Abandonware DOS title

Titus the Fox manual


Hi guys, my name is titus. My liancee Foxy was sent to the Shara desert Fox
& Locks Magazine.This reputable publication had sent her on assignment to
investigate that very rare species - the desert fox.However, during a
nocturnal photo session, she was suddenly attacked and kidnapped by bandits.
She is no an unwilling concubine in the harem of the knights of Shah Hassan.
Although this may sound dangerous and full of dungeons and dangers, i don't
have a choice.I must set upon my journey and rescue my imprisoned vixen.



LOOS A LIFE           - F1
GAME OVER             - F2
STATUS SCREEN         - F4
MUSIC ON/OFF          - F5
FREQUENCY 50/60 Hz    - /
PAUSE                 - P
ENERGY BAR            - /
BACK TO DOS           - /

                     | Joystick            | Keyboard
Go up /Jump          | Up                  | Up arrow/Q
Go down/Duck         | Down                | Down arrow/A
Go left              | Left                | Left arrow/L
Go right             | Right               | Right arrow/M
Throw an object      | Fire Button         | Space bar/Enter
Pick up an object    | Down + Fire button  | Down arrow + Space
Place an object      |                     | /Enter
Enter secret passages| Down                |Down arrow
                     |(after a few seconds)|(after a few seconds)

Depending on the situation in the game, the above instructions may have other

The function key F10 divides the game speed by 2. This makes the game easier
at certain points. To return to normal speed,press the F10 key a second time
The keys 4 & 6 (numeric keypad) adjust the scrolling, enabling you to have a
total overview of the situation.

After the title screen you have two possibilities of play:
Start a new Game(START).This option is chosen if you are playing for the first time
or if you want to start from the beginning of the game.

In order to choose from the above, you should proceed as folows:
enter the desired number on the keyboard.


The function key F4 calls up a screen indicating the number of lives you have
(see the Quick Start for more details).Each game is played with 3 Lives
(2plus the one in play).This screen also indicates your extra bonuses..to 
return to the game, press the F4 key a second time.


A life is divided into 16 points which are represented by the energy bar.You
lose two energy points each time you collide with an enemy or when you hit a
trap e.g. stalactites.You can increase your energy by 1 point when you
collect 1 bonus.

If you find yourself in a very sticky situation, you may voluntarily lose a
life by pressing the F1 key.In this instance you continue from the previous
starting point ( see « BONUS » section.)


Titus the Fox follows the joystick commands(left,right,up,down).to squat down,
move the joystick downwards.You can also make him crawl by holding the
joystick downwards and pushing in either direction(left or right).To jump
over an obstacle, push the joystick diagonally (up/left or up/right) thus
jumping in the corresponding direction.It is also possible to change
direction while jumping.Both the height and length of the jump are
proportional to the timelength of the joystick movement.

To enter rooms or secret passages, place titus the fox in front of the
entrance, move the joystick downwards and wait a moment.you should note that
each level has many hidden rooms with extra bonuses only accessible through
secret passages - and it's up to you to discover these.


A lagre choice of objects(each with its own characteristics) is scaltered
around each level to help you overcome both barriers and you adversaries.


Place Titus the Fox in front of an object without dimbing on top of it.
Move the Joystick downwards and press the fire button.Now you can pick up the
object and move around with it.Note that it is not possible to access a secret
passage when holding any objects.

Certain objects can be placed on top of each other in order to help you
overcome different traps.To place an object,move the joystick downwards and
press the fire button.It is possible to use this object again.


Titus the Fox can also throw objects to bump-off his enemies.In order to do
this,place yourself in front of an enemy and press the fire button.The
object is fired in the direction of its target.With few exceptions,it is
difficult to retrieve objects once they have been thrown.Note that, in the
interest of your health,it is sometimes dangerous to throw objects upwards.

Titus the Fox also uses the «coyote approach», namely dropping objects on top
of enemies.To achieve this,place yourself on an upper level with an object
and release it.


The ball, spring, skateboard etc. are special objects which enable you to
reach points or the maps which would otherwise be inaccessible.
The anvil, safe and other heavyinstruments;if you drop them from a height
they pass beyond certain boundaries.It's up to you find the hidden benefits.
The bowling ball;when thrown,this object crosses the screen eliminating all
enemies in its path.


The 3 following forms of transport are available on various levels;
The golden scooter allows you to advance quickly to your next destination.
However,fast reflexes are needed if you want to avoid costly accidents.

The skateboard will turn you into a public-enemy-number-1.It will put your
enemies off their guard and it speeds things up just at the right moment.
The magic carpet enables you to glide over enemies, building and all
obstacles that might block your path.All you do is throw it from a height
and jump on.


You will find bonus points scattered around the different levels of the game
and if you go exploring,you may find hidden rooms full of extra points..
1 bonus is worh 1 point on the energy bar.Once your energy bar is full,
additional bonuses are still docked up on a second counter.At the end of each
level,you gain 1 life for every 10 extra bonuses.By pressing the F4 key,you
can see the number of bonuses on the second counter.Note that,within the same
level,the number of extra bonuses never decrases.

Another type of bonus exists in the form of an oil lamp
(for details see «START & PASSWORDS»).

You will also find padlock bonuses on each level.These define sections within
each level.Picking up a padlock is the same as completing its corresponding
section.If titus the Fox loses a life, the game restarts at the least padlock
and not at the beginning of the level.


Titus the Fox offers you more than 50 enemies.Each has its own particular
characteristics and will respond accordingly as you approach.You are advised
to observe these foes so that you may avoid their attacks.

There are several different ways to bump off your enemies.The simplest is to
hit him with an object(see section on «OBJECTS»).With the «coyote approach»,
you can get rid of these evil beings without too much risk (again see section
on «OBJECTS»).If you prefer a defensive approach,the best solution is to jump
over your adversary.This is often the quickest method but you must be a fast
mover to succed.For those of you who are brave,an interesting alternative is
to sneak up on him and pick him uplike a russian weight lifter.
You then knock your catch into oblivion or bump him off another enemy to kill
two birds with the one stone.