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Populous manual

Populous - Manual

As a Divine Being...
You have a group of followers from whom you derive your power. The 
more followers you have and the greater their achievements, the more 
power you wield. Unfortunately, there is another group of people who 
follow a different deity. Since there's barely enough room in the 
world for your own magnificence, two won't do. You must rid the world 
of the opposition. To do this, you will use your great power to move 
the earth and your devout followers to crush the misguided.

TUTORIAL - A predefined game that allows you to test our your various

CONQUEST - Conquest consists of nearly 500 fixed worlds, with each
world getting progressively harder. You'll start on Genesis. Once you've 
defeated the opposition, you're given the name of a more challenging 
world. The next world you go to depends on the final score in your 
previous game. Thehigher the score, the more difficult a world you're 
given (to match your skills). You must defeat your opponent in a world 
before you can advance to the next one.
Choose from START GAME to start the game or NEW GAME to enter the name 
of a new world. When you play in Conquest mode, you're always the Good 
supreme being. Before you enter each world, you'll get a briefing on 
the world's landscape, your enemy, and other helpful game information
Note:You cannot change any game play options or use paint map in 
conquest mode.

CUSTOM - The custom game lets you modify over 60 game parameters, 
design your own worlds and even play another human opponent on another 
computer via modem or datalink cable.

 In the top left corner of the screen you have the Book of Worlds, 
this is asmall map of the entire world that you are fighting over. The 
small black and white cross shows you where the centre of the Closeup 
map is. You will find that the cross is currently in the top corner of 
the map. Click on the Book of Worlds to move the closeup map directly 
to that point, this is the quickest way of moving around. Look for the 
blue dots, these are your people. Using the left mouse button click on 
one of the 8 directional arrows and scroll the closeup map around.
 Using the Zoom to Leader icon you will find that the closeup map is
centred on your leader, the one carrying the Ankh. The leader is vital 
to the control of your people, as he is the only Walker that you can 
directly advise and control.
Using the Zoom to Leader icon is very important to your ability to 
move quickly around the map amd for your monitoring of the progress of 
your people.
 Next you should locate the Evil leader, use the map and look around
the middle left side, you will see some red dots, these are the Evil 
walkers. The Evil leader carries the small skull with him.
 Zoom to your leader, click on the Query icon and then click on your 
leader with the top left corner of the shield. This shows the strength 
of your leader in the two bars in the bottom right corner of the large 
information shield.
See the Query section about shields for more details. Now find the 
Evil leader,place and leave the shiled on him. This allows you to see 
how strong he is and also to watch what he gets up to.
 Click on the Raise and Lower Land icon, then zoom to your leader and 
see what's happening. Then click on the Zoom to Shield icon, this now 
allows you to find and trace the Evil leader. Zoom to your leader 
 Unpause the game by clicking on the Pause icon, your leader and 
people will now walk about until they find some flat land to build on. 
As soon as they find it they will build a house. The type of house 
depends upon the area of surrounding flat land that can support the 
building. The small huts can be supported by 1 or 2 areas of land 
whereas a castle requires large areas to support it.
 Click on the Raise and Lower Land icon;this gives you a hand pointer. 
Place the pointer in the closeup map near to your leader, so that the 
small black and white cross is at the top of an angular piece of land, 
then click the right mouse button to remove that lump of land. This is 
the standard mode that you play the game in, you raise with the left 
button and lower with the right button. Raise and lower land so that 
areas of flat land appear, on to which your people can settle.
 You should now have mastered the basic techniques needed to play the 
Zoom to shield and see what the Evil leader is doing, the Evil people 
will be building flat land and building bigger houses. These are 
exactly the things that you should do to expand your domain. Click on 
the Place Papal Magnet icon, this now gives you a small Ankh cursor 
with a small black and white cross, place the cross in the bottom 
corner of an Evil building and click the left button. This will place 
your Papal Magnet in that building. Click on the Go To Papal Magnet 
mode, your people will now walk towards your leader and your leader 
will walk towards the Papal Magnet.
 Scroll the closeup map so that you can watch your leader as he walks 
towards the Papal Magnet, people should walk to your leader and join 
up with him. When he gets about half way to the Evil lands, click on 
the Settle mode icon, he should now build a house on the nearest flat 
land, as should all your otherpeople. Raise and lower land so that 
there a number of buildings on the screen.
Try and make at least one of them into a round tower or castle, make 
sure that the leader is in a castle. The leader is in the building 
with the Ankh next to it.
 Check that the pointer by the Manna Bar is past the Knight icon, if
it is, then click on the Knight Divine Intervention icon, however if 
it isn't then you must wait intil the pointer reaches that point. 
Continue if it is not past the Quake icon. When you knight your 
leader, you turn him and the building he is in, into a free spirit 
fighting force. Your knight is not under your control and will not 
follow the instructions that the rest of your people do. As you create 
a knight you will find that the Papal Magnet is moved to the point at
which your leader was knighted, this is the same effect as when your
leader is killed. Click on the Go To Papal Magnet mode so that your 
people will go to the magnet and create a new leader.
 Zoom to Knight, to find out where your knight is. You should find 
that he has walked off towards the Evil people and may have started 
attacking them. Follow your knight and see what destruction he causes 
to the buildings. When a knight destroys a house he also destroys the 
land that surrounds it; this is shown by the darker patchwork land 
that appears after the knight has been through.
 Go into Settle Mode so that your people start expanding their lands, 
click on the Book of Worlds, find some of your people and create land 
for them so that they continue to thrive and build houses. This is 
vital part of every game. You must make sure that your people are 
supplied with flat land to build on. Every now and then in the game 
you must return to your people and create some new terrain on to which 
they can settle.
 Find an area in the Evil land that is covered in nice red buildings, 
make sure that you have this in the closeup map and then click on the 
Earthquake special effects icon. this will shake the ground and 
destroy buildings in that area.
 Place your Papal Magnet in the Evil lands, preferably in one of his 
houses.Then click on Go to Papal Magnet mode so that your people walk 
towards his lands and start attacking his people. When your people get 
into his lands, click on Fight mode; this tells your people to attack 
any enemy that they can find and then build houses.
 You have now mastered the Tutorial Mode and can start Conquest mode.

This screen contains all the controls you'll need to impose dominion 
over any world. The screen is divided up into five parts: Book of 
Worlds, Closeup map,Manna Bar, Information Shield, and Command Icons.

Book of Worlds: This shows you the entire world you're in. The 
crosshair shows you where you're currently viewing. The red dots are 
the Evil walkers and the dark grey dots are Evil settlements. The blue 
dots are the Good walkers and the white dots are Good settlements. 
Light grey dots are rocks. Click on any spot on the Book of Worlds to 
bring up the immediate are on the Closeup Map.

Closeup Map: This is the area of the world you can directly influence 
using your Command Icons: add or remove layers of terrain, invoke a 
catastrophe, guide your followers, etc. See the "Closeup Map" section 
for details on what you'll see on this map.

Manna Bar: The Manna Bar shows a series of icons; these icons are your 
Divine Intervention Icons. The Raise and Lower land icon on the far 
left requires the least manna to do, while Armageddon on the far right 
requires the most. The arrow next to the Manna Bar marks what Divine 
Intervention Icons that you can use: you have the power to invoke any 
command to the left of the marker. The more manna you gather the 
farther the marker will move right, and the more commands you can 

Shield Summary: The shield gives information on the current size of 
two populations and the status of the shield bearer. See "Query" in 
the Command Icons section for complete details.

Command Icons: These icons control game play. See the Command Icons 
section for complete details.

Closeup Map 
Here are the things you'll see on your Closeup Map:

Papal Magnet. the Papal Magnet is your sacred symbol. If you're Evil 
the Papal Magnet is a Skull, if you're Good it's an Ankh. The Papal 
Magnet is the focus point through which you can control your leader 
and walkers.

People. There are three types of people in Populous. To find out the 
status of a character, use the "Query" Command Icon.

Walkers: Walkers are your primary population. Walkers do whatever you 
tell them: follow the leader and Papal Magnet, fight the enemy, settle 
in an area, etc. Use the Influence Behaviour Commands (described in 
the Command Icons section)to tell them what to do. Any time two of 
your walkers bump into each other, they combine to make one stonger 
walker. The strength of the walker depends on the numbers of members 
in the group and the weapons that they use.As the game progresses 
walkers will become more intelligent.

Leader: You can only have one leader in existence at a time. This is 
the first person who touches the papal magnet. Think of him as a High 
Priest. You always start a game with a leader.

Knight: If you have enough manna, you can turn your leader into a
knight. These are fighting machines. They look for the enemy walkers 
or settlements, kill people amd burn down settlements. The knight will 
continue to systematically destroy the enemy until he has been killed. 
You can have as many knights as you have manna to make, though they 
may join together to form a single stronger knight.

Miniature Papal Magnet. A miniature Papal Magnet is always attached to 
your leader so that you can identify him.

Settlements. Settlements range from primitive huts to intricate
castles. These are errected in areas of 5x5 or more contiguous fields. 
Once a walker settles he builds the largest settlements he can, 
determined by the proportion of that 5x5 land which is flat. Castles 
increase your population the fastest but they also take the longest to 
fill. Walkers youe ever-important pioneers, will not emerge from a 
settlement until it is full. As long as walkers do not emerge, you 
will have nobody searching for new flat lands to settle on(and 
proliferate!). There are good and bad points to having a large 
settlement as there are for small settlements. As an omnipotent being, 
you must decide which is the best move to make.

Terrain. Terrain varies from world to world. Games take place on 
worlds thatrange from hot deserts to ice masses, with each terrain 
type affecting the game in different ways. i.e Walkers die faster in 
the desert, on Ice Worlds population increases more slowly and there 
are no technology levels.

COMMAND ICONS                           
To turn a command on or off, click on the icon. When a command is on, 
the square is highlighted

Game Control Icons
These commands let you get general game play information
FX -Sound effects. Turns the sound effects on or off.
Music notes -Music. Turns the music on or off
zzZZ - Pause. Turns the game pause on or off.

Game Setup
Click on this icon to bring up your game play options. Next to each of 
the following options is a square button. Click on the button to turn 
it on or off.

When the button is out, the option is off.
When the button is in, the option is on.

One Player - Play against the computer
Two Player - Play against another player via modem or Datalink. See
       the "TwoPlayer Game" section for complete details.  
Play Game  - Select this and then click on OK to resume the game.
Paint Map  - Select this and then click on OK to use paint map mode. 
             When you use this option, the game pauses. Here are the
       keys you can use in paint mode.
         Place Good Walker.        
         Place Evil Walker.
         Place tree or plant; press  again on the same spot to
             cycle through the selection of trees and plants.
         Place rocks; press  again on the same spot to cycle
.            through the selection of rocks.
         Remove an object or person from the screen.
         Increase manna for Good.
         Increase manna for Evil.
         Mirror the landscape (make symmetrical).
        Clear the landscape of all terrain.
      Place Good leader.
      Place Evil leader.
      Lower manna for Good.
      Lower manna for Evil.
<1-4>        Select the landscape types.

Good         You control the good guys.
Evil         You control the bad guys.

Human vs Computer       You play against the computer.
Computer vs Computer    To watch the computer battle itself, choose
.                       this. You must choose a side; his is the side 
.                       whose although the computer is set to
                        fight itself, you can intervene at any time,
.                       Just issue a command the same way you would 
.                       in a regular game.

          The computer moves pretty fast, so don't be
.     surprised if you move the papal magnet and the 
.     computer immediatley moves it somewhere else.

Conquest - Play the conquest game. This brings up the World to Conquer
requester. Click on Start Game to accept the world described or click 
on New Game, type in another name and then press Return.
Custom - Play a custom game. Choose this if you want to create your 
own maps or experiment with the various oppositions. Set the options 
you want and then click OK.
Game Options - This brings up a requester with five options. The 
options you choose affect both players:
Water is fatal. Fatal automatically kills everything that falls in the 
water. With this option off, you have the opportunity to save people.
  Swamps Shallow. A person falling into a shallow swamp dies and the 
swamp disappears. Bottomless swamps don't disappear after someone 
falls into them.
  Cannot build. Neither side can raise or lower a thing. This overides 
the two other build options.
  Build up and down. Build up and down lets you build and remove 
terrain. If you turn this off, you can only add terrain.
  Build near people/towns. Determines if you can change the landscape 
when there is a person on the screen or if you must have the flag from 
a town on the Closeup Map in order to change the landscape.

Save a Game - This brings up a save game requester, this will 
catalogue the disk and list any saved games. Click in the File Name 
box and type in the file name followed by return or click on the name 
in the catalogue list. Click on the Save box to save the game to disk. 
If you are using a second drive or want to use a directory other than 
the root directory then click in the directory box and type in the 
details i.e. df1:name, this will then recatalogue the relevant disk.

Load a Game - This brings up a load game requester, this will 
catalogue thedisk and list any saved games. Click in the File Name box 
and type in the filename followed by return or click on the name in 
the catalogue list. Click onthe Load box to load the game from disk. 
If you are using a second drive orwant to use a directory other than 
the root directory then click in thedirectory box and type in the 
details i.e df1:, this will then recatalogue the relevant disk.

Move to Next Map - This brings up a random map that you and your
opponent can fight over. The map is unrelated to those in your 
Conquest series. Selecting this option while in conquest mode is 
equivalent to selecting Restart this Map.

Restart this Map - This starts the game all over again for the current 
map; any alterations that you've made will not appear.

Surrender this Game - In Conquest mode, this lets you surrender the 
game; you will have to replay in this world again before you can 
continue to the next world. In all the other modes, it lets you quit 
the game and go to a new world.

Game Balance
Click on this icon with the left mouse button to bring up your 
options. Click on it with the right mouse button to bring up your 
opponents options. You can make each of the following available or 
unavailable by clicking on the square next to it:

 Can modify Land
 Can attack Towns
 Can attack Leader
 Can use Earthquakes
 Can use Swammp
 Can use Knight
 Can use Volcano
 Can use Flood
 Can use Armageddon

At the bottom of the screen are the settings for Aggression and Rate. 
Click anywhere inside the bar to set the level.

Aggression - The higher the setting, the more the computer will 
attempt to invade your land. Aggresion has no effect on a human player 
since you obviously can't dictate how aggressively he or she will 

Rate - Sets the rate that new population is added to settlements. 
The faster the setting, the faster a computer opponent will gain manna 
and proliferate. The computer may seem almost impossible to beat when 
this is set to maximum. Click on OK to accept these options and to 
continue with the game. Note : In conquest mode you cannot alter any 
of the above.

If you're playing a two player game, either by modem or Datalink, then
choosing this icon will bring up a requester. Type in the message you 
would like to send to the other player(up to a maximum of 20 
characters) and press . A similar requester containing the 
message will appear on your opponent's screen.
See the "Two Player Game" section for more details on playing against 
a human opponent.

These icons let you control the movement of your Closeup Mapand find 
out information on that map.
Direction Icons
Press any of the direction icons to move the Closeup Map one point in 
that direction. You can use your numeric keypad in place of the 
direction icons, but the keypad is slower.
Query Selecting this turns your cursor into a shield; use the shield 
to find out information about people or settlements.
Using the top left corner of the shield, point at a person or at a 
flag flying by a settlement and then press the left mouse button, this 
is then the shield bearer. The Information Shield now fills with the 
following information on the person or settlement:

The top right hand corner of the screen is a shield with 4 sections 
plus 2 bars either side.
                            | ||   |   || |
                            | || 1 | 2 || |
            This bar is Good| ||-------|| |This bar is Evil
                            | ||   |   || |
                            | || 3 | 4 || |
                                \  |  /              

 Quadrant 1: This shows which side this information is for: Ankh for
Good,Skull for Evil.
 Quadrant 2: The more primitive the settlement, the more primitive the
weapon. Fists and clubs are primitive, while crossbows and swords are 
more advanced.
 Quadrant 3: This is the subject that the shield is attached to.
 Quadrant 4: The information here depends on the subject. If you're 
viewing a settlement, the left bar (yellow) represents the size / 
strength and defensive value compared to a full castle. The green bar 
shows how close this building is to turfing out a new walker.
When you're looking at a walker, the bars represent the strength of
the walker.
There are three bars representing a walker's strength, only 2 of these 
are shown at any time. When the right-hand orange bar fills up, one 
small notch appears on the left-hand side orange bar and the right-
hand side bardisappears. When both the orange bars fill up the display 
switches to show you
a yellow bar and an orange bar, these work in a similar manner except 
they are higher values. A walker with a full yellow and orange bar is 
very tough. When you are looking at someone in combat the bars show 
the relative strengths of the two combatants.
The larger blue and red bars next to the shield represent the 
populations, the higher the level, the more the populous you are.
The small shield icon stays attached to the walker or settlement to 
remind you what you're looking at. If a walker with a shield enters a 
building then the shield will transfer to that building. If a walker 
leaves a building with a shield, the shield will transfer to that 
walker. If a walker dies the shield will vanish, unless he dies in 
combat in which case the shield transfers to his opponent.

 Use these to control your followers.

Go to Papal Magnet
This causes your walkers to go to your leader who in turn goes to the 
papal magnet. If you don't have a leader, your walkers will head 
directly for the papal magnet; the first one to touch it will become 
your new leader. It is worth noting that people will not touch the 
papal magnet unless they are in this mode, however close they walk to 
This commands your walkers to look for unsettled flat land, preferably
unexplored. Once there, a walker will build the largest settlement 
he can. 
Gather Together
This makes your walkers look for other walkers or settlements. When a 
walker bumps into another walker,they turn into a single, stronger 
walker. If they can't find anything to join they will settle. Fight
Tells your walkers to look for enemiesto attack. If no enemies are 
in the vicinity ,the walker will just settle.
 These commands let you go straight to a particular place on the map. 
Each time you zoom to a new subjest the Information Shield will show a 
summary of that subject, for about three seconds. After that, the 
Information Shield will go back to showing information for the shield 
bearer. If you don't have a shield bearer, the Information Shield will 
be blank. 
Zoom to Leader or Papal Magnet 
Click on this icon with the left button to show your leader on the 
Closeup Map. If you have no leader, you'll go to the papal magnet 
instead. Press the right mouse button to go to your papal magnet on 
the Closeup Map. 
Zoom to Knight or Settlements
Press the left mouse button to show your knight on the Closeup Map. 
If you have more than one knight, press the left mouse button 
repeatedly to cycle through all of your available knights. If you have 
no knights, nothing will happen. Press the right mouse button to 
repeatedly cycle through each of your settlements.
Zoom to Battle
Each press of the left mouse button will cycle through each battle. If 
there is no battles taking place, nothing will happen.
Zoom to Shield
Press the left mouse button to show the shield bearer. Nothing will 
happen if you haven't assigned the shield to a person or settlement. 
To assign the shield on a walker or settlement, use the "Query" 
Command Icon.

 These are the same items that are on your Manna Bar. The ones you can 
execute depend on the amount of manna you have; you can perform any 
divine intervention that is to the left of the arrow marker.
 It is very important to note that each of these actions require the
expenditure of manna to perform and that the pointer on the manna bar 
will move to the left as you perform these actions.
 Each of the following options are available unless turned off under
Game Setup.

Raise and Lower Land
This is the default mode. Place the hand anywhere on the Closeup Map
and press the left mouse button to raise the land under the floating 
cross and the right mouse button to lower the land. You must have a 
walker or a settlement for this to work.

Place Papal Magnet
This lets you place your Papal Magnet anywhere on the Map. The Papal 
Magnet acts as a beacon for your followers.
Click on the Place Magnet Icon and then click anywhere on the Closeup 
Map to plant it. To replant the Papal Magnet, click on the Place Papal 
Magnet Icon and click on any new location; the Papal Magnet will move 
to the new location. You must have a leader to relocate the Papal 
Magnet. You start the game with a leader, but if he dies, the first 
person to touch the Papal Magnet becomes your leader.
If your leader dies or is knighted, the Papal Magnet moves to the spot 
where this happened

This causes the area in the Closeup Map to be randomly shaken up, 
destroying buildings and drowning people caught up in its effects. Be 
sure not to earthquake your people or settlements.

This creates a swamp in any flat area. Anyone falling into the swamp 
will drown. If you selected the "swamps bottomless" option the swamp 
will remainafter it swallows somebody; the only way to get rid of it 
is to bury it by raising the land, or dig it out by lowering the land. 
If you don't select the bottomless option, the swamp will disappear 
once someone has fallen into it.

This causes your leader to be knighted. As a knight, he will look for 
the enemy, kill them, burn down settlements and destroy their crop 
fields. The knight will systematically destroy the enemy until he has 
been killed. Remember, when you knight a leader, you no longer have a 
leader, which is why the Papal Magnet jumps to the knight. Have a 
walker touch the Papal Magnet to make a new leader.
You can have as many knights as you have the manna to make.

This causes the area in the Closeup Map to be raised up to a
considerable height, destroying all buildings and creating rocks over 
the affected area. It requires A great deal of time and manna to 
repair the effects of a volcano. In order to get rid of the rocks, you 
must remove the terrain until you get down to water; then you can 

Raises the sea level by one over the entire landscape. If water is set 
to fatal, everything caught in the deluge will die. If not, you have 
the chance to work quickly to save your drowning population.

Both Papal Magnets are moved to the centre of the world and both 
populations uproot their homes and head to the Magnets, building land 
if necessary to cross water. Once there, they fight to the last. Once 
you select Armageddon,you cannot alter the flow of events in any way, 
so make sure your population heavily outnumbers your enemies before 
invoking this command.

 Since you don't directly control your people, there's not much you 
can do in the way of instigating or controlling a fight. As an 
instigator you can select the "Fight" icon; your peolpe will look for 
enemies they can attack beofre settling. Alternatively you can direct 
your troops to the Papal Magnet which is strategically placed in an 
enemy settlement. When your people enter combat,they'll fight until 
their strength bar is completely drained; at that point they die. The 
"Gather Together" Icon is a good command to use to make your people 
stronger.It tells people to combine to create a single, stronger 
person who will stand longer in battle. When you win a game in 
Conquest mode, you will see the Demonic presence who informs you
status and the name of the next world to conquer.

To reach the goal of ultimate ruler in this game, you'll want to do 
two things:
build your population and chip away at the enemy's population. This 
section has tips that can help you reach ultimate rule.

You can't divide and conquer if your followers are content with 
hanging out in their huts all day. They need to keep building and 
moving. Use the commands under Influence Behaviour Icons to control 
your people.

Terrain affects the people's ability to build and flourish. The 
flatter the land is, the easier it is to build on. You'll want to 
smooth the area where your people are trying to settle and ruin the 
land your enemy is trying to use.

Big settlements take more time to build and populate. If you're in 
desperate need of power, you won't to spend your manna in the 
construction industry.Big settlements, however, have a higher defence 
value and higher technology level; a big plus when the enemy is 
crawling into your territory. For a large settlement, you need flat 
land that's clear of objects. Small settlements are quicker to erect 
and populate. Having small villages lets you spread over a wider area 
faster. Unfortunately, huts are easier to conquer than fortresses. To 
have small settlements, don't make the area completely flat or object 

There are two ways to play against a human opponent: using a modem to 
connect to a remote player, or by using a null modem cable to connect 
the serial ports of two computers.
To play in two player mode, both players will need original copies of

Connecting in Datalink Mode
1. Get a null modem cable.
2. Disconnect both machines from their power supply.
3. Connect the cable between the serial ports of the two computers.
4. Reconnect the power supply to both machines.
5. Boot the game on both machines and select Custom Mode. When the 
main game screen appears, click on the Game Setup Icon and then click 
on Two Players to bring up the Startup Serial Requester.
6. The default baud rate is 9600. If you want to use a different baud 
rate so the computers, click on the baud rate text box; a flashing 
cursor should appear. Backspace over 9600, enter a new baud rate, and 
press . The baud rate must be the same for each computer.
7. Now go to Starting the two player game.

Connecting Modems in Voice Mode
If you and your opponent can plug phones into your modem, then you can 
connect in voice mode.
1. Disconnect both machines from their power supply.
2. Connect the modem's serial cable to the computer. Then connect the 
modem to the phone line; your phone should be connected to the modem.
3. Call your friend on the phone and boot the game on both machines, 
both players should select Custom Mode.
4. When the main game appears, click on the Game Setup icon and then 
on Two Players. You'll see the Startup Serial Requester. Click on the 
button next
to "Datalink" and it will change to "Modem."
5. Next choose who is going to play good and evil, see Starting the 
Two Player Game below.
6. You will see a text input box above Baud rate that says "Send 
Login." You will also see a new button that says "Full serial 
7. Establish a data connection between the two computers by clicking 
in the Send Login box.
8. One player should type ATD and press . The other player 
should then type ATA in his Send Login box and press . This 
will cause the modem to send a carrier. Once the CD light on the modem 
lights up, the connection is established and both players should wait 
a couple of seconds and put their phones down. Now go to "Starting the 
Two Player Game."

First decide who will be Evil and who will be Good. If you want to be 
Evil, click on the button next to "I am Good" and it should change to 
"I am Evil". Unless you use a saved game, both players will start on 
the landscape which the Evil player is currently using. Both machines 
will use the evil players options.
Using a Saved Landscape
If you want to use a saved landscape, then both players nust have the 
same copy of that landscape. If you're plaing with two identical 
computers connected via datalink, just swap the disk from one computer 
to the other. Put the disk containing the landscape you want to use 
into a drive and click on the Use This Landscape button. Use the Load 
Game requester to select the landscape and load it.
If you want to play on equal terrain, create your own map using the 
paint map mode and use Mirror Landscape to make a symmetrical terrain. 
You will also have to place any people in symmetrical positions.