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M.U.D.S. - Mean Ugly Dirty Sport manual


MUDS is not only a sporting pleasure it also fulfills a significant social
function. Those undesirable elements within our society who are ap-prehended
red-handed ion their crime acts are usually sentenced to a term in prison.
Our prisons are,however,overflowing and cost our tax payers a lot of money.
For this reason,we release our conficts in order that they may prove their
usefulness to society and carry out socially useful tasks. The prisoners are
thus able to earn money with which they can buy their freedom after a period
of probation.
Our region makes several careers available to these convicts : boulders and
rubble expert(stone breaking) , packaging engineer(gluing paper bags),medical
assistant(guinne pig) or sportsman(MUDS). The last area is especially popular
and there is,therefore,seldom any lack of players.
Anyone wishing to become a MUDS player must submit an application to the IMO
(International MUDS Organisation) where he is examined for physical fitness.
He is then offered for sale to team coaches on the licensed market for players
A handling fee (about 75 percent) is deducted from the players purchase price
on behalf of the IMO and the remainder credited to the players account.
you have almost certainly already seen the game or at least heard of it :
two opposing teams appear in an arena. The game is played with Flonks,small
pterodactyls with good aerodynamics and wieldy tails. At each end of the field
,there is a pott into which the flonks must be thrown.This is aptly named a
flonkpott or floptt for short.Each team may field up to 13 players.
There are five field players per team and these must be positioned according
to certain rules.

There are two different tactics by which the game can be won:
A - Score more floppts than the opponent.
B - Push the number of players in the opposing team below the required minimum

The first tactic is of course the more sportsmanlike,while the secone is
considerably more interesting for the spectators........................
Below we shall familiarise you with the official rules of the game.You will
find further more detailed information following the description of the city.

The playing field is 576 gholdfoot long and 320 gholdfoot wide.At each of the
long sides there is a 26 gholdfoot wide and 35 gholdfoot deep moat.
Directly behind the moat,there is located exectly in the centre of the field
a 12 gholdfoot wide pott(bucket). In the moat,there lurks a car-nivorous
creature,which is not to be fed for three days prior to the beginning of the
game.The pitch is divided into three equal parts.The third nearest a teams
pott is the defence area of this team.The third adacent to the opponents pott
is the attack area.The third in the middle is no-mans land.Ten triangles mark
the start positions for the individual players.

The game creature is a flonk weighing at least 5 gholdinz and which must be
at least 12 years old.Seven flonks are used in each game.The flonk is thrown
into the centre of the pitch from either side.If a flonk lands outside the
boundary of the playing field,he is thrown back into play from the point at
which he lands outside the boundary.The referee constantly supervises the
condition of the flonk in play.If the flonk is no longer fit to play,a new
flonk is thrown onto the pitch at the same level at which the last flonk was
withdrawn from the game,so that seven flonks must still land in the pot.....

The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible.A team is awarded
one point when a player throws a flonk into the opposing teams pott.Instead
of throwing if a player succeds in placing the flonk directly in the pott by
jumping into the moat,then this counts as a double floppt and scores two

The Game is over :
A- When all seven flonks have landed in the pott.In this case,the team with
   the highest number of points is the winner.If the points score is equal,
   then another flonk is thrown in.The team which potts him is the winner!.
B- When a team is unable to field the required number of players on the pitch
   In this case,the other team is the winner even if it had less points.
C- When was breaks out.In this case the game is called to a halt and postponed

Each team has five players on the pitch,the five players distribute themselves
among three groups:
Each of the three teams must be made up of players of the same race.Players
of two different races may not be used in the same group.When the flonk is
thrown into play,all players must be located at their starting positions.

Fouls are penalised only when they occur within no-mans land,in the attacking
and defence areas,basically every action is allowed on the part of the players.
If a player touches another player,who is not in flonk position,then this
counts as a foul.Whether contact was harmless,accidental or intentional is left
to the judgement of the referee.The players in flonk possession may charge and
be fouled at will,in the case of a foul,a free throw is carried out.
When it is not just a case of contact,but of a fight lasting more than half a
second,then the player who began the fight is frozan for about 20 secs.
This also applies when the instigator ofthe fight was in flonk possession.
If the referee is not able to decide clearly who began the fiht,then the game
is interrupted when the fight takes place in one of the defensive areas.
Fouls against the referee irrespective of when and where are penalised with
the players immediate elimination.

The team coach can ask for a time out when the flonk is in no-man land and his
team is in Flonk possession.If the flonk is in an attack area,then no time out
is possible.During this time,the coach is allowed to substitute players as he
wishes.There is no limit whatsoever to the number of player substitutions.
After the substitution,the game must be continued immediately.A player who is
no longer able to take an active part in the game must be substituted immedi-
ately so as not to hinder the other players.If the team is unable to substitute
the player in accordance with the rules then this team has lost the game.
A player is considered no longer fit to participate when the referee notices
that his life functions have ceased.This is at the latest the case when the
player has lain motionless for 30 secs on the ground.Such a player is banned
for all further games.


In the meantime you have probably been asking yourself the question.
Why the devil am i doing all this ? Quite Easy! To bring fame and honour to
our city and at the same time to become rich and famous yourself! When you win
the Great Cup the world is at your feet! And how do you get hold of the Great
Cup? Our continent Ghold is divided into four regions.
Each region has four administrative districts,each with its own capital.
Each capital city provides a MUDS team.If you can beat all the teams of a
region you win the cup for this region and can move into the next region.
When you have beaten the last team there comes the Great Cup,the highest
distinction which a MUDS team can ever achieve.


In Gorden there are three different types of hotels of arying quality classes.
You should accomodate your team in a hotel because if the players hang around
on the streets it damages both the citys morale and that of your team.
The contract is automatically terminated when you leave the region.
At the hotel you can inspect your team in detail.

You will immediately find a friend in every town,the local bank manager.
He looks after your money takes care that your bills are paid punctually and
also helps you in time of finantial need.If you have debts he will point this
out to you in a friendly manner.You have access to your funds in all Cities.
If your account is in the red the authorities will stop you leaving the region

You can get loans from them even if you are in debt but you will be charged
heavily.You have to look after the repayment of a loan yourself.Automatic
debting is unheard of here.You use these People at your own PERIL!...

Every city offers a player market organised by the IMO where players can be
bought or sold.The salesman charges a handling fee so that a player always
costs more when he is bought than he is really worth and when he is sold
brings less in.

A good manager takes care of the health of his team.He examines your players
free! but charges if you want them healed!.

Our inn `The Thirsty Dragon` makes no small contribution to the considerable
attractivness of Gordens leisure facilities.Here you can often meet players of
the opposing team which is currently staying in the town.It can be worth your
while talking with these opponents and occassionally buying them a breu.
A crafy trainer has often managed to get important information on the opposing
team.Garrulos players can also sometimes be bribed to play worse than usual.
Some players are even prepared to change teams.If you recruit such a player
you pay an amount corresponding to three times his purchase price.A third goes
to compensate the other team leader,just under two thirds to the IMO.An ample
1.7% goes to the player himself.People who buy a round are always popular.
The winner of a fight has increased morale and the looser suffers psychological
damage.Dont get involved with fighting unless you are sure you can win and have
enough cash to pay for damages.

Our city chronicler and his collegues in other regions keep the records and the
statistics of their successes for following generations.Moreover the chronicler
can also help you to go on holiday he records how your team is looking and
gives you this information in the course of a later visit so you can continue
playing where you left off.

Gorden,like every other city,boasts an IMO betting office.Here you can enhance
the fame of your team by combining a moral victory with financial advantage.
The odds are calculated according to team strength.The stronger the team the
lower the win.Every betting office must display outside its premises a stand-
ardised scale wich indicates the relative strengths of the opponents and thus
the odds.The longer the bar,the stronger the team and the lower the odds.
You have to pick up your winnings by the next day on which a game takes place,
otherwise they lapse.Betting fraud is strictly forbidden.You are not allowed
to bet on your opponent and then go for a huge defeat.Infringement can result
in withdrawl of your coaching licence and can be penalised with religation to
the status of a normal player.

The fulcrum for your team is your home stadium,you can train at any time and
so steel your team for later matches.However you can also challenge the teams
visiting to an exciting match.Before a match can take place you have to
register in the stadium.This costs a small fee which is needed for cleaning Etc
The game basically only take place on the Sixth day of a week.Selecting Pass
will speed up the days.

When leaving you will have to pay Taxes which have accrued during your visit.


Time is measured in weeks,each week has six days.Only on the sixth day,which
is a day of rest for all workers,do the MUDS games take place.Days and Weeks
have no names of their own,but are counted only as dates.
6.7. means for example sixth day of the seventh week.

Flonks are small pterodactyls incapable of flight and with a pronounced tail
and boundless enthusiasm for sport.Flonks are so called because of the noice
they make when they land in the pott.Teams which want to ensure their victory
slip the flonks a few gholdmunz before the game begins.In return the flonks
run to the players of one team rather than the other.

The shiris belong to the most honest,friendliest and most incorruptible
creatures to be found on this continent.They usually never play.In most cities
the position of Referee is held by a Shiris.Despite their good qualities they
bear grudges for a long time.He who attacks a sheri or insults him with lousy
bribes can be sure to be the victim of eternal wrath.

Large grey,leathery skinned creatures who can run faster.They make very good
blockers or runners though it is wiser to entrust the captaincy of the team to
a creature with more brains.

This creatures build say everything,strong and slow,strong and stupid,strong
and tenacious.Bulles are at home in defence but are the wrong choice for attack

These saurian like creatures with their smooth blue skin are exceptionally
streamlined.This makes fast runners of them.Good runners but hate being in

Small,brown,fast.Whizzles belong to the family of runner saurians and are also
the smallest specias in this sector.Their small body enables them to wiggle
out of the tightest situations.Their great speed makes them good attackers
especially when facing a slow defence.

A mysterious race from the swamps.They are the only Female MUDS players.
Shemons are intelligent and love to undermine the authority of the team coach.
It is a pure waste to use them in Defence.

They are large caterpillarlike creatures with delicately formaed prehensile
organs.They concentrate on technical finesse in the defence and on accurate
passing to other players.

An octopus like creature.It can see in all directions simultaneously and can
change direction very fast.Their Flonk handling is quite exemplary,theres no
way you can take him on him unawares more likely the other way round.His skills
are not used to full in defence.

Closely related to the bulles though at a higher stage of evolution.They have
four eyes and a large brain,great strength but limited staying power.
They can be of great help as a go-between or middle man for the other members
of the team.

Intelligent,over-sized insects.They are pretty hard to tackle because of their
chitin armour.

This people is completely obsessed with MUDS.Caution! in some areas fuzzools
are known to be delicacies and therefore considered fair game.

They are distinguished by their exeptionally large tale.Tales are pretty stong
for their size and can be used in practically all parts of the playing field.

Very intelligent and their 4 arms make them a very good carrier of the Flonk
and are very fast.

Goblins are mean,crafty,sly,smart,tricky and cunning,are very good players.

Large creature with spiked tail,before they are allowed to play in the IMO,the
poison gland is removed from their spike.Scirons like to play an aggressive
game,so its best suited to defence.

They are very fast,but limited physical strength.Antaras are highly motivated
attackers capable of good tactical play.

They have no overall strengths or weaknesses,but are highly specialised.Some
are good fighters,some very fast.Before buying examine him thoroughly.

In order to be able to save game states of play,have ready a formatted disk
with the name of MUDSAVE.

Control of the players,there are two teams on the playing field.The team in
light blue plays from bottom to top.Team 2 is in dark blue and plays from top
to bottom.As a rule you control team 1 and the computer controls team 2.
Some players are specially marked:

Player in ball possesion    - two small yellow triangles (team 1)
                            - two small red triangles    (team 2)
Player warned by referee    - one yellow triangle(team1)one red triangle(team2)
Player Controlled by Player1- White arrow
Player Controlled by Player2- Black arrow

The cross-wires appear when you hold down the fire button.


MOVE PLAYER           - Move joystick in any direction
THROW FLONK           - Press the fire button,aim cross-wires,release f.button.
                        In addition,the player is selected who is closer to the
TACKLE OPPONENT       - Press f.button briefly.Nearest player in line of sight
(Foul)                  will be tackled.When no player is near:Request for Pass
THRASH OPPONENT       - Press f.button twice in rapid succession.Nearest player
(Severe Foul)           in line of sight will be thrashed.
HIT OPPONENT          - Press f.button in rapid succession in order to hit.
(During Fight)
REQUEST PASS          - Press f.button briefly.Player in possession of ball
(In SelectPlayer Mode)  passes to controlled player.If opposing player near and
                        in line of sight: jostle
CHANGE PLAYER         - Press f.button,aim cross-wires,release f.button.If you
(In SelectPlayer Mode)  were in possession of the ball then the flonk is also
                        thrown to the cross-wires.Jump across moat.Run player
                        towards the moat.When he reaches the moat,he jumps
                        automatically.Do NOT press the f.button.If the player
                        manages to reach the pott,the flonk is automatically
SWIM OUT THE MOAT     - Move joystick quickly left/right
(your team loses automatically)

OFFENSIVE- The players attempt to pott the flonk and to score as quickly as
DEFENSIVE- The players try to prevent the opponent scoring,but take
           opportunities offered for scoring points themselves.
AGGRESIVE- The players take every opportunity to either foul or fight with
           their opponents.
TACTICAL - The players pass the ball around a lot,try to trick their opponents
           and to avoid attacks.

SPEED        - There three speeds FAST , SLOW , MEDIUM (the latter is pre-set).
CONTROL      - This choice leads into a sub-menu with the following
Team Control - There are three different settings for your team:
Select Player- While you press the f.button.Select with the cross-wires the
               player whom you wish to control next.
Auto Player  - You play automatically with the player who is in flonk
               possession or who is nearest the flonk.You CANNOT select a
               player manually.Computer control the computer plays for you.


INTELLIGENCE - The more intelligent a player,the better his game tactics and
               his decisions as to when and whom he should pass,when to attack
STRENGTH     - The stronger a player,the harder he hits.Really only of interest
               when its case of fouls or fights.Fair players dont need to be
               strong players can pass further and faster.The opponent finds it
               considerably more difficult to catch a fast flonk.
MORALE       - The higher the morale,the more risks he will take,to sprint
               more often and is prepared to jump vouluntarily into the moat.
               The lower the moral is,the more sluggish the players are.
               If your team morale drops below a minimum level you will be
               fired.If team morale is high,then it is easy to recruit players
               as they natually want the best 'working climate'.
               Victories,good hotels,winning a fight all lift morale.Do what
               you can to keep your man in a good mood,execpt when moneys low.
STAMINA      - The more staying-power a player has,the longer he can give his
               best performance.Affects mainly speed,which declines contin -
               uously during the game.
SPEED        - Where are you off to then?The faster,the better.Not much else to
               say really.
TECHNIQUE    - Quality of flonk handling, i.e accuracy of passes,throwing
               catching etc.Players with good technique are also better at
               fouling and at dodging the fouls of the opponent.
HEALTH       - The more injured a player is,the less he is worth.This has an
               indirect effect on his way of playing.Speed suffers most.

OFFENSIVE PLAY -Always good against a weak player.Medium risk level for own
                players,games are finished relatively quickly.Very risky
                against aggressive players and also when youre losing.
DEFENSIVE PLAY -If the opponent has good runners this tactic has much to
                recommend it.You can still make a pretty respectable score
                when playing defensively through blockers and heroes do more
                work to look after the attack.If youre ahead on points,it can
                be worth while sparing your team by going on the defensive.
AGGRESSIVE PLAY-Only when you physically outclass your opponent.Otherwise your
                team is wiped off the field quicker than you would imagine.
                Those of a spiteful disposition always adopt this tactic
                against weaker opponents.If the referee is keeping an eye on
                you,this tactic can do more harm than good.
TACTICAL PLAY  -The all round solution.The team is exposed to few risks and
                avoids dangerous situations.The players make more passes and
                even back passes now and then if it reduces the risk of losing
                possession of the flonk.This is the better tactic for getting
                the better of Aggressive opponents.