Abandonware DOS title

Softporn Adventure manual

			   Softporn Adventure!
                          Version 2.4 Shareware

Original program written and designed by Chuck Benton for the Apple ][
This version re-written, re-designed, and debugged by GARY THOMPSON

	Welcome to the world of SOFTPORN!  I feel I should give a little bit 
of history behind SOFTPORN.  The original version of SOFTPORN was written for 
the Apple II computer by a man named Chuck Benton.  When I first played that 
game, way back in 1984; I thought it was the best game I had ever seen.  And 
since it was written in Applesoft Basic, I made a printout and stored it 
away.  Years later, when I finally began delving into the world of the IBM, I 
remembered that old printout and promised myself I'd write a version for the 

	Chuck thought that Databases were the thing of the future.  And he 
thought that the Apple ][ was the perfect computer to do database programming 
on.  Chuck thought that a perfect test of database programming would be to 
write a little adventure game.... thus Softporn was born. Softporn on the 
original Apple was written using a myriad of text files and random access 
files.  These were to test out his ideas on Database programming.
	When I began programming in C, I found this the perfect language to 
re-write Softporn in.  So, I grabbed my old printout and loaded my Microsoft 
Quick-C compiler and began programming it.  It took me about three months to 
complete it.  It is written in a mix of Quick-C, Quick-Assembler, and Macro-
Assembler.  I designed special timing routines using Macro-Assembler that 
allow the program to run at the same speed no matter how slow or fast your 
computer is.

	One day, I went to my local computer store and bought a copy of
Leisure Suit Larry 1.  When I played it, I was amazed to see that Larry 1
was the same game as my Softporn!  So I contacted Ken Williams, President
of Sierra On-Line, and Al Lowe, creator of the Leisure Suit Larry Series.
They informed me they bought the rights to Softporn Adventure and re-released
it.  It won several awards.  They then game the contract to Al Lowe and
Al re-wrote it, added graphics; and thus LSL was born.

	In early 1994, I got a letter from Al Lowe... I gave him my phone  
number and he gave me a call.  He informed me that Sierra On-Line was
planning a LSL collector's edition package called "Leisure Suit Larry's 
Greatest Hits (And Misses)".  He asked if he could include my game in the
CD-ROM disc to show the history of the game.  This was because my game is
the only surviving copy of the original Softporn.  Of course I said YES!
The CD-ROM disk was released and my Softporn included on it.
	Softporn is an adult adventure game.  Your objective is to "score" 
three times.  You must hunt down your female prey and do your thing.  Your 
objective will not be an easy one.  There are many tasks you must complete.  
Many puzzles you will have to solve.  And in the end, you will get your 
	Since this is a text only game, much of what you see lies in your
imagination.  You control your actions by typing in various two word 
commands.  Your commands will consist of a verb followed by a noun....   
Such as "OPEN DOOR", "PUSH BUTTON", or "KISS GIRL". There are many commands
so figure them out and what they do. Try anything you can think of! There are
some outrageous combinations!
	This game follows suit to most other adventure games.  If you can 
pick it up, do so.  If you can use it, figure out how.  But remember, there 
are many things that you can use more than once. And everything has a use, 
however small. But you cannot hold everything you can find, so remember where 
you put things; they will stay where you drop them.
	You will start off the game with $2,500.  You will find the price of 
things in the game very high so your money will quickly diminish. You must 
find a way to get more.

	Version 1.1 now supports 43/50 line screens, whichever your video can 
support.  Plus the command structure is a little better.  To switch to 43/50 
line mode, simply type -H on the command line when running Softporn.

	Version 2.1 contained a major re-write of the game for the CD-ROM
disc release.  Many bugs were killed.  Most of the casino games were totally

	Version 2.2 was the version released on the CD-ROM disk.  Sierra
forgot to include three major files on the disc. =(

	Version 2.3 added a file-missing error trap.  Since the files missing
in version 2.2 gave no error when the program was run, I take the blame for
that.  Version 2.3 added an error trap, if the files are missing, the program
fails to run.

        Version 2.4 is simply a bug fix.  A few players with good eyes
notified me of some bugs.  Paying the TAXI driver didn't always check for
running out of money and ended up giving the player $65,000.  Added error

	Since this is an adult game, it should not be played by anyone under 
18. (Yes, this is the disclaimer) Also, neither the programmer, nor the Sysop 
of this bbs are responsible for any damage resulting because of the use of 
this game.  By obtaining this game, the user automatically consents to this.
	I found this game very enjoyable to play.  It was also much fun to 
write.  If you like this game, I would appreciate any donations you could 
offer.  For every donation, I will send a list of other files and games you 
can find by me.  And for a small $10.00 fee per disk, I will send you any of 
them.  Please send any donations to the address listed at the end of the 
	Thank you for trying this program, and I hope it brings a lot of fun.  
					 - Gary Thompson
					  AKA The Psycho!
					The Psycho Strikes!
	This game is the product of a LOT of hard work and programming on my 
part.  So do the right thing and SUPPORT SHAREWARE!  Please register this 
program by sending a check or money order for $20 made out to the name and 
address listed below.  Upon registering, you will get the latest version of 
the game and be placed on my mailing list for notices of new games and 
programs releases.  When registering, include which size floppy disk you 
prefer me to send.  Thanks!

Gary Thompson
400 NW 51st CT
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309


I wish to sincerely thank all my beta testers that spent so much of their
time helping me make this program as bullet-proof as possible....

Kevin J. Kearney (Cardis)
Linda Neary      (Ariel)
Penny            (Kojak)

I also wish to thank Art Constantino who runs the AAA (Always All Adult BBS 
305-584-4080) for giving up so much of his valuable time and resources of his
BBS to allow me to beta test my game.