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Moebius manual

The Moebius Docs

Place  Disk  A  in  drive and turn on power. Press any key  or  click  mouse
button  to  exit  demo mode. At prompt insert Disk B into drive and  press  a

 From  Book of Moebius menu, press "A" to Add Disciple.
Name disciple by typing in name. Press "T" to Train disciple. 

 NOTE: Disciples must  be  trained  in Sword Fighting, Hand to Hand Fighting,
and  Divination,  i.e.,  they  must be successful  in  one  session  of  each
type,   before  an  Adventure  may  be started.  Once  a  disciple  has  been
trained,  you   may Begin an Adventure by pressing "B" at the Book of Moebius

  A  copy  of  Disk  B,  the  Book  of Moebius, can be made to save disciples
for archival purposes or to permit the playing  of  separate  games.   Please
refer  to your Atari-ST owner's Manual for the correct copy procedure.
 As  you  move  about  the  realms  of Moebius,  you  will see that there are
two  ways to control  your  disciple's movement.

 1.  Use  one of the two sets of eight movement   keys   indicated   in   the
section: MOVEMENT.
 2. Using the mouse, click directly on the play window to move your  disciple
in  the  direction  indicated  by  the cursor arrow.

NOTE:  All menu options in Moebius may be  selected  by  pressing  the  first
letter  of  the  desired command or by clicking   with  the  mouse  upon  the
appropriate icon.
B - Bare Hands. Put sword away.
C - Communicate with character.  Press appropriate initial letter when 
    Communication Menu appears.

D  -  Open or close door. Use movement keys to indicate direction to door.

E - Equip with sword, i.e., hold sword at ready.

F - Cast Fireball. Available  only  in shrines.  Use  movement keys to choose
    direction when indicated.
G - Get item or fresh water.
H - Hit  with  hammer  if  one  has  a hammer.

L  -  Listen.   Disciple's   effective Listening  radius  will  improve  with
level increase.
M - Magic. Choose appropriate  initial letter when Magic Menu appears.

*NOTE:  "Utter  Prayer"   requires   a period  of  fasting after which "Utter
Prayer"  must  be  selected  again  in order to activate a prayer. "Stop All"
will end all magic in use at the time.
Q  -  Quit  &  Save  game.  Up to four Adventures may be saved. The  Book  of
Moebius  will be automatically updated during   this  time  and  when  moving
between realms.
R - Restore at last saved position.
S - Swing sword; to cut vegetation  or attack    adjacent    character.   Use
movement keys to choose direction when indicated.

T   -   Throw  shuriken,  if  one  has shurikens. Use movement keys to choose
direction when indicated. NOTE: If  an opponent  is  right next to you,  your
shurikens will not be very effective.

U - Use item in Inventory.  Will  turn torch on/off, if torch is chosen. When
Inventory  Menu  appears,  press   the appropriate  initial  letter to choose
V - View Maps. At Map menu, press  the appropriate  initial letter of the map
to be  viewed.  Pressing  "ESC"  again will return to game play.
When  viewing  the Memory Map, use the movement keys to scroll the map.

1-9  -  Set  Game  and  Combat  Speed. Slowest to Fastest. Use number keys
across top of keyboard.

ESC - Pause Game. Pressing "ESC" again will  display  Options  and  Character
Status during  Adventure.  "ESC"  also exits  all  menus  (Use, Magic, etc.,)
and will cancel  most  of  the  adventuring    commands   (Throw,    Swing,
Fireball, etc.,)
During   combat,   there  are  several methods you can use to defeat your 
 1. Use the  movement  keys  that  are indicated on this reference card under
Combat, Sword and Karate.
 2.  Use  the  mouse  directly on your disciple to move and strike.  If  your
disciple is equipped with a sword then a  sword  icon  will  appear.  If your
disciple is bare-handed then a foot or hand  icon  will  appear  for  you  to
strike with.
 3.  There  is a set of icons directly below the combat screen  that  can  be
clicked    upon   for   movement   and striking.

 A glowing sword to the left  of  your stats  indicates  that you are using a
blessed sword.
 Movement Combat
    (I)  (O) (P) 
	\   !   /
    (K)- (;) (4) 
	/   !   \
    (,) (.)  (/) 

  Long strike left A

  Long stride right S

  Short step left Z

  Short step right X

-- Sword
Short upper swing I or 7 
Long upper swing O or 8

Short middle swing K or 4 
Long middle swing L or 5

Short lower swing , or 1 
Long lower swing . or 2

-- Karate
High Kick I or 7 
High Punch O or 8

Middle Kick K or 4 
Middle Punch L or 5

Low Kick , or 1 
Low Punch . or 2
NOTE: To "Block" with a sword or  bare hands, press the SPACEBAR.

RETURN - Break and Run during Combat. Does not work in Training. 

NOTE: The probability of successfully breaking  and  running  from  a combat
decreases with lowered Dexterity.
 - Disciple:  Toggle  Between  Equip Sword/Bare Hands.
 - Disk:  Preferences/Ways of Play. * (See below)
 - Question Mark: Options/Commands.
 - Pouch: Use Pouch Contents.
 - Mystic Square: Magic.
 - Eye: View Maps/Lenses.
 - Head with sound waves: Listen.
 - Disciple and peasant: Communicate.
 - Hand: Get (Chest/Vials/Water).
 - Door: Open/Close door.
 - Sword: Swing   sword.   Will   only appear  if  you  are  equipped  with a
 - Hammer: Hit with hammer. Will  only appear  if  you  have  one   in   your
 - Shuriken: Throw Shuriken. Will only appear  if  you  have  some  in   your
 -  Fireball:  Cast   Fireball.   Only available  when you become eligible to
	       use them.
 * Special Note: When Preferences/Ways of play is selected  by  choosing  the
   disk  icon,  a menu with the following options will appear.

 Auto chop: Toggles a  mode  in  which you  automatically swing your sword at
 	    vegetation as you try to move onto it.
 Pace: Another way to adjust speed  of play.
 Show  mouse:  Toggles between visible and invisible mouse pointer.
 Full sound:  Plays  music  throughout the game.
 Mid  sound:  Plays music at important events.
 Basic sound: Sound effects  only,  no music.
 No sound: Silent 
 Restore:  Restores  your  game to the last save.
 He  who  does  not  understand  words cannot understand people.
 The Headmaster speaks:

  Twas in the Year of the Yak that the disciple  Kaimen  abandoned  the   one
true  path  of  Moebius the Windwalker and   stole   the   Orb  of  Celestial

 The ensuing nine months have  brought devastation and ruin to Khantun, death
and  suffering  to  our  people. It is said that Kaimen was the  favorite  of
the  favored,  and for this reason the Windwalker   failed   to  take  action
against him until  the  Evil  One  had fled  beyond the reach of even Moebius
himself.   Without   the   Orb,    the Windwalker  must stay on his plane and
cannot  pursue  his  former  disciple, for  the  Orb aids him in ignoring the
mystic    boundaries    between    the elemental realms. The Orb, it is said,
holds  in    check   the   forces   of dissolution  that  are inherent to our
land. Now that it   resides  somewhere in  the four material planes of Earth,
Water, Air, and  Fire, we are  plagued by  unseasonable  rains  and droughts,
while the ground  quakes in anguish.
 The self-styled Warlord of  the  East Wind fled along the four-fold path and
has  set  up his base of operations in the Realm of Fire. Our bravest  youths
have  sought  him in the other planes, to no avail - and none  have  survived
long  enough  to  reach  the  Realm of Fire. He has imprisoned the Holy  Ones
who keep the shrines of Moebius on the four  planes,  installing his own evil
Monks in their stead.  Those who  have dared  to oppose him have  died on his
crosses of bamboo, while the  rest  of our  people  are  oppressed   by   his
armies  of  rebel guards and hordes of dread assassins.

 Our beloved Khantun groans under  the burden  of  the tyrant's horrors.  The
rains have increased tenfold  and  the land  is buried beneath ever- increas-
ing forests. The very  Earth  trembles and  shakes  as his legions tread upon
it. Savage  tigers  have  smelled  the carnage  and left their hills  to come
prey upon our people as they  toil  in the  fields  and forests.  Our  rivers
and  streams  are  infested  by  giant water  beetles, with mandibles capable
of rending the staunchest warrior from limb to limb. The dreaded forest demon
has returned to plague all who  travel the land at night. 
 Surely the long foretold Age of Doom is upon us!

 Khantun  has  not  maintained an army for   ten   generations.   Since   the
Windwalker showed our people the  path of  peace  there has been no need. Now
we are  woefully  unprepared  and  the people fall to the Warlord as grain to
the  reaper's  scythe. Our people will help you, but they  are  wary  of  the
Warlord's  informers  who  increase in numbers   as  maggots  increase  on  a
carcass. Only the monks loyal  to  the one  true faith are fearless, and they
deal with none but the pure of  heart. They  are  old men and cannot stand up
to the vile dregs  of  the  land  that serve  the  Evil One. So it is left to
you, my child. The ancient  prophecies foretell  of one of our people serving
the Windwalker in his  time  of  need. That time is upon us.

 Go  now,  visit with your Instructors that they may  prepare  you  for  your
journey, and tell you what is known of the path that lies ahead. May you  too
walk the path of wind and sun, bravely to the very stairs of the House of the
Windwalker;  may  you  take  the  seat reserved for He who has travelled  the
four-fold  path  and  lived to see the Evil One stripped of  the  power  that
saps  the  very  life's  blood  of our Khantun!
 The mechanic that would  perfect  his work must first sharpen his tools. 
 Taito the Sword Master speaks:
 So,  the  Windwalker  has chosen you? Well, they say his wisdom is surpassed
by none - who am  I  to  question  his view? Let's get on with it.
 Your  sword  is  a  tool.  Tools  are glorified   by  poets  and  broken  by
fools. 'Tis best to respect your sword and use it with calm. There  are   six
ways  to  strike  your  opponent,  two styles   of   pacing,  and  a  single,
universal way of protection. They are:
 (I) 		Short Swing to the Head
 (K) 		Short Swing to the Center
 (,) 		Short Swing to the Legs
 (O) 		Long Swing to the Head
 (L) 		Long Swing to the Center
 (.) 		Long Swing to the legs
 (S) and (A) 	Long strides forward  and back
 (X) and (Z) 	Short steps forward and back
 (SPACE) 	Block Opponent
 The short swings are  easier  to  use and  constitute  the  tools   of   the
worker.  A  flurry of such strokes can hold an opponent at bay, draining  the
lifeblood  in   droplets.   The   long strokes  are  finesse moves, harder to
land  but much more effective. 

 Most of the sword-wielding minions of Kaimen   the  Warlord,  who  serve  as
guards to his Overlords,  are  aggressive  fools  who  will try to bludgeon
you to death. The Evil  One  recruited them from taverns and gutters. The are
cowardly  at heart and usually seek to dominate by rushing at an opponent and
exhausting themselves with a  plethora of  strokes  designed  to  beat  their
victims into submission.  These  dregs of humanity often prefer to stun their
victims,  rob  them  of some or all of their possessions, and  then  flee  as
far  as  possible  to enjoy their ill-gotten booty. The only recourse is  to
track them down and slay  them.   They will  invariably do battle the  second
time they are encountered.
 During battle, the path to success is to watch your  opponent's  feet,   not
his  eyes.  The  swordfighter  must be centered, and that cannot be  achieved
while   mingling   consciousness  with one's opponent. You must learn  to aim
for places and allow your opponent  to move  into your blows, for if  you aim
directly at him he  will  move  before your sword has found its mark. 
 This  is  the  key  to the use of the long strokes.

  When  you  enter  a  battle, strike fearlessly  to  the  center   of   the
battleground  - this permits strategic retreat and the  choice  of  position.
If  your opponent drives you back to a wall, push him back  with  your  body.
No  one  can land a blow at very close quarters. A quick rush and then a leap
backwards can gain time to catch one's breath and renew a fight  with  vigor.
The  Palace Guards do not always fight in the traditional manner  of  swords
men.   Beware   their   technique   of partially  blocking  a  swing and then
quickly   thrusting   at   one's  mid section. It is a cowardly move and not
used  by true swordsmen.
 When  you  are  exhausted  and  hard-pressed  by  an opponent, you can rest
by blocking his swings. Know that  the block is almost always effective,  and
should be relied upon when one is near to  death,  even  when   fighting   an
assassin  who  uses no weapon save the hands and feet.  But,  when  facing  a
renegade  monk who abuses his staff of power,   the   block   can  fail  with
alarming frequency.
 In a very  desperate  situation,  you can flee by:

 (RETURN) Break and Run. 
 But  you shall pay for this cowardice by suffering a blot  on  your   Karma.
The  Zen Master shall explain the ways of Karma to you before you  leave  the
hallowed    House   of   Moebius   the Windwalker. Also beware of  attempting
to flee if your Dexterity is  weakened as  you  may  stumble and  fall before
your opponent and be exposed to  grave danger.

 Your  sword  has  uses   other   than combat. It is, verily, an extension of
your  arms  and  can  aid  you in your travels. When surrounded by vegetation
you   may:   (S)wing   and  chop  down grasses,   bamboo,  or  the  evergreen
trees  that grow throughout the  first three  of  the  fourfold   realms   of

 Such  use of your sword will dull its blade according to the severity of the
object you chop down. Thus, the use of whetstones to keep your blade sharp is
imperative. A  dull  blade  in  battle permits  you  only  to  bludgeon  your
opponents and makes the slaying of  an evil   one   extremely   tedious   and
 The sword can also protect you against the myriad beasts of Khantun.  
The  Tiger  and  Water  Beetle  strike quickly and will wound  the  traveller
not   equipped  with  a  sword. If you have your sword  ready,  however,  you
can   usually  fend  off such attacks. You may also (S)wing your sword at the
previously mentioned beasts and at the nesting Condor with some effect. 
  The   people  of  Khantun  have  not wielded swords in  several  centuries.
Their  religion  forbids  the  use  of edged   weapons  and  they  fear  them
greatly.    Should   you   approach  a citizen with your sword held  in  your
hand,  then will  not speak to you and may very well summon  the  guards.  To
them,  all  those  who bear swords are equal.

 Finally, abuse of your sword -  using it  to chop down vegetation when  your
Dexterity is low,  or  striking  rocks with  it,  can  lead  to  your   blade
shattering  in  your  hands.  You only recourse in such circumstances  is  to
defeat  a  palace guard with your bare hands and take his sword.

 That is all I can teach you  concerning  the use of swords, my child.  The
rest is up  to  you.  Go  now  to  the Training  Arena  and  learn to use the
blade in mortal combat.  And  may  the Moebius  the  Windwalker  watch   your
every step.
 To lead into battle a people that has not first been instructed is to betray
 Tuan  Chi  the  Martial  Arts  Master speaks:

 Hai! Another disciple comes to  learn the ways of the hands and feet.  Good,
good!  Let  us  explore  the only true path to martial success, the  use   of
no  weapons  other than those that are part   of   nature's   equipment.  Let
blades of  metal  serve  to  part  the flesh  of  trees but sully them not on
the   flesh  of  man.  Deal  bloodless death  as  is befitting the highest of
all  creatures. Pay no heed  to  Taito the  Swordmaster, for he is naught but
an  elevated carpenter who would  slay with  hammer  and  nails   given   the

 I  shall  teach you half a dozen ways to deal  death  with  your  hands  and
feet.  I  shall  teach you how to move with the grace of a panther.  I  shall
teach  you  to  render your opponent's blows   harmless   as   the  rain  the
Windwalker sent to nurture our  crops before  the  Evil  One made the rain a
thing to be feared. I shall  give  you the  key  to crush the evil Kaimen and
all of his underlings.  But  you  must pay  heed,  for the sword cuts deep he
who knows not to divert its path,  and the  clumsy  assassins  can kick a man
to death as readily as  can  a  horse. There  is  great  danger  in  troubled
Khantun and swift death to he  who  is not  centered. Let me show you the six
blows...they are:
(I) High Kick
(O) High Punch
(K) Middle Kick 
(L) Middle Punch
(,) Low Kick 
(.) Low Punch
 Blows aimed at  the  opponent's  head yield  the  greatest  results, but are
the hardest to land. The middle  blows stagger your opponent and keep him  at
arm's  length. Blows aimed at the legs are  the  most  demoralizing  to  male
opponents  and  can  cause   them   to stumble and fall to their knees. Each 
fighter must search for the style that suits  him  best. My own preference is
to use  the  low  and  high  kicks  in combination against a weapon-wielding 
opponent,  while  reserving  the   low punch for the ill-trained assassins of
Kaimen the Evil One. But then I am not so  tall as you and have developed  by
style   in  accord  with  my  physical endowments.   Graceful   movement  and
blocking is accomplished by:
 (S) Long stride forward
 (A) Long stride backward
 (X) Short step forward
 (Z) Short step backward
 (SPACE) Block
  The  block  is  particularly  useful against  an  assassin, less so against
others, although still  quite  effective.  Beware  the  flying  kick of the
assassins, for they  often  feel  they must  mimic  the  lowly  frog and thus
leap  frequently, severing their  link with  the  very  Earth that gives them
strength.  Learn  to  use  the  short, gliding  step  to  position   yourself
well.   And,   above   all,   be   not mesmerized  by  your  opponent's eyes;
focus your   attention  on  his  move ments,  not his person, for the battle
is won by you,  not lost by him.
 Go now and train in  the  Arena  that you may become proficient at the  only
true  form  of  combat.  And  then pay special heed to the words of  the  Zen
Master,  that  you  may   more   fully understand your own true nature. Hai!
 He  that will not economize will have to agonize.
 Yan Chun the Zen Master speaks:

 So Disciple, you prepare to leave the House   of   Moebius   and  tread  the
fourfold path in pursuit of Kaimen the Evil One? It is well that you do   so,
for he is a great danger to Khantun as well as to himself.  Remember  that he
once  was a disciple of the Windwalker as are you, and that  he   shares  the
knowledge  that you possess. Treat him not lightly,  nor  take   lightly  his
minions. Above all, never let yourself be  swept  up  in the  excitement of a
single moment.  Ultimate victory  will go  to  the  one  who    never   loses
presence  of  mind and who thinks when confronted with difficult  situations.
The key to final victory is to  remain centered at all times.

 Contemplate  your  very nature first. You are composed of four  attributes:

 Body - This  attribute  governs  your mortality.  Should  your Body fade  to
nothing, you will die. Each  blow  you take  in  combat,   each   period   of
fasting  you undertake, and every time a  beast  wounds  you,  your  Body  is
diminished. It will return to its full potential  with time. When Moebius the
Windwalker   chooses  to  praise  your worthiness and grant you a  title  and
a  haiku,  your  Body will increase in strength and potential.

 Mind -  This  attribute  governs  you mental prowess and capabilities. 
 Your  Mind  will  enable  you to call upon the  mystic  arts  of  charm  and
prayer    usage   to   confound   your enemies.  As  you  wield mystic power,
your   Mind   shall  diminish  as  you maintain   the  focus  needed  to  use
magic. It will return with time.  When Moebius  the  Windwalker  praises your
worthiness,   then   will   your  Mind increase in scope.

 Karma - This attribute grows with you and is relative to your deeds. 
 You may monitor it by  envisioning  a zen  symbol.  If you flee from battle,
suffer an innocent to die, frighten an innocent with your sword,  or  perform
any  deed  not  befitting  the path of true honor, the symbol will  begin  to
split apart. If your Karma is not pure and  the  symbol  is divided, then
villagers  and monks will shun you and the use of magic will be difficult. 
 You may redeem your Karma by feats of bravery or by  being  blessed  with  a
visit  from the Windwalker himself. In time your Karma will mend as well.

  Dexterity   -   This   attribute  is relative as is your Karma. It  may  be
visualized  as  a  pair  of wings that separate when you  fall  victim  to  a
thieving  Palace  Guard, or a beast of the wilderness, or when you are struck
by   an  Assassin's  shuriken  or  the fireball of an Evil Monk. If your 
 Dexterity is damaged, you  will  have problems  opening  and closing (D)oors
or  (G)etting chests, as  well  as  in climbing   the   staircases   of   the
Overlord's    palaces.   Remember,   a closed  door  can be a useful strategy
when seeking to  prevent the escape of a thieving guard. You may redeem  your
Dexterity  in   feats  of valor and in successful   attempts   at   (G)etting
chests. A  visit   from  Moebius  will also  help your Dexterity, as will the
passage of time.
 As you begin your travels you will be equipped   with   a   Sword,   a  full
waterskin containing  the  traditional 100  sips,  a  food   pouch   of   100
mouthfuls, a torch, a whetstone, three Body Elixirs, and three shurikens. 
 As  these  are consumed you will have to find more to replenish your supply.
Villagers, young  Village  Girls,  and aged  Monks  will  offer  you  some of
these  (save water, which  has  become too  precious  to  part  with)  if you
appear  honorable and unarmed when you seek to communicate with them. Do  not
confront  our  people  with your sword drawn as they are long unaccustomed to
seeing weapons and will be  frightened and perhaps cry out for aid from the 
very  ones  who oppress them. Further more you will find hammers with  which
to  smash rocks and shovels with which to obtain soil  samples,  as  well  as
some objects of a more mystical nature which we shall deal with shortly.

 You  may  (S)wing  your sword to chop vegetation or attack a nearby beast or
 You may  (H)ammer  rocks  that  block your path.

 You  may  (U)se  (T)orch  at night to light your way.

 You may (U)se (W)hetstone to  sharpen your sword after cutting brush.

 You  may  (U)se  (S)hovel to obtain a soil sample.

 You may (G)et water if you are  at  a cistern  or  near a source of drinking
water. The water  in  the  rivers  and streams  has  been  rendered unfit for
 Should you  be  fortunate  enough  to find  Elixirs  or to gain them through
the defeat of an Evil Monk:
  You   may  (U)se  (B)ody  Elixir  to restore your Body; or  You  may  (U)se
(M)ind  Elixir  to  restore  your Mind faculties.

 During your  travels  you  will  most certainly  encounter villagers of both
sexes. Approached properly  they  will aid you. To talk to them: 

You may (C)ommunicate with them. Once  you  have initiated conversation
you must be brief as time is  precious in these troubled days:
 Ask them to (H)elp and they will give you resources and even advice;

 Ask them to  (F)ollow  Me,  and  they will  do  so  as long as your Karma is
 Ask them to (S)tay Here and they will await the pure disciple;

 Ask them to (G)o Away and they  shall do so.

 If  your Karma is not pure, then they may pay you no heed.  Their   willing
ness  to  communicate  and  obey  your suggestions   is   governed   by  your
purity. So do  no  evil,  protect  the innocent, and behave not in a cowardly
 Should  you  wish to carry your sword at ready to hold  the  beasts  of  the
wild at bay:
 You  may  (E)quip  yourself with your sword.
 (B)are hands will replace your  sword amongst  your belongings and leave you
open-handed to deal with our people.
 At any time that you encounter a door you   may  endeavor  to  open  it  and
explore within by (D)oor opening.  The same  action  serves to close a (D)oor
as well. Many dwellings house  minions of the evil Kaimen, while others  hold
villagers who will help you in moments of need.
 Throughout the Realms of Earth, Water, and  Air  there  are magical  cisterns
where   one   can   obtain   water  as previously   described.  The  cisterns
also  have  certain  mystical  proper ties.  If  you meditate at the foot of
the  idols found within the  cisterns, your Body and Mind will be restored to
their  full  potential. The Windwalker takes  care  of  his  people  in  many
 Finally,  I  have  given  you   three shurikens  as   a   means   of   self-
protection.  They are one of the tools of the assassins employed by the  Evil
One, but they do have some merits  and are  being  adopted  by   those   that
follow  the Windwalker. There is still some  debate  to  their  enhancing  of
one's  worthiness,  but  they  do earn some respect in the eyes of Moebius. 
 You may (T)hrow the  shuriken  at  an adversary  approaching from any of the
eight movement  directions.  Sometimes they  will  be  fatal,  sometimes they
will but wound or entirely  miss  your opponent.  They  are  less   effective
when used against assassins, for these evil  killers  are  trained   in   the
avoidance  of  missiles  and are quite nimble at times.

 And now my child, let us  delve  into the mystic side of matters. there  are
items  in the world that contain great power, as indeed do you yourself. 
  All mystic force - be  it  spiritual as  is Prayer, or based on the mundane
as  are maps, lenses and charms  -  is both  controllable  and  finite. There
are  three disciplines of  magic,  two major and one minor. 
 The  minor  form is the use of mystic (F)ireballs. They may only be  used in
the   shrines  of  Moebius  where  the spiritual power  that  fuels  them  is
ever-present.  Thus  when you endeavor to cleanse a shrine and slay the Evil 
Monk within, you may attack  him  with (F)ireball  or with your bare hands in
martial arts combat.  The  Evil  Monk, however,  draws  power  from  the evil
that permeates his very being and  may attack  with  fireballs  outside  of a
shrine.  Beware  the  touch  of  these fireballs,  for   they   bathe   their
victims  in   evil   and   cause   all blessings  to  dissolve.  Note as well
that the Evil  Monks abhor swords  and will  cause them to vanish if they see
them, so do not attempt to engage such a  person  whilst  wielding  a  sword!
During  shrine  combat,  the Evil Monk may also cast the spell of  Inhibition
at you. This  enchantment  saps the will and renders one powerless to move.  
Yet  you  must struggle  against it in order to break its hold.  Thus,  the  
only  means  to overcome  the  lack of movements is to strive to  move  until  
your  superior will overcomes the spell.

 The  monks that once kept the shrines of Moebius the Windwalker and who  now
languish  in  the  prisons of the Evil One and his Overlords, hold the   keys
to  the  two  major  mystic arts.  You must   rescue   these   sufferers  and
install   them  in  their  shrines  to restore Khantun to its  former  state.
Each  time  you  do so, the monks will open the doors to the realms of mystic
power  for you.
 When you  liberate  a  captive  monk, (C)ommunicate  to  him  that  you wish
him to  (H)elp.  He  will  bless  your belongings  and offer to share what he
has with you. He may also teach you  a prayer.  Thenceforth you will be  able
to use (M)agic by  (U)ttering  Prayer. To  successfully  pray  you must first
undertake a fast of 7 Body  points  in the  Earth  Realm,  and  5  additional
points for each succeeding Realm, then repeat   the  (M)agic  (U)tterance  of
Prayer. To maintain the effects of the prayer  you  must   continue  fasting.
When  you  wish  to  fully return your spirit to the present world,  use  the
(M)agical  command  of (S)top Magic to end your fast.

 Each prayer is uttered by chanting  a mantra,  and  each  monk  will  give a
special mantra to a disciple for  each prayer.  Thus,  you  may   only   gain
prayer  by liberating monks. The known effects of Prayers are:
 Speak with the Dead  -  This  enables you to gain wisdom from the  crucified
remains of victims of the Warlord that you    will    encounter    throughout
 Protection - This prayer removes your enemies from your presence.
 Waterwalk - This enables you to  read the surface of the rivers and  streams
and avoid their treacherous currents.
 Cure  Sickness  - This will alleviate the sickness brought on by  a   beast-
or demon-inflicted wound.
 Guiding  Light  - This provides light in place of  or  in  conjunction  with
the  light  shed by (U)sing a (T)orch. It is divine light and is not  subject
to winds or rain.
 Your  Mind  must  be  of   sufficient strength  to  activate  a  prayer, and
will immediately drop  to  its  utmost minimum upon successful utterance. 
 (U)se  of  Mind  Elixirs will restore your Mind quickly when  it  is  imper
ative  to  do so. The mental strain of prayer precludes the  use  of  magical
charms   at  the same time that one is filled with the spirit of holiness.
 The final major mystic art is the use of  charms. These charms are  given to
the disciple that installs a monk in a shrine  of  Moebius  the   Windwalker.
Even  the  monks  do  not   know   the properties  of  the charms they guard.
You must use (M)agic force to (D)ivine the true nature of the  artifact.  You
must  learn the art of (D)ivination in the Training  Arena  before  you  ever
leave  the  House of Moebius. Remember that  the  key  to    (D)ivination  is
calmness  and  fully  centered concentration. You will meditate  on  a  box
containing  a zen symbol which strives to escape its confines. You must  keep
the  zen  symbol within the box by use of the same  techniques  as  used  for
movement.  The  symbol  will grow more frantic in its attempts to  break  its
bonds until a state of illumination is attained.

 Once you have (D)ivined the nature of an artifact you must make sure that it
has been blessed by a monk of Moebius. All  charms  will be blessed  when you
first receive them,  but  suffering  a blow  from a Fireball of an  Evil Monk
will   render  all  current  blessings null.   You   may   then   (M)agically
(I)nvoke its powers by expending  Mind energy  to  activate  the  charm.  The
charm will continue to act as long  as you  are  providing  Mind  energy, but
when you  are  mentally  exhausted  it will  shut  off.  You may also use the
(M)agic command (S)top  Magic  to  end the use of a charm.

 The charms known to exist are:
 Ventriloquism  -  This   will   cause everyone in your vicinity to think you
are  elsewhere;  however,  should  you physically   encounter  someone,  your
presence shall be known immediately.
 Paralysis - This will cause  everyone in  your vicinity to freeze. You  will
be able to  touch  them,  but  not  to engage  them  in  conversation  or  in
 Teleport - This will  carry  you  and anyone  in  contact  with  you  to the
last spot at which you obtained a soil sample.
 Invisibility - This will  render  you invisible  to  all  around  you unless
you pass so close to  them  that  they sense your presence.
 Spirit  -  this charm will enable you to pass through any solid object.   It
does  not  bestow the power of flight, however, and you  should  not  venture
near  the  edge of the world in any of the fourfold realms lest you plunge to
your death!
 Were-Spell - This charm  permits  one to  assume  the  form  of  the  native
beasts in a particular  realm.  It  is special  and may only be obtained from
the Minstrel. the Minstrel is a  Night Demon  who,  as dawn approaches, turns
for an instant into  a  benign  being. If  you  capture  him at the moment of
his transformation,  and  if  you  are wearing  the  proper  Amulet,  he will
give   you   this   charm.  Otherwise, encountering a Minstrel will still  be
a  rewarding experience.
 Charms  require  one other component. This is a material component  and   it
can  be obtained in various ways.  One such component is simply soil from the
spot you wish to  revisit;  while  the others are parts of the beats of 
the  land.  The  components  for  each charm are:

 Ventriloquism - Tiger Teeth.
 Paralysis - Beetle Pincers  from  the Water Beetle.
 Teleport - Soil Samples obtained with a shovel.
 Invisibility  - Fish scales which can be found at  an  astrologer's   obser-
 Spirit  -  Panda  Hair,  obtained  by capturing   one   of   these   elusive
 Were-Charm -  Condor  Feathers  found where the condor nests.
 You  may  use  (M)agic   command   to (E)xamine  your stock of components at
any   time.  Remember  that  the  only return   from  the  fourfold  path  is
through  success in recovering the Orb of Celestial Harmony.  Once  you  have
embarked   on this journey there is no turning back. So guard the  components
you  find  as  you will not be able to replenish your supply  once  you  have
left  the   realm in which they are to be found.

 The realms of  Khantun  are  littered with  chests  and   vials.   You   may
attempt  to  discover  the contents of the chests by  (G)etting  them.  Often
you  will  find  mystical   maps   and lenses.  These devices will aid you in
finding your way about the  land.  The maps  will  display  features  of  the
realm as a  whole,  while  the  lenses display  features  of  a  smaller area
with  much  greater  detail.  You  may (V)iew  any  of  these  once  you have
found them.  The maps will not survive in the Realm of Fire, however, and you
will have only the lenses to  rely  on there. At any time you may review your
recent   movements  by  (V)iewing  the (M)emory map. This  map  shows  but  a
small  portion  at  a  time and may be reviewed in its  parts  by  using  the
movement   techniques to shift the map perspective.

 The vials will usually contain either a Mind Elixir or a Body Elixir. 
 These may be (U)sed to restore either your   Body   or  your  Mind  to  full
capability in the event of fatigue.  

 Go now and  speak  with  Moebius  the Windwalker  that  you  may  know   the
history  and the nature of your quest. May you heed His and  His  call  as  I
did  many years ago, for He is supreme in wisdom.

 There are shoots whose lot it  is  to spring up but never to flower;
 others whose lot it is to flower, but never bear fruit.
 Moebius the Windwalker speaks:
 Hail,  brave  one.  I  am Moebius the Windwalker. I, too, was once a   youth
such  as yourself. I was a disciple of the Four Elementals  -  Earth,  Water,
Air,  and  Fire  -  when they were the principal dieties of our people. 
 I  was  the  first  to   travel   the fourfold path and to meet with each of
the   Elementals.  In  those  days the world was young and Khantun was but  a
collection  of  huts  on the shores of the  Great  Water.  In  my  travels  I
learned  that  the Elementals were not truly beings as we  had  thought,  but
states  of  mind  that  governed   the environment  of  each Realm. In truth,
they  were but four spirits that  were capricious  and constantly at war with
each  other. When I learned  of  their true  natures, I forged a crystal from
the molten rock at the  heart  of  the volcano in the core of the Fire Realm,
where  the  upstart Kaimen now dwells. In this crystal, I imprisoned each  of
the  four  Elementals - the crystal is now known  as  the  Orb  of  Celestial
Harmony.  I then established a pair of shrines in each of the fourfold Realms
that Order might reign and our  people might  flourish. I paid a  great price
for my deeds, but one must do what one is called to do,  whatever the  price.
I now dwell here in the ether, with my corporeal  existence bound to the Orb,
for  it  was  my very body that forged the Orb.  I  can no longer travel  the
fourfold path except in spirit, for to do  so  would   loosen  the bonds that
hold the Elementals captive and  allow our  world  to   exist  in  peace  and
 When the four Elementals become bound together   as   one   in  the  Orb  of
Celestial Harmony, the fortold  of  an Age  of  Doom  - an age when the one I
most trusted would rise against me and free   the   Elementals   from   their
bondage.  They  also  prophesied  that only  a  human could defeat He who was
to be their Liberator -  a  human  who possessed  a  human  body and only the
supernatural powers that are  inherent to  our,  or  should I say, your race,
for   I  have  left  my  earthly  body behind. I began this school, where you
and  your fellows have  trained  these many  years,  in  hopes  that  I might
foster  many who could  forestall  the Age  of Doom and smash the Usurper. My
first    four   disciples   were   the Nameless One who serves as Headmaster,
Taito the  Sword Master, Tuan chi  the Martial  Arts Master, and Yan Chun the
Zen  Master. They are as human as  you and  your fellows, subject to the same
jealousies   and  rivalries  that  all humans  endure.  Yet,  they  are  fine
people.  Pay  no  heed  to  Yuan Chi's caustic   nature   toward  Taito,  but
depend    on what he  teaches  of  his art - as you may depend on all of your

  Fear not their humanity, but embrace it  -  for it is the gift that permits
all to war against  Evil.  One  cannot fight  an  enemy one does not know, so
we must all hold a little of envy  and jealousy  that  we  may  recognize our
true enemy and better ourselves.
 So far, many  of  my  disciples  have tried  to  find and subdue Kaimen - He
who once was my most prized disciple - but none have succeeded. It is with  a
heavy heart that I watch you and  your brethren  set out on the quest for the
Orb, for I know that  of  all  who  go only one shall survive, while the 
others shall perish.
 Keep  in  your heart the true meaning of being a disciple. Discipline is the
foundation upon which civilization  is built.  The  quality of being  discip
lined   is   the   quality   of  being centered. To be centered is to be calm
and contemplative. This is the key  to success in all your endeavors, be 
they combative, mystical, or peaceful. Kaimen  is ambitious and mercurial  by
nature -  this  is  his  weakness.  He could never achieve the true centering
needed  for  ultimate power, for he is ruled by a fiery nature.  Make not the
same mistake. Kaimen  is  indeed  very powerful,  no magic works  against his
person,  and  he  wields  an  extraordinarily  powerful sword. To fight him
I shall give you these gifts:
 You shall  begin  your  journey  with three  Resurrections.  If  you  should
die, three times shall I call Death to me as he comes to collect  your  soul.
Furthermore,  each time you rescue one of   my  monks  from  the  prisons  of
Kaimen's Overlords and restore him  to his  rightful  place  in my shrines, I
shall grant you another Resurrection.
 Each time you liberate on of my monks and return him to his rightful   place
in  my  shrines I shall empower him to give a special Blessing to your sword,
that it may remain sharp for  as  long as  you  remain pure in your  actions.
Should your Karma slip,  the  Blessing will  be  lost.  But  as  long  as the
Blessing remains upon  your  sword  it will  smite your enemies with a  force
equal to  that  wielded  by  the  evil Kaimen  himself. I cannot empower  you
to carry this blessing from one  Realm to  the  next,  for  the  forces  that
separate the Realms are  great  enough to  nullify  the  blessings  that  add
power to your sword.
 Each time I feel you have shown  your worthiness I shall visit you and  give
you  an  additional name and a song of power. You  Body  will  increase   and
your  Mind  will  grow in scope.  When you have liberated both shrines in   a
Realm,  I  shall  empower you to enter the Astral Gates  therein  and  travel
along  the  fourfold  path   to   your destiny.  Should  you reach Kaimen and
destroy Him, I shall return you to the House of Moebius where you  may  dwell
in  peace and the pursuit of knowledge for the rest of your days, revered  by
all the peoples of Khantun.
 Go  now  my child. Enter the Training Arena and  prove  your  worthiness  by
successfully  training  in the disciplines of  Swords,  Martial  Arts,  and
Divination. Once you have done so, you may embark upon your journey.