Abandonware DOS title

Qix manual


This game is played with a joystick.
* IMPORTANT * Plug the joystick into Port 2 before turning on the power.

After the game has loaded:
Press the FIRE button to display the player selection screen.
Move the joystick up or down to select a ONE player game, TWO player
game, or a ONE player PRACTICE game.
Press the FIRE button to begin play.

During game play:
Move your marker up/down/left/right with the joystick.
Press and hold down the FIRE button to begin a SLOW draw.
Releasing the FIRE button starts a FAST draw.
Press F1 to pause the game; press F1 to resume play.

The QIX is an evil and terrifying computer virus. Nobody knows where
it comes from. Your mission: immunize the system against this insidious
infection! But the QIX is intelligent: it learns from its mistakes. It
also breeds lethal subviruses that can quickly spread and infect your system.

QIX Characters
These infections are running rampant in your computer:
QIX (The virus) /\\\
//// ||| \
/// |||
// ||
/ |

. .
. . .
. .

\ | /
/ | \

Each player starts with four lives. Fill in sections of computer
memory without becoming infected. A level is completed when the required
section of memory is immunized against the QIX. For example, you must
immunize 65 percent of level one in advance to level two. The percentage
increases as you progress.
A life is lost if the QIX touches an incomplete line, or if the
marker is attacked by a FUSE, SPARX, or SPRITZ.

The status panel on the right side of the screen shows the current
number of lives, required claim, completed claim, and current level. The
SPARX timer is a red line located above the game screen. It begins to
shrink during play. Two SPARX are created each time the line disappears.
Player scores are located at the top of the screen. Points are
awarded for each filled section of memory. A SLOW draw earns twice as
many points as a FAST draw. A player earns 1,000 bonus points for each
percent over the required goal.
Trapping a SPRITZ virus inside a filled section is worth 500 points.
All FAST fills will now generate SLOW points until you die. Splitting
two QIX from each other multiplies the point value for each new FAST
and SLOW fill. An extra life is awarded every 50,000 points.

High Score Screen
The computer will ask for your initials when the current game is
over. Move the joystick up or down to select a letter. Press the FIRE
button to confirm your choice.

- QIX has no time limit; don't try and rush through a level.
- Build walls to guide the QIX into a position where you can trap it.
- Try and split a pair of QIX as often as you can; your score will multiply.
- Keep moving; the SPARX are always looking for you.
- Second guessing the QIX isn't recommended.