Abandonware DOS title

Return of the Phantom walkthrough

                        Return of the Phantom Solve

Ok, well folks I thought that this was a great game (Graphics, Sound etc...).
It took me only one day to finish it, but I thought that a solve was in order
just the same.  You start out as Roule in 1993, at the opera in Paris.  


The object here is to discover 6 key things and report them to the Manager of 
the Theatre.  
              They are:  To see the Phantom
                         Narrowly miss death by a sandbag
                         Talk to the three characters (Christine,Julie,charles)
                         Discover missing artifacts
                         Get book by Mme Giry
                         Get 3 notes from Phantom

To see the Phantom, walk down the aisle in the theatre, into the orchestra
pit.  Then go under the stage into the trap room.  Pull the lever by the door,
this opens a trapdoor.  The trapdoor is the only access to the rest of the 
stage.  Climb up the stairs into the prompters chair.  There you will see the
Phantom cross the stage.
     To miss death by sandbag, push the stair thing under the trapdoor and 
climb out onto the stage.  Walk left or right until you come out on a wing. 
From there go backstage.  There is a spiral staircase here.  Try to go down.
A sandbag will fall and miss you.  Part 2 accomplished. Go up and all the way to 
the left of the catwalk, eventually you will come across a note on a rope which
you should pick up. go back.
     Talking to the characters is the only hard part.  The key is to find out
absolutly everything that you possibly can from them.  You find the guy 
in the left wing.  To find the two girls you go 
backstage again, and go through the door in the very back.  Climb the stairs,
try all doors and eventually you will find both of them.
     The last two things are the easiest.  Simply go out the way you came.
Go back to the seats and all the way back and out.  Then go in the middle 
door of the foyer.  You are in the library.  Look at the broken glass case on
the right.  Then look at the bookcase around the door until you find the book
get the book and read it.
     To get the notes you get one from Christine when you talk to her. 
Another from the chandalier rope (On catwalk to far left).  The third you get
while you are talking to the Manager Mr. Brie, at the very end of part one.
     Go into the room on the left and tell the Manager all that you have found
out.  You talk about the possibilities of what the Phantom is and crap like 
that.  I remember saying something about it being "Supernatural," and about
being a realist (I don't know if that's significant).  If you have done 
everything right, you will hear a scream and be transported to Christine's 
room.  She's dead.  Go to the catwalk (Backstage and up the spiral stairs).
Keep walking left until you get attacked by the Phantom.  Kiss your ass 
goodbye (don't worry this is part of the game).
Note: There are a bunch of frames here that are significant in part two
           but not in this part.  Ignore them.....  For now.
                             1891 (or sumthin')
     Ok you finished the first part.  Now a couple of people from way back
start talking to you.... Yes you are in the past (Corny).  Here priority 
nuber one is finding three of those colored frames.  One is on one of the 
wings.  The other is in the prop room (Down spiral stairs).  The last is on
the catwalk (Up spiral stairs). 
          Other items are:  Hook (backstage)
                            Rope (Room under proproom at bottom of spiral)
                            (attach hook to rope)
                            Lantern (in prop room)
        People to talk to:  Jaques in trap room     
                            Christine (in her room, after you hear singing)
                            Guy in foyer (pointless)
                            Manager (See next)
                            Madame Giry (see next)
     Get the frames, hook and lantern.  Wait on the rope until the very last    
Now go and talk to the Manager, in his office (left door in the foyer.  
You will see a man on the way.  Talk to him and send him East.  After talking 
to the manager go in the right door of the foyer (the one with stairs).  Talk 
to the woman (Mme Giry), show the frames.  Go in box 5 and get the note.  
Check the left column and find the door in it.  Leave.  Now go get the rope.
You should hear some singing on your way back up to stage level (Use spiral 
stairs).  Go to Christines room and talk to her.  Leave when she asks.  When
it says something about an emergency, chop the door down with the axe.  You
will be transported to the manager.  Talk to him and Christine will come.  Go
get the ticket at the booth (Walk out of the foyer to the left).  Open the 
envelope and read the note.  Return and go into the area with the box seats.  
Show ticket to Mme. Giry and go in box 9.  
Sit and watch the show.  After the sequence, talk to the manager.  After
that go to the trapdoor room and look at the dead guy and find the key by his
body.  Bingo!  The key opens the door in box 5.  Go to box five and open the 

                              Phantom's Lair

     Go in the lower door in the column.  You will see the catacombs and a 
lake of some sort.  Before entering the doorway turn on the lamp.  This is 
where it gets sticky.  It took me about 5 hours to get through the catacomb
maze.  I have included a saved game that is at the end of the maze and the 
start of the puzzle (Nothing happens in the catacombs).  For those of you 
determined to stick it out.... well maping doesn't really work.. I tried.  My
advice is... Go north (top of screen) when possible... East and West on 
occasion... and never south.  At the end of the maze you will come to a door
with a bunch of switches by it and a skeleton nearby.  Take the sword and go
to the switches.  Flip 5,18,9,11.  That should spell Erik and open the door.
Use the sword to hack through the spider web.  When you come to a lake and 2
doors on the right go through the bottom door.  In this room you need to make
the puzzle look like the phantoms mask.  If done right, a trapdoor will open
in the ceiling.  Use the hook and rope to grapple and climb out.  You are in
his house.  The voice you hear is Christine.  To get her out play "Little 
Fuge" in "G flat?"  That opens the door.  In his bedroom look at the skull
face on the bed and unlock it with the key you have.  Then go to the line of 
skulls on the bottom left of the screen and push the one third from the right.
Go out.  Fight the Phantom with the sword, he gets away.  Follow Christine.
Get the oar when you come across it.  Take the boat out.  Go back up the 
column.  Go in the middle door.  Not again! you say.  Don't worry.  Go back in
the column.  Go in the top door.  On the catwalk go right.  When you come to
the rope climb down.  This is pretty cool now.  After fighting the Phantom,
when the graphics change click on his cane to push it away.  When you swich
places, click on the mask to unmask him!  The rest would be pointless to 
explain.  The ending is as hokey as they come.  But the game was good.