Map View and
the Detail View.  Each view has special features that allow you to move and 
react, or cause others to react to you.  You choose the view that you feel is
best for your agent's task at hand.


The main portion of the Map View is the large map window in the right center
of your screen.  This window displays a top-down view of your agent's world.
There are scroll bars along the right and bottom edges of the window.  To 
change the display, move the pointer to the button inside the scroll bar and
press the left mouse, then drag the button across the bar.  Wherever you 
release the mouse click on the arrow keys on either end of the scroll bars to
scroll map in either direction.  You will also find that moving the cursor
all the way to the edge fo the screen will cause the window view to scroll in 
that direction.
At the top of the screen near the middle is the grid box.  It displays the map
coordinates in a two-character alpha-numeric code.  The codes run in sequence
from A0 in the upper right corner to C4 in the lower right corner.  You can
use the codes as a faster method for entering Show, Move or Distance functions.
Simply select the grid box and type in the code.  Next to the grid box is the
address box.  Use it like the grid box by typing in the name of a location
and selecting the appropriate action icon.
The date box is located below the icon palette.  The bottom panel in the Map
View is the message window.  It displays other helpful information.

                                Additonal controls:
                                Ctrl J = Joystick on
                                Ctrl K = Keyboard on
                                Ctrl Q = Music on/off
                                Ctrl S = Sound on/off
                                Ctrl X = Exit Game

                                Keyboard Controls:
                                ENTER = Left mouse button
                                SPACE = Right mouse button
                                Cursor (arrow) key moves the pointer

                                Joystick Controls:
                                Button A = Left mouse button
                                Button B = Right mouse button
                                Joystick moves pointer

On the left of your screen in the icon palette.  This palette holds the icons
which allow you to interact with the agents and the game, performing actions
such as tailing a suspect or changing views from Map to Main.  The various
icons are described below:

Track - causes the map window to follow the movements of the selected agent.
        Select the Track icon, then select the agent to track.  Press the space
        bar to stop tracking.

Show  - allows you to jump to the location of the selected address.  If you
        select the Grid box or Address box, you may type in a location from
        the keyboard.

Move  - allows you to instruct an agent to move to a designated location.  
        Select a location first so that the location name appears in the
        Address box.  Next, select the Move button, then the agent.  The
        agent will move to the new location, and his agent button will turn
        light blue as he travels.

Tail off- will instruct an agent to stop following someone.

Distance - displays the shortest travel distance between two points.  The 
           distance is displayed in the message field in miles.  Use this 
           function by selecting the first point, then the Distance button,
           then the second point.

Zoom   - moves you from the Map View to the Detail View.  Select Zoom, then 
         agent's button.  If the agent is moving or sleeping you may not zoom
         in on him.

Agents - have buttons which are located below the Zoom button.  Use the 
         buttons to perform many of the above tasks.  For example, if you want
         to move Agent 3 to the Golf Club, you could select Golf Club or go to
         the Adress box and type GOLF CLUB, then select the Move button, then 
         the A3 button.  If you want to see where Agent 2 is located, select
         Zoom and the A2 button.

                    Agent icon color code:
                      White          = normal
                      Red            = captured
                      Cyan           = traveling
                      Flashing Cyan  = tailing someone
                      Blue           = sleeping

Space Bar - is used to call up the Agent Status screen.  Agent Status reveals
            the inventory of each agent, as well as their location, who they
            are tailing, who they are disguised as, and current physical con-
            dition.  You can also use the Save Game or Quit Game features
            from here.

                               DETAIL VIEW

The Detail View is a close-up of the IMF's world.  You will see your agents
and have them interact with other characters and objects from this view.  At 
the top of the screen is the icon bar.  Below that is the view window and at 
the bottom of the screen is the status bar.  You can use the mouse or arrow
keys to manipulate your agents, and use the icon bar to perform tasks. 

Arm     - Selecting this icon lets you choose between Armed and Unarmed combat.
          note:  When you start fighting, uou can't stop until either you or
                 the person you are fighting is captured.

Sleep   - Only available at IMF headquarters.  Use this command to put an 
          agent to sleep.  Your agents must sleep every day or they will lose
          their effectiveness.  After 18 hours of activity, they will be put to
          sleep automatically.  Agents sleep for eight hours.  When you select
          this option, you will be presented with a list of the agents on your
          team.  Select an agent or press the space bar to cancel the command.

Inventory - This displays the items an agent is carrying.  Select one for a 
            brief description.

Tail    - Select the Tail button to follow another person on the screen.
          A message will ask whom you wish to tail.  Select the appropriate
          person.  You will be returned to the Map view to watch your progress
          if the person leaves the area.

Computer - Use this command while at IMF headquarters to perform these tasks:

   Tap Phones - You will have the option of looking at the phone directory to
                find out a phone number, tapping a new phone line, or viewing
                existing taps that you have placed.

   Review Phone Messages - Lets you check the transcripts of previously
                           recorded conversations.

   Make Disguise - You can make a disguise if you have captured a person.

   Remove Disguise - Restores an agent to normal.

   Search - calls up the cursor.  Move it over the item you wish to search and
            check the message window for a reply.

   Map View - returns you to the Map View of the game when you are done moving
              in the Detail View.

   Talk - allows you to select another character with whom to speak.  Move the
          icon over the person and select.

   Action - lets you instruct an agent to perform a task such as giving a
            weapon to another agent or operating a computer.  Selecting the
            Action icon brings up a second menu with the following options:

      take    - select this to pick up an object and add it to your inventory.
                The cursor will appear so you can point to the object you want.                  If the object has a name, it will appear in the item window.

      drop    - when you select an item from your inventory to drop, it will
                appear on the screen near your feet.

      put     - select an item from your inventory and use the cursor to place
                it where you want it.

      give    - select an inventory item and then select the person you want
                to give it to.  The receiver can be an agent or another person,
                as long as their name appears in the item window.

      use     - select an item to use from inventory, then follow the prompts.

      show    - select an item from the inventory, then select a character to 
                show the item to.  Watch the message window to see their 
                response.  This is a good way to get feedback about the items 
                and learn about items and learn what makes your suspects

      open    - use to open doors, drawers, etc.

      close   - close doors, gates, etc.
      insert  - put an item inside another item.  For example, if you have some
                darts and a gun, you would select insert, then select darts
                from the inventory list.  Then select gun from the inventory
                list, and a message should appear to confirm the action.

      operate - allows your agent to perform an action on an item that is not
                in the inventory.  For example, if you have an agent drop some
                explosives, you would then selecet operate and use the cursor
                to select the bundle of explosives.  This would set the timer
                and give you time to get your agent away before the explosion.
                You can also operate other items such as computers, VCRs, etc.

Keyboard Shortcuts:
  F9 will advance the time in minutes.
  F3 will advance the time one minute for every second that the key is pressed.

                               THE AGENTS 

Agent: Jim Phelps
Alias: Phoenix
Height: 5 11     (in feet)
Weight: 175      (in pounds)
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Specialties: Foreign Relations, diplomacy, audio equipment

Agent: Charles Bergeron
Alias: Ground Hawk
Height: 5 9     (in feet)
Weight: 193     (in pounds)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Specialties: Asian Languages & culture, sharpshooter

Agent: Cory Masterson
Alias: Raven
Height: 6 3.5   (in feet)
Weight: 202     (in pounds)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Specialties: Photography, infrared technology

Agent: Bill Case
Alias: The Pearl
Height: 5 6     (in feet)
Weight: 160     (in pounds)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Specialties: Mechanics

Agent: James Sunderlin
Alias: Red Wing
Height: 6 0     (in feet)
Weight: 200     (in pounds)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Specialties: Explosives, scratch golfer

Agent: Eric O'Dougall
Alias: Bishop
Height: 5 8.5     (in feet)
Weight: 217     (in pounds)
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Specialties: Tai Kwon Do, master of accents/dialects

Agent: Gunner Rothstein
Alias: Black Flag
Height: 5 7     (in feet)
Weight: 193     (in pounds)
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green
Specialties: Computer Operations, unarmed combat

Agent: Carlo Perez
Alias: Blade
Height: 5 8     (in feet)
Weight: 169     (in pounds)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Specialties: Weapons Expert, radio technology

Agent: Bruce Gerhardt
Alias: Slider
Height: 6 0     (in feet)
Weight: 205     (in pounds)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Specialties: Telecommunications

Agent: Karl Drexler
Alias: Angry Swan
Height: 6 8     (in feet)
Weight: 228     (in pounds)
Hair: Ash Blond
Eyes: Blue
Specialties: Foreign Languages, blade weapons

Agent: Erving Walker
Alias: Polar Cub
Height: 5 11     (in feet)
Weight: 195     (in pounds)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Specialties: Auto Mechanics, video broadcast equipment

Agent: Donald Brockman
Alias: The Drake
Height: 6 0     (in feet)
Weight: 195     (in pounds)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Specialties: Sports, gourmet chef

Agent: Mark Roryman
Alias: Weasel
Height: 5 3     (in feet)
Weight: 145     (in pounds)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Specialties: Forgery, persuasion

Agent: Wayne Grimes
Alias: Three Hands
Height: 5 9     (in feet)
Weight: 184     (in pounds)
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Violet
Specialties: Safe Cracking, video equipment

Agent: Bill Teshler
Alias: Rivet
Height: 6 3     (in feet)
Weight: 225     (in pounds)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Specialties: Medical, driving

Agent: Vincent Spanier
Alias: The Rocket
Height: 5 10     (in feet)
Weight: 215     (in pounds)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Specialties: Photography, marine biology

Agent: Rajiv Kohli
Alias: Hangman
Height: 5 7     (in feet)
Weight: 155     (in pounds)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Specialties: Disguise, electronics

Agent Missing in action,
last sighted: 7/30/85
Last known location: Naples, Italy
Agent: Dagmar Trotsky
Alias: Falcon
Height: 6 6     (in feet)
Weight: 234     (in pounds)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Specialties: Computers, forgery

Agent: Juan MacMurphy
Alias: Pallbearer
Height: 6 1     (in feet)
Weight: 199     (in pounds)
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Specialties: Radio, long range weapons

Agent: Ian Walsh
Alias: Green Rhino
Height: 6 0      (in feet)
Weight: 195     (in pounds)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Specialties: Driving, foreign languages

Agent: Carlo Carlucci
Alias: Iceberg
Height: 5 11      (in feet)
Weight: 180     (in pounds)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Specialties: Lockpicking, armed combat