Abandonware DOS title

Stationfall walkthrough


(c) 1992 Erik Futtrup, Denmark (email: futtrup@daimi.aau.dk)
     and Twan Lintermans, Holland

Keep magnetic boots away from (also) magnetic ID card!

e: n: insert robot form in slot: type 3: s: e: open hatch: enter
spacetruck: close hatch: sit in pilot seat: insert spacecraft
form in slot: examine watch: type xxx {coordinates corresponding
with the time on your watch}: wait {until you're docked}: [5pts]:
get up: take kit: open hatch: exit: e: ne: n (4x): read diary: 
{note the "nonvisual properties" of the dots}: drop diary: s: d:
n: read note: drop note: s: u: u: take twenty-prong board: d: s:
s: {eat when necessary: open kit: eat orange goo}: s: sw: d: d:
open trash can: take crumpled form: examine crumpled form {not
validated}: u (4x): nw: open presser: put crumpled form in
presser: close presser: turn presser on: open presser: take
ironed form: e: n: read sign {remember the frequency for the
exercise machine}: s: {never stay in the same location as a
welder for too long, it's fatal}: sw: take star {too high, isn't
it?}: e: [save 1]: d: d: d: nw: enter ship: taste dots {remember
"nonvisual properties"?}: exit: e: se: examine reader {notice the
id reader: rank!}: w: u: se: se: e: take log tape: examine safe:
{not likely to open easily}: w: put log tape in reader: turn
reader on: {notice: .. key of bin in safe .. }: press red button:
again: {notice: .. Shady Dan sells modified ID cards}: again:
again: again: {.... validation stamp under commander's bed!}:
again (5x): turn reader off {or it explodes!}: e: look under bed:
take stamp: validate ironed form: w: n: ne: insert ironed in slot
[6pts]: e: e: e: take headlamp: wear headlamp: w: sw: read sign
{... feeding on airborne spores}: open cage: se: read sheet {open
the safe with this?..... }: drop sheet: [save2]: se: {Shady
Dan's: he sold ID cards.... }: put id card in machine: turn
machine on: type 9: take id card: put id card in pocket: d: w:
se: read letter {ceiling panel?}: drop letter: nw: sw: take spray
can: read can {spores, for a balloon creature!}: ne: nw: {weary:
place to sleep is sick bay e: g: }: n: n: n: ne: nw: e: lie down
on bed: wait {sleeping,[3pts]}: get out of bed: take
kit,board,can: w: ne: read screen: sw: se: e: e: e: spray can:
{attracts the balloon creature}: w: spray can: w: spray can: w:
spray can: nw: spray can: sw: spray can: u: spray can: u: spray
can: u: spray can: sw: eat gray goo: examine pulpit: open pulpit:
turn switch {flame goes out; balloon creature afraid of it
ofcourse}: spray can: take leash: take star: [7pts]: d: open
star: take m hyperdiode: e: u: n: take detonator: examine
detonator: open detonator: take blackened hyperdiode: clean
blackened {letter m}: put m hyperdiode in detonator: drop
star,can,blackened: sw: {coffee here is poison!}: d: d: d: d: se:
put id card in reader: n: take zapgun: examine gun {7 shots}:
[5pts]: [save3]: s: w: u: se: s: s: s: se: s: shoot box with gun:
take coin [5pts]: examine coin {galakmid for dispenser}: n: nw:
s: take platinum detector: n: se: ne: u: nw: examine ceiling
{rember letter: pet shop!}: open ceiling panel: take ostrich nip
[3pts]: ne: se: turn detector on: break mirror: take reflective
foil [4pts]: turn detector off: drop detector,id: w: open bag:
take taffy: put taffy in kit: s: sw: look behind counter: take
nectar: put nectar in kit: sw: u: open textbook: read paper {you
can translate the dots now!}: d: {when Plato attacks with the
stun ray, type: Floyd, help me; when he's confused!}: [7pts]:
{this explanes the adventure....}: take all: drop paper: se: se:
nw: nw: {ostrich attracted by nip}: n: n: n: ne: nw: ne: put coin
in slot: press 6: scare ostrich: [6pts]: take timer: [save4]: w:
w: turn lamp on: take jammer: turn lamp off: e: give nip to
ostrich: examine jammer: connect twenty-prong board to jammer:
set jammer to 710 {frequency earlier!}: s: sw: drop jammer {for
later use}: se: s: w: {wait for floyd}: floyd,take medium drill
bit [3pts]: take medium: e: n: nw: d: d: nw: take drill: se: u:
u: se: se: e: examine medium {pencil diameter}: take small: put
medium in drill: drill hole in safe: drop drill: connect timer to
detonator: drop timer and detonator: w: n: ne: e: e: s: se: e:
turn wheel [4pts]: u: open locker: take space suit: d: w: w: se:
d: drop kit: take magnetic boots: wear boots: take kit: w: ne:
open bottle: empty bottle: take bottle: open hatch: d: close
inner door: wear suit: turn lamp on: open outer: d: read label:
[3pts]: u: put frezone in bottle: close bottle: close outer: open
inner: take suit off: turn lamp off: u: drop suit: remove boots:
drop boots: [save5]: sw: nw: n: n: e: n: e: open bottle: take
frezone: put frezone in hole: connect detonator to frezone: set
timer to 10: w: e: take key [10pts]: w: nw: nw: take jammer: drop
bottle and kit: {all you'll need is: headlamp,jammer (set to
710),key,zapgun,foil}: u(4x): {when lights go out, you can use
headlamp!}: unlock bin: open bin: [2pts]: take all: open grating:
enter air shaft: d(7x): open grating: turn jammer on: turn jammer
off: u: [2pts]: [save6]: examine floyd: shoot floyd {please stop
playing here for one minute of silence.........}: wrap pyramid in
foil [5pts]: 

You've completed the adventure with 80 points out of 80, and
earned the rank of Intergalactic Mega-Hero. 

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