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The Secret of Monkey Island walkthrough

Secret of Monkey Island, The
 1991 US Gold

            Part 1


 As the game begins, you, Guybrush Threepwood, have just arrived on Monkey
Island to join the pirates. I know people are making fun of your name, but I am
afraid you are stuck with it. Having talked to the Lookout, you are on your way
to find Scumm Bar where the pirates hang out. Let's discuss a few things
concerning this walkthru before we get on with solving the game.

 The game has many locations that you need to visit. But since the game is
divided into separate standalone segments, these locations can be easily
memorized. The walkthru will give directions to a new location, but on return
visits, it will be assumed you know the way, and you won't be bored with
repetitious directions.

 You will be doing a lot of talking in the game. In most cases, you don't need
to select the right dialogue to solve a puzzle. When the walkthru tells you to
TALK to a character, select as many different dialogues as possible. Part of the
fun in playing this game is to enjoy the funny responses given by the various
game characters. Exceptions to this will be pointed out wherever appropriate.

 Some of the actions given in the walkthru are not absolutely necessary for
solving the game. They are there either to provide more continuity to the story,
or to elicit an extra chuckle or two.

 And now, without further ado, on with the game!


 You have climbed down the cliffside and are standing near the dock. There is a
poster here. LOOK at the POSTER of Governor Marley. Go right until you reach the
door of Scumm Bar. OPEN the DOOR and walk in. TALK to the fat pirate on the far
left, then to the pirate at the next table. Just for fun, try TALKing to the
pirate at the table behind him. Walk to the right until you see the three
important-looking pirates sitting at a long table.

 TALK to them to find out about the three trials you need to complete before you
can become a pirate. Walk back and forth between the two bar scenes until you
see the cook coming out from the kitchen to the right. Situate yourself next to
the important pirates and sneak inside the kitchen door as soon as the cook
disappears to the left.

 PICK UP the POT (under the table) and the CHUNK OF MEAT. USE CHUNK OF MEAT with
POT OF STEW. PICK UP MEAT IN STEW. OPEN the DOOR to the right. Walk to the very
end of the planks (that's okay, you won't fall off). Walk forward toward the
front of the screen. The loosened plank interrupts the seagull, and it flies
away briefly before returning to feed on the red herring again. Repeat this a
few more times until you have enough time to PICK UP the RED HERRING before the
seagull returns. Exit the bar, then sit back and enjoy the animated interlude.

 From the front door of the bar, keep going left, and WALK TO the CLIFFSIDE. You
are back at the Lookout Point again. WALK TO PATH on the right side of the
screen. The screen changes into an overhead view of Melee Island. WALK TO the
CLEARING near the center of the map. Go left until you see the circus. WALK TO
the CIRCUS TENT. Meet the Fettucini brothers, and TALK to them, or rather, let
them do most of the talking. When asked, tell them you have a helmet, and USE
POT. That's not a bad way to make 478 Pieces of Eight, is it? Exit the circus
and return to the Lookout Point.

 WALK TO the stairs at the bottom right of the screen. Keep moving right until
the scene changes to show the citizen of Melee with a parrot on his shoulder.
TALK to the CITIZEN OF MELEE. If he tells you to get lost, TALK to him again. He
will offer to sell you a treasure map. Buy it from him for 100 Pieces of Eight.
LOOK at the MAP. Write down the directions shown on the map: back, left, right,
left, right, back, right, left, back. TALK to the MEN OF LOW MORAL FIBER to the
left just for fun. You may even pick up a Piece of Eight or two.

 On the same screen, OPEN the first door to the right, and enter. PICK UP
CHICKEN (from the table on the right), and go to the right side of the screen
until you see the fortune teller. TALK to FORTUNE TELLER, then exit. WALK TO the
archway (toward the back of the screen), then WALK TO alley (near the middle of
screen). TALK to the SHERIFF Fester Shinetop. WALK TO the STREET to the left,
OPEN the first DOOR on your right, and enter.

 You can buy a few useful things in this store. PICK UP the SWORD (near the
middle of the screen) and the SHOVEL (upstairs near the safe). TALK to
STOREKEEPER about the sword and the shovel, and buy them. Exit the store, go
left, and enter the door next to the archway that leads out of town. You are in
the jail house. TALK to the PRISONER and get a clue about bad breath.

 Exit the jail and return to the store. TALK to the STOREKEEPER and he will give
you breath mints. Exit the store and return to the jail. GIVE BREATH MINT to
PRISONER. TALK to the PRISONER some more. Now, you get clues about some yellow
flowers in the forest, and something about a carrot cake. Keep talking until the
sheriff comes in and interrupts you. Leave the jail, go all the way back up to
the Lookout Point, and to the overhead map.

 Travel to the house on the right side of the island. You will be stopped by a
troll at a bridge (the infamous troll bridge). TALK to the TROLL, then GIVE RED
HERRING to TROLL. (Who's the guy in the troll suit? I thought it was Han Solo,
but many people disagreed with me.)

 Resume your journey to the house. LOOK at the SIGN, OPEN the DOOR, and TALK to
the man. When he says you do not have what it takes, be sure to argue with him
and be persistent. Pay him the 30 Pieces of Eight and show him the sword. Once
he takes you inside, sit back and watch the lengthy animated sequence; pay
careful attention to learn the secret of real sword fighting.

 After the sword training, travel to the fork which is to the left of the
clearing/circus. If you get stopped by other citizens of Melee, avoid
confrontation for now; there will be plenty of that coming up shortly. Once you
get to the clearing and the screen changes from overhead to the normal
third-person perspective, follow the directions you wrote down earlier.

 The first direction is BACK. So take the path that goes towards the back of the
screen. There are some yellow plants here: Be sure to PICK UP some. Continue to
follow the directions. When you come to the final location, move to the right
until you find a plaque and a marker. LOOK at PLAQUE, then LOOK at MARKER. USE
SHOVEL with X. You have found the treasure of Melee Island: a T-shirt! Now, go
left and WALK TO PATH. You are back to the overhead map standing at the FORK.

 Stay where you are and wait for the traveling citizens and pirates to show up;
you won't have to wait long. As each person shows up, you must tell each one to
prepare to die, because you must do a lot of fighting here to gather all the
witty insults and replies to prepare for the swordmaster. You already have two
of each from the trainer. Start with these, and record all the new ones you get
from these encounters.

 Don't worry; nobody dies in these fights. Keep doing this until your opponent
tells you you're good enough for the swordmaster. Fight a few more times to make
sure that all your insults have replies to them. By now, you should have at
least ten insults and ten corresponding replies (the more, the better!).

 Return to the store and TALK to the STOREKEEPER again. If he is not there, USE
the BELL. Tell him to go ask the swordmaster if she will see you. Exit the store
immediately after he leaves. You will catch a glimpse of him just moving off
screen. Follow him. He goes up to the Lookout Point, then to the overhead map,
and toward the Fork. On one or two screens, you may not see him, but don't
worry. Continue to move in the same direction, and you will see him again on the
next screen.

 Once you get to the clearing, you will have to follow the paths that he takes
exactly until you find the swordmaster's house. After you learn that the
storekeeper is really a dirty old man, confront Carla, the swordmaster. TALK to
her, and eventually, you will have to fight her. You should save your game here
before the fighting starts.

 You will find that Carla gets to do all the insulting, while you can only
reply. You will not have heard any of her insults before in your many
encounters. The idea here is to select the most appropriate replies from your
(hopefully) sizable list. It is really not that difficult to come up with the
right responses, provided you have gathered a large enough number of replies.
Once you defeat her, you will get another T-shirt -- 100% cotton this time.

 (Don't ask me about the author's apparently strange obsession with T-shirts. I
am a walkthru writer, not a psychiatrist.)

 Exiting this location is easy. Just move to the left of the screen, WALK TO the
PATH, and you will find yourself standing at the Fork in the overhead map. Also,
notice that the little spot of light slightly to the north of the fork is now
labeled Swordmaster. The next time you need to visit her, all you have to do is
click on that spot of light.

 Go back into town until you are in front of the jail house. WALK TO the ARCHWAY
to the left, then WALK TO the GOVERNOR'S MANSION. USE the YELLOW PETAL with
STEWED MEAT. This turns the meat into "meat with condiment." USE MEAT WITH
CONDIMENT with the DEADLY PIRANHA POODLES, OPEN the mansion DOOR, and enter.
OPEN the first door immediately to the right and enter it. Sit back and prepare
to laugh your head off at the sequence which follows. When you reappear through
the upstairs door, notice that you are carrying a few more items than you were

 Go back to the jail house and GIVE GOPHER REPELLENT to PRISONER. He will give
you a carrot cake in return. USE the CARROT CAKE and you will find a file. We
know what to do with it, don't we? Go back to the mansion, enter through the
gaping hole in the wall, and enjoy another sequence until Governor Marley
finally appears.

 Talk to her. Leave the mansion and get arrested by Fester. After he throws you
over the dock, pick up the idol and the game will do the rest.

 Congratulations! You have completed the Three Trials, but we are just getting
warmed up!

            Part 2


 The last time we saw you, you had just climbed back up to the dock after almost
getting killed by the Sheriff. Standing on the dock, you catch a glimpse of a
ghost ship sailing away. The lookout man appears and tells you that LeChuck has
kidnaped the governor. He hands you a note from LeChuck. LOOK at NOTE. Boy, this
LeChuck is not a nice person!

 Go back to the Scumm Bar. Gee, all the pirates are gone, but there are a bunch
of empty mugs here. GET all the MUGS that you can find. TALK to the COOK. He
sure cries big tears for a grown man. Go into the kitchen and USE MUG with
BARREL. Leave the bar and head for the jail house.

 Your mug will begin to melt shortly after you fill it with grog from the
barrel. Whenever your filled mug becomes a "melting mug," go one more screen,
and USE MUG with MELTING MUG before continuing. The idea is to transfer the grog
from the melting mug to a good mug, and keep going. Repeat this maneuver until
you get inside the jail. (You should have enough mugs to carry the grog this
far.) Use MELTING MUG with LOCK. Strong stuff, isn't it? The grog melts the lock
off the door, and the prisoner is free. Sit back and enjoy another animated

 Go visit the swordmaster again. Tell her the governor has been kidnaped. She
volunteers to go with you. What a nice person! Leave the swordmaster and return
to the overhead map. Go to the island at the top left of the screen. WALK to the
POLE on the near side. USE CHICKEN on CABLE. OPEN the DOOR to the house and
enter. TALK to MEATHOOK. Be sure to ask him to show you his talking tattoo; it's
worth the price of admission!

 After you are done with all the silliness, tell him the governor has been
kidnaped. Listen to what he has to say. OPEN the little DOOR. STROKE the
MURDEROUS WINGED DEVIL. You've just found your third crew member. Leave the
house, WALK to the POLE on the far side, USE the CHICKEN on CABLE, then WALK to
PATH on the left to return to the overhead map.

 Well, you've got a crew of three, so it would be nice to find a ship. Go to the
"lights." You can't miss them; they're in the area with all the lights midway
between the troll bridge and the trainer. Oh no, here's Stan, the used ship
salesman, with his plaid overcoat. After listening to his long sales pitch, be
sure to tell him that you don't have much to spend. He will direct you to the
ship you want to buy. (Well, maybe not the one you _want_ to buy, but the one
you _have_ to buy if you want to solve the game.) Then, you must ask him about
credit. He'll tell you that the storekeeper in town will extend credit. Say
goodbye to Stan for now. He will give you his business card and a magnetic
compass just before you exit.

 Guess where you will be going next? Yes, back to the storekeeper. TALK to
STOREKEEPER about procuring a line of credit. I am afraid you must lie to him.
Tell him you have a job with the circus. (You are a pirate, so lying would be
the least of your vices.) Look, the storekeeper is opening the safe to get the
paperwork. Watch very carefully what he is doing to the lever to open the safe!
He finally sees through your lie and puts the paperwork back in the safe, giving
you another chance to see how the safe can be opened. Now, you must ask him to
go visit the swordmaster again. He will be glad to, that dirty old man! When he
is gone, go upstairs to the safe and perform the exact same movements the
storekeeper used to open the safe. (Note: These moves change from game to game,
so pay attention and take notes!) Once you've opened the safe, take the Note of

 Go pay Stan another visit. Ask to see the cheap ship again. Ask Stan to take
credit, which he will do gladly. Now, all you have to do is to bargain with him
to get the price down to your credit limit (5,000 Pieces of Eight). To do this,
first ask him what he thinks the ship is worth. Then, make him an offer and
start at 2,000 Pieces of Eight. Again ask him what he thinks it's worth, then
make him the next higher offer. Keep doing this until your offer is at 4,000
Pieces of Eight.

 Ask him once more what he thinks the ship is worth, then say you don't need the
ship that badly, and walk away. He will call you back and lower his asking price
one more time. Now, make your final offer of 5,000, and be persistent. He will
finally give in and sell you the ship. Go to the dock. (The dock is just to the
right after you climb down the cliffside.) Visit Stan one last time (thank
goodness!), and get some all-important junk literature from him. The game takes
over here, and you and your crew safely board the ship. You are on your way to
Monkey Island.


 Well, your crew has decided to turn this into a nice three-hour cruise instead.
Looks like you will have to do all the work by yourself. In the captain's cabin,
PICK UP PEN and INK, OPEN the DRAWER, and LOOK AT the DUSTY BOOK to get the
clues about a recipe and some soup. The book also tells about the captain and
his first mate TOOTHROT. WALK TO the DOOR on the left side of the screen to go
on deck. TALK to the CREW if you want. WALK to ROPE LADDER (just next to Carla)
and PICK UP FLAG (the Jolly Roger).

 Go back down to the deck, WALK TO HATCH (behind the crew), and PICK UP ROPE.
USE CEREAL, and LOOK AT PRIZE. Well, what do you know? A key! Go back to the
AT CHEST, get paper, and cinnamon sticks. LOOK AT PAPER. The recipe, finally!

 Well, now we can make some soup, get unconscious, and arrive at Monkey Island.
Doesn't that sound like a plan? But wait, you don't have all the ingredients
listed on the recipe. Don't panic; maybe we can substitute (I honestly don't
think there is a gourmet among your crew).

 These are the ingredients you should use (portions are not important):
cinnamon, breath mint, Jolly Roger, ink, fine wine, chicken, gun powder, cereal.
Put all these things in the big pot on the hot fire, and soup's on!

 After you finish fainting, get up. PICK UP the small POT (not the big pot over
the fire), then USE BUSINESS CARD with RED HOT FIRE. The card is now a FLAMING
MESS. Go to the hatch again, OPEN KEG, and PICK UP some more GUNPOWDER. Go on
deck. TALK to the CREW some more just for fun (although you won't get anywhere
then USE FLAMING MESS with FUSE. Now, quickly, before the fuse burns through,
USE POT. Good thing you had prior training from the Fettucini Brothers. You know
exactly what to do. You are now on Monkey Island.

            Part 3


 You get to meet Herman Toothrot for the first time, sort of, though not exactly
face to face. After he finishes his rambling and walks away, LOOK at the PAPER
on the tree. PICK UP the BANANA and WALK TO the jungle (near the back of the
screen). You find yourself in another of those overhead maps. This is the map of
Monkey island, and it's several screens long by several screens wide. Go one
screen left and one screen up until you see the left edge of the island. Then,
find the Fort, and go there first.

 PICK UP SPYGLASS, PICK UP ROPE, and PUSH CANNON. Toothrot shows up again. TALK
to him for a while for a few laughs. After he leaves, PICK UP GUNPOWDER. Leave
the Fort and return to the overhead map. Find the location marked River Fork,
and travel there (it should be one screen to the right of the Fort).

 You are near a river with a dam. LOOK at the ROCK on top of the NOTE. It is a
flint (a "spark maker"). PICK UP ROCK and read the note. WALK TO the FOOTHOLDS
on the cliff (on the far side of the river). LOOK at NOTE, then LOOK at
PRIMITIVE ART. Does the art remind you of something? PUSH ART (two times) until
the horizontal bar is pointing at you. (Note: When you select ART as the object
you want to push, make sure you are pointing at the big boulder. It makes a
difference as to which direction this art thing pivots.) WALK TO the FOOTHOLDS
leading up, and PUSH the single ROCK near the middle of the screen. Watch the
big boulder score a direct hit on the banana tree on the beach. When Toothrot
shows up again, chat with him. When he leaves, WALK to the FOOTHOLDS until you
are back at the dam again.

 Here are a few fun things to try. Save the game when you first reach the River
Fork. Then, push the rock without moving the art. Yes, my heart stopped, too,
when it happened to me! Also, if you USE the SPYGLASS at the cliff before
pushing the rock, whatever you see is what the big boulder will hit. Another fun
thing: Walk to the extreme right edge of the cliff, past the heap of rocks, then
try walking off the cliff! Isn't that wild?

 Now that you have all that out of your system, you are back at the dam,
Good thing this game has an automatic duck function! Exit the River Fork, return
to the overhead map, and travel to the POND. LOOK at NOTE and LOOK at UNHEALTHY
MAN. TALK to Toothrot again. This time he does have something useful to tell
you. You learn what happened to him and the captain, their ship, the banana
picker, and the key to the big monkey head. When Toothrot leaves, PICK UP ROPE
from the unhealthy man (personally, I think he is dead), and exit back to the
overhead map.

 Go one screen down and travel to the area marked Crack. Move your cursor or
your mouse until you locate the STRONG BRANCH and the STURDY STUMP (they aren't
ROPE WITH STURDY STUMP. WALK TO OARS (at the very bottom of the canyon) and PICK
UP OARS. WALK TO JUNGLE (bottom left of the screen), and that should take you
back to the overhead map. Travel to the beach where you first landed on the
island and go to the left side of the screen. PICK UP the two BANANAS that were
knocked down by the big boulder earlier, then USE OARS with ROWBOAT.

 In the rowboat, travel around the right side of the island and head up until
you see the northern edge of the island. There is a beach here where you can
land the boat. From the beach, WALK TO JUNGLE. Then, travel to the VILLAGE,
which should be very easy to find on the overhead map. Once you are in the
village, keep going left until you see the big head. Right in front of it is a
bowl of fruit with some bananas in it. PICK UP BANANAS.

 Move to the right until you meet the three cannibals, er, friendly natives.
TALK to them until they throw you into the jail hut (trust me!), then LOOK at
MEMO, and PICK UP SKULL (the small one near the middle of the hut). By now, you
should have noticed the loose board on the floor. PUSH LOOSE BOARD and WALK TO
HOLE. The game sort of takes over here, allowing you to escape while the
cannibals discuss the pros and cons of eating you. Go back to your rowboat and
return to the beach where you first landed on Monkey Island.

 From the beach, return to the overhead map. You may have noticed that a little
below the CRACK, there is a moving spot labeled MONKEY. Now, try to move to meet
up with the MONKEY. It may take a few tries but it is really easy to do. Once
you get there, you will find a monkey jumping around in the woods. GIVE BANANA
to MONKEY (five times). Looks like you just made a friend for life! The monkey
will follow you around.

 WALK TO JUNGLE (to return to the overhead map), go one screen up, one screen
right, and travel to the CLEARING. Keep moving right until you see two totem
poles and a fenced-in area. The left totem pole has a carved nose sticking out
slightly above you. PULL NOSE and an opening appears in the fence. Move through
the fence opening (don't worry if you see the opening closing when you move).
The monkey is here to repay you for the bananas. WALK TO GIANT MONKEY HEAD.
There are quite a few idols here. There is a particularly small, wimpy-looking
idol near the center. PICK UP WIMPY LITTLE IDOL. Keep walking left until you are
back on the overhead map.

 Find your rowboat and make your way back to the village. Walk left until you
see the big head, then go back to the right. TALK to the cannibals again. This
time say, "Don't eat me, I'm a mighty pirate." GIVE WIMPY LITTLE IDOL to
CANNIBALS. They are so thrilled they will let you walk around the village
freely. WALK TO the DOOR of the hut and PICK UP the BANANA PICKER. When you exit
the hut and move to the right, Toothrot will appear yet one more time. To
interrupt his mumbling, GIVE the BANANA PICKER to TOOTHROT, and the monkey head
key is yours.

 Exit the village, then reenter it again. TALK to the cannibals. This time do
try all the different dialogues. There are many clues here. You learn about the
voodoo potion, the voodoo root, and the navigator, or rather, part of a
navigator. And here lies the hardest puzzle in the whole game!

 LOOK at LEAFLET. (This is the leaflet that Stan gave you.) GIVE LEAFLET to
FRIENDLY NATIVES. In return, they will give you the HEAD (oh, gross!), and a
clue about the necklace on the head. Go back to your rowboat, then make your way
back to the clearing where your friend the monkey is still holding the nose for

 WALK TO GIGANTIC MONKEY HEAD. Move to the right until you see the gigantic
are inside the head, USE NAVIGATOR HEAD. Wait for the head to stop turning
(yuck!). Then, move in the same direction the head is facing. Keep doing this
and you will soon be led to the ghost ship, LeChuck's hideout.


 You need to wear the necklace before you enter the ghost ship. TALK TO the HEAD
OF NAVIGATOR and ask him for the necklace. You must always be polite and
extremely persistent. Eventually, he will let you have it. USE NECKLACE OF

 WALK TO the HATCH (to the right of the dancing ghosts; aren't they cute?).
Ignore the sleeping ghost for now and WALK TO PASSAGE (on the right side of the
screen). PICK UP GHOST CHICKEN to get the GHOST FEATHER. Now, go back to the
sleeping ghost, stop at his feet, and USE GHOST FEATHER with the SLEEPING GHOST.
(A word of caution here: This will only work if you select the ghost's feet.)

 PICK UP JUG O'GROG and WALK TO LADDER TO get back up on deck. Go left, then
OPEN DOOR, and enter. This is LeChuck's cabin. The only thing you want here is
the key hanging next to him. USE MAGNETIC COMPASS with KEY. Go back to where you
found the ghost chicken. There is another hatch here next to the glowing crate.

 Once the rats are drunk, walk right until you see the barrel of grease. PICK UP
COOKING GREASE and go back to the deck. There is a door to the right of the
dancing ghosts that squeaks a lot. USE GLOB OF GREASE on DOOR, OPEN DOOR, and
enter. PICK UP GHOST TOOLS, return to the glowing crate, then USE GHOST TOOLS

 Leave the ghost ship and walk to the left. Wow, you are instantaneously
transported back to the village! (Is this a great game or what?) TALK to the
CANNIBALS. While they go to prepare the voodoo potion, talk to the three-headed
monkey. Once you get the potion from the cannibals, leave the village. You are
right back inside the cave where the ghost ship used to be...used to be? Well,
talk to the ghost left behind to find out what happened. When your crew shows
up, talk to them, too. You do have a crew, remember?


 An endgame is a place in a game where the author has run out of money, or
story, or both. Here, Mr. Gilbert called it something else, and gave it a part
number. Don't let that fool you: It's still the endgame.

 You are back on Melee Island. You must get to the church (between the store and
the jail house) to stop LeChuck from marrying the governor, and to ask the very
relevant question, "How are they going to have a honeymoon?" Along the way, TALK
to any ghosts standing in your way, and by all means, have some fun with that
root beer bottle the cannibals gave you!

 Once inside the church, you will quickly earn yourself a giant punch from
LeChuck, the kind that really hurts. I'm afraid you will just have to let him
punch you all over the island for a while, UNTIL he makes the mistake of sending
you crashing into the grog machine at Stan's Used Ship Emporium. PICK UP the
ROOT BEER that falls out of the machine, and USE ROOT BEER with LeChuck. If you
aren't fast enough, he'll hit you again, and you will just have to wait until
you land on the machine. This time, try to be a little quicker. I'm sure you're
getting tired of being pushed around, over, and under.

 Well, that's it. Sit back, enjoy the ending fireworks, and wait for the credits
to scroll. Of course, you could have arrived here much quicker if you had pushed
CTRL-W at the start of the game. Oops! Didn't I tell you about the win key?
Well, I meant to....

 THE SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND is published and distributed by Lucasfilm Games.
Captured By The Ringthane