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Pools of Darkness manual - Pools of Darkness Adventure Journal

Pools of Darkness Adventure Journal


Important Features                           1
Introduction                                 1
Characters and Parties                       1
    Player Races                             1
    Ability Scores                           2
    Character Classes                        3
    Alignment                                4
    Other Attributes                         5
    Building a Successful Party              6
Combat                                       6
    Combat Map                               6
    Initiative                               6
    Combat Ability                           6
    Attacking                                7
    Combat Movement                          8
    Combat Strategies                        8
    After Combat                             9
Magic                                        9
    Magic-Users                              9
    Clerics                                 10
    Tips on Magic                           10
Magic Treasures                             10
Creatures of the Forgotten Realms           12
Spell Descriptions                          18
Journal Entries                             25
Tables                                      47



For ten years your glorious band has fought Evil wherever it has
threatened the Realms.  Lord Bane has suffered many defeats at your
hands and new peace washes over the lands.  Now your path comes full
circle -- back to the thriving city of Phlan.

As your ship arrives, you see the towers of Phlan, where before only
ruins stood.  The slums and decay have given way to new growth.  Boats
bob in the harbor under the watchful protection of Sokal Keep.  In
large measure this prosperity and success was born of your defeat of
Tyranthraxus so many years ago.

As the sails are furled, and the crew prepares to dock, you wonder
Where could adventure be found amongst such peace...


You need a party of adventurer Player Characters (PCs) to play POOLS
OF DARKNESS.  You must choose the following for each character: a
Race, a Class and an Alignment.  After you select these, the computer
generates a set of Ability Scores that define your new character's
natural strengths and weaknesses.  To build a party you must make a
mix of characters that have the range of skills needed for success,
and then band them together.

Player Races

There are six player races from which you may construct player
characters, each with different talents and limitations.  Tables
beginning on page 47 summarize the racial class limitations and
ability score modifiers.  The following describes each race and tells
which classes are open to them.

Dwarves are a cunning race of sturdy workers and craftsmen.  They are
especially resistant to magic and poison.  Dwarves are adept at
dodging the attacks of giant-class creatures.  Dwarves can be
fighters, thieves and fighter/thieves.

Elves are a tall, long-lived race.  They are nearly immune to Sleep
and Charm spells and are adept at finding hidden objects such as
secret doors.  Elves also receive bonuses when attacking with swords
or bows.  They cannot, however, be raised from the dead.  Elves can be
fighters, magic-users, thieves, fighter/magic-users, fighter/thieves,
magic-user/thieves, and fighter/magic-user/thieves.

Half-Elves are hybrids with many of the virtues of both humans and
elves.  Like their elf ancestors, they are resistant to sleep and
charm spells and are adept at finding hidden objects.  Half-elves can
be fighters, magic-users, clerics, thieves, rangers, cleric/fighters,
cleric/rangers, cleric/magic-users, fighter/magic-users,
fighter/thieves, magic-user/thieves, cleric/fighter/magic-users, or
fighter/magic-user thieves.

Gnomes are shorter and slimmer than their dwarf cousins.  Like
dwarves, they are especially resistant to magic and are adept at
dodging the attacks of giant-class creatures.  Gnomes can be fighters,
thieves and fighter/thieves.

Haflings are about half the size of a human, hence their name.  They
are especially resistant to magic and poison.  They can be fighters,
thieves and fighter/thieves.

Humans are the most common player-race in the Forgotten Realms.  They
suffer no racial level limitations or ability score modifiers.  Humans
do have the disability of shorter life-spans than other races.  This
may be a problem if they are subjected to many Haste spells, which age
the hasted character one year.  They can be fighters, magic-users,
clerics, thieves, rangers, paladins, and dual-class characters.

Ability Scores

Every character has six randomly generated ability scores as described
below.  These scores fall within a range determined by the race and
class of the character.  The base values range from 3 (low) to 18
(high).  There are tables of limitations, modifiers and bonuses
starting on page 47.

Depending on the character class, one or more of these abilities will
be a Prime Requisite.  A prime requisite is an ability especially
valuable to a given class.  For example, strength is key for fighters
and wisdom for clerics.  Most characters receive bonus experience
points when their prime requisite scores are 16 or greater.  Non-human
characters may have modifiers to the basic ability scores to reflect
differences between the races.  Dwarves for instance, get a +1
constitution bonus and may have a maximum constitution of 19 instead
of 18.  All racial modifiers are calculated automatically when a
character is generated.

Strength (STR) is the measure of a character's physical power, muscle
mass and stamina.  Fighter-type characters (fighters, paladins and
rangers) may have exceptional strengths greater than 18 that are
indicated by a percent value (01, 02, 03...98, 99, 00) following the
base strength.  High strength increases a character's combat ability
with melee weapons, such as swords or maces.  Strength also determines
how much a character can carry without becoming encumbered and slowed
in combat.

Intelligence (INT) is the measure of how well a character can learn.
Intelligence level can determine the maximum level of spells a
magic-user can cast.

Wisdom (WIS) is the measure of a charter's ability to understand the
ways of the world and to interact with the world.  Clerics receive
bonus spells for high wisdom, and wisdom can determine the maximum
level of spells a cleric can cast.

Dexterity (DEX) is the measure of a character's manual dexterity and
agility.  Thieves especially benefit from high dexterity.  Dexterity
affects how well a character can use ranged weapons (bows, dart,
etc.), when he moves in a combat round, and how difficult he is to hit
in combat.

Constitution (CON) is the measure of a character's overall health.
Characters receive one extra hit point if their constitution is 15,
and two points if it is 16.  Fighter-types (fighters, rangers and
paladins) receive additional bonuses for constitutions of 17 or 18.  A
character's constitution also determines the maximum number of times
that character can be raised from the dead with Raise Dead spells, and
the chance of a resurrection attempt being successful.  Every time a
character is successfully raised, 1 point of constitution is lost.

Charisma (CHA) is the measure of how others react to a character.

Character Classes

Classes are the character's professions.  A character must be at least
one character class.  Non-human characters can be more than one class
at the same time.  These multi-class characters have more playing
options, but increase in level slower because experience is divided
evenly among all classes.

Clerics have spells bestowed on them by their deity and can fight
wearing armor and using crushing (no edged or pointed) weapons.
Clerics must memorize their spells just as magic-users, but they do
not use spell books.  When clerics gain a new spell level, they can
automatically memorize any of the available spells for that level.
The prime requisite for clerics is wisdom.

Fighters can fight with any armor or weapons, but they cannot cast
magic spells.  All fighter-types (fighters, paladins and rangers) gain
the ability to attack more than one time per round when they reach 7th
level.  The prime requisite for fighters is strength.

Paladins are a type of fighter, and can fight with any armor or
weapons.  They are resistant to spells and poison, and can turn undead
creatures as if they were a cleric two levels below their current
level.  Paladins are also always surrounded by the equivalent of a
Protection from Evil spell.  Paladins may heal two hit points of
damage per level once a day.  They may Cure Disease once a week for
every five levels of experience.  For example, once a week at 1st-5th
levels, twice a week at 6th-10th levels, etc.  They can use cleric
spells when they reach 9th level, although they can never use clerical
scrolls.  They advance in spell-casting ability until 20th level.

Paladins must be of lawful good alignment, and they will not knowingly
adventure with any evil characters.  They must have ability scores of
at least 9 in intelligence and wisdom, at least 12 in strength, at
least 13 in wisdom, and at least 17 in charisma.  The prime requisites
for paladins are strength and wisdom.

Rangers are a type of fighter, and can fight with any armor or
weapons.  They do additional damage when fighting giant-class
creatures, but must be of good alignment and have ability scores of at
least 13 in strength and intelligence, and at least 14 in wisdom and
constitution.  Rangers can use druid spells when they reach 8th level,
and magic-user spells when they reach 9th level.  Their spell-casting
ability advances until 17th level.  The prime requisites for rangers
are strength, intelligence and wisdom.

Magic-Users have powerful spells, but can use no armor and few
weapons.  They can only memorize those spells available in their
personal spell books.  Magic-users may add entries to their spell
books when every they go up in level or find scrolls with spells of
levels that they are able to scribe.  The prime requisite for
magic-users is intelligence.

Thieves have special skills for opening locks and removing traps, but
are limited to leather armor.  In combat they do additional damage
back stabbing , which is described in the Combat section.  Starting at
10th level, thieves can decipher some magical writing and have a
chance of casting spells from magic-user scrolls.  The prime requisite
for thieves is dexterity.

Multi-class characters are non-humans who belong to two or more
classes at the same time.  Multi-class characters experience points
are divided among each of the classes, even after they can no longer
advance in one or more of those classes.  Their hit points per level
are averaged among their classes.  Multi-class characters gain all the
benefits of all their classes with regard to weapons and equipment.

Dual-class characters are humans who had one class for the first part
of their career, and then changed to a new class for the remainder.
These characters use the HUMAN CHANGE CLASS option on the Training
Hall menu to pick a new class.  Once a character changes classes, he
cannot advance in his old class.  Dual-class characters do not gain
hit points and cannot use the abilities of the old class while their
new class level is less than or equal to the old class level.  Once
the character's level in his new class is greater than his level in
his old class, he gains hit points according to his new class and may
use abilities from both classes.  Human dual-class magic-users cannot
cast magic-user spells while they are wearing armor, unless they are a
ranger/magic-user dual-class.


Alignment is the philosophy a character lives by and can affect how
NPCs and some magic items react to a character.  The possibilities
range from believing strongly in society and altruism (lawful good) to
being anarchistic and actively unpleasant (chaotic evil).  Alignment
is presented in two parts: World View and Ethics.

World View

Lawful indicates that the character values the structure and rules of

Neutral indicates that the character values both the individual and

Chaotic indicates that the character values the individual over


Good indicates that the character tries to act in a moral and
upstanding manner.

Neutral indicates that the character leans towards situational ethics,
evaluating each set of circumstances.

Evil indicates that the character acts without regard to others, or in
an overtly malignant manner.

Other Attributes

Each character also has three important values that change as the game
goes on:  Hit Points, Experience Points and Levels.

Hit Points are a measure of the amount of damage a character can take
before he goes unconscious.  A character's maximum hit points are
based on the hit dice for the character's class and level, plus any
adjustments for constitution.  A character gains a hit point bonus to
each hit die if his constitution is over 14.

Dice (d) is the term used to describe the range for a randomly
generated number.  Dice are referred to by the range they represent.
A d6 has a range from 1 through 6, a d10 has a range from 1 through
10.  Hit dice refers to the base range of hit points a character class
may have.  For example, a 3rd level fighter has a base of 3 d10 hit
dice, or 3-30 hit points.

When a character takes enough damage that his hit points reach 0, he
is unconscious.  If the character's hit points drop to anything from
-1 to -9, he will lose 1 hit point per turn from bleeding until he is
bandaged or dies.  If a character has -10 hit points or less, he is
dead.  Hit points on the screen will never be displayed as less than

Experience Points are a measure of what a character has learned while
adventuring.  Characters receive experience points for actions such as
fighting monsters, finding treasures and successfully completing
quests.  The computer keeps track of experience, and when characters
earn enough, they may advance in levels.  See the Level Advancement
Tables beginning on page 56 for experience requirements.

New characters start the game with 1,500,001 EXP, which puts most
single-class characters at about 14th level.

Levels are a measure of how much a character has advanced in his
class.  When they have enough experience points, characters may go to
a training hall and receive the training required to increase in
level.  Characters may only advance one level at a time.  If a
character has gained enough experience to go up two or more levels
since the last time he has trained, he will go up one level, and lose
all experience in excess of one point below the next level.

A 9th level thief enters a training hall with 375,000 experience
points (enough for 11th level).  He will leave as a 10th level thief
with 220,000 experience points--one point below 11th level.
Characters cannot train for new levels once they have reached their
maximum levels allowed in POOLS OF DARKNESS.

Building a Successful Party

Forming a strong and adaptable party is a key to success in POOLS OF
DARKNESS.  Up to six Player Characters (PCs) may be in a party -- a
party with fewer is less powerful and more likely to be eliminated by

Include a variety of classes in a party to get a good mix of skills.
Here is one sample party:

Sample Party
    1 Human Magic-user
    1 Human Paladin
    1 Dwarf Fighter/Thief
    1 Human Ranger
    2 Human Clerics

This party is balanced for combat, and will advance quickly because
most characters are single class.  The magic-user can cast offensive
spells and use wands.  The paladin has the benefit of Protection from
Evil in a 10 radius.  All characters in range of the effect get an AC
improvement of two against evil foes.  The dwarf fighter/thief offers
the advantages of a thief (lockpicking and disarming traps) with the
better armor and hit points of a fighter.  Rangers do extra damage
against giant-type creatures and gain spellcasting ability.  Clerics
are absolutely essential for their healing spells.

Preparation Tips

Once the party has been banded together, encamp at an inn, ready your
equipment, and have all spellcasters memorize spells.  Finally, save
the game before continuing.


Adventurers must battle their way through many dangerous foes to
complete the adventure.  The following sections offer some more
information and tips for combat.

Combat Map

Battle takes place on a tactical combat map that is a detailed view of
the terrain that the party was in when the combat began.  This map is
set up with an invisible square grid.


Each round of combat is divided into 10 segments, and every character
and foe acts on a specific segment based on a random Initiative
number.  Initiative is generated at the start of each combat round,
and is modified by dexterity and random factors such as surprise.
Characters can act on their initiative segment, or use the DELAY
command to hold action until the end of the round.  Casting spells may
take extra time to perform, so often a spellcaster will begin a spell
on his segment, but it will not go off until a little later.

Computer Control

In combat you control the actions of PCs.  The computer controls the
actions of monsters, NPCs and PCs set to computer control with the
QUICK command.

Combat Ability

Each character's ability in combat is defined by AC, THAC0/ and

A Character's or monster's difficulty to be hit is represented by
armor class(AC).  The lower the AC, the harder the target is to hit.
AC is based on readied armor and a dexterity bonus.  Some magic items,
such as some bracers, also help improve AC.

The ability to hit enemies in melee or with missile fire is
represented by THAC0/.  THAC0/ stands for To Hit Armor Class 0/.  This
is the number a character must roll  equal to or greater than to do
damage on a target with an AC of 0.  The lower the THAC0/, the better
the chance to hit the target.

The generation of a random number is often referred to as a roll.  In
determining the success of an attack, the number generated is from 1
through 20.

An attack is successful if the random number is greater than or equal
to the attacker's THAC0/ minus the target's AC.  THAC0/ may be
modified by things like range, attacking from the rear, magic weapons,
and magic spells.

A fighter with a THAC0/ of 5 attacking a monster with an AC of 3 would
need to roll (THAC0/5) - (AC 3) = 2+ But to hit a monster with an AC
of -2 he would need to roll (THAC0/5) - (AC -2) = 7+


Damage is the range of hit points loss the attacker inflicts and is
based on the attacker's strength, weapon type and any magic bonuses
the weapon has.  The base damage for each weapon is summarized in the
Weapons Table on page 50.

Some monsters take only partial or no damage from certain weapon
types.  Skeletons, for example, take only half damage from sharp or
edged weapons, while some other monsters only take damage from magical


There are two basic types of attack: Melee and Ranged (or Missile).
The following describes each type and other rules governing combat.

Melee Combat

Melee combat is face-to-face fighting with weapons such as swords and
maces.  Only when using melee weapons can characters receive strength
bonuses.  Fighters can sometimes overpower several small foes during
melee combat, and thieves have opportunities to back stab.

Ranged Combat

Ranged combat is firing at distant enemies with weapons such as bows
or darts.  A character with a missile weapon (bow, sling, etc.) may
not attack when adjacent to an enemy.  Two arrows or three darts can
be fired per turn.

Multiple Attacks (Sweeping)

When fighting small creatures, fighter-types may  sweep through
several weak opponents in one combat round.  When a character sweeps,
he automatically attacks all of the available weak opponents.

Back Stabbing

A thief back stabs if he attacks a target from exactly opposite the
first character to attack the target.  The thief may not backstab if
he has readied armor heavier than leather.  A back stab has a better
chance of hitting the defender and does additional damage.

Saving Throws

Attacks such as poison or spells do not automatically have their full
effect on a target.  Victims may get a Saving Throw to avoid some or
all of the effect.  If the saving throw is successful, generally the
target suffers either no effect or only half-damage.  Saving throws
improve as characters gain levels.

Some monsters have natural magic resistance which decreases the chance
of them being affected by spells.

Combat Movement

The number of squares a character can move is affected by carried
weight, character strength and the kind of readied armor.  A
character's movement range is displayed on the View Screen and during
the character's segment in combat.  Combat movement is important for
both closing quickly with opponents (and stopping missile fire) and
fleeing from battles that are too tough.

Running Away

A character may flee from the battlefield if he moves faster than all
enemies, but not if he moves slower than any enemies.  A character has
a 50% chance to move off the battlefield if he moves as fast as the
fastest foe.  Exception: if a character can reach the edge of the
combat map without any of his opponents being able to see him, he may
then flee successfully even though he is slower than his opponents.

Returning to the Party

A character that moves off the battlefield returns to the party after
the fight is over.  If all active characters flee combat, any dead or
unconscious characters are lost.  Characters that flee a combat
receive no experience points for the battle.

Combat Strategies

To succeed in combat, a skilled player deploys his party well, casts
effective spells before and during combat, maneuvers his characters
into advantageous positions, and attacks using his most powerful
characters and weapons.

Deploying the Party

When a battle begins, your party is automatically positioned based on
the order list of the characters.  Characters near the top of the
order will be in the front lines and vulnerable to attack.  To change
the starting deployment, change the party order from the Alter Menu
while encamped.  Shift the heavily armored fighters up the list and
the vulnerable magic-users and thieves towards the bottom.  Party
order cannot be changed while in combat, although characters are free
to move.

Your party may be placed in a bad position at the start of a battle.
Get an idea of the situation, and move characters into better
deployment.  Sometimes the best strategy is offensive: charging with
fighters to close ground and stop enemy magic and missile fire.  Other
times the best strategy is defensive:  moving your characters to
anchor their flanks on an obstacle such as a wall or tree.  Setting up
behind a doorway that your enemies have to move through also makes for
a very strong defensive position.  Always keep magic-users and missile
weapons safe behind the front line.

Wounded Characters

Characters who are seriously injured should be cured or moved out of
the front lines if possible.  Remember: if you move away from an
adjacent enemy, he gets a free attack at your back and has an improved
chance to hit.

Stopping Ranged Attacks

Missile weapons cannot be fired if there is an adjacent opponent.  To
stop enemy missile fire, move someone next to the opponent.  If you
want to fire missiles, keep away from the enemy.

Exploiting Enemies Weaknesses

Exploit your opponents weaknesses by directing attacks against
helpless, wounded or isolated foes.  Concentrate your attacks to
eliminate one opponent rather than injure many (Exception: enemy
spellcasters).  A foe with one hit point remaining attacks as
powerfully as an uninjured one.

If spellcasters are hit in a round, they loose any spells they are
preparing to cast, and cannot cast for the remainder of that round.
Try to keep enemy spellcasters under attack every round while
protecting your own.

After Combat

If one or more characters survive on the battlefield at the end of
combat, the bodies of unconscious or dead party members stay with the
party.  If the entire party flees from combat, all unconscious and
deal party members are permanently lost.  If all the party members are
slain, go back to your last Saved Game and try again from that point.


Magic is essential to the survival of the party.  Magic-users cast
many powerful offensive and defensive spells.  Clerics cast healing
spells to revive wounded characters as well as both defensive and
offensive spells.  A spell can exist in one of four forms: in a
character's memory, in a character's spell book, on a scroll, or in a
wand.  Memorized spells are cast with the CAST command.  Spells are
memorized during rest while encamped.  Spells in scrolls or wands are
cast with the USE command.

Memorizing a spell takes 15 minutes of game time per spell level, plus
a preparation period based on spell level:

Spell Level         1-2 3-4 5-6  7-8 9
Preparation Time     4hrs 6hrs 8hrs 10hrs 12hrs

To memorize two 1st level spells, one 2nd level spell, and one 3rd
level spell would take:
(6 hours preparation) + (2*15 min) + (1*30 min) + (1*45 min)
= 7 hours, 45 min


When a magic user trains for a new level, he selects a new spell to
add to his spell book.  A magic-user can also scribe spells from
identified scrolls if he is of high enough level to cast them.  A
magic-user must cast a Read Magic spell or have a scroll identified in
a shop before he can scribe (or cast) from it.  The scroll disappears
after it has been scribed or cast.


Clerical magic requires no spell books.  All clerical spells of the
appropriate level are always available to a cleric, the character need
only memorize them.  Unlike magic-users, clerics can cast spells from
scrolls without any preparation, although clerical scrolls also
disappear after being cast.

Tips on Magic

Both clerics and magic-users may cast spells which assist the party in
combat.  Preparatory spells, such as Bless or Strength, cast just
before a tough battle can protect or strengthen characters.  Combat
spells can be cast to damage foes during combat.  Healing spells can
be cast either during or after combat to revive wounded comrades.

Spells should be rememorized as soon as possible after they are used.
This is most likely to happen after combat.  When in camp, have your
spellcasters memorize spells and select REST to allow them to imprint
the spells for later use.  Selecting REST without choosing new spells
has the spellcasters rememorize the spells they have cast since last

Before resting, it is a good idea to save your game-- especially after
tough combats.  Also, keep at least two separate saved games at all
times and alternate between them.  This will allow you to go back to a
save before that last, fatal battle or to try different strategies at
key points.


As you travel about and encounter the monsters and puzzles that stand
between you and finishing your various quests, you will find magical
items to help you on your way.  You can find magic items in a treasure
by casting a Detect Magic spell using the DETECT command.  To find out
specifically what an item is, you must take it to a shop and have it

Some magic items are in reality cursed and can do great harm.  When a
character readies a cursed item, a Remove Curse spell must be cast
before the item can be dropped.  Some magic items, such as wands for
scrolls, may only be used by certain classes.  Others may not work at
all if certain other magic items are also in use.  Here are
descriptions of some items that you may find.  Remember:  some items
are very rare, and you may not find all of them in your adventure.

Wands generally cast a set number of a given spell (for example, 10
Fireballs or 15 Magic Missiles).  Only experimentation or paying to
have them identified will tell what a wand does.  The USE command
allows a character to cast spells with a readied wand.

Potions may heal wounded characters, cause them to become hastened or
invisible, or cause any number of other effects.  The USE command
allows a character to drink a readied potion.

Scrolls carry either clerical or magic-user spells.  A magic-user may
use SCRIBE to permanently transfer a scroll into his spell book if the
spell is of a level that he can memorize.  Magic-users and clerics can
both cast spells directly from scrolls with the USE command, even if
they could not otherwise memorize the spells.  Scrolls disappear after
they have been used or scribed.  Magic-users must cast Read Magic, or
have scrolls identified in a shop before scribing or casting from
them.  Also, thieves of 10th level or higher have a chance of casting
spells from magic-user scrolls.

Enchanted Armor and Shields are created by skilled craftsmen and then
enchanted with protective spells.  The power of the magic on this
items varies a great deal.  Enchanted armor has the great advantage of
offering improved protection with less encumbrance than the same type
of mundane armor.  To use these items, ready them from the Items Menu.

Enchanted Weapons come in many sizes, shapes and potencies.  Sometimes
a weapon will add between one and five to your THAC0/ and damage.
Some weapons may have other fantastic magical properties including
extra bonuses against specific types of creatures.  Once a magic
weapon has been readied from the Items Menu, the character will have
it for all combats.

Enchanted Adornments such as bracers, necklaces, periapts, and
especially rings are favorite objects for magical enchantment.  These
items may have any number of magical properties.  Some items will help
your AC, others may fire Magic Missiles, or offer protection from
fire-based attacks.  Once one of these items has been readied from the
Items Menu, a character automatically gains all of its effects.  The
exception to this rule is that certain magical necklaces require the
USE command to work.

Enchanted Clothing can be such commonplace items as gauntlets or
cloaks, but they are imbued with powerful enchantments.  A wide
variety of these items are known to exist.  To use these items, READY
them from the Items Menu.


The denizens of these regions are many and varied.  Here is a list of
monsters you may encounter in your adventures.  Some of these
creatures are extremely rare, and you may never cross paths with them

These evil spirits keening wail strikes fear into the hearts of men.
They attack with a chilling touch.

Also called Eye Tyrants or Spheres of Many Eyes, they are solitary
horrors of great power.  Each of the creatures eyes has a unique
magical power, and they are armored with tough chitinous skin.

Also called landsharks, these are the result of a mad mage's
experiment.  They are stupid, irascible and always hungry.

Carrion Crawlers
These are giant, segmented creatures whose eight tentacles can attack
once apiece each round.  Carrion crawlers paralyze their victims and
devour them.

Death Tyrant
These are a rare and dangerous form of undead beholder.  They appear
as sluggish, wounded beholders, but still possess some of their
original magic powers.

These are powerful undead dragons whose attacks include a breath
weapon and a paralyzing touch.

These creatures are the hybrid offspring of rogue black dragons and
basilisks.  Dracolisks combine a dragon's breath attack with the
petrifying gaze of a basilisk.

These are some of the most powerful and dangerous monsters a party can
encounter.  The older and larger a dragon, the more damage it can do
and the harder it is to kill:

Black Dragon
These dragons attack by spitting streams of acid and slashing with
razor sharp claws and fangs.

Blue Dragon
These dragons exhale lightning bolts and attack in melee with claws
and fangs.

Green Dragon
These dragons attack with a poisonous breath and are notorious for
their cruelty.

Red Dragon
These dragons are among the most feared of dragon kind.  Their attack
is a withering blast of fire.

White Dragon
These are one of the smaller dragon species and attack with freezing
cold breath, fangs and claws.

These are strong, but relatively stupid beings conjured up from their
normal habitat on the elemental planes.  The strength of any type
varies, and the characteristics of each are different.

Earth Elementals
These are powerful creatures who travel very slowly and can be
summoned from earth or stone.

Fire Elemental
These elementals are terrible to behold and can be fierce opponents.
They are immune to both magical and non-magical fire attacks.

Purple Worm
These are enormous carnivores that burrow straight through solid
ground in search of small (adventurer-sized) morsels.

These species vary greatly in power and intelligence.  The following
are the types you are likely to encounter:

Cloud Giant
These giants are one of the most powerful races of giantkind.  Some
cloud giants can use magic.

Fire Giant
These giants are brutal and ruthless warriors who resemble huge
dwarves and have flaming red or orange hair, and coal black skin.
Some fire giants can use magic.

These evil spirits ply victims with illusion and false civility, but
in reality are cunning fighter/magic-users.

These natives of the elemental plane of Fire are immune to all
fire-based attacks.  They are dangerous foes because of their evil
nature and their immunity to all but magical weapons.

Umber Hulk
These subterranean carnivores burrow through the ground with powerful

New Monsters
(The following creatures are appearing for the first time in an AD&D
computer fantasy role-playing game.)

AC: Armor Class; HD: Hit Dice; Mv: Movement; Int: Intelligence; Align:
Alignment (N=Neutral, CE=Chaotic Evil); THACO/: to Hit Armor Class 0/;
Att:  Number of attacks; MR: Magic Resistance; Dmg: Damage; Spec Att:
Special Attacks; Spec Def: Special Defenses; XP: Experience Points

Bane Minion, Black
AC:4 HD:8 Mv:15 Int: High Size:L
Align: CE THAC0/:13 Att:3
Dmg: 1d4/1d4/1d6
Spec Att: Acid breath, magic
Spec Def: See below XP:3000

Bane created three types of servants to serve his lieutenant,
Gothmenes.  The black minions can breath a stream of acid identical to
a black dragon.  They can see invisible objects and can cast the
following spells once per day: cone of cold, hold monsters, ice storm,
bestow curse, slow, and fumble.  They are immune to fear, poison,
death effects, and charm.

Bane Minion, Blue
AC:2 HD:10 Mv:24 Int: High
Size:L Align: CE THAC0/:11 Att:3
Dmg: 1d6/1d6/2d6  Spec Att: lightning breath,
lightning aura  Spec Def: See below  XP: 4000

[ Note from the formatter: Is this correct? This sounds like the
description for the Red Bane Minion. Guessing this creature should
"breathe" lightning. ]

Like the black bane minions, these creatures were created by
Bane to serve Gothmenes.  They can breathe fire like a red dragon.
Each hit by a red minion will cause an additional 2d6 of fire damage
due to the intense heat generated by their bodies.  Like black
minions, they can also see invisible objects and are immune to fear,
poison, death effects, and charm.

Bane Minion, Red
AC:0  HD:12  Mv:30  Int:High  Size:L
Align:CE  THACO:9  Att:3
Spec Att:fire breath, flame touch
Spec Def:See below  XP:12000

Like the black minions, these creatures were created by Bane to serve
Gothmenes.  They can breathe fire like a red dragon.  Each hit by a
red minion will cause an additional 2d6 of fire damage due to the
intense heat generated by their bodies.  Like black minions, they can
also see invisible objects and are immune to fear, poison, death
effects, and charm.

Giant Cockatrice
AC:3 HD:10 Mv:24 Int: Animal Size:L
Align: N THAC0/:11 Att:1 Dmg:1d6
Spec Att: Petrification attack XP: 2000

These are rare mutated forms of the cockatrice.  They stand eight feet
tall and are even more fierce than the cockatrice.  Due to their size,
their diet consists of small mammals and large lizards.  They are
incredibly fast and, due to their petrifaction attack, extremely

Greater Margoyle
AC:0 HD:12  Mv:15 Int: Low Size: M
Align: CE THAC0/:9 Att:4
Dmg: 1d10/1d10/2d8/2d8
Spec Def: Immunity to normal weapons XP:6000

Greater margoyles are cousins of the margoyle.  They both attack with
two claws, horns and a bite, but greater margoyles are stronger and
faster.  They can be found in many of the same habitats as the

Greater Otyugh
AC:0 HD:14 Mv:6 Int: Average Size: L
Align: N THAC0/:7 Att:3
Dmg: 2d10/2d10/1d6
Spec Def: Immunity to disease XP:10000

Mages in the Realms have found that otyughs provide excellent defense
while disposing of useless offal.  Since many mages are dissatisfied
with already exists, some have improved on the otyugh.  Except for
their great size and strength, greater otyughs are identical to the

Hill Giant, Shaman
AC:3 HD:10 Mv:12 Int: Average
Size: L Align: CE THAC0/:11 Att:1
Dmg: 2d8 XP:2000

A few hill giant tribes have shamans who can cast spells as a fifth
level cleric.  In all other respects, they are identical to other hill

Large Iron Golem
AC:0 HD:27 Mv:9 Int: Non Size: L
Align: N THAC0/:5 Att:2
Dmg:4d10/4d10 Spec Att: Poison breath
Spec Def: Immunities XP:27000

These are larger versions of the iron golem.  They are four times the
height of a normal man.  Like the smaller iron golems, they are immune
to all magic except electrical attacks (which slow them) and fire
based attacks (which heal them), however, their enormous size and
strength make them even more deadly than the iron golem.  Only the
most powerful mages can create these monstrosities.

Pet of Kalistes
AC:-1 HD:13 Mv:18 Int: High Size: L
Align: CE THAC0/:7 Att:3 MR:85%
Dmg: 2d8/2d6/2d6 Spec Att: Poisonous bite, magic
Spec Def: Blink, immunities XP: 14000

These are highly intelligent spiders created by the Marilith Kalistes.
She uses them as guards and messengers.  Their bite is so poisonous
that a target must save versus poison at -2 or die.  They can see
invisible objects and can cast the following spells once per day:
Death spell, Disintegrate, Feeblemind, Fire Touch, Fire Shield and
Charm Monsters.  They are immune to poison, death effects and charm.

Cryo Snake
AC:5 HD:4 Mv:15 Int: Animal Size: L
Align: N THAC0/:17 Att:1 Dmg:1d3
Spec Att: Cold breath
Spec Def: Immunity to cold XP:240

These fierce snakes prefer to inhabit glaciers and high peaks.  Humans
will rarely confront these beasts unless they move to higher
elevations during exceptionally cold winters.  Their breath is
identical to that of a white dragon.

Pyro Snake
AC:5 HD:4 Mv:15 Int: Animal Size: L
Align: N THAC0/:17 Att:1 Dmg:1d3
Spec Att: Fire breath
Spec Def: Immunity to fire XP:420

This breed of snakes prefers to live in desolate deserts or inside
volcanoes.  There they form loose family associations.  Dealing rarely
with humans, they consider people to be another form of prey.  Their
breath is identical to that of a red dragon.

Electric Spider
AC:4 HD:5 Mv:12 Int: Low Size: L
Align: CE THAC0/:15 Att:1 Dmg:2d4
Spec Att: Lightning breath
Spec Def: Immunity to electricity XP:650

Electric spiders can be found throughout Kalistes dimension.  They can
breathe a lightning bolt similar to that of a blue dragon's.  They
favor narrow confines where they can bounce their bolt through a
victim several times.

Enormous Spider
AC:1 HD:9 Mv:15 Int: Average Size: L
Align: CE THAC0/:11 Att:1 Dmg: 2d8
Spec Att: Poisonous bite XP:2000

Some spiders in Kalistes dimension grow very large and have great
cunning.  Anyone bitten must save versus poison or die.

Gaze Spider
AC:4 HD:5 Mv:12 Int: Low Size: L
Align: CE THAC0/:15 Att:1 Dmg:2d4
Spec Att: Paralyzation gaze XP:420

A common denizen of Kalistes dimension are the fierce gaze spiders.
Any creature who meets their gaze must save versus paralyzation or
become paralyzed.  Mirrors and other reflective surfaces can be used
to turn their gazes against them.

Stone Spider
AC:4 HD:5 Mv:12 Int:Low Size: L
Align: CE THAC0/:15 Att:1 Dmg:2d4
Spec Att: Petrification attack XP:650

Stone Spiders are one of the common spiders that exist in the Kalistes
dimension.  As large as a Hugh spider, these magical arachnids turn
their prey into stone and bring the stoned creatures to their lair for
later feeding.

Walking Trees
AC:0 HD:12 Mv:6 Int: Non Size: L
Align: N THAC0/:9 Att:2
Spec Def: Immunity to confusion XP:7000

The powers of Moander allow its followers to animate some plants.
When the Cult of Moander joined with the wizard Marcus and the
glabrezu Taleton, this power was extended to many of the trees of the
Elven Court.  The trees are unintelligent and mindlessly obey the
orders of the cult.  They strike with two large limbs.


First Level Clerical Spells

Bless improves the THACO/ of friendly characters by 1.  Bless cannot
affect characters who are adjacent to monsters when the spell is cast,
and the spell is not cumulative.  This is a good spell to cast before
going into combat.

Curse reduces the THACO/ of targets by 1.  The target cannot be
adjacent to a party character or NPC, and effects are not cumulative.

Cause Light Wounds inflicts 1-8 hit points of damage on a target.

Cure Light Wounds heals 1-8 hit points, up to the target's normal
maximum hit points.

Detect Magic indicated which equipment or treasure items are magical.
After casting the spell, view a characters items or take treasure
items, and equipment or treasure preceded by an  * is magical.

Protection from Evil improves the AC and saving throws of the target
by 2 against attackers of evil alignment.  The effects of the spell
are not cumulative.

Protection from Good improves the AC and saving throws of the target
by 2 against attackers of good alignment.  The effects of the spell
are not cumulative.

Resist Cold halves damage from cold attacks and improves saving throws
vs. cold attacks by 3.

Second Level Cleric Spells

Find Traps indicates the presence of traps in the party's path.

Hold Person may paralyze targets of character types (human, dwarf,
etc.).  You may aim a Hold Person spell at up to 3 targets (use the
EXIT command to target fewer).

Resist Fire halves damage from fire attacks and improves saving throws
vs. fire attacks by 3.

Silence 15 Radius magically dampens all sound in the area around the
target.  The target character or monster, and all adjacent, cannot
cast spells for the duration of the spell.

Slow Poison revives a poisoned person for the duration of the spell.

Snake Charm paralyzes as many hit points of snakes as the cleric has
hit points.

Spiritual Hammer creates a temporary magic hammer that is
automatically readied.  It can be thrown and does normal hammer
damage.  Spiritual Hammers can hit monsters that may only be struck by
magic weapons.

Third Level Clerical Spells

Bestow Curse reduces the target's THACO/ and saving throws by 4.

Cause Blindness will blind one target.  This can only be cured by a
Cure Blindness spell.

Cure Blindness counters the effects of Cause Blindness.

Cause Disease infects the target with a debilitating ailment that saps
strength and hit points.

Cure Disease removes the effects of disease caused by some monsters or
Cause Disease spells.

Dispel Magic removes the effects of spells that do not have specific
counter spells.  This is the cure spell for any characters that have
been held, slowed or made nauseous.

Prayer improves the THACO/ and saving throws of friendly characters by
1 and reduces the THACO/ and saving throws of monsters by 1.  This is
a good spell to cast before going into combat, but it is not

Remove Curse removes the effects to Bestow Curse spells and allows the
target to unready cursed magic items.

Fourth Level Cleric Spells

Cause Serious Wounds inflicts 3-17 hit points of damage on a target.

Cure Serious Wounds heals 3-17 hit points, up to the target's normal
maximum hit points.

Neutralize Poison revives a poisoned person.

Poison causes the target to save versus poison or die.

Protection from Evil 10 Radius can be cast on a character or a monster
and improves the AC and saving throws of the target and all adjacent
friendly characters by 2 against evil attackers.  The effects of this
spell are not cumulative.

Sticks to Snakes causes a distracting mass of snakes to torment the
target.  The snakes will make movement and spell casting impossible
for the duration of the spell.

Fifth Level Clerical Spells

Cause Critical Wounds inflicts 6-27 hit points of damage on a target.

Cure Critical Wounds heals 6-27 hit points of damage, up to a target s
normal maximum hit points.

Dispel Evil improves the target's AC by 7 versus summoned evil
creatures for the duration of the spell, or until the target hits a
summoned creature.  The creature must make a saving throw when it is
hit or be dispelled.

Flame Strike allows the cleric to call a column of fire down from the
heavens onto a target.  The spell does 6-48 points of damage to any
target that fails its saving throw.

Raise Dead can bring back to life one non-elf character.  The chances
for success are based on the character's constitution and how long the
character has been dead.  The raised character will have 1 hit point
and will lose 1 point of constitution.

Slay Living is a reversal of the Raise Dead Spell and will kill one
target.  If the target makes its saving throw, then it suffers 3-17
hit points of damage.

Sixth Level Clerical Spells

Blade Barrier creates a whirling circle of razor sharp blades.  Any
who enter the circle suffer 8-64 points of damage.

Harm inflicts terrible damage on any living creature--leaving only 1-4
hit points.

Heal cures all diseases, blindness, feeblemindedness, and all except
1-4 of a character's full hit points.

Seventh Level Cleric Spells

Destruction causes the target of the spell to die instantly without a
saving throw.  Creatures with magic resistance may not be affected.

Energy Drain steals life energy away from the target.  This is similar
to the attack of undead creatures such as wights.

Resurrection is similar to Raise Dead, except that it also restores
all hit points.

Restoration returns life energy stolen by Energy Drain spells or the
attacks of such undead as wights.

First Level Druid Spells

Detect Magic indicates which equipment or treasure items are magical.
After casting the spell, View a character's items or Take treasure
items, and equipment or treasure preceded by an  * is magical.

Entangle causes plants to grow and entwine around the feet of any
creature in the area of effect.  Be careful not to catch allies in the
spell area.

Faerie Fire rings a targeted creature in magical light.  This spell
will outline otherwise invisible targets and give a +2 THACO/ bonus to
anyone attacking an affected creature.

Invisibility to Animals will make the target invisible to non-magical,
low or non-intelligent animals.  This spell does not offer protection
against intelligent opponents or magical creatures.

Second Level Druid Spells

Barkskin causes the target's skin to become tougher and harder to
damage.  The tough skin improves AC by 1.  This is a good spell to
cast before combat.

Charm Person or Mammal changes the target's allegiance in combat so
that an opponent will fight for the casters side.  It affects
character types (human, dwarf, etc.) and other mammals.

Cure Light Wounds heals 1-8 hit points, up to the target's normal
maximum hit points.

Third Level Druid Spells

Cure Disease removes the effects of diseases caused by some monsters
or Cause Disease spells.

Hold Animal is similar to the cleric spell Hold Person, except that
only normal and giant-sized animals are affected.  This spell will not
affect other monsters or NPCs.

Neutralize Poison revives a poisoned person.

Protection from Fire has different effects depending on the recipient.
If cast on the druid, the spell absorbs 12 hit points times the caster
s level in fire damage.  The spell dissipates when the damage limit is
reached.  If cast on another character, the spell is identical to the
clerical Resist Fire spell.

First Level Magic-User Spells

Burning Hands causes 1 hit point of fire damage per level of the
caster.  There is no saving throw.

Charm Person changes the target's allegiance in combat so that an
opponent will fight for the caster's side.  It only affects character
types (human, dwarf, etc.).

Detect Magic indicates which equipment or treasure items are magical.
After casting the spell, View a character's items or Take treasure
items, and equipment or treasure preceded by an  * is magical.

Enlarge makes the target larger and stronger.  The higher the caster s
level, the greater the spell's effect.

Friends raises the caster's charisma by 2-8 points.  It is best cast
just before dealing with NPCs.

Magic Missile does 2-5 hit points per missile with no saving throw.  A
magic-user throws 1 missile for every 2 levels (1 at levels 1-2, 2 at
levels 3-4, etc.).  This spell damages any single target within its
range unless the target is magic resistant or has magical protection
such as a Shield spell.  This spell casts instantaneously.

Protection from Evil improves the AC and saving throws of the target
by 2 against attackers of evil alignment.

Read Magic allows a magic-user to ready a scroll and read it.  This is
identical to having a scroll identified in a shop.  After casting Read
Magic, a magic-user may cast any scroll spells or scribe them, if they
are appropriate for his level.

Shield negates enemy Magic Missile spells, improves the magic-user's
saving throw and may increase his AC.

Shocking Grasp does 1-8 hit points of electrical damage +1 hit point
per level of caster.

Sleep puts 1-16 targets (depending on the size of the targets) to
sleep with no saving throw.  For example, up to sixteen 1 hit-die
targets can be affected, while only one 4 hit-die target can be
affected.  Targets of 5 or more hit-dice are unaffected.

Second Level Magic-User Spells

Detect Invisibility allows the target to spot invisible creatures.

Invisibility makes the target invisible.  The THACO/ of melee attacks
against invisible targets is reduced by 4, and it is impossible to aim
ranged attacks at them.  Invisibility is dispelled when the target
attacks or casts a spell.

Knock opens locks.  The spell will affect both magically and
non-magically locked doors, chests, etc.

Mirror Image creates 1-4 illusionary duplicates of the magic-user to
draw off attacks.  A duplicate disappears when it is attacked.

Ray of Enfeeblement reduces the target's strength by 25% + 2% per
level of the caster.

Stinking Cloud paralyzes those in its area of effect for 2-5 rounds.
If the target saves, it is not paralyzed but is nauseous and has its
AC reduced for 2 rounds.

Strength raises the target's strength by 1-8 points depending on the
class of the target.

Third Level Magic-User Spells

Blink protects the magic-user.  The magic-user  blinks out after he
acts each round.  Although the magic-user may be physically attacked
before he acts each round, he may not be attacked after.

Dispel Magic removes the effects of spells that do not have specific
counter spells.  This is a recuperation spell for any characters that
have been held, slowed or made nauseous.

Fireball is a magical explosion that does 1-6 hit points of damage per
level of the caster to all targets within its area.  If the target
makes its saving throw, damage is halved.  Fireball is a slow-casting
spell, and the spell's power demands that you target carefully.  Use
the CENTER command to determine who will be in the area of
effect--indoors the three squares in each corner will not be affected
by the blast if the spell is targeted in the center of the screen.
Out of doors, the blast area is slightly smaller.

Haste doubles the target's movement and number of melee attacks per
round.  Haste has a short duration, so you should wait until a fight
is imminent to cast it.  Warning: characters age one year each time a
haste spell is cast on them.

Hold Person may paralyze targets of character types (human, dwarf,
etc.).  You may aim a hold person spell at up to 4 targets (use the
EXIT command to target fewer).

Invisibility, 10 Radius makes all targets adjacent to the caster
invisible.  The THACO/ of melee attacks against invisible targets is
reduced by 4, and it is impossible to aim ranged attacks at them.  Use
this spell to set up a battle line while your enemies seek you out.
Characters lose invisibility if they do anything but move.  Remember:
some monsters can see invisible creatures.

Lightning Bolt is a magical electrical attack that does 1-6 hit points
of damage per level of the caster to each target along its path.
Damage is halved if the targets make their saving throw.  A lightning
bolt is 8 squares long in a line away from the caster.  For best
results, send the bolt down a row of opponents.  Lightning bolts also
reflect off walls back toward the spellcaster.  Targets adjacent or
close to a wall may be hit twice by the same bolt.

Protection from Evil, 10 Radius protects the target and all characters
adjacent to the target.  The spell improves the AC and saving throws
of those it protects by 2 against attackers of evil alignment.

Protection from Good, 10 Radius protects the target and all characters
adjacent to the target.  The spell improves the AC and saving throws
of those it protects by 2 against attackers of good alignment.

Protection from Normal Missiles makes the target immune to non-magical

Slow affects 1 target per level of caster and halves the target's
movement and number of melee attacks per round.  Slow can be used to
negate a Haste spell and only affects the side opposing the

Fourth Level Magic-user Spells

Charm Monster changes the target's allegiance in combat so it will
fight on the side of the magic-user.  The spell will work on most
living creatures.  The spell affects 2-8 one hit-die targets, 1-4 two
hit-die targets, 1-2 three hit-die targets, or 1 target of four or
more hit dice.

Confusion affects 2-16 targets, causing them to make a saving throw
each round or stand confused, become enraged, flee in terror, or go
berserk.  Confusion is most effective when used against a large number
of enemies.

Dimension Door allows the magic-user to teleport himself to another
point on the battlefield within his line of sight and the range of the
spell.  Magic-users can use it for quick escapes.  Fighter/magic-users
can use the Door to reach enemy spellcasters or ranged weapons.

Fear causes all within its area to flee in terror if they fail their
saving throws.

Fire Shield protects the magic-user so that any creature who hits the
caster in melee does normal damage, but takes twice that damage in
return.  The shield may be attuned to heat attacks or cold attacks.
The magic-user takes half damage (no damage if he makes his saving
throw) and has his saving throw from the opposite type of attack
improved by 2.  He takes double damage from the type of attack the
shield is attuned to.

Fumble causes the target to become clumsy and unable to move or
attack.  If the target makes his saving throw, his attacks and
movement are halved.

Ice Storm does 3-30 hit points to all targets within its area.  There
is no saving throw.  This spell will even inflict full damage on
opponents protected by Resist Cold.

Minor Globe of Invulnerability protects the caster from incoming
first, second or third-level spells.  The Globe is very effective when
used in combination with Fire Shield.

Remove Curse removes the effects of a Bestow Curse spell and allows
the target to unready cursed magic items.

Fifth Level Magic-user Spells

Cloud Kill is similar to the Stinking Cloud spell, except that its
area of effect is larger and it will kill weaker monsters.  More
powerful monsters may be immune to the spell.

Cone of Cold unleashes a withering cone shaped blast of cold.  The
spell's range and damage increases with the caster's level.

Feeblemind causes targets who fail their saving throw to drop
dramatically in intelligence and wisdom and become unable to cast
spells.  A Heal spell must be cast on the victim to recover from the

Hold Monster is similar to Hold Person, except that it will affect a
wider variety of creatures.

Sixth Level Magic-user Spells

Death Spell kills opponents instantly and irrevocably.  The spell will
slay a greater number of weak opponents than strong.

Disintegrate destroys one target.  Some creatures with an innate magic
resistance may avoid the effects of the spell, however, most must make
a saving throw to survive.

Flesh to Stone causes the target to make a saving throw or be turned
into stone.

Globe of Invulnerability protects against 1st through 4th level

Stone to Flesh counters the effects of such magical creatures as a
cockatrice or medusa.  When this spell is cast on a character, there
is a possibility that the character will not survive the shock of
being restored to flesh.  System shock survival is based on a
character's constitution.

Seventh Level Magic-user Spells

Delayed Blast Fireball is a more powerful version of the third level
spell and will go through a Minor Globe of Invulnerability.

Mass Invisibility is identical to the Invisibility spell, except that
it will effect several targets at once.  This can be a valuable spell
to cast before a known encounter.

Power Word, Stun will cause one creature to be stunned and unable to
think or act effectively.  The weaker the target, the longer it will
be stunned.

Eighth Level Magic-user Spells

Mass Charm is similar to the fourth-level spell, except that it
affects a much larger number of targets.

Mind Blank is a powerful protective spell that defends the recipient
from all spells that attack a character's will, such as Charm or

Otto's Irresistible Dance is an enchantment that causes the target to
be irresistibly compelled to dance a wild and frenzied jig.  The
target's AC is reduced by 4 and it will fail all saving throws against

Power Word, Blind will strike a target instantly blind.

Ninth Level Magic-user Spells

Meteor Swarm is a very powerful and spectacular spell, similar to a
Fireball.  When cast, four magical spheres fly from the caster's hand
towards the target.  Anything in the spell's path receives 10-40 hit
points of damage.

Monster Summoning calls forth one or two powerful creatures to fight
on the side of the spell magic-user.  The creatures disappear after
the battle.

Power Word, Kill will instantly slay one or more creatures within the
spell's range.  The spell will affect approximately 120 hit points
worth of targets.


Don't go through those magical gates that are showing up around the
Realm.  They steal your strength.  Too many times through and you to
not be able to lift your finger, much less a sword.

The temptation is powerful, the flat, smooth surface of the mirror
seductive in its plainness.  Slowly, slowly, color blooms in the
depths.  A face emerges from the depths, so clear and close...

Those foolish drow! How they could have botched matters to this
extent -- mortals loose in my Web Land!

She uncoils an impossible ebony length of smooth, gleaming body.
Scales wink like gems.  She slithers past a corpse on the
floor -- unlucky messenger -- and comes around to the side of her
chair.  A quick press of fingers against the arm, and a drawer pops
open.  She takes a key on a fine silver chain and loops it around her

I'm going down to the Treasure Room.  I am not to be disturbed for any
reason.  Leave the spare key where it is, or you to end up -- a
contemptuous nod toward the body -- like him.

The Mirror darkens and the slave nods.  That's it then.  Find the key,
go down to the Treasure Room, and kill her! He looks odd, fidgety.
Finally, he bursts out, And die! She knows you're here, so go down
through the kitchen to the larder.  That's best.

As ye know, I have opened this path for ye so that when ye travel
through the pools, Bane will not sense thy presence. but this does
have its disadvantages.

For one, I have found that when magical objects travel from here to
the outer dimensions, they do not usually survive the passage.  The
chaotic winds of limbo corrupt that which is magic and only the
strongest of magic's can survive the passage without perishing.

I will hold thy items here until ye return to the Realms.

The temple's alter is a great bowl of stone suspended in the air
alongside the tower.  It currently overflows with a sickly green
fluid--the lifejuice of Moander.  Spouts and gutters around the bowl
catch some of the oily ichor and funnel it down to the tower's dark
fountains.  The rest spills out into the air, and settles as a foul
haze upon the Elven Court far below.  The vessel seems to be moving
slightly, but then you realize that it is fixed in the air.  It is the
tower which sways in the chill breeze.


The man, if man he be, came with eyes aflame.  Red as the sword he
carried, he cut through our village and left not a soul alive.  I saw
him riding away after he'd done his work.  I was hunting and so
spared, but what now? I've got me no home, no family.  All I've now is
a vow, and my bow to carry it through.  I m for the Dragonspine
Mountains now.  A sorceress told me I'd find his hole there.

What he wanted? I haven t a notion.  We've had peace for so long, and
now the evil has descended twicefold.

Power thrums through the room.  Power crackles in the air, making hair
stir, making skin tingle.

A giant statue of Kalistes herself dominates the center portion.  She
is huge, commanding, her tail coiled beneath her, her skin gleaming
like jet.  Three of her hands brace an open arch, inside of which
swirls a sickly green mist.  Her other arms point toward the far end
of the room.

Standing against the wall are three more arches, but instead of the
green mist, these are filled with visions of home: the first shows a
forest at night, with tree trunks like dark towers against an even
deeper black.  The impression of a faint, clean, cool breeze washes
through the room.

The second doorway shows a small village -- or what is left of one.  A
few cottages still stand, but many are burned-out ruins.  Once again,
night reigns.  The third door shows moonlight playing on waves.  An
ocean shore.  The water still looks clean, untainted by evil.  For

But Kalistes is pointing to them.  A voice seems to ring through the
room.  I want those lands.  I want them.  Get them for me, my
children.  Get them for me.

I am Shal, a fighting-wizard of New Phlan.  Did you know our city is
held here, buried under the black tower? Marcus hopes to subjugate it,
but we resist!  During one of his sorties I was captured and taken up
the Tower, where I have seen ghastly sights? Bane clerics are
dismembering the vast corpus of the forgotten god Moander.  They use
its power to make trees walk, and to animate pieces of the dormant

I have long studied the Cult of Moander.  So they tried to convince me
to help them, but I resisted.  They, ah, robbed me of my magic and
imprisoned me here.  Friends, we must go up the tower and stop the
foul works that will soon march against helpless Phlan.  Take me to
face Marcus, and he will fall!

Ways back, a group of trolls and ogres used this building to toss
sacks of grain around.  If a body happened by, they'd toss em about as
well.  Them s came to be killed, of course, by heroes such as yerself,
but we hire on some ettins to keep the tradition going.  It's a lively
sport, though a mite dangerous.

You shudder at the host of dark knights, evil bishops, twisted mages
and myriads of grotesque pawns that radiate out from the Elven Court,
touching Mulmaster, Zhentil Keep and Myth Drannor.  Tall in the center
is the grave image of Marcus, dressed as a Banite cleric.  And beside
him, a proud mage queen -- who looks amazingly like Shal!

After praying, one must touch the essence of the air by inhaling the
heady vapors of the rare incense, taliesen.  This allows contact with
the first elemental plane -- Air.

The Plane of Water is then contacted by drinking of the waters
consecrated to Tyr himself.  Earth and Fire come late in the Tests of
Torm and Ilmater.  The Vessel of Purity and the Spirit Flame are
guarded by eternal guardians.  Take the items of Earth and Air to
light the Lamp of Vigilance.  The Lamp shall make a bright and good
place in the world even when all else is dark.

"I must thank you for eliminating that simpering fool of a hill giant.
It is unfortunate that the steading can no longer recruit troops, but
my army is already sufficient to control all of the lands north of

"Thanks to you, my power is now assured.  Even Thorne's dragons will
acknowledge my power.

"However, your usefulness is at an end.  Take this reward and leave.
If you go any further into my cave, you will be dealt with harshly."

Locaste gives a great cry, and the party halts before what appears to
be an unbroken wall of tightly-packed gossamer.  It shimmers in the
pale light.  Locaste's mount rises up on its rear four legs and waves
the others, both drow and spider, about, its face a mask of fear.
Locaste drives it down with a word.  Even from a distance, her jaw
appears set, and her eyes burn fiercely.  She waves back her escort,
many of whom take the opportunity to simply turn around and ride away.
She holds up both hands, palms out, and waits.

After a breathless eternity, the gossamer wall erupts.  Spiders of all
shapes and sizes squeeze their way through, or leap off the top, or
pop up through trap doors and scuttle toward her.  Her escort turns
and runs, but Locaste waits.  Two Pets appear among the spiders and
approach Locaste in a slow, almost stately sidelong march, tossing
aside the unlucky spiders that get in their way.

They stop in front of Locaste.  They sway back and forth, legs waving
about, thousands of eyes glittering, then they turn and disappear back
into the wall.  Locaste clenches her raised hands into fists and
screams as the rest of the spiders continue their advance.

"Ye I have chosen as the mightiest heroes of these regions to lend me
aid 'gainst Black Lord Bane.  I was fortunate to learn of Bane's
plotting by way of my art.  This time he means to do more than his
usual meddling -- he seeks total dominion over the very dirt of the
realm.  He has plotted well, and darkness now reigns over Moonsea and
the plains of Thar.  This is great evil, forsooth, but I fear that if
he is not stopped here, he will spread across the land as forcefully
as the tide rises over the shore.

"We are now in the plane of limbo, astral source of absolute
chaos...and so too is Bane! I followed him here with aims of his
undoing, but well is he hidden in the shifting madness.  Somewhere he
has made a crossroad between the dimensions for the use of his allies.
This too, I can do for ye.  The way between pools lies now through
limbo.  When you enter the pools, I will use my power to enable thy
passage.  But know that only my presence here makes this possible.  If
I were to leave this place, or perish, the path would be closed, and
Bane would rule here, as well as over Moonsea.  Such is my limit, but
I will aid ye as I can.

"I now send ye back to the darkened plains.  Find the servants of
Bane, for they are his hands.  Destroy them! But beware, for they are
great powers.  Help those who ye may -- allies can but further us.  Go
now, and may thy skill prevail!"

"What am I doing here? I am the Watcher, here by decree of the Council
of Elvis! With me rests the supreme responsibility of keeping Moander
forever trapped in this dimension.

"Oh, I'll not deny there is mischief afoot.  We've all seen the signs.
But what arrogant fools to think you could help! You lack the
cleverness and fortitude to do anything but interfere! Do us both a
favor and heed the fate of your friends.  Leave! Now!"

"I have met Kalistes before, and beware! She is a power to be
reckoned.  It is good that ye did destroy her paths into the Prime
Material, for it is sure that she meant to send her children into the
Realm.  These Night Spawn are her strength, but know that they are her
maternal weakness too.

"I sense that the powers that have robbed the sun from Moonsea's sky
lie beyond this portal.  Kalistes is an agent supreme of Bane, so in
all probability it is she who controls this force.  This is but a
guess, but 'tis my best."

"Your power scares Arcam! The great gasbag cannot flee quickly enough!
He wanted me to urge you to go back to Phlan, my home.  He hoped you
would die there, or at least give him time to organize his defense.  I
refused." She draws a shuddering breath. "Instead, I urge you not to
rest until fiendish Arcam is no more! Then help your allies."

Rank after rank of haggard men and women stumble toward the gate.
Their eyes are lost, their faces slack.  None are bound or shackled in
any fashion.  Suddenly a tall human moans and lurches sideways.  A
drow guard grabs him and pulls him roughly about.  She raises a
needle-fine dagger, its tip glinting with some ruby liquid, and jabs
it into his neck. "That'll quiet you down", she sneers.

Another guard laughs. "Why not just let him fry between the gates?"
"Because--" shoving the now-docile human back into line -- "That would
be too nice."

The bard sets himself down on a log.  He looks at you long and
searchingly.  "Fair folk you seem, uncommon in these times.  Mayhaps
you've an interest in what I've seen.  Auril, that's what I've seen.
The Frostmaiden is walking the lands of men and leaving icy death in
her path.  The mountains west of Thar, which are locked in sheets of
ice and snow, seem to be her favorite haunt and it was there I saw
her, near Gramble's Climb.

"For all her evil, she is beautiful still.  She left her mark on me in
more ways than one." He opens his shirt to reveal a snowflake tattooed
in woad across his chest. "She is seeking the Red One.  Together, they
will visit such destruction on the Realms as has never occurred."

You see a Glabrezu, his dog-like head snarling and his fangs dripping,
standing in a large chamber with red, fleshy walls.

"Well, you musta heard 'bout the wedding, but you may not know the
real story.  Truth is, there's more than one here from the old Phlan.

"A certain Gragnak Ulfim also's here.  Some say he's as powerful as
Cadorna hisself, but don't you believe it.  He's just a sorry sot
what's been had by that vixen Sasha.  But he's done for her one better
and she knows her place right sure now."



The Labyrinth!
Left step
Right step
Step step
Left left.
The Labyrinth!"

"I was once the council clerk here in Phlan, as you may remember, and
I am well versed in dealing with trouble.  When Phlan was infested
with corruption, I was intimate with all the details of our city's
liberation.  When the Black Circle hounded me in Verdigris, I managed
my escape.  These are just a few of the reasons I was chosen as the
new council member.  I believe I have done my part in restoring Phlan
to its present state.

"I say these things, first, so you will know there is no trouble to be
found here in Phlan; and second, so you will not think you can
manufacture your own."

"Those of you still squirming will regret every moment I am called
away from my great spell.  You will envy those already safe within the
icy clasp of Lord Bane.  For I have released my keen-eyed pet into the
corridors of the Tower.  Meet the Gelt."

The great voice dies away with a chuckle.

"My name is Aeghwaet.  I have lived here for the past 3,500 years,
finding the environment most congenial to my health.

"Recently, however, evil spawn have invaded my home.  They are taking
huge quantities of Moander's flesh and I do not know why.  It is no
longer safe to live here.  Not only are there foul creatures
constantly about, but Moander's body is beginning to fight back.  Bits
of flesh prowl the open wounds, and they make no distinction between
those causing the harm and me.

"I cannot hide much longer, yet if I leave, it will mean the end of my
extracts and my life in a few short years."

The table is made of black marble.  Veins of white quartz run through
it, catching the light and breaking it into coruscations of color,
rainbow threads weaving across its surface.

On the table are two items.  The first is a simple porcelain basin,
its finish smooth, depthless.  The basin is filled with some sort of
heavy liquid, its surface like quicksilver.

Next to the basin lies a short wand, about the length of a man's
forearm.  Its shaft is made from a single quartz crystal.  At first
the crystal appears gray and impure, but on closer inspection the gray
resolves into separate strands, as though a web has been spun inside.
The crown of the wand is a blood-red stone.  Power throbs within,

"There is an island not far from here.  Many adventurers have entered
its confines seeking fortune and glory, but no one has ever returned.
A letter came into my possession not long ago which speaks of a great
Mystery.  I have become determined to discover what this Mystery is
and so I come to you.

"Your reputation precedes you.  Many say you are the greatest heroes
the Realms have seen.  I say to myself, if anyone can penetrate this
Mystery, it will be you.

"I will not give you false hopes and I do not know what dangers you
will face, only that they will be great.  It is said that the island
will remain unconquered for all time, but that is a challenge to try
if I ever heard one."

You see a large army moving through a cavern where the wind howls.  A
thunderous beating makes the soldiers hold their hands to their ears.


"Sasha sent me here to assess the threat from this quarter.  I fear it
is great, but I've learned little.  It seems the only way to get close
to those in command is to prove yourself fierce and unflinching in
battle.  I'm sure you've noticed the many street brawls.

"All I know for certain is that a massive army has been assembled and
is ready to move, though I've heard rumors of a 'Gathering'.  Of what,
or for what, I do not know.

"If you could penetrate the inner steading, perhaps you could discover
this.  There is a group of cloud giants in that private room who
already have a deadly reputation.  If you defeated them, you would
gain instant recognition and an audience with the hill giant shaman.
Alas, my strength is not up to the task."

"I will not open the gate for you.  If you are who you say, then you
do not wish to enter.  For beyond this gate is the city of Phlan,
entombed here by some mighty spell, and besieged by fearsome monsters
that sally through this very gate.  If you would aid us, here is a
task for you.  A high mage was captured from among us.  Her name is
Shal.  She had made long study of the dark god Moander, and proved
most ingenious in defeating its minions.  Find and free her, I urge

"Yeah.  He gave me this dagger and this rock, and told me to meet him
at the alter and he'd signal to me which elf I'm supposed to kill.
Then I'm to follow him into some room -- Wait, don't touch the
blade -- that's deadly.  Coated with a poison the Master Assassin
would kill for.  And the rock is something I'm supposed to wear before
I follow my target into the last chamber.

"Don't give me those high and mighty looks.  I helped you get in here,
didn't I? We all have to make a living, and Daris has already paid me
good money to do my job.  I intend to do it.

"Besides, I'll bet you've left a few bodies lying around yourself."

"My horn was the focus of a great magical power with which I was
entrusted, a power that helped hold evil in check.  I came to the
Dragonspine Mountains when I sensed the evil growing here, only to
find myself too weak to counter it.

"When Thorne took my horn, he took the magic as well and used it to
turn the skies chaotic.  Those storms will no longer plague the
Realms, but my horn was just one of the three powers working evil in
the Realms.  If the Realms are to be saved, you must turn those powers
against the one enemy."

"When the cities disappeared and the world grew dark, we were all
frightened, and clung together for comfort.  It was not enough to save
us.  By ones and twos and sometimes whole families, we began to
disappear -- taken as slaves by the drow.

"My sister was captured.  She is a child, just a child.  I followed
the slave train, and crept into her pen to try to release her, but I
was captured as well.

"The drow took us to their slave pens, and from there, my sister and I
were taken, along with many others, toward a hall.  Behind me I heard
keening intermingled with shouts of great joy.  I had heard from an
old human woman that some of us would be culled from the group and
killed to make an evil potion.  I cursed such a fate, but I prayed
that, for my sister's sake, the end would be swift.

"Instead, we were led through the temple, and half of us were pushed
through a door, while the rest of us were driven through the
dimensional pool into this world of webs.  The drow overseer jeered at
us. 'Lucky, lucky, luckiest of all', he said. 'You will serve the
great Kalistes herself.  Or be served to her, depending on what tasty
morsels you are!'

"I could not bear this thought.  I watched for my opportunity and
escaped the slave train, but I was not able to bring my sister with
me.  Take me with you.  I'll help you fight Kalistes, anything to save

"The black elves dragged me from my farm in one of these wagons.  They
take everyone down to their dark city.  A number of us made a break,
and got about halfway out before a big fight.  A wall came down on me
and they didn't catch me.  And a little woman, a halfling, escaped
too.  But she wouldn't get in the wagon, she still wanted to fight.
She's still down there -- you should help her.  She can't hold out for

"You'll never get in the way the wagons do.  But you might want to
follow a bad robe -- a cleric -- to get in.  They have their own
paths." He draws a map of a section of the underground city:


A magnificent alter spans the far wall -- a shrine to night and all
its spawn.  A giant silver web stretches from the floor to the full
height of the vaulted ceiling.  The full moon hangs in the web's
center, but it is not the full moon.  It is the belly of a giant
spider, pregnant with evil, pulsing with hideous life.  The spider
waves its legs wildly about as if casting about blindly for prey.

Below this apparition stands a young drow.  He is naked, his dark skin
gleaming in the light of the obscene moon.  He holds a dagger to his
lips and stares upward, transfixed.

Locaste stands next to the drow youth, her hands raised above her
head, her eyes mere slivers of shining white visible through slitted
lids, her robes shimmering in the dark.  Balia and Daris flank her,
their eyes closed, their faces ecstatic.  Daris carries a crystal
wand.  Daris, as well as the rest of the supplicants, is guarded by

"Welcome, drow, welcome.  Whether you be candidates for a great honor,
or supplicants before our Lady, be welcome.  I give you good news.
Soon, the Night Spawn, the invincible children of our Lady Kalistes,
will come to the Temple through the Gateway to Darkness, and we may
all have the honor of seeing them on their way to do battle for
Kalistes and Lord Bane.  Hurry, hurry.  You will never see the like

In the center of the vaulted room, squads of mercenaries shuffle to
attention before a towering dais.  Here, flanked by iron golems, an
old man in fine robes surveys a desk covered with chess pieces.
Occasionally he will move a piece, and bark instructions to a
mercenary leader. "Dralbon! Off to Ironfang Keep!" Margoyles leap up
to ensure the commands are promptly obeyed.

Then you see a great orb moving in the shadowy arches beyond the dais.
"Watch for the white knights," it hisses, chillingly calm. "Deflect
their attack."

"Excellent.  I couldn't have done it better myself.  My master will be
most pleased.  You did away with one of his greatest enemies and
captured one of his most desired prizes, all without him needing to
sacrifice a single one of his own.

"Yes, I was carefully chosen, and trained for years before I could
even infiltrate this den of excess.  But my stay is over now, as soon
as you hand me that Ring."

His gaze darkens. "You wouldn't be thinking of denying me, would you?
I promise you, my master trained me well.  This creature--" he prods
at Kalistes' still form with a toe-- "was a blundering, graceless
idiot.  No subtlety.  No art.  No depth.  But I promise you, Tanetal
has all this, and he's gifted me with enough to deal with the likes of

"Bane must indeed be desperate to entrust his Talisman to one of his
lieutenants -- even one as powerful as Tanetal.  True, it is a great
source of power -- this time used to twist and animate the very plants
of the Realm, but also it is the key that may lead to Bane's defeat.

"It acts as a key to his very own Dark Dimension.  I hoped but to
weaken him in Moonsea -- to force a balance -- but now with the
Talisman, I think we may be able to drive him off entirely.  Find the
gate to Bane's Realm, and we may prevail!"

"I just hope Locaste can tell Kalistes to be careful with her
children.  Now don't misunderstand me, I want the Night Spawn to fight
for Kalistes and for us, but I hear that sometimes they don't just
fight the enemy.  What if something were to happen to the Gateway, and
the Night Spawn came in, but couldn't get out?

"Oh, go ahead.  Report me for a blasphemer.  But hand me the vial of
antidote first, I think that boy got bit and didn't tell anyone."

"I am Elgin, a hunter, and the last of our village still alive.  First
dark elves raided from the north, carrying away any they could
capture.  Then the forests came alive around the tower to the east.
When the walking trees came, we were finished.  Our people were all
crushed or run off to the woods southwest near Myth Drannor.  I do not
know what the survivors face there, but at least they can be assured
that a tree will act like a tree!"

"I thank you for the lives of my sisters.  My own curse matters little
to me now, knowing that they yet live to fight this evil.

"With their faces in my heart and their strength in my soul, I tell
you this.  To enter Kalistes' Parlor and live, you need two things:
the Ward of Safe Passage and the Amulets of Stillness.  The Ward is
carried by the highest mages of the drow when granted an audience with
Kalistes; her Pets recognize it and allow the bearer to pass.  The
amulets hide the wearer from spiders.  With these items, you have a
much greater chance of gaining entrance into Kalistes' Parlor.
Without them you will die in seconds, instead of minutes.

"You may find these talismans in the Testing Ground.  Go there first
if you hope to complete your mission.  But, before you leave me, one
task is left to you to aid your mission.  You must kill me."



The Labyrinth!
Left step
Right step
Left left.
The Labyrinth!"

The sergeant bawls, "Now, you veeping scalawags, how do you get out?"
The soldiers chant,

"Out of
The Labyrinth!
Right step
Right step
Step step step!
Out of
The Labyrinth!..."

"I offer my congratulations for thy victory over Thorne.  With the
Horn of Doom safely out of Bane's grasp, the storms will cease over

"Previously, these tempests have prevented our allies past the
mountains from entering these lands.  Even now, an army marches from
Tilverton, and ships raise sail in Tantras.  Both forces are far, but
at least now they may draw closer.  Aid is coming to the regions!"

"Marilith have but one fatal flaw, one chink in their armor -- the
drive to preserve their children is greater than to preserve their
individual lives.  As a lone Marilith is often the key strategist in a
campaign, killing him or her is often all that is necessary to deal a
crushing blow to your enemies.  Therefore, search for the children.
Threaten them, and the parent you seek will come."

"The Gathering," he gasps. "It is of dragons.  Unheard of numbers.
Ready to descend on the Realms.  Must stop them.  Led by Thorne.
Terrible..." His voice trails away with his life.

"Kalistes, Thorne, Tanetal, they are pawns! I have sent Death to the
Realms, a rider in red with a sword of flame.  None shall stand
against him.  You waste your time as the world falls about your ears.
So by all means, continue in your vainglorious deeds."

"It was as horrible a sight as I'm ever likely to see, and I've seen
some sights in my time.  Daris thought he'd get away while we fought
the guards, but after we won past them we made our way, quiet as
whispers, after the Mage.  We needed the Ward of Safe Passage to get
into Kalistes' Parlor.

"The chamber was dark.  We heard footsteps ahead -- you can imagine
how upset Daris, an elf, must have been, for us to hear his footsteps.
But they stopped, and we thought we'd lost him.  Then he screamed.

"The whole chamber lit up with the glow of Shest's eyes, and we could
see Daris before us.  He was shuddering and wailing, and he dropped
the ward to grab at his dagger.  But he was too late.

"The whole lower half of his body ballooned outward, and legs began to
sprout, ripping through his robes and scrabbling on the flagstones,
while his arms flailed in the air.  He scuttled back and forth through
the chamber, while we ducked back down the corridor, hiding behind
columns, in niches, anywhere we could.  We listened to the scrabbling
and moaning for quite a while, then what he'd turned into rushed past
us without a glance.

"Nothing for it but to sneak back into the chamber and find the ward.
Too bad Shest was still there."

The fire giants have become dangerous and I fear we hill giants will
lose our long time home as well as any claim on new territory.  The
fire giant mage thinks she can outwit Thorne.  The fool! She will
bring Thorne's wrath down on us all.

I have sent spies to their cave, and am awaiting news.  With luck, the
fire giants will soon be drumming a different beat.

"There have been distressing rumors out of Zhentil Keep lately.  I
think Manshoon has designs on the lands as far east as Thar.  This
does not sit well with me.  Eliminate this annoyance, and I will pay
you handsomely."

"By order of Thorne, all conflicts between dragons shall be settled by
single combat to preserve their numbers.  The victor of these combats
is entitled to any treasure left by the defeated dragon.

"Any who interfere with or assist a combatant will forfeit any and all

Modthryth looks up from the scroll, adding, "I shall also consider the
winner of any combat for transformation into a dracolich." Modthryth
signals the contest to begin.

"Go now to the antechamber.  By the Mirror of Kalistes you will find
my ward of safe passage to her Parlor.  Bring it to the alter room,
for I will have need of it after the ceremonies.  Shest told me he
senses blasphemers in our midst, and I must go to Kalistes to ask her
aid in hunting them down.

"Would that I might leave now, but Hern is ready and cannot wait.  He
must try his will against the Great Spider.  Let his fate be swift and

Beyond the arches, evil groups huddle in rapt contemplation of
something to the north.  This must be what Shal called the Temple of
Transformation, where bits of Moander's body are cleaved away, and
spill from the Vessel of Moander.  Devotees of Moander and Bane await
their portion.  Lost in their worship, no one seems to notice you.

"You might wonder at this gate's odd name, many do.  It was named
after the last of the Cadornas, Porphrys.  The Cadornas owned the
great textile house which made them a very wealthy and influential

"Porphrys advanced to rule the council, and many respected and trusted
him.  People had forgotten that he was cursed as a child, possessed by
the spirit of fire.

"In manhood, he made pacts with the Zhentarim and other evils, if you
can believe it, wanting even more power.  But a party of heroes put an
end to his menace.  They were quite like yourselves, perhaps you know

"I came here to get away from the evils of the world, but there's no
escape.  They hound me and hound me.  The cultists would kill me if
they didn't think I held the secret to controlling the bits of
Moander.  I would almost welcome it.  "But you seek to destroy
Tanetal, eh? I'd welcome that the more, for then I would have some

"You presumed to think that your puny efforts could distract me?
Without a pause my great intellect has folded you into the solution
for larger problems.  I wish to gather higher tribute from the drow.
In my tomes I have found the name of a creature who will help me
subjugate them -- and the dreary fool Marcus, and that imbecile Arcam,

"You will help me welcome my new friend! Here in my conjurer's circle,
he will dine splendidly on your bones." Words spill from his lips as
he begins the incantation.

"Them monuments they building in the square? Word is they're living
tombs for old master Gothmenes' foes.  Eternal prisons filled with
treasures and dreams what can't never be used."

"The vampire's blood was not easy to come by, and I know you need it
for creating the next dracolich.  You will remember that when you
choose who is to become that dracolich."

"You have proven yourself twice over," answers Modthryth. "I will not

"Sasha spurned my love.  I offered her everything -- a place at my
side, power, wealth -- but she would have none of it.  She said my
association with the Black Circle made me repulsive.  How was I to
know? I was their victim as well; but she said I was a coward.

"I was so filled with anger and jealousy! Then Cadorna came to me and
I hit upon a plan.  If I rescued her from Cadorna, she would think me
a hero; she would be mine.  But Cadorna was too strong with Gothmenes
aid and again I am duped by those I hate, and accused by those I

"The Vaasans are using earth and fire elementals to create a massive
tunnel for their armies.  With the passes blocked, they have no other
way to reach the Moonsea.

"The elementals are drawn to the power of the Oakroot Staff, the World
Stone, the Crucible of Flame, and the Lindenwood Staff here in the
ruins.  These artifacts were created long ago by a wizard from Thar."

"Welcome great heroes.  You have over come the evil of Bane and
restored the Realms.  Now you have a simpler task--survival.  Wend
your way through this maze and locate the exit.  Of course, you may
encounter a few challenges along the way.  Survive or not, it is up to

The Times of Woe are upon us.  Darkness has overwhelmed the sun and
the catacombs below are overrun with shades.  We have taken to going
about the temple in groups of three or more.  It is unsafe otherwise.

Now, a vision of a long-dead legend haunts our belfry.  She won't
allow us to ring the bells to gather our flock.  Many tried and have
disappeared; even our most stalwart priests have tried, but all to the
same end.

Tomorrow, we leave to gather the common folk in the temple's vicinity
and lead them to safety.  I pray for our safe return as well.

"You did not fulfill your contract.  Other, more capable hands, did
the work for you and I gave them the money.  If you want your money,
you will have to talk to them.

"Do it quickly, though.  I shall launch my forces soon, and the sweep
through the countryside will take them as well.  Bane will have me to
thank for establishing strongholds.  Having his good favor, Thorne
will not dare to interfere."

"Worshippers will pay great homage to you.  They will give you
treasure and make sacrifices to you.  Already, you are a mighty
dragon, but as a dracolich, none shall stand against you.

"As soon as I gain a potion of invulnerability, I will be ready to
perform the transformation.

"If you agree, you can be the next and most powerful dracolich."

"Forgive my intrusion on your quarters.  I meant to be done with my
cleaning, but felt the need to rest a moment.  My husband and I have
been running this house under severe duress for some time now, and I
am weary.

"Evil seems to be on the run, but still we battle on.  How much longer
either side can hold, I do not know.  What I can say is that dark
Mulmaster city seems to carry on with an invigored desperation.

"Many of those cursed banite priests have been afoot.  They search for
'the dangerous ones'.  On what reasoning, I do not know.

"We dispatch them as we are able, but our position is tenuous.  For
our safety, we aid as many as we harm.  I fear that for the good,
something must happen soon."

You see a great army of elves engaged in battle with Moander.  The
elves loose a tremendous arrow, laced with magic, and it lodges in
Moander's heart.

"Modthryth abuses the power Thorne gave him.  No more is he simply
acting as Thorne's lieutenant.  Rather he seeks his own glory and the
revival of the Cult of the Dragon.

"Not willing to settle for any dragon, he fosters bitterness between
the dragons to weed out the less powerful.  Thorne will kill him when
he discovers the treachery."


Our allegiance with the Zhentarim bears fruit.  They have taken live,
a young, silver dragon.  It is coming here for the laboratory.  It
will produce for us much of the holy Fire of Night.  I look forward to
welcoming many new sisters to my web.

I do not believe that the young worm will fit in any of the normal
cells.  You must make special arrangements for its brief stay among

- Ahdk, Hand of Kalistes

"Before the storms began, I was taken from a prison in Phlan.  Even
the best of thieves find themselves in prison once in a while, but to
be held as fodder for the dragons is too much for me.  I escaped a few
days ago and was looking to take a few things in payment for my

"But it hasn't been easy.  I've never seen the likes of this dragon,
Thorne.  'Nasty' isn't the word for him.  Plus, I've heard he has the
horn of a beast from beyond the world and that's how he makes the
storms.  Some say the creature's spirit haunts the cave, others say
the Realms will face certain doom if the horn is heard three times.

"But I have a plan to exact my revenge.  Depriving the dragons of
their treasure will be a far greater revenge than killing them.

"It occurs to me, however, that should we team up against them, we
could liberate even more treasure.

"I show you the ways of this cave and you provide some insurance in
case we run into any of the nasties.  The dragons owe me for the past
month, so I get first claim on any treasure.  But there'll be enough
for all."

"I am the leader of the Swanmays -- a band of rogue drow.  We were
resting in Zhentil Keep when the evil struck.

"After the storms came, and the sun was covered, drow came up from the
sewers and attacked the city.  They took many prisoners, and brought
them underground.  We followed them here, but they were expecting us.

"We were ambushed.  I slipped away in the confusion, but the drow
captured the rest.  They are being held in the dungeons to the east.
I need your help to rescue the prisoners -- my Swanmays, and the
citizens of Zhentil Keep.  If you do, I'll help you get to Kalistes."

Long ago, when the Dalelands were being founded, there was a King of
Elves named Alanor.  He had a daughter, Laurellin, who was said to be
especially fair even among the elvenfolk.  A human hero, Brimwulf,
chanced to catch Laurellin watering her horse at a forest pond and the
two fell in love.

Unfortunately, Alanor had made plans to marry Laurellin to an elven
noble and forbade her to ever see the human adventurer again.
Laurellin ran weeping to Brimwulf to tell him of her fate, but the
hero persuaded his princess to run away with him to Hillsfar.

When the city was fully under siege, Brimwulf was visited at night by
a spirit from the hero's patron deity, Tyr.  The spirit told Brimwulf
to take his bride and flee by night to preserve his life for Tyr's
purposes later, else he would surely die on the morrow.

Brimwulf could not stomach leaving his men in the High Elf's clutches
and instead made a bargain to serve Tyr after this death.  The spirit
agreed and left.

Brimwulf led a sortie against King Alanor the next day, and fought
valiantly, struggling to the High Elf's standard itself.  There he
slew Laurellin's father, but was slain himself.  When Laurellin heard
of the deaths of both her father and her husband, her heart was bereft
of all the gentle emotions and she flung herself from the heights of
Hillsfar in despair.

It is said that Brimwulf now waits in his tomb for Tyr's summons and
Laurellin is doomed to walk the land wailing for her dead lover until
she finds him again.

The Flaming Sword was forged in the battle fought between Bane and
Tempus.  The battle raged for a year and a day and their ringing blows
could be heard throughout the Realms, but neither could gain the upper
hand.  Finally, they clashed together with a tremendous concussion
which rocked the firmament, and from that blow fell a shard of flaming
steel.  Bane picked up the shard and fled the field.  That shard has
become the Flaming Sword and the one who wields it will be invincible.

"Sasha is the final grace which will make Dark Phlan the jewel of the
new Realms.  Gothmenes recognized this and has offered to preside over
my wedding.  I am sure you share my pleasure at being so honored.

"Shortly, you will see my bride as she tours our fine city.  Give her
the welcome she deserves.  Make her feel at home.

"After our certain victory has been made fact, Sasha and I will enjoy
our honeymoon traveling in our new lands and sampling the novel
pleasures they offer.

"Let the celebrations begin!"

Freed, the slaves of the drow shake off the effects of spider poison,
and rummage about for weapons.  A man tells you, "If you're going to
go on, you have a scary choice ahead.  They divided up the slaves
here.  Most went to the right.  If you want to free them, go that way.
A few of the most beautiful were taken to the left.  They were never
seen again!"

"We have lived here for a long time in quiet obscurity.  Many of my
brethern were unhappy and now that Bane's shadow stretches across the
Realms, we thought it best to get involved and help him.  How to do
that? By returning one of his pets to him.  Tyranthraxus.

"The Maharajah discovered how to transfer life essence from one body
to the next, so we found the remains of Tyranthraxus and began the
process of reanimating him.  Since your knights were conveniently
close, we used their bodies.  I assure you that you will lose no more.
The work on Tyranthraxus is all but complete."

The two women circle each other warily.  A contest of wills seems to
be taking place. "Join me," one hisses. "I hold the key to the power
of a god!" "Join me," the other whispers. "I have the strength to
throw down that key!" They circle each other again.

Suddenly one charges forward, deadly magic forming in her hands.  The
other throws down her weapon.  They embrace, and suddenly there is one
woman, a new light glancing from her eyes.

"Hurry! she calls to you. "The overlord, Tanetal, is preparing to
leave his lair at Moander's core! He will come here in force! Flee to
the Vessel of Moander!" With a flick of her hand she vanishes.

"I rejoiced when you escaped, Storm.  I felt I could face whatever
death my fate decreed.  When we reached the Parlor and were told our
duties, I prayed for that death.

"We are nursemaids, Storm, nursemaids for hellspawn.  We warm their
eggs, we help them hatch, we provide their sport.  We--" her voice
drops as she looks away -- "feed them.  From our own ranks.  The old
and tired provide their suppers."

Arta catches Storm's arm pleadingly, "Kill them! You must kill the
children, too!"

Suddenly, Dennia stiffens. "There," she whispers, staring intently at
an empty dark corner. "The assassin.  Help me, please.  You must
help." She bursts forward with a cry.  As the guards wheel about,
Daris rushes forward.

"With this ring, Kalistes robbed the sun of its light.  Now that she
is lost, it will shine again.

"This is a bitter blow to Bane.  In the eternal night forced by the
power of the Crystal Ring, creatures of darkness were free to wander
as they would.  Now, at least they are confined to nocturnal activity.
No longer will vampires fly at noon!"


To Ungleow, Leader of the Fire Giants,

We have succeeded in taking over a wing of the steading.  This hill
giant shaman seems a fool, and I don't see much opposition to your
plans.  He has not even noticed all the troops you have siphoned off.
It is chaos here as usual, and the countryside is at its weakest.  We
should move now, or risk Thorne's intervention.

I would remind you of your promises, and, again, pledge my service to
you.  Javin, Fire Knife Commander

"The woman with Marcus is not my sister.  She is me.  A part of me.
My evil side.  Marcus used his cleaving magics to make me into two
beings, one of who would agree to do his will.  He calls her Petra.

"Do you see why I must be brought to her? Only I can bring
her--my--powers back to the aid of Phlan.  And even if I should die
along the way, reunion with her could make me live again!"

Suddenly a female drow bursts into the room, dagger drawn. "Hern! To
me!" she cries as guards wheel about, surprised.

The hill giants describe their plan in monosyllables, with much
fumbling over the details.  As best as you can make out, the giants
have rigged a wall of the fire giant mage's quarters to collapse.  The
cave-in, they assure you, will kill the shaman and cause enough
confusion to allow you to escape.

"Seek out the Flaming Sword.  It's wielder is Bane's vengeance
manifest and grows more powerful with each setback you cause him.
With the Flaming Sword wrested from his control, you will be able to
defeat him."

Locaste gives a great cry, and the party halts before what appears to
be an unbroken wall of tightly-packed gossamer.  It shimmers in the
pale light.  Locaste's mount rises up on its rear four legs and waves
the others, both drow and spider, about, its face a mask of fear.
Locaste drives it down with a word.  Even from a distance, her jaw
appears set, and her eyes burn fiercely.  She holds up the Wand and

After a breathless eternity, the gossamer wall erupts.  Spiders of all
shapes and sizes squeeze their way through, or leap off the top, or
pop up through trap doors and scuttle toward her.  Her escort turns
and runs, but Locaste waits.  Two Pets appear among the spiders and
approach Locaste in a slow, almost stately sidelong march, tossing
aside the unlucky spiders that get in their way.

They stop in front of Locaste.  One loops a noose of new, still-wet
silk about the drider's neck.  Then both of them turn and lead it
forward, up to the wall, then through it.  Locaste is gone.

"I thank you for your help.  Now my Swanmays are free to fight against
the scourge of Bane.  I will now help you.

"Drow alchemists are draining the life force of good creatures, and
using it to make the evil fluid, Fire of Night.  Kalistes uses it to
make her pets.  They store it in a fountain on these grounds.
Kalistes would be greatly hurt if you destroy this fountain.

"The fountain is guarded by many traps.  The first is a series of
gates.  Passing through some will harm you.  Part of the wall is an
illusion.  The second trap is a narrow bridge over a pit of spikes.
When you step on the bridge, there will be a flash of light.  Cover
your eyes! I know nothing of the last traps.  There is a secret door
to Kalistes' temple grounds somewhere in the fountain chamber."

She hands you a metal amulet with the swan symbol of the Swanmays on
it. "Show this at the west guard post.  The sergeant is loyal to my
family, and will let you by.  And take these arms, you will need them
against the drow." She leaves and follows the Swanmays back to Zhentil

"When we left the crater, Council Member Sasha ordered us to continue
to Thar.  As the only surviving member of the council, she was the
only person capable of gathering the scattered forces of our army.
She pressed on to Thar to see if Quil and Kimarr really had found
Taydome's Keep.  With the Keep in her possession, she could rule the
giants as Taydome had ages ago.  With ogre and giant allies, she
thought Plhan could resist the evil of Bane's minions.

"We found the Keep, following the mages' map.  The place was quiet so
we began to relax.  When we were resting, ogres ambushed us and the
captain went down right away.  As I escaped, I saw one of those mages
just watching the fight.  I am not sure which one was the traitor,
Quil or Kimarr, but if you ask me, I wouldn't trust either of em'.

"You must rescue the council member.  I know she is trying, but
without her, we cannot rally our scattered forces.  I would go but my
wounds would only slow you down."

"We encountered citizens in the wilderness, speaking of horrors
happening throughout the land.  Council Member Sasha told them she
would not detour from her task, but some joined us to follow the Phlan
banner.  We met many ogres and giants in Thar, and our party was less
than a dozen when we reached Taydome's Keep.  We were ambushed in the
Library by the two mages, Quil and Kimarr.  They came out of nowhere.
I think they must have found secret passages in the Keep.  We were
captured, but I managed to elude my guards.  I fear that I cannot
retrace my steps.  I am weak, but will give you what aid I can."

"These are called Daggers of the Mind.  Be careful -- the blades are
coated with a deadly poison.  The slightest scratch will kill you.

"Each drow who must face Shest is given this weapon.  During the final
test, Shest decides if the drow is too weak to become a great magic
user.  All who fail become driders, as my daughter did.  But is said
that during one terrible instant, while he yet retains his will and
thoughts, a drow can feel the transformation begin.  At this time the
drow may use this dagger to end it.  Permanently.

"The amulet is prized among my people.  Those who carry it cannot be
sensed by spiders."

"Guard yourselves.  Guard our Lady.  Guard the hands that open doors.
I sense among us someone who is not of us and who wishes us harm.
Everyone, go now.  Guard our Lady and her hands that open doors."

The woman sees the body of Shal, and utters a long unearthly wail of
despair.  Then, with a mad glint in her eyes, she turns on you. "Could
you not have saved me? Now my will to resist evil is most certainly
dead.  There is nothing left but the dark forgetful embrace of
Moander -- for me and for you." Darting forward, she snatches up the
body, and flees to the north.

...and it has been made known that my Lord Taydome has agreed to help
the ogres and giants with their concerns, especia...

...and their war with the Gold Dragons, in return for their servitude.
The debt is to be extended to one thousand generations.  I have seen
him work this contract into a spell confined to the walls of the Keep.
Not all of the giant tribes have agreed, for many consider extension
of debt to posterity a grave injustice.  But those who have agreed to
his treaty...

...has cast the spell several times today, each time enslaving more
ogres and giants.  My Lord considers it payment for the number of his
human servants the monsters have slain outside the walls of his Keep
and hence outside of the range of his spell.  They dare not take his
life, for he still has some usefulness to them, but I fear for mine.

"Yes, I am back here.  You remember I tried to ascend the tower.  I
fell with wounds that seemed fatal.  But Marcus had me healed and
imprisoned once again.  Perhaps he is afraid of what Petra might do if
I were to die."

"Traned, my dear fellows, at your service!" The irrepressible halfling
woman takes a bow. "Until lately a Tragedian, now I act like a drow
female for a living! And look! It pays well!" She displays her drow
armor, weapons and a silver shield.

"Hey, good to see someone's come to help us folks out.  Did you happen
to step on the vile Manshoon on your way in? He's the evil man that's
partners with the drow.  Magic or not, I'd like to put an arrow into
him.  Can I join up with you?"


You see in the distance a tall black slab rising out of the trees of
the Elven Court.  Around the base, a stone wall surrounds a wild
garden.  As you draw closer, the foul mists that shroud the top of the
monolith dissipate for a moment, and you see the tower rises to meet a
small dot suspended high in the sky.

"Deliberately, we think, Marcus chose to destroy one of our
underground cities when he entombed Phlan below this tower.  He hates
the drow! We hear tell that a woman mage with him is the key to his
burgeoning power.  We aim to kill her.  Will you help us? Do you know
anything about her?"


Class   Ability   Dwarf    Elf    Gnome   Half-Elf   Halfling   Human
Cleric   Any       No       No     No      5          No         max
Fighter  Str 16-   7        5      5       6          4          max
         Str 17    8        6      5       7          5          max
         Str 18+   9        7      6       8          6          max
Paladin  Any       No       No     No      No         No         max
Ranger   Str 16-   No       No     No      6          No         max
         Str 17    No       No     No      7          No         max
         Str 18+   No       No     No      8          No         max
  User   Int 16-   No       9      No      6          No         max
         Int 17    No       10     No      7          No         max
         Int 18    No       11     No      8          No         max
Thief    Any       max      max    max     max        max        max

No:  Characters of this race cannot be of this class
Max:  Highest Level Available in Pools of Darkness


            Dwarf      Elf       Gnome      Half-Elf  Halfling    Human
Ability     (M/F)     (M/F)      (M/F)       (M/F)     (M/F)      (M/F)
  Min.      8/8        3/3        6/6        3/3        6/6        3/3
  Max*     18(99)/17  18(75)/16  18(50)/15  18(90)/17  17/14  18(00)/18(50)
  Min.      3/3        8/8        7/7        4/4        6/6        3/3
  Max.      18/18      18/18     18/18      18/18      18/18      18/18
  Min.      3/3        3/3        3/3        3/3        3/3        3/3
  Max.      18/18      18/18     18/18      18/18      17/17      18/18
  Min.      3/3        7/7        3/3        6/6        8/8        3/3
  Max.      17/17      19/19     18/18      18/18      18/18      18/18
  Min.      12/12      6/6        8/8        6/6       10/10       3/3
  Max.      19/19      18/18     18/18      18/18      19/19      18/18
  Min.      3/3        8/8        3/3        3/3        3/3        3/3
  Max.      16/16      18/18     18/18      18/18      18/18      18/18

Exceptional strength bonuses available only to fighter-type characters
(fighters, paladins, and rangers).


Class          Max Armor           Shield
Cleric           Any                Any
Fighter          Any                Any
Paladin          Any                Any
Ranger           Any                Any
Knight           Any                Any
Magic-User       None               None
Thief            Elfin Chain Mail   None


Class          Level               Attacks Per Round
Fighter         1-6                        1/1
Paladin         1-6                        1/1
Ranger          1-7                        1/1
Fighter         7-12                       3/2
Paladin         7-12                       3/2
Ranger          8-14                       3/2
Fighter         13+                        2/1
Paladin         13+                        2/1
Ranger          15+                        2/1


Armor Type         Weight in Sp.      Ac      Maximum Movement(1)
None                     0            10        12 Squares
Shield(2)               50             9             -
Leather                150             8        12 Squares
Padded                 100             8         9 Squares
Studded                200             7         9 Squares
Ring Mail              250             7         9 Squares
Scale Mail             400             6         6 Squares
Chain Mail             300             5         9 Squares
Elfin Chain Mail       150             5        12 Squares
Banded                 350             4         9 Squares
Splint Mail            400             4         6 Squares
Plate                  450             3         6 Squares

1 - A character carrying many objects, including a large number of
coins, can be limited in movement to a minimum of 3 squares per turn.
2 - A shield subtracts 1 AC from any armor it is used with.


Name                   Damage Vs.  Damage Vs. Larger  Number of   Class
                       Man Sized    Than Man Sized      Hands
Axe, Battle                1-8           1-8             1          f
Axe, Hand                  1-6           1-4             1          f
Bow, Composite Long(1)     1-6           1-6             2          f
Bow, Composite Short(1)    1-6           1-6             2          f
Bow, Long(1)               1-6           1-6             2          f
Bow, Short(1)              1-6           1-6             2         f,th
Club                       1-6           1-3             1       f,cl,th
Crossbow, Light(2)         1-4           1-4             2          f
Dagger                     1-4           1-3             1       f,mu,th
Dart                       1-3           1-2             1       f,mu,th
Flail                      2-7           2-8             1         f,cl
Halberd                    1-10          2-12            2          f
Hammer                     2-5           1-4             1         f,cl
Javelin                    1-6           1-6             1          f
Mace                       2-7           1-6             1         f,cl
Morning Star               2-8           2-7             1          f
Pick, Military             2-7           2-8             1          f
Pike, Awl                  1-6           1-12            2          f
Scimitar                   1-8           1-8             1         f,th
Sling                      1-4           1-4             1       f,th,mu
Staff, Sling               1-8           2-8             2         f,cl
Staff, Quarter             1-6           1-6             2       f,mu,cl
Sword, Bastard             2-8           2-16            2          f
Sword, Broad               2-8           2-7             1         f,th
Sword, Long                1-8           1-12            1         f,th
Sword, Short               1-6           1-8             1         f,th
Sword, 2-Handed            1-10          3-18            2          f
Spear                      1-6           1-8             1          f
Trident                    2-7           3-12            1          f

1 - Must have ready arrows to fire.  Two attacks per round.
2 - Must have readu bolts to fire.  one attack per round.

f=fighter, cl=cleric, th=thief, mu=magic-user


This is a listing of spells available to player characters as they
gain in level.  The following are abbreviations used in the list.

Cmbt = Combat only spell                   r = combat rounds
Camp = Camp only spell                     t = turns
Both = Camp or Combat spell             /lvl = per level of caster
   T = Touch Range                   targets = aim at each target
 dia = diameter                          rad = radius
 All = All characters in combat


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Bless                   Both     6     5 dia     6r
Curse                   Cmbt     6     5 dia     6r
Cure Light Wounds       Both     T       1       -
Cause Light Wounds      Cmbt     T       1       -
Detect Magic            Both     0       1       1t
Protection from Evil    Both     T       1       3r/lvl
Protection from Good    Both     T       1       3r/lvl
Resist Cold             Both     T       1       1t/lvl


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Find Traps              Camp     3      1       3t
Hold Person             Cmbt     6      1-3     4r+1/lvl
Resist Fire             Both     T      1       1t/lvl
Silence 15' Radius      Cmbt     12     3 dia   2r/lvl
Slow Poison             Both     T      1       1 hour/lvl
Snake Charm             Cmbt     3      All     5-8r
Spiritual Hammer        Cmbt     3      1       1r/lvl


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Cure Blindness          Both     T      1       -
Cause Blindness         Cmbt     T      1       -
Cure Disease            Camp     T      1       -
Casue Disease           Cmbt     T      1       -
Dispel Magic            Both     6      3x3s    -
Prayer                  Both     0      All     1r/lvl
Remove Curse            Both     T      1       -
Bestow Curse            Cmbt     T      1       1t/lvl


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Cure Serious Wounds     Both     T      1       -
Cause Serious Wounds    Cmbt     T      1       -
Neutralize Poison       Both     T      1       -
Poison                  Cmbt     T      1       -
Protection from
  Evil 10' Radius       Both     T      2dia    1t/lvl
Sticks to Snakes        Cmbt     3      1       2r/lvl


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Cure Critical Wounds    Both     T      1        -
Cause Critical Wounds   Cmbt     T      1        -
Dispel Evil             Cmbt     T      1        1t/lvl
Flame Strike            Cmbt     6      1        -
Raise Dead              Camp     3      1        -
Slay Living             Cmbt     3      1        -


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Blade Barrier           Cmbt     3    Special   3t/lcl
Harm                    Cmbt     T      1       -
Heal                    Both     T      1       -


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Destruction             Cmbt     T      1       -
Energy Drain            Cmbt     T      1       -
Resurrection            Camp     T      1       -
Restoration             Camp     T      1       -


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Detect Magic            Both     0      1       12r
Entagle                 Cmbt     8      4dia    1t
Faerie Fire             Cmbt     8      8dia    4r/lvl
Invisibility to Animals Both     T      1       1t+1r/lvl


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Barkskin                Both     T    Creature  4r+1r/lvl
Charm Person/Mammal     Cmbt     8      1       Special


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Cure Disease            Camp     T      1       -
Hold Animal             Cmbt     8      1-4     2r/lvl
Neutralize Poison       Both     T      1       -
Protection from Fire    Both     T      1       Special


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Burning Hands           Cmbt     T      3s      -
Charm Person            Cmbt     12     1       -
Detect Magic            Both     6      1       2r/lvl
Enlarge                 Both   .5/lvl   1       1t/lvl
Reduce                  Both   .5/lvl   1       -
Friends                 Cmbt     0      All     1r/lvl
Magic Missile           Cmbt    6+lvl   1       -
Protection from Evil    Both     T      1       2r/lvl
Protection from Good    Both     T      1       22/lvl
Read Magic              Camp     0      1       2r/lvl
Shield                  Cmbt     0      1       5r/lvl
Shocking Grasp          Cmbt     T      1       -
Sleep                   Cmbt    3+lvl  1-16     5r/lvl


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Detect Invisibility     Both   1/lvl    1       5r/lvl
Invisibility            Both     T      1       Special
Knock                   Camp     6     1s/lvl   -
Mirror Image            Both     0      1       2r/lvl
Ray of Enfeeblement     Cmbt 1+.25/lvl  1       1r/lvl
Stinking Cloud          Cmbt     3     2x2s     1r/lvl
Strength                Both     T      1       6t/lvl


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Blink                   Both     0      1       1r/lvl
Dispel Magic            Both     12    3x3s      -
Fireball                Cmbt   10+lvl  5/7dia    -
Haste                   Both     6     4x4s     3r+1/lvl
Hold Person             Cmbt     12    1-4      2r/vl
  10' Radius            Both     T     2dia     Special
Lightning Bolt          Cmbt    4+lvl  4,8       -
Protection from Evil
  10' Radius            Both     T     2dia     2r/lvl
Protection from Good
  10' Radius            Both     T     2dia     2r/lvl
Protection from
  Normal Missiles       Both     T      1       1t/lvl
Slow                    Cmbt    9+lvl  4x4s     3r+1/lvl


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Charm Monster           Cmbt     6      1       Special
Confusion               Cmbt    12     2-16     2r+1/lvl
Dimension Door          Cmbt     0      1        -
Fear                    Cmbt     0     6x3cone  1r/lvl
Fire Shield(2 types)    Both     0      1       2r+1/lvl
Fumble                  Cmbt   1/lvl    1       1r/lvl
Ice Storm(Dmg only)     Cmbt   1/lvl   4dia      -
Min Glove of
  invulnerability       Both     0      1       1r/lvl
Remove Curse            Both     T      1        -
Bestow Curse            Cmbt     T      1       1t/lvl


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
CloudKill               Cmbt     1     3x3      1r/lvl
Cone of Cold            Cmbt     0    .5/lvl c  -
Feeblemind              Cmbt    1/lvl   1       -
Hold Monster            Cmbt   .5/lvl   1-4     1r/lvl


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Death Spell             Cmbt     1     .5/lvl   -
Disintegrate            Cmbt   .5/lvl  Special  -
Flesh to Stone          Cmbt    1/lvl   1       -
Globe of
  Invulnerability       Both     0      1       1r/lvl
Stone to Flesh          Both    1/lvl   1       -
Flesh to Stone          Cmbt    1/lvl   1       -


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration   Robe
Delayed Blast
  Fire Ball             Cmbt  10+1/lvl 5/7dia   Special   Both
Mass Invisibility       Both    1/lvl  Special  Special   Red
Power Word, Stun        Cmbt   .5/lvl   1       Special   Both


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration   Robe
Mass Charm              Cmbt   .5/lvl Special   Special   White
Mind Blank              Both     3      1       1 day     White
Otto's Irresistable
  Dance                 Cmbt     T      1       2-5r      White
Power Word, Blind       Cmbt   .5/lvl  3dia     Special   Both


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration   Robe
Meteor Swarm            Cmbt  4+1/lvl Special   -         Both
Monster Summoning       Cmbt     0    Special   Special   Both
Power Word, Kill        Cmbt  .25/lvl Special   -         Both


The following charts show the amount of experience a character must
earn in order to gain a level in his character class.  The charts also
list the number of spells that a character can have memorized at one
time.  Fighters and Thieves can never memorize spells.

Remember that all experience earned by a non-human, multiple-class
character is divided by the number of classes the character has.  The
experience is divided even after the character has reached his maximum
level in a particular class.  A Human dual-class character only earns
experience in his second class.  The character cannot use the
abilities of his first class until his level in his second class
exceeds his level in his first class.

                                       Number of Magic-User Spells per Level
Level  Experience           Hit Dice  1   2   3   4   5   6    7    8    9
1      0-2,500               1d4      1   -   -   -   -   -    -    -    -
2      2,501-5,000           2d4      2   -   -   -   -   -    -    -    -
3      5,001-10,000          3d4      2   1   -   -   -   -    -    -    -
4      10,001-22,500         4d4      3   2   -   -   -   -    -    -    -
5      22,501-40,500         5d4      4   2   1   -   -   -    -    -    -
6      40,001-60,000         6d4      4   2   2   -   -   -    -    -    -
7      60,001-90,000         7d4      4   3   2   1   -   -    -    -    -
8      90,001-135,000        8d4      4   3   3   2   -   -    -    -    -
9      135,001-250,000       9d4      4   3   3   2   1(1)-    -    -    -
10     250,001-375,000      10d4      4   4   3   2   2   -    -    -    -
11     375,001-750,000      11d4      4   4   4   3   3   -    -    -    -
12     750,001-1,125,000    11d4+1    4   4   4   4   4   1(2) -    -    -
13     1,125,001-1,500,000  11d4+2    5   5   5   4   4   2    -    -    -
14     1,500,001-1,875,000  11d4+3    5   5   5   4   4   2    1(3) -    -
15     1,875,001-2,250,000  11d4+4    5   5   5   5   5   2    1    -    -
16     2,250,001-2,625,000  11d4+5    5   5   5   6   5   3    2    1(4) -
17     2,625,001-3,000,000  11d4+6    5   5   5   6   5   3    3    2    -
18     3,000,001-3,375,000  11d4+7    5   5   5   5   5   3    3    2   1(5)

Each level after 18th requires 375,000 experience points and character
gains 1 hit point.

1 Usable only with 10+ intelligence.
2 Usable only with 12+ intelligence.
3 Usable only with 14+ intelligence.
4 Usable only with 16+ intelligence.
5 Usable only with 18+ intelligence.

                                     Number of Cleric Spells per Level
Level  Experience          Hit Dice    1   2   3   4   5   6    7
1      0-1,500              1d8        1   -   -   -   -   -    -
2      1,501-3,000          2d8        2   -   -   -   -   -    -
3      3,001-6,000          3d8        2   1   -   -   -   -    -
4      6,001-13,000         4d8        3   2   -   -   -   -    -
5      13,001-27,500        5d8        3   3   1   -   -   -    -
6      27,501-55,000        6d8        3   3   2   -   -   -    -
7      55,001-110,000       7d8        3   3   2   1   -   -    -
8      110,001-225,000      8d8        3   3   3   2   -   -    -
9      225,001-450,000      9d8        4   4   3   2   1   -    -
10     450,001-675,000      9d8+2      4   4   3   3   2   -    -
11     675,001-900,000      9d8+4      5   4   4   3   2   1(1) -
12     900,001-1,125,000    9d8+6      6   5   5   3   2   2    -
13     1,125,001-1,350,000  9d8+8      6   6   6   4   2   2    -
14     1,350,001-1,575,000  9d8+10     6   6   6   5   3   2    -
15     1,575,001-1,800,000  9d8+12     7   7   7   5   4   2    -
16     1,800,001-2,025,000  9d8+14     7   7   7   6   5   3    1(2)
17     2,025,001-2,250,000  9d8+16     8   8   8   6   5   3    1
18     2,250,001-2,475,000  9d8+18     8   8   8   7   6   4    1

Each level after 18th requires 250,000 experience points and character
gains 2 hit points.
1 - Usable only with 17+ wisdom.
2 - Usable only with 18+ wisdom.


Wisdom              1   2   3   4
9-12                -   -   -   -
13                  +1  -   -   -
14                  +2  -   -   -
15                  +2  +1  -   -
16                  +2  +2  -   -
17                  +2  +2  +1  -
18                  +2  +2  +1  +1

Note that these bonus spells are only available when the cleric is
entitled to spells of tha applicable level.  Thus an 8th-level cleric
with a Wisdom of 18 can memorize the following spells:

                                      Number of Spells
                                      1   2   3   4   5
8th-level Cleric with 18 Wisdom       5   5   4   3   -


Level      Experience           Hit Dice
 1         0-2,000               1d10
 2         2,001-4,000           2d10
 3         4,001-8,000           3d10
 4         8,001-18,000          4d10
 5         18,001-35,000         5d10
 6         35,001-70,000         6d10
 7         70,001-125,000        7d10
 8         125,001-250,000       8d10
 9         250,001-500,000       9d10
10         500,001-750,000       9d10+3
11         750,001-1,000,000     9d10+6
12         1,000,001-1,250,000   9d10+9
13         1,250,001-1,500,000   9d10+12
14         1,500,001-1,750,000   9d10+15
15         1,750,001-1,925,000   9d10+18
16         2,000,001-2,250,000   9d10+21
17         2,500,001-2,750,000   9d10+24
18         3,000,001-3,250,000   9d10+27

Each level after 18th requires 250,000 experience points, and the
character gains 3 hit points.


Level       Experience          Hit Dice
  1         0-1,250              1d6
  2         1,251-2,500          2d6
  3         2,501-5,000          3d6
  4         5,001-10,000         4d6
  5         10,001-20,000        5d6
  6         20,001-42,500        6d6
  7         42,501-70,000        7d6
  8         70,001-110,000       8d6
  9         110,001-160,000      9d6
 10         160,001-220,000      10d6
 11         220,001-440,000      10d6+2
 12         440,001-660,000      10d6+4
 13         660,001-880,000      10d6+6
 14         880,001-1,100,000    10d6+8
 15         1,100,001-1,320,000  10d6+10
 16         1,320,001-1,540,000  10d6+12
 17         1,540,001-1,760,000  10d6+14
 18         1,760,001-1,980,000  10d6+16

Each level after 18th requires 220,000 experience points and the
character gains 2 hit points.

                                               Number of
PALADIN                                      Clerical Spells

Level   Experience             Hit Dice       1   2   3   4
  1     0-2,750                 1d10          -   -   -   -
  2     2,751-5,500             2d10          -   -   -   -
  3     5,501-12,000            3d10          -   -   -   -
  4     12,001-24,000           4d10          -   -   -   -
  5     24,001-45,000           5d10          -   -   -   -
  6     45,001-95,000           6d10          -   -   -   -
  7     95,001-175,000          7d10          -   -   -   -
  8     175,001-350,000         8d10          -   -   -   -
  9     350,001-700,000         9d10          1   -   -   -
 10     700,001-1,050,000       9d10+3        2   -   -   -
 11     1,050,001-1,400,000     9d10+6        2   1   -   -
 12     1,400,001-1,750,000     9d10+9        2   2   -   -
 13     1,750,001-2,100,000     9d10+12       2   2   1   -
 14     2,100,001-2,450,000     9d10+15       3   2   1   -
 15     2,450,001-2,800,000     9d10+18       3   2   1   1
 16     2,800,001-3,150,000     9d10+21       3   3   1   1
 17     3,150,001-3,500,000     9d10+24       3   3   2   1
 18     3,500,001-3,850,000     9d10+27       3   3   3   1

Each level after 18th requires 350,000 experience points and the
character gains 3 hit points.

                                                Number of Spells
                                                    Per Level
RANGER                                         Druid    Magic-User

Level   Experience             Hit Dice       1  2  3     1  2
 1      0-2,250                 2d8           -  -  -     -  -
 2      2,251-4,500             3d8           -  -  -     -  -
 3      4,501-10,000            4d8           -  -  -     -  -
 4      10,001-20,000           5d8           -  -  -     -  -
 5      20,001-40,000           6d8           -  -  -     -  -
 6      40,001-90,000           7d8           -  -  -     -  -
 7      90,001-150,000          8d8           -  -  -     -  -
 8      150,001-225,000         9d8           1  -  -     -  -
 9      225,001-325,000         10d8          1  -  -     1  -
 10     325,001-650,000         11d8          2  -  -     1  -
 11     650,001-975,000         11d8+2        2  -  -     2  -
 12     975,001-1,300,000       11d8+4        2  1  -     2  -
 13     1,300,001-1,625,000     11d8+6        2  1  -     2  1
 14     1,625,001-1,950,000     11d8+8        2  2  -     2  1
 15     1,950,001-2,275,000     11d8+10       2  2  -     2  2
 16     2,275,001-2,600,000     11d8+12       2  2  1     2  2
 17     2,600,001-2,925,000     11d8+14       2  2  2     2  2*
 18     2,925,001-3,250,000     11d8+16       2  2  2     2  2

Each level after 18th requires 325,000 experience points and the
character gains 2 hit points.

* Maximum spell ability