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Super Hang-On manual




The Meanest, Fastest Burners on the Globe

We're not just talking about a race here, we're talking the race. The
ultimate trial of man and machine. Not a cross-country but a
cross-continent by whatever route gets you through.

Forget your BMX, we're talking serious bikes. Bikes that can handle the hot
and the cold. Machines that can take the rough and the smooth, and we don't
mean dirt tracks.

And what about you-mind getting your leathers dirty? Perhaps even playing
dirty? Know how to use a nitro injection? Is it first place or nothing? If
so,  read on...

The ultimate challenge-to burn rubber in the hot dust of Africa, the
mystical green of Asia, the concrete jungles of American, the wide open
spaces of Europe..

If you've got what it takes-Hang On and make those suckers spit your dust.


Commodore Amiga

Amiga 500 and 2000

Insert the game disc into the disc drive and switch on the computer. The
game will load automatically.

Amiga 1000

Insert your Kickstart disc into the disc drive and switch on the computer.
When the workbench screen appears, insert the game disc. The game will load


The following options are available from the game menu:

1)Sensitivity Adjust

When using a joystick you may select from three degrees of sensitivity.
This will affect the speed at which the man leans from side to side. If
using a mouse you will be able to alter the distance required to move the
mouse by following the prompts on the screen.

2)Control adjust

This toggles between mouse and joystick control. The selected control
method is shown at the top of the option menu.

3)Save or load high scores.



Control the movement of your bike by leaning left or right around the
bends. Normal acceleration will increase your speed up to 280 km/hour. When
you reach this speed the indicator in the top right of the screen will turn
red:now is the time to use your nitro control and leave the opposition

Joystick controls:-

Lean left			Joystick left

Lean right			Joystick right

Accelerate			Joystick forward

Brake				Joystick back

Nitro				Fire Button

Mouse controls:-

Move the mouse left or right to lean the bike

Accelerate			Left button

Brake				SPACE bar(or any joystick position)

Nitro				Right button

Keyboard controls:-

Lean left			, (comma)

Lean right			.(full stop)

Accelerate			CTRL

Brake				SPACE bar

Nitro				SHIFT

The keyboard controls can be used at the same time as the joystick.

To pause the game press the ESC key. You may then resume play by pressing
RETURN, or abandon the race by pressing CLR HOME.



We are always seeking to improve the quality of our product range, and have
developed high standards of quality control to bring you this product. If
you experience any difficulties whilst loading, it is likely to be a fault
other than the product itself. We therefore suggest that you switch your
computer off and repeat the loading instructions carefully, checking that
you are using the correct set of instructions for your computer and
software. If you still have problems, consult the User handbook that
accompanied your computer or consult your software dealer for advice. In
the case of continued difficulty and you have checked all of your hardware
for possible faults, may we suggest that you return the game to the place
of purchase.

Customer Inquiries/Technical Support  0734 310003

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