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Space Federation manual

Space Federation 

Short Instructions


Space Federation is a real-time strategy game in which you conquer the galaxy
for your chosen race through resource management and strategic manoeuvring.

Ultimate victory is achieved by satisfying the conditions listed in the 
scenario description. The goal for intermediate and advanced scenarios will
be to destroy each of your enemies' headquarters. Beginner 'training'
missions may require you to build planetary populations to certain levels
or establish food and mineral storages on varying planet types.

You will be eliminated from the game if you lose your own headquarters or
if your HQ is destroyed.


There are three levels of control in Space Federation.

Level one - Opening Menus and Option Screens

The Opening Menus are controlled by a robotic arm. Point the mechanical hand 
at the option you want to select with the mouse, joystick or arrow keys.
Press the left mouse button/joystick button or ENTER key to select when the
index finger of the robotic hand points to the desired object. To move levers,
first point at the lever and push and hold the selection button down while
moving the lever to the desired position.

Level two - Combat and Ship Movements

The Combat/Movement controls of your Star Cruiser are defined by joystick 
movements or keyboard keystrokes. In addition to accelerations and turns, there
is a DOCK button and a FIRE button. DOCK is used to dock on a planet while
FIRE fires your Star Cruiser's weapon.

Level three - Docking

On the Docking screen, you may move through various options which are displayed 
as icons. You may select an option by pressing the DOCK key. To exit out of a
menu (or out of the docking screen altogether) press the FIRE key.


Player 1

A=Turn left
W=Accelerate or move up
S=Slow down or move down
D=Turn right
Space Bar=Fire

Player 2

5=Slow down or move down
6=Turn right
4=Turn left
8=Accelerate or move up

ESC	-	brings up game windows
F1	-	switch to one player screen
F2	-	switch to split screen
F3	-	decrease the music volume
F4	-	increase the music volume
F5	-	decrease the sound effects volume
F6	-	increase the sound effects volume
F7	-	decrease the volume of speech
F8	-	increase the volume of speech
F10	-	go to SAVE screen or EXIT the game
F11	-	toogle player one message screens to text/graphics
F12	-	toogle player two message screens to text/graphics

-- The manual goes on with a walkthrough of the first scenario and
descriptions of the various (few) aspects of the game. The game
is not very complex and most things should be obvious - besides the

- The number of factories you have on a planet is the planet's tech level.
The are 3 tech levels. Higher tech levels allow for the production of more
sophisticated ships and increase the production rate of ships.

- Fully operational Defence Structures shoot down 66% of the planetary bombs
that would have hit the structure. When 50% damaged, they shoot down 33%.
Defence Structures do NOT shoot down incoming troop ships nor do they affect
any other combat in space.

- Be aware that once ships have been sent out on convoys, they CANNOT be
redirected by your Cruiser. Therefore, be careful when giving orders to your
convoys, make sure you send them on the mission you want. If you find you
cannot dock with a ship, it is probably because that ship is part of a convoy.