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Sorcerian other - book of magic


In this book are written the secret principles which have been handed down from
generation to generation in our Sorcerian household.As you hold this book in
your hands,remember that you are a descendant of the Sorcerians.

In times long past, the Sorcerians servedthe Gods of the seven planets and
controlled many magical powers. In those times we lived among the Gods and never
died. We were almost like gods ourselves.

Long ages ago, as mortals count time, evil beings who opposed the will of Heaven
escaped from captivity and came to make their home among the people of the earth
At that time we acquired a new purpose; our ancestors were sent to earth by the
Gods to annihilate the evil ones.

But the earth is not like Heaven. Here the flame of life burns quickly,and they
realized it would be impossible to destroy the evil in one generation. Thus the
Sorcerians established themselves on earth as mortal beings and handed down 
their sacred purpose from generation to generation.

When you have read this book, you who have inherited our blood must make a
decision; deny your Sorcerian heritage and live as normal mortals, or become a
Sorcerian adventurer, striving to achieve your ancestors' purpose and doing all
you can to destroy the evil forces of the five elements that will array them-
selves against you.

The evil ones use powerful magic and the once-godlike Sorcerians are now only
humans whose power is limited. Therefore you must learn the secrets of magic 
which have been handed down through the generations.

Even though you are a Sorcerian, magic is not easy to control.It is a demanding
art which taxes your whole body, mind and spirit. You should realize that unless
your entire being has been trained, you will accomplish little but an early 
death. Many techniques of might and magic must be perfected by the true ad-
venturer if the adventure is to achieve its purpose.

Before you embark on an adventure, choose companions whose desires and goals are
like yours, and who are likewise trained in the disciplines of body, mind and 
spirit. When you have such a group, united in determination and purpose, go     
forth and battle the powers of evil as we have been ordained to do. And may the
protection of the Gods go with you.

                        쿟HE GODS OF THE SEVEN PLANETS

The Sun, as the source of all life, controls the power of life, vitality,
creativity, and regeneration.

Sun magic is the power of creation. When combined with Mars, it is destruction.
Sun magic also gives strength and vitality.

As the moon drives away darkness, her magic has power over beings of the dark. 
As she reflects the light of the Sun, her magic also reflects other magics. As
she controls the tides,so does her magic control the element of water. 

Moon magic gives resistance against magic spells.

Mercury is the God in charge of intelligence, language and communication.He is
also the God of speed and movement, and controlsthe power of the wind.

Mercury magic bestows intelligence and the power of magical offense.

Venusis the Goddess of harmony, balance and peace.Hers is the power to avoid

Venus magic is essential for any sort of purification.She can unite the warring
powers of other gods, and bestow dexterity.

Mars is the God of battle, destruction and fire. Mars magic has the ability to
combine the magic of other Gods into a strong destructive force.

Mars' power is the power of offense.

Jupiter is the God of justice, wisdom and luck.His power is second only to the 
Sun,and grows stronger when combined with sun Magic.

Jupiter magic gives the power of healing and revival, and increases vitality.

Saturn is the God of darkness,destruction and death.He controls the forces of
the earth.

Saturn magic is an important offensive force

                        쿘ONSTERS OF THE FIVE ELEMENTS
The elements which make up all life on Earth and in Heaven are earth, fire,
water, AIR and spirit. All enemies you will enconter have their being in
one of these elements.

Every mortal thing that walks or crawls on the ground belongs to the earth
element. This includes humans and humanoid monsters. Ground-dwelling animals
also belong to this element.

Those creatures born from heat and flame belong to the fire element. They
frequently resemble fire in some way. Fire element monsters dislike water in
any form.

Anything made of liquid, jelly or slime belongs to the water element. Monsters
which inhabit the water are also water element creatures. All such creatures
hate fire.

Creatures that fly upon the wind belong to the air element. Most air element
monsters are invisible, but may attack by means of wind, such as a tornado.

Spirits and other non-physical cretures belong to the spirit element. Skeletons
and Mummies are also sky creatures, since they have no real physical existence
in our world.

                      쿚N THE EFFECTS AND USES OF MAGIC.
The magics available to you can be made into 120 different spells, by combining
the powers of the seven planets. The full knowledge of this cannot be written 
here, for fear of this book falling into the wrong hands. However, here are
three keys to guide you in your study of the uses of magic:

                                 THE FIRST KEY
Magic may be locked into an item, such as a weapon or some other personal item.
A person versed in enchantments can perform this task, granting powers to your

The powers of the seven Gods combine in different ways, and not all of the Gods 
work well together, so care must be taken in combining the powers of the planets

Magic can also be infused into potions made from the five sacred herbs. An 
herbalist knows how to prepare herbs properly to bring out their magic powers.

                                THE SECOND KEY
Since all magic is granted by the seven Gods, magic spells are characterized by
those things governed by the Gods whose magic is being called upon. Some magics
will be more effective than others against certain enemies, because of the 
nature of the enemy and the nature of the magic. The character of the enemy can
be known by knowing its origins; the character of the magic can be known by
observing its effects.

Great care must be taken not to use the magic of one element against a creature
of that same element, for fear of strengthening your enemy rather than 
weakening it.

                                THE THIRD KEY
The strongest and most powerful magics are those which partake of the powers of 
the most Gods. These are the best magics for defeating enemies of the spirit

                            THE FIVE SACRED HERBS 
Verbena has been used in traditional magic ceremonies since ancient times. It is
sometimes found growing in ruins and deserted places.

Since ancient times, Lavender has been used as a pain-killer and a sleeping
medicine. It is often found in the woods.

Sage hasthe power to neutralize poisons. It grows mostly in the desert.

Since Hyssop is the symbol of the Gods, it has the power to purify mind, body,
and spirit. It grows in the high mountains.

The power of savory relates to vitality and life. It grows on wet land by banks
of marshes.