Abandonware DOS title

Thexder manual


How To Play:
        When the game opens you are the pilot of a Thexder Super Assault
        Vehicle. You have been locked into the facility with no means of escape.
        You are currently in the Robot mode. Your only direction of travel
        is to the right. There are 16 different worlds to explore. The
        challenge: how far can you go?

Your Mission:
        To survive all 16 levels and disable the central computer, which
        creates the evil creatures which dwell in this forbidden world.

The Forbidden World:
        Here lies a land shrouded in mystery, with 16 different regions to
        explore. From underground caverns to vast cargo holds, you will
        encounter strange and dangerous beings and bone-chilling environments.
        Beware! Danger lurks around every corner.

The Status Screen:
        The status screen on your computer is the only tool you have available
        to keep track of your energy level, the level of the world you occupy,
        and your score. Learn to use this information wisely. It will help you
        determine when to fight and when to flee.

Thexder Assault Vehicle:
        Thexder is a hyper dual-armor Robot-Jet transformer. Armed with
        heat-seeking lasers and touch controlled flight mechanisms, Thexder is
        the ultimate fighting machine. There is only one Thexder in existence,
        and you are the proud pilot at its control. Be careful. If disaster
        falls upon your vehicle, there will be no replacements, and your
        mission will be terminated.

        Your score will increase with each creature you destroy, depending on
        the type of creature. You do not get extra points for completing a
        level, but you do get an increase in your enmax and energy
        points(depending on whether you used your shield).

        The direction can be controlled from the keyboard by using the numbers
        on the keypad. 4=left,6=right,8=up,2=down and 7,9,1,3 the respective
        in-between directions.

To fire: press the Alternate key. Hold down for continous fire.

To activate shield: Press the left shift key.

To Pause game: press ESC. Press again to continue.

To Toggle Sound: Press the S key to toggle sound.

To Transform into Jet: Press any of the down keys on the numeric keypad.

To Transform into Robot: Make contact with the ground or press the key
opposite the direction you are flying.(when you are flying horizontally)

To Activate Joystick Mode: Press the J key to toggle joystick on. Press the
K to return to keyboard control.

Joystick Mode:
        To Fire. Press the fire button on the joystick. Hold down for continous
        To Activate Shield: Press the left shift key.

The Control Panel:
        Energy Bar: Displays the level of remaining energy. The three
        indicator colors represent Thexder's current condition. Green=good,

        Shield Bar:Displayed when shield is on. Shows the amount of shield
        protection remaining before shutdown.

        Score: Displays your current score.

        Level: Displays the current level of the facility you occupy.

        Enmax: Energy maximum. Registers the total possible energy points that
        are available to Thexder.

Energy Increases:
        a. When you destroy certain creatures. How many energy-releasing
        creatures can YOU discover?

        b. When you complete a level without using your shield. Your energy
        will increase by 100 points(up to enmax).

Energy Decreases:
        a. When you make contact with any of the enemy creatures(except when
        your shield is activated).

        b. When you make contact with any of the hazard areas(lava pits, acid
        lakes, etc.).

        c. When you fire your lasers. Energy loss=2points for every 30 shots

        d. When you lock on shield. Energy loss=10 points for each use of the

Enmax Increases:
        a. When you destroy certain enemy creatures. How many enmax-bearing
        creatures can YOU discover?

        b. When you finish each level. Level completed = 10 enmax points. Level
        completed without using shield = 20 enmax points.

        Enmax never decreases. Maximum enmax allowed in the game = 500 points.

Additional Tips:
        Map each world. Trace down the various mazes as you travel through each
        level. Take note of the booby traps and hidden creatures. Follow the
        most accessible and least dangerous path to the next exit.

        Try to build up your enmax capacity whenever possible. Find the
        creatures that will boost enmax. Refrain from using shields for
        additional enmax bonuses! SEE ENMAX INCREASES.

        Shields can become an effective weapon, as enemy creatures are
        destroyed when they make contact with your shield. Beginners may want
        to use their shields extensively. However, an advanced player should
        choose not to use their shield (on early levels), as bonus energy is
        rewarded if you survive a level without activating the shield.

        Don't shoot at everything. Avoid the creatures which provide no energy
        or enmax increases. Only eliminate the creatures that will benefit