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Skyroads: Xmas Special manual

	       T H E  S K Y R O A D S 3-D  T R A I N E R
                     CHRISTMAS SPECIAL EDITION

  Hello and welcome to the Skyroads Trainer! This program is the training
  course for the incredible SKYROADS 3-D game. We want you to get used to 
  the controls and get a feel for the game before we unleash the real thing 
  on you! If you can make it through one or two of the training stages you are 
  ready! Call or write us and order the real thing for a heck of a good time!


  -You use the arrow keys to move side to side and accelerate/decelerate!
  -space bar to jump up and down!
  -gravometer shows jumping potential!(standard gravity only in training course
  -note colored blocks for behavior! (look for list in HELP in game)


  -There IS a solution for every stage! There are NO bugs! 
  -hint on stage 2: slide at angle on slippery blocks and jump + collect fuel!

	Computer:		IBM PC/AT or compatible
	Operating system:	MS-DOS 3.0 or higher
	Memory requirement:	520 kB
	Video adapter:		VGA or EGA
	Control devices:        Keyboard/Joystick/Mouse
	Music:			AdLib Music Synthesizer Card or compatibles
	Sound Effects:		Sound Blaster/PC speaker
are the copyrighted property of Creative Dimensions. The SKYROADS trainer
may be freely distributed (we want you to!). Note that the complete version of 
SKYROADS may NOT be copied. We know it's tempting, but don't! If you see anyone
distributing copies of the full leveled version call us or the SPA'S Software
piracy hotline and report it immediately - 1 800 PIRACY. There are nasty fines
for people who ignore this. The "TRAINER" (legal to distribute freely!) is the
demo version with 6 training stages on two levels. Thanks!
                                  CREATIVE DIMENSIONS                          
                                 Product Info May 1994 

CD-MAN   - This game turns a favorite classic into a whole new arcade
           experience filled with fabulous graphics. Creepy characters test
           your reflexes in a series of challenging mazes. Known as the 
           best Pac-man game ever. This is ver 1.5 and is available as
           shareware. (vga/ega 512k)  registration:  $15
CD-MAN VERSION 2.0 - The rest of CD-MAN. Loaded with great new mazes and
           adversaries. New main character and new features! Includes
           levels from cd-man 1.5, but the Snoofer is in charge of the
           (vga/ega 512k) Joystick/KB     $29 + S&H
CHEWIT   - A form of Cd-Man with all the levels from ver.1.5 and 2 but with
           few extras like: Endless life function, Unlimited levels in diff-
           iculty, jump directly to any maze, no copy-protection, Extended 
           graphics. Highly recommended for serious CD-MAN players.
           (vga/ega 512k) Joystick/KB     $39 + S&H
SKYROADS - 3D! Great 3D 256 color VGA action game. Dangerously addictive and
           challenging. Learn to cruise and jump your craft on dangerous 
           roads in space, collect fuel and oxygen and solve problems 
           to get through, set to great backdrops.30 levels with extensive
           Ad Lib soundtracks and digitized effects. Joystick and mouse
           support. (vga/ega 512k) 286+, Action Arcade     $29 + S&H
MORE SKYROADS - Even more action. 30 more levels of skyroads. New Roads & 
           new sites that need to be cleared! Rev it up and jump like mad.
           Ad Lib soundtracks and digitized effects. Joystick and mouse
           support. (vga/ega 512k) 286+, Action Arcade     $29 + S&H

SOUNDCLUB - Full fledged musicstudio, soundeditor, synthesizer, FX maker!
           32 channel mixer - stereo compact disk quality sound output
           with most soundcards. 526+ instrument selection. MIDI interface.
           play back, create and save MIDI files, ROL and many more. Super
           compression of soundfiles. Up to 64 instruments simultaneously.
           Full digital sampling up to 65000 Hz for crisp digital sound.
           Unleash your soundcards true potential! full bit by bit control
           of all attributes for all instruments. Complete synthesizer.
           - intuitive bar interface allows people who know nothing of
           music to create masterful professional compositions in
           minutes. Play it out at CD quality and record it! Make sound-
           tracks for any occasion. Will even play quality music on your PC
           speaker! Soundcard highly recommended! Lyrics window included
           for karaoke fans. This program replaces thousands of dollars of
           music equipment, be a pro for 79 bucks!
           Supports all major soundcards and file formats. Mouse or KB
           (vga/ega 512k) 130 page user guide. Ver 1- 05/94     $79 + S&H


Commercial products:

CD-MAN 1.5                 - $15.00
CD-MAN VERSION 2.0         - $29.00 + S&H     
CHEWIT                     - $39.00 + S&H 
SKYROADS 3D                - $29.00 + S&H 
MORE SKYROADS              - $29.00 + S&H 

Demo's available as shareware:

COBRA                      - $ 5.00 Free w/any order
CD-MAN DEMO (V1.5)         - $ 5.00 Free w/any order 
SKYROADS 3D TRAINER        - $ 5.00 Free w/any order (this program)
SOUNDCLUB DEMO             - $ 5.00 Free w/any order
buying CHEWIT or CD-MAN VERSION 2.0 automatically registers ver 1.5

M.C. & VISA- CHECK & M.O. ACCEPTED, (510) 317-0292 TO ORDER

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