Abandonware DOS title

Total Eclipse manual

                         TOTAL ECLIPSE
            Featuring Freescape (tm) by Major Developments

                         Commodore 64

                       WELCOME TO EGYPT

It is written that, in the heart of ancient Egypt hundreds on years
ago, the High Priest of the day had become annoyed. His people were
revolting and refused to continue the sacrifices to Re the God of Sun.
His anger had erupted so he set an ominous curse as punishment to the

A great pyramid was erected and at the topmost chamber a shrine was
built for Re the Sun-God. The curse was set. Should anything ever
block the sun's rays during daylight hours it would be destroyed.

It is now 26th October, 1930 and in just 2 hours the moon will totally
eclipse the sun, triggering the curse of Re, causing the offending
moon to explode showering the Earth with colossal meteorites thus
upsetting the ecological balance, and plunging civilisation into a
dark age of starvation and conflict.

It is 8 o'clock, you have just landed your bi-plane next to the great
pyramid. Your mission is to reach and destroy the shrine of the
Sun-God Re, which is located at the apex of the pyramid.

Collect as much as possible-you're gonna be rich! First day's target

A revolver          -plus an ample supply of bullets.
Your wrist watch    -the eclipse is due just before 10 o'clock.
A water bottle      -keep this topped up-it is very hot! It is not
                     healthy to be without water for long periods.
Your trusty compass -an essential item for succesful orientation.

Top left            -Ankhs collected.
Top middle          -Value of treasure collected.
Top right           -Current state of the eclipse.
Main window         -Freescape 3D generated view of your present
Message display     -(Under main window). This normally indicates your
                     current location plus the height of this chamber
                     above sea level shown in cubits eg. 24c=24 cubits.
                     The entrance to the shrine is at a height of 72
Bottom left to right-Wrist watch, water bottle, heart beat, compass.

O/|                              INCENTIVE
/_|                             software ltd
                      zephyr one, calleva park, aldermaston,
                            berkshire rg7 4qw

26th OCTOBER 1930, EGYPT...
After a three day journey involving most methods of transport one can
think of, and a few one would probably not like to, I arrived at
Ankh-Arah village.  It was a fairly typical North African town, with
dry dirty streets, square whitewashed houses, and a stone well in the
main square.

I jumped clumsily down from my "taxi" and payed the camel driver his
money.  Doing a quick calculation in my head I came up with the same
answer as when I started the journey-five shillings and a sixpence for
a six mile camel ride.  Captive markets such as helpless English
Archaeologists obiviously lend themselves to exploitation by the
locals... oh, well, at least I had learned the knack of getting off a
camel without landing on my head, and that probably lowered the price
by sixpence or so.

The driver unstrapped my cases and let them drop to the ground.
Without any ado he spurred his camel, turned about and was gone,
leaving me looking rather lost in a slowly setting cloud of dust.

I retrieved my cases and set off in search of somewhere to stay.

It took me twenty minutes to find the only inn in the village: a small
sandstone building like all the others, with two bedrooms, a hole in
the ground for a latrine and enough insect life to set the whole
English population scratching themselves. One of these was the owner,
who quinting into the sun I could just make out the tiniest silver of
the crescent moon, which would soon eclipse the sun.

All the other exploration work I had conducted had been very much
smaller than this, and took months of painstaking effort, researching
and training.

It was too big. I would never make it in time. The shrine that "Tiny"
had identified was right at the apex.

Skirting the base of the pyramid, I saw the door into the

 LOADING                     COMMODORE 64
Insert the cassette, label upwards, into your cassette player and
rewind to the beginning. Hold down the SHIFT key and press the
RUN/STOP key and the words LOAD and PRESS PLAY ON TAPE will appear.
Start the recorder.

Insert disc, label upwards, into your disc drive. Type LOAD "*",8,1
then press RETURN.

|    Here is a list of the keyboard controls
up cursor        move forward           face forward       f
down cursor key  move backward          flashlight on/off  t
turn left        cursor left            rest (hold down)   r
turn right       cursor right             (calms the heart)
u turn           u                     sights on/off       space bar
step length      s                     tilt left           n
crouch/stand     h                     tilt right          m
change angle     a                     fire gun            0
look up          p                     music toggle        +
look down        l                     interrupt play      i
                                          (save load abort)

Total Eclipse has been designed and programmed by Major Developments.
Chris Andrew, Ian Andrew, Sean Ellis & Paul Gregory. Cover Artwork by
Steinar Lund. Additional Artwork & Design by Peter Carter. Additional
contributions by Kim Carpentier, Helen Andrew, Andy Tait & Mary Moy.

If Total Eclipse fails to load, please return the actual disc or tape
only, ensuring it is protected in the post to the address below and it
will be replaced free of charge. This does not affect your statuory
rights; Incentive Software Ltd, Zephyr One, Calleva Park, Aldermaston,
Berks, RG7 4QW

(C)1988 Incentive Software Ltd

The enclosed software product, all associated artwork and
documentation is copyrighted. All rights are reserved by Incentive
Software Limited.  Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, performance
and broadcasting are strictly prohibited.

FREESCAPE (tm) is a trademark on Incentive Software Limited.

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[ Graphic omitted: pictures of something like a chest and something
like a big diamond ]
Touch treasure to collect.

[ Graphic omitted: picture of a blocked door ]
Touch barrier to open. Requires one Ankh.

[ Graphic omitted: picture of an Ankh ]
ANKHS Look out for and collect the Ankhs - the symbol of life. Use to
remove some barriers on locked chambers. Touch Ankh to collect it-

[ Graphic omitted: pictures of water troughs ]
Touch trough to collect water.

There are many unsolved mysteries, and undiscovered chambers. Watch
out for poison darts, many previous explorers have perished by these!

1. HEART. Keep your heart beat slow. If this gets dangerously fast you
may have a heart attack, so it's best to REST (See Controls).

2. WATCH YOUR FEET. Look before you walk-ensure there is steady ground
in front of you by loading down, especially when entering a new area.

3. ENTRY to the shrine is via the Shabaka Chamber at a height of 72

4. LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED! Explore everywhere, look around, under and
behind everything. Making a map of your travels could be helpful.

5. IF all else fails try shooting it.

                           THE ONLY WAY IS UP!
                               GOOD LUCK.

You can use the joystick and mouse or the keyboard!