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Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire walkthrough

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Worlds of Ultima: Savage Empire - Walkthrough and FAQ
    This document Copyright 2002 Alicia Belliveau
            Maps copyright of Shrapnel Dragon
                   Version 2.0

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction     
2. Starting The Game 
3. Uniting the Tribes
4. Secrets and FAQs
1. Introduction

Savage Empire is a spin-off of the popular Ultima series. 
You play The Avatar, who on a previous adventure, discovered 
a moonstone. Lord British, has asked you to uncover the 
stones secrets. You take the moonstone to your friend Prof. 
Rafkin's lab to have it analyzed. You meet a reporter, Jimmy 
Malone, while there. Unfortunately, something goes wrong, 
and the stone creates a gate, sending the lab, Rafkin, 
Jimmy, and you to a land called Eodon. You rescue Aiela, a 
princess of the nearby Kurak tribe from a pterodon, but are 
soon attacked by Darden, a member of a warring tribe. You 
lose consciousness...

2. Starting The Game

When you regain consciousness, you will find that you are in 
Intanya's hut. He will ask you a question to see if you have 
regained your memory yet. When he is done talking, ask him 
about Jimmy and Rafkin. He will tell you that Jimmy is in the 
Disquiqui village, and Rafkin is in the Yolaru village. If 
you want, ask him about Aiela and Darden as well. When you 
are done talking with him, his student Triolo will join you. 
Talk to Aloron, (the man by the fire) who is the chief of the 
Kuraks. He will ask you to rescue Aiela, who was kidnapped. 
Go through the village collecting any food that you want to 
take. Now you're ready to leave! Equip Triolo's bow, and the 
Avatar's knife. Now follow the path East. If you see a woman, 
talk to her. Her name is Sahree, and she'll tell you some 
stuff about Aiela and the Myrmidex. When you get to the fork 
in the road, follow it East. Sooner or later you will come 
upon another village. This is the Yolaru tribe. Go into the 
hut, directly across from the river and talk with the chief. 
Ask him about the 'schweitzer'. Now go the hut below the 
chiefs. Rafkin will be in here. Ask him to join. Talk to him 
about anything you want. Among other things, he'll give you 
hints as to where his lab is, where Jimmy is, information on 
most of the tribes, and how to make bombs and rifles. Search 
his hut for a rope, and a modern hammer.

Now to find Jimmy. For a quicker way to find him, go back 
towards the fork in the road. At about 30 paces before the 
fork, on the East road, stop. Head into the woods to your 
left. There will be a stone portal there. Save before you 
enter it. Now enter the bottom portal on the left. This will 
take you near the Disquiqui village. Go up, then East, then 
North at the fork. Cross the river. This is the Disquiqui 
village. Talk to Lerei. She's usually near the fire in the 
middle of the village. Ask her name and her job. She'll 
mention she has to guard a prisoner. Ask her about him. The 
prisoner, is Jimmy, who is in the first hut, when you enter 
the village. Open the door of his prison and he'll 
automatically join you. Talk to Guoblum, Chafblum and Lerei 
again for some funny scenes. :)
Again, take any food you want, and go back to the portal. Go 
into the portal directly above you. You are now close to the 
Barako village. Follow the left hand side down the river. 
When you can, jump the stones to the other side. Now either 
in the village or on the northern path, will be Shamuru. You 
met him when you first arrived. Ask him to join your party. 
Now that you have a good party, you can finally start on 
rescuing Aiela! If you talked to Aloron in the Kurak village, 
he'll have mentioned a mad warrior named Topuru who might 
know where the Urali tribe is. Topuru is on a small island 
northwest of Barako. So follow the West path out of the 
village. Follow to the edge of the water, have 4 characters 
each get a paddle, and use the raft to get to the island. 
Keep asking him questions, such as 'job' until he mentions 
the hidden tribe. He once knew where it was, but apparently 
Balakai the shaman on Barrab has stolen his mind and placed 
it in a rock. He wants you to retrieve it for him. Go to the 
teleport panel and going counter-clock wise, enter the 3rd 
portal. This leads to Barrab. Go down the log and up the 
stairs to the village. Balakai's hut is in the north part of 
the village. Talk to him about Topuru. He'll say you can use 
any blue stone, as he was lying to Topuru. Now, you'll need 
to go back to the teleport panel and through the Kurak/Yolaru 
one. Head towards the Kurak village and go down to the small 
hut right before it. Walk behind the hut and jump across the 

Save now in case you get lost. Go west for a while and 
then south when you can walk by the brush more easily. Go 
south to the river and then follow it. Go east, south, east 
and then south again. Now leave the river and head east. The 
lab should be somewhere in this general area. While you're 
here, pick up the fire extinguisher, a wire screen, a fire 
ax, a camera if you lost Jimmy's, any bottles of chemicals,
and a metal bucket. Go back to the Kurak village. Follow the 
path back to the portal. Enter it and go into the portal 
across from you. This is the Sakkhra tribe. Go inside the 
cave, use the metal hammer on one of the blue boulders and 
take a flake of the rock. Leave, go through the Barako portal 
and walk the path over to Topuru. Give him the rock and ask 
him about the hidden tribe again. If you gives you turtle 
bait, take it. He’ll say the cave to the Urali tribe is in 
the 2nd cave in the Eastern cliffs. Leave him, and using the 
portals, go to the Yolaru tribe. Go directly east from here. 
When you get to the cliffs, follow them southwards and enter 
the 2nd cave you see. Now from here on in, you’ll have to 
just guess on where to go. Try to head in an easterly 
direction as much as you can. When you exit the cave, head 
east. However, there’s a hungry T-Rex blocking your way at a 
certain point. There are two ways to get by him. Either use 
the turtle bait you got from Topuru to ride a turtle around 
him, or using one character at a time, very carefully walk by 
him. SAVE before you attempt any of this.

You are now in Urali lands. Right after the T-Rex, you’ll 
meet Wamap, the shaman. Talk to him as much as you can. 
Apparently, Darden came to power by stealing the statue 
Fabozz from it’s rightful place and hiding it in a cave. If 
you rescue the statue, no-one will follow Darden. The cave 
where Fabozz is held is north of the village. Beware the 
village though. The males are armed with poisonous darts and 
will attack you on sight. Use Triolo’s healing spell to get 
rid off the poison. (use the Aphazz totem with pinde.) Head 
north and enter the cave. Fabozz is held to the East. He 
needs light to go back to his rightful place. Torches aren’t 
strong enough, so use Jimmy’s camera. Fabozz will decree that 
Darden has no more power and Wamap is now chief of the Urali. 
Once you leave the cave, you won’t be attacked in the village 
anymore. Now to find Aiela. Ask any female in the village 
about her and Darden. Say you are an enemy of Darden. Follow 
her directions to the cave. She’ll be in the main cave. Talk 
to her, then open the cage door. Darden will appear. When he 
does kill him. Aiela will be in your group and you can tell 
her you love her. ^_^ Talk to her about the tribes and the 
myrmidex. She wants the tribes to unite against the myrmidex 
but the chiefs won’t listen to her and Sahree. She’ll ask you 
to help. You’ll have to ask all the chiefs for their help. 
Also, Aiela has a gem in her inventory, don’t lose it. Ask 
Wamap about uniting and go back to the valley of Eodon 
through the caves.

3. Uniting The Tribes

Now you’ll need to ask each chief to unite, and do them a 
favour. You can do these in just about any order you want, 
except you’ll have to rescue Aiela, before you can do the 
Nahautla one.

The Urali

Rescue the great statue Fabozz for them and Wamap will be 
happy you join your alliance. You’ve already done this so 
just ask him to unite. (as a side note, Jimmy will be taking 
notes on all the tribe leaders after this. Ask him about his 
notebook to see what he’s written.)

The Kurak

Rescue Aiela for Aloron. 

The Yolaru

Chief Apaton needs some convincing first. Tell him about the 
myrimdex and why it would be a good reason to unite the 
tribes. He agrees, but wants weapons for his tribe. He wants 
10 swords to be precise. Go south or use a panel to go the 
the stone city of Nahautla. Either steal, kill for, or buy 10 
swords and bring them to Apaton.

The Pindiro

Inara wants the fighting to stop, so she’ll join without 
asking for anything. Pretty easy huh?

The Barako

You’ll need a grenade for this assignment. (Ask Rafkin how to 
make them) The chieftess, Halawa has had her daughter 
kidnapped by the mountain gorillas to the north. Save the 
daughter Halisa and the Barakos will join you. Go west til 
the river where the raft and Topuru are. Follow the river 
north until you get to a cliff, then follow the cliff face. 
Eventually it will lead you to a shore line and a waterfall. 
There’s a cliff behind the waterfall that you can’t get to. 
Light a grenade and drop it to the right on the boulder 
above. That’ll block the waterfall and give you access to the 
cave. Go through it and to the south of the exit will be a 
gorilla and Halisa. Kill the gorilla and talk to Halisa. 
She’ll find her own way back from here. Ask Halawa to unite 
again, and now the answer will be yes.

The Disquiqui

My favourite one. ;) Talk to Chafblum about uniting. He and 
Larrifin decide that you’ll have to take 2 tests to prove 
your worth. The first is to take a drink of pulque. The 
second is to bell the T-Rex that is terrorizing their tribe. 
Get a spear, and the bottles of plachta you’re given. Use the 
plachta on a spear to create a spear of Shamap. Cross the 
river and leave the village. To the East slightly and then 
north is the T-Rex. Attack him with the spear and then use 
the bell on him. Leave, because the effect of the spear will 
wear off soon. Now you can ask Chafblum to unite.

The Jukari

Jumi, the new chief wants you to the recover the sacred hide. 
Go south, then follow the cliffs east. When you get caught by 
lava, use the fire extinguisher on it to allow you to cross. 
The cave will be there soon. Enter, get the hide and any 
emeralds you want to take.

The Haakur

The Haakur live in a series of caves, halfway between the 
Nahautla and the Jukari. Grugorr the chief lost his son Krukk 
in a spider cave. He wants you to retrieve Krukk’s shield for 
him. The cave is to the south of Haakur. You’ll need torches 
to burn the spiderwebs. Use torches to burn all the spider 
webs until you find the shield. Give it to Grugorr.

The Sakkhra

The chief here wants you to kill a T-Rex that is preventing 
their people from harvesting the fruit. Go to the big 
teleporter, but instead of using a panel, leave the area and 
walk straight up. North and slightly to the west will be 
vines. Climb up them to the cliff. Follow the north cliff 
line to the east. The cliffs will turn south and the T-Rex 
will be right under you. Use a grenade to dislodge the 
boulder to kill it. Drop the lit grenade to the right on the 
boulder. Go back to the Sakkhra.

The Barrab

Balakai wants you to fetch some medicine for his dying son 
Nakai. The roots of a plant on top of one of the mesas will 
cure him. You might need to have a digging stick for this. Go 
to the Barrab teleport panel and walk north to the next mesa. 
Follow the steps up the cliff. You’ll see a large tree 
blocking your way. Use either a grenade or attack it with a 
fire ax to make a bridge out of it. Keep going north and up 
stairs until you see a giant plant. Attack the tentacles and 
take the bulb that’s left. Give the bulb to Balakai.

The Nahuatla

This one is more complicated then the others. The leader of 
the Nahuatla is a fraud, and the real king is in exile. The 
true king Moctapotl is hiding in the Disquiqui tribe. Talk to 
him about uniting. He will tell you that the false king 
Huitlapacti has taken the throne with the help of 
Zipactriotl. They have magical shields that prevent any harm 
from coming to them. Moctapotl asks you to get his city back 
for him. Go to Nahuatla and talk with Zipactriotl. Before you 
can however, a parrot will interrupt you. Talk to it, and 
Rafkin will break in that the parrot is imitating an old 
colleague of his, Johann Spector. Zipactriotl turns out to be 
Spector from the same time period as you. It turns out  
Spector is as stuck here as you are. Spector found moonstones 
himself, and while experimenting on them, was teleported 
here. He got rid of the old king and picked a new one. Now he 
is searching for the source of the stones power. One is in 
the Myrmidex’s caves, the other, in the underground city of 
Kotl. He will resurrect the automatons in the lost city, and 
use them to control the Myrmidex. Then transport both 
Myrmidex and City back to Earth to gain power. Search the 
building until you find a small metal head. Leave and go find 
Spector’s assistant Fritz. He lives in a cave above the 
Barako and Pindaro tribes. Go to the Kurak/Yolaru panel. Go 
north across the bridges and then follow the path. At the 
first fork go west. The next two forks, take the north roads. 
When that path ends, keep going north, and then east at the 
cliff. You’ll run across Fritz in a cave. Ask him for the 
crystal brain. Now go to the Barrab plate and walk to the 
place where you got the orchid. Keep walking north and you’ll 
find a gem holder. Use Aiela’s gem in it. Go to the main 
teleporting plate. To the East is where the door opened. Make 
sure you have lots of healing supplies when you enter. Use 
the head on the statue and he’ll join your party and take the 
crystal brain. Ask him to open the doors for you. There’s 
more teleporting plates inside. Use the bottom middle one. 
Then walk 36E, 22S 2W, 3N, 2W, 5S, 9E, 4N, 2E, 2N, 1W, 2N, 
1E, 2N, 1W, 2N, 2W, 6S, 2W, 8N, 5E, 2N, 5W, 2N, 5E, 2N, 5W, 
11N, 5E, 2N, 7W, 3S, 2W, 3N, 2W, 3S, 2W, 3N, 5W, 2S, 2W and 
3N. Hopefully you’ll have stepped on a teleporter. Go 
southeast until you find a computer. Watch out for the 
robosauruses. When you find the panel, smash it. The statue 
is shut down, and Spector will come to talk to you and join 
your party. From the panel go north and across the lava 
bridge. Go north through the hall. Then west and you’ll be 
back at the plates. Before you leave, you need to get some 
black staves.  From the panels, go west. There should be a 
shield and a stave here. Get both and equip the Avatar with 
them. Follow the bottom wall south and get two more. Equip 
them on whomever you’d like. Leave and go talk to Moctapotl.

Drum Hill/Myrmidex Caves

Make sure you are healed and have plenty of reagents for 
Triolo’s spells. Take a tiger skin to Drum hill. It’s halfway 
between Yolaru and Nahuatla. Ask Tuomaxx to build you the 
biggest drum he can. After it’s built and all the tribes are 
united, use the drum. You’ll find yourself in the myrmidex 
caves. Now if you found a locator in the Kotl city, you can 
follow it to the queen Myrmidex. If not, you can use Shrapnel 
Dragon’s map of the caves at 
http://www.uo.com/archive/savage/semaps.html . Either way, 
use Triolo’s map spell if you get lost or confused. Kill the 
queen when you find her, and then the black moonstone behind 
her. Now sit back and enjoy the ending sequence. 

4. Secrets and FAQs

Q: Where is Denys?

Denys is in a cave to the Southeast of the Yolaru Tribe. Go 
about halfway between Yolaru and Drum Hill. Walk east until 
you come upon 2 caves. Enter the right one. He’ll paint 
portraits of your characters.
Q: Where is Pever?

Pever is right after the road leading from Nahuatla to 
Jukari. Have Aiela and Dokray in your party when you first 
talk to him.

Q: What do these dreams mean?

This is leveling up in Savage Empire. The animal you choose 
will determine what stat you will raise. Chasing the bear 
raises your strength, chasing the jaguar raises your 
dexterity, and chasing the monkey raises your intelligence.

Q: What people can join me?

Rafkin, Triolo, Shamuru, Dokray, Kyssta, Aiela, Ugyuk, Jimmy, 
Spector, and Yunapotli can all join. Ugyuk and Dokray won’t 
be in the same group together. And Yunapotli will only be in 
your party in one area. Rafkin is in the Yolaru tribe, Jimmy 
is in Disquiqui, Triolo will join you automatically, Aiela is 
in the Urali tribe, Dokray is in the Jukari tribe, Shamuru is 
either at the Barrab or Pindaro tribe, Ugyuk is in the Jukari 
tribe, and Kyssta is at the Sakkhra tribe. Spector and 
Yunapotli are both found in the underground cavern.

Q: Where do the panels lead?

The small ones all lead to a main panel. Going clockwise from 
the dark blue tile the panels lead you to: Kurak/Yolaru, 
Nahuatla, Jukari, Disquiqui, Barrab, Sakkhra, and Barako.

Q: How can I heal my party?

Intanya from Kurak, Balakai from Barrab, and Kunawo from 
Pindaro will all heal your party if asked. Sleeping if you 
have food in your inventory will heal your party. Using 
Triolo’s totem of Aphazz and pinde. Cloth bandages will heal 
one party member at a time.

Q: How do I make a grenade?

Ask Rafkin for instructions. You’ll need 5 units of 
potassium, sulphur, and charcoal to make the gunpowder. 
Potassium can be found in caves by using the crystal gardens. 
Use a wire screen on the sulphur pits to get sulphur. Get a 
branch from a tree and use it on a fire to get charcoal. You 
can also find most of these ingredients from the lab. For the 
fuse get flax from a yucca plant. Use a loom to make it into 
cloth. Use scissors or a knife to make it into strips. Get 
the metal bucket from the lab and collect some tar from it. 
Use the tar on the cloth strips. Now find a hard clay pot. Or 
dig clay from the river, and use a kiln to fire it. Use the 
strips on the pot and you’ll have a grenade.

Q: Where do I get more pinde/yopo/chocolatl?

Go to the Pindaro village. Have Triolo use a yucca plant to 
get flax for it. Kunawo the shaman will trade 5 flax for 1 

Q: What if I run out of food?

A: There are several ways to get food. One, take from the 
villages. There’s always food when you first arrive in a 
village, so make sure to raid it and stock up. Two, get a 
fishing pole and stand by a lake or river to fish. Three, 
kill mammals and skin them for their meat. Jaguars, sabre-
toothed tigers, sloths, and bears are all good sources of 
meat. Four, go to the Disquiqui village and use the corn 
stalks they have there. They never run out of corn.

Q: What are the best weapons?

A: Anything that’s modern or from the Nahuatla tribe will be 
your best bet. The few modern rifles you can get are good, 
but bullets are scare. They can also only be used by non-
natives. (You, Jimmy, Rafkin, and Spector.) Nahuatla swords 
are good for strong characters that won’t die quickly. 
Especially Ugyuk, Shamuru, you, and Kyssta. I prefer not to 
use weapons that need reloading each time, ie makeshift 
rifles, spears, or knives at long range. Give your weak 
characters rifles, bow and arrows, or boomarangs, and the 
others swords.

Q: Where is Seggalion?

The character from the Ultima games is near where Fritz 
lives. Go to Fritz’s cave and head west. Use a grenade to hit 
the tree and cross the cavern. He’ll have a small village 
here. There’s lots of rifle bullets and Myrmidex this way.

Q: I ran out of rifle bullets? Can I get some more?

You can find bullets at Rafkin’s lab in one of the crates, in 
Fritz’s cave, and at Seggalion’s hideout.

Q: Is there any money in this game?

Atlipacta in Nahuatla will sell you weapons, armour and 
arrows for emeralds. Trade parrot feathers to Paxaptamac in 
the building above her for emeralds.

Q: What do Triolo’s spells do?

Triolo’s spells each use a totem skull and a reagent.

              Chocolatl       Pinde         Yopo

Heluzz      Makes light     Makes map     Locate enemy

Aphazz      Charm enemies   Healing       Protection

Motazz      Summon animal   Curse enemy   Battle Frenzy

Q: How do I answer Intanya’s questions?

The answers are all found in the magazine, Ultimate 
Adventures, which comes with the game. 

Q: What expedition has returned? 
A: Wild River

Q: What kind of cover does Jimmy's notebook have? 
A: Weatherproof

Q: Who is shown on the cover of Ultimate Adventures magazine? 
A: Coatlicue

Q: In your dreams, what was it you lacked? 
A: Memory

Q: In your dreams you saw birds. What eyes did they have? 
A: Reptilian

Q: In your dreams, what did you think of as an old and 
trusted friend? 
A: Knife

Q: What does Professor Rafkin think the valley is akin to? 
A: Time Capsule

Q: What does Rafkin say happens frequently between tribes? 
A: Clashes

Q: What is the first tribe Rafkin discusses in his notes? 
A: Nahuatla