Abandonware DOS title

Superman: The Man of Steel manual


Once loaded press FIRE to pass through Opening Screens.
OPTION SCREEN: At the start of each game is a Comic Book Page - you may read the caption then use the joystick to continue to Game Screen. 

Each game has an Icon Bank from which you can select Superman's strengths and fightning powers. Icons available are: Flight, Heat Vision, Super Punch, Telescopic Vision, Super Breath

Selection of Icon is done with Space Bar. Highlightning the Icon you want to use, at any stage of game.
The Flight Icon is automatically selected for each game when Superman is activated into flight by the Joystick.

All powers can exhaust Superman's energy levels. To replenish these levels will require a short waiting time. During this waiting time other icons can be selected and used.

In all games Superman has three chances to complete the mission. Other 
Bonuses can be gained by fighting, beating or destroyinf various objects and hazards within a period of time or over a measured distance.

Superman has been directed by Perry White to meet Professor at S.T.A.R.
Laboraties urgently. Flying from Metropolis, Superman encounters Darkseid's evil Para-Demons born out of The Boom Tube. Darkseid has equipped some of the Para-Demons with Concussion Cannons. These Cannons fire deathly Concussion Clouds, which Superman must steer clear of at all costs to avoid a substantial drain on his energy levels.
Icons available: Flight, Heat Vision, Super Breath and Super Punch

After battling trougth the Para-Demons on the way to meet the Professor, Superman get a call from Perry White to go immediately to "The Atlantis" anchored outside Metropolis Harbour. On board The Atlantis Governor Lee and Lois Lane are being held hostage by fanatical terrorists. Superman's job is to defeat the terrorists and free lois and the Governor. 
Icons available: Flight, Super Punch, Super Kick, Super Breath and Heat Vision.

After leaving The Atlantis Superman reaches the S.T.A.R. Laboratories, where he meets the Professor who tells him uncharacteristic seismic activity has  been monitored by his scientists. The Professor must board the Shuttle on route tothe Star Lab Satellite where he must gather further valuable data  on the natural disaster imperilling the Planet. Professo Corwin asks Superman to escort the Shuttle trough the violent ateroid and Krytonite storms which could riddle the space shuttle and possibly threaten the Proffesor's life unless Superman is able to protect the Shuttle on it's journey. 
Icons available: Flight, Heat Vision, Super Punch and Super Breath
Krytonite and Asteroids can both damage the Shuttle but only Krytonite can hurt Superman.

Having reached the Star Lab Space Satellite Superman must enter via the
airlock and proceed to fly or run the corridors to the Command Room. Once there, he must use his Heat Vison to met the Defence Control Panel to halt the satellite's out of control Robot Defenders. The system recognises Superman but it incorrectly identifies him as an enemy intruder who must be stopped, by the numerous mutant robots. Superman can be zapped by the Robots into a flexible bubble that he can only destroy by kicking rather than using Heat Vision.
Icons available: Flight, Heat Vision, Punch, Kick and Super Breath

Some Robots can be defeated easier by punching or blowing rather than using up your Heat Vision energy. Once the Defence Control Panel has been destroyed and the Robots made harmless - Professor Corwin sets to work analysing his data to discover where the problem is emanating from. But as he starts, he sees out of a window a massive asteroid storm heading towards the satellite which has already been damaged from a previous storm. Superman must fly outside and protect the satellite from the storm whilst the Professor sets about fixing the Satellite's shields and colleiting data.
Icons available: Flight, Heat Vision, Super Punch and Super Breath

Now that the Satellite has been made stable, Professor Corwin has been able to trace the geophysical disturbances to an unidentified Satellite Station that is sending out disruptive signals through the Com-Sat earth station receivers. The Professor gives Superman the co-ordinates of the malevolent Satellite and he must fly there and knock it off the air. Leaving the Professor, Superman encounters Darkseid's Mini Robots. These Robots mutate from a Mother Robot, controlled by darkseid, to try and stop Superman reaching the Lexcorp Station.
Icons available: Flight, Super Punch, Super Breath and Heat Vision

On reaching the station markes "The Lexcorp", Superman is confronted by
gunfire and heat seeking shells. He has to defeat the Station, destroy the shell ports and the gun turrets then using his telescopic vision search the ship for the devices that control the Station's defence shields and other sections to totally disable the craft and render it harmless. 
Icons available: Flight, Heat Vision, Super Breath and Telescopic Vison.
Bonuses can be achievedby destroying various parts of the ship.

Having rendered the Ship harmless Superman flies inside the Satellite Station to be confronted by scores of fighting Lexcorp Robot Commandos. The Robots, now very annoyed after Superman's external attack of their defences, do their best to stop him flying down the central corridor to the Station's core where the geo-distruptor is located. The destruction of this is Superman's final battle for the day - everyone can now sleep easy as once again Superman saves the day.
Icons available: Flight, Super Punch, Heat Vision, Super Breath 

At the end of the game your score, if high enough, will be displayed and may be saved to go forward to "The High Score Scoreboard".