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Ultima 5: Warriors of Destiny walkthrough

General Tips

SAVE NOW, SAVE OFTEN. If you want to back up a certain save, just copy out the SAVED.GAM file in the Ultima 5 directory and rename it.
Make sure that you have some Cure Poison potions or spells (An Nox) prepared at all times. If you get poisoned, every step you take will do a point of damage to a poisoned character.
Be careful when fighting rats and snakes because they can poison you (that’s why its a good idea to get ranged weapons as soon as possible).
Get magic axes as soon as you can. Combat becomes much more enjoyable when you have this weapon.
The healer in Minoc is free. Use this to your advantage and do some experience gathering in that area.
Ultima 5 is not very strict about the 8 Virtues. Running from combat and some minor theft can be overlooked. If you ever want to see how your Karma is doing, hit CTRL-K.
The dungeon Covetous is one of the number one places to get gold and experience.
You can designate a character in the party as the active player by hitting their number (1-6) during combat. This is best used when you want a certain party member to gain experience.
If you see one of the following messages when you walk into a city, leave. These messages mean a Shadowlord is present, and they will tear you up.
An air of falsehood doth surround thee.
An air of cowardice doth surround thee.
An air of hatred doth surround thee.
When you are ready to go up a level, an apparition of an old man will appear when you sleep. He will give you a message that lets you know how your Karma is doing. Those messages are as follows (top is worst, bottom is best):
Thou hast strayed far from the path of the Avatar. Seek now to renew a life of Virtue, lest thy soul pass finally beyond my reach!
Thy soul seeks direction from thy heart, misguided one. Accept now this new chance to prove thy worth, ere thou loseth the Way forever!
It is within thee to attain great power, O seeker. Search always for new ways of good, and arm thyself well for the trial that lie ahead!
Thou showest well the wisdom of an Avatar, but not yet hast thou achieved the potential. Stasy on the path and thy soul shall flourish.
Well armed art thou to fight Death’s embrace, O enlightened one! Return once more to the world for thy Destiny awaits thee!
Look for secret doors by looking at the walls. You will see a small dash in the wall, and that is the spot to Search.

Let’s Win the Game

Here is the walkthrough for Ultima 5. It covers all the things you will need to do to win the game.

When you start the game, you will be in the chair in the middle of Iolo’s hut, and Shamino has been severely wounded. You must rest to heal him as soon as possible.

Iolos’s Hut
Get torches
Leave hut, and walk NE (do not leave the area) and find the shed. Jimmy the lock and search the barrel and get the potion you find.
Go East and camp out at the sign for 8 hours (to heal Shamino)
Go to Lord British’s castle
Climb the ladder in the NW tower. Keep climbing until you are on the top of the castle (you will see the ramparts)
Walk South
When guard is gone (this is easiest at night) push a cannon until it is in front of the door to Lord British’s room. Now fire the cannon.
Get the magic carpet.
Now leave the castle (do not get caught by the guards, they will put you in prison in Yew).
Now return to the castle (the guards have forgotten about your indiscretion with the king’s door).
Talk to everyone (no one tells you anything critical, but its a good practice to talk to everyone in a town)
Get ring of Regeneration and a ring of keys in the basement by searching the barrels
Take all the torches you can. It will not hurt your karma to do this.
Talk to everyone (here is the gist of what will be said to you):
Talk to Greyson about the Codex and Mantras
Talk to Eb, the busboy
Talk to Telila about Gossip
Talk to Annon at night and get the Word of Power
Talk to Terrance about his Living to get free food, and talk about the Times and the Shadowlords to learn about the resistance.
Purchase slings and ready them (ranged weapons are best at this point)
Talk to Gwenno. Allow her to join the party.
Talk to Chamfort at Arms of Justice about the Resistance
Go through the fireplace at Chamfort’s and go down the passageway
Talk to Jaana. Allow her to join the party.
Find the secret door at the end of the hallway and search the barrel to get a silver sword.
At 3 p.m. talk to Landon: tell him the password (Dawn)
Get reagents at the herb shop. Prepare a lot of An Nox and Mani spells.
Free the prisoners in the stocks (Mario and his son, Aleyn)
Visit the Jail cells. In the left cell, Felespar gives you a Word of Power.
You can buy Food, Keys and Information from Jeremy.
Return to Chamfort and ask about the Mantra.
Shrine of Justice
Meditate at the Shrine and get a Shrine quest. (mantra: Beh)
Minoc is the bonus spot to gain some experience by killing monsters. The healer is free, and there is food to be had in Minoc.
Talk to Rew, the sailmaker, about her Job, the Hours and the Weeks. She will sing a song. It contains some information, so pay attention. Now ask about Wells and Horses.
Talk to Fiona at the poorhouse. Ask about the Great Council and the Word of Power for Covetous.
Give some coins to the beggar. Now leave and return and give some more coins to the beggar. The beggar will give you a hint about Shenstone.
Follow Shenstone from the Darkwatch Armoury around 11 a.m. to noon. He will walk to a tree (if you know where the tree is, you do not need to follow him). Search at the tree and get the Skull keys (the keys will regenerate every day, so hang around and get about 30 of them. Kill some monsters and gain experience while you are doing this. Remember, the healer in Minoc is FREE.)
Talk to Tactus about Judge Dryden in Yew for some plot enhancment.

Castle Britannia (again)pg 212
Ok. This is going to tarnish your “Avatarhood” a little bit, but do not fret because all this will be recoverable. What this will allow you to do is get some supplies and good weapons without buying or working for them. Actually, it is a lot like theft, however, you will be able to repent for it later. You do not have to do this to win the game.

Return to Castle Britannia and go to the basement. Use the skull keys to open the treasury door (it has a purple border around it). Each time you open a chest, you are going to lose some Karma points (hit CTRL-K to check your Karma), but this can really be worth it. When you are done getting EVERYTHING in the room, go climb the up ladder and then climb back down and repeat the process again. The goal here is to get some magical axes (which can be thrown and used in close quarters) and any valuable stuff you can sell. Ready the axes and gather up stuff until you are satisfied (this can take as many as 20 to 25 times). When you are finished, your Karma will very likely be zero. Fear not, you can remedy that later. Now journey on with your new stuff, and sell anything you do not want to keep for some gold (keep the magic axes, as you can pass them on to other party members as they join).

(NOTE: the Shadowlords NEVER visit the villages of Britanny, so they are a safe haven of sorts)
East Britanny

Talk to Sir Adam and Squire Jimmy to learn about the HMS Cape.
Go to the room in the Eastern end of the Oaken Oar and jimmy the lock on the door. Search the chests of drawers and get the HMS Cape plans.
Purchase a Frigate. The alternate way to get a frigate is to go near deep water (so the boat comes up so that you can engage it in melee combat), and pass until a frigate attacks you. Or, if you find a frigate, lead it to a place where you can take it on. Once the owners are dead, the boat is yours (do not worry about your Karma, these guys are pirates, so it has no effect on your Karma).

North Britanny

Talk to Thentis, a farmer, and ask about the Resistance. (the password is Dawn).
Meet him by the well at midnight and talk to his friends (Joshua, Vigil, and Leof). You will gain some great information. Mention the password, Dawn, to loosen their lips.
Search the dead tree and get the gems.

West Britanny

Talk to everyone, but do not miss Christopher, he will spout out an Origin add.

Shrine of the Codex

Sail to Avatar Isle (South of Moonglow) and visit the Codex. NOTE: NEVER visit the Codex unless a Shrine sent you there.

Shrine of Justice

Complete the first Shrine quest by returning to the Shrine of Justice.

Minoc (again)
Give some money to the beggar so you can recover some Karma points. You can give as much as you want. Do this until your Karma is 50 (doing the Shrine quests will give you more later).
Get some more Skull Keys from the tree.

Shrine of Sacrifice

Visit the Shrine of Sacrifice in the desert East of Minoc. Then visit the Codex; return to the Shrine (do you see the pattern?) (mantra: Cah)

Buccaneer’s Den

Talk to Sven and find out about Glass Swords.
Talk to Scally to learn about the Sextant.
Talk to Bidney to learn about the Grapple.
Talk to Geoffrey and he will join your party.
Visit the Guild of the Broken Lock and make some fine purchases.

Shrine of Compassion

Visit the Shrine to get the quest. (mantra: Mu)

The Lycaeum

Talk to Lord Shalineth to learn the name of the Shadowlord of Falsehood (Faulinei)
Talk to Lady Janell to learn about the twin sisters in Cove and about the Shrine of Spirituality.
Talk to Sir Sean about Stonegate.


Talk to Zachariah to learn about comets and Goeth.
Talk to Lord Stuart to get the food spell.
Talk to Malik to learn about Saul. You are going to have to drag it out, so have patience.
Talk to Malifora, Maliks’s mother, about Words of Power, Blackthorn, and anything that comes to mind. This lady is full of information.
Search the barrels in the towers for interesting objects (will not affect your Karma)
Pick up more reagents at the herbalist


Talk to Ava and Leona to learn about the Shard of Falsehood.
Talk to Ambrose (after 11 p.m.) at the Healer’s to learn about Mystic weapons and armor.

Empath Abbey

Talk to Lord Michael about Love, about Evil, and about the Grapple. Get the Grapple.
Talk to Barbra about her vision (pay close attention, this is an important one).
Talk to Tim to learn about Lord Kenneth and the Harpsichord.
You can pretty much take anything that you find hidden in Empath Abbey. It’s like a no Karma depletion zone.


Find a magic axe by opening the hidden door in the NE tower. Search the dead tree outside the city walls.
Talk to Thorne to learn the Mantra of Valor.
Trian will tell you about Goeth, but you must ask about the Word of Power.
Talk to Goeth and ask about the Drow of Rewop, and ask about Noom Senots.


Talk to Sir Simon to learn about the Crown, Sceptre, and the Amulet.
Talk to Lady Tessa to learn even more about the Amulet.
You can get Dupre and Sentri to join your party if you have any slots full. It’s worth dumping someone to get Dupre (he is pretty tough).
The Shattered Shield has some awesome selection if you can afford the goods.

Skara Brae

Talk to Froed and learn about his imprisoned father (Greymarch at Yew). Froed is an agile little guy, but running him down is worth it. His father is very thankful when you return to Yew and let him know Froed is OK.
Talk to Saul about his friend, and ask him about Mandrake and Nightshade.
Visit Kindor at the Healer’s after 5 p.m. to learn the Mantra of Spirituality.
Get any reagents you may need.
Talk to Flain (in the tower with the magically locked doors. Once you kill some bats, you will be able to climb up and have a word with him). You can get him to tell you the password for the Oppression, but for him to do this, you have to tell him the name of a member of the High Council. This is not a good thing (it will hurt your virtue, and its just a really creepy thing to do). So, here is the password (if you want it): Impera.

Shrine of Valor

Get the Shrine quest.
Complete the Shrine quest (go to the Codex, and then return to the Shrine of Valor)


Talk to the Great Mage Temme. You do not really need the spells she has, but it doesn’t hurt to chat with her.
Talk to Seggallion about the Spyglass. Get the spyglass (you can use this to track the Shadowlords. They will look like comets)

Greyhaven Lighthouse

Talk to Lord Kenneth and get some lessons on the Harpsichord (the answers are: 678 and 987).
Talk to David about the Sextant. Flatter him about it, and then take it when he offers.

Serpent’s Hold

Talk to Lord Malone about Shadowlords to learn the name of the Shadowlord of Cowardice (Nosfentor).
In the basement, visit the Flame of Courage and talk to Gardner about his Visions. He will give you information concerning the Shard of Cowardice.
You can get 5 Skull Keys from Kristi the cook.
You can get Maxwell to join your party, if you have room.
Talk to Toede, the prisoner, for information about secret doors and traps in Blackthorn’s Castle.


Talk to Gruman to get the Mantra of Honor (mantra: Summ)
Get gems from a barrel near the NE corner of the battlements.
Go to the battlements at night and talk to Sindar, the sleepwalking wizard. He knows the Word of Power for the dungeon Shame.


Talk to Glinkie about the method to restore a destroyed shrine. You shouldn’t need this information, but it is possible to destroy a shrine, and if you do it, Glinkie’s method can make it all better again.
Talk to Bandaii about the Magic Carpet. He will want to talk about Smith, the talking horse.

New Magincia

Talk to Kaiko to learn about Hassad.
Talk to Katrina. She will join the party if you have room.
Talk to Sharita, the grave-tender, to learn about Magincia’s history.
Talk to Wartow about Humilty and learn the mantra (mantra: Lumm). Pay attention to what he is asking you.

Sutek’s Island

Go South of New Magincia to find Sutek’s Island
Talk to Sutek to learn about the Shards and how to use them to destroy the Shadowlords.
This is another Karma free zone, so take some scrolls and potions if you need them.

Shrine Quest Round-up

Complete the quests for the Shrines of Honor, Humility, Spirituality, and Honesty. To get to the Shrine of Spirituality, wait until both moons are full and walk into a moongate (Minoc is the best to use for this). Complete these quests just as you completed the earlier ones (go to Shrine, go to Codex, return to Shrine). You can do these in any order.


Find the Daemon Sin’Vraal in the southern desert, just West of Dagger Isle.
Talk to him to learn the name of the Shadowlord of Hatred (Astaroth), and the location of the Shard of Hatred.

Castle Britannia (again)
Go to Lord British’s room and sit in the chair in front of the harpsichord and play the song that Lord Kenneth taught you. To do this, just sit in the chair and start hitting the correct numbers (678 987 8767653). A secret door will open. Get the box that appears.
DO NOT let Saduj join your party. He will betray you in combat.

Serpent’s Spine and the Glass Swords

Climb into the Serpent’s Spine from the Northeaster foothills to get to the location FA’ EA’ (it is a patch of grass in the middle of the mountain). Now search and you will find a Glass Sword. Now equip another player with it and search again. You will find another glass sword. Equip it to another player and repeat this process until everyone has a glass sword. These swords will kill anything except for a Shadowlord with one blow, so don’t waste them.

Mandrake Root and Nightshade

Search for Mandrake Root South of Minoc at midnight (location DG’ LG’).
Search for Nightshade South of Spiritwood at midnight (location JF’ CO’)

Stonegate and the Scepter

This would be a great time to SAVE THE GAME.
Stonegate is located deep in the mountains North of the rat Grendel’s hut (location EK’ JE’ to be exact). Enter the mountain range from the North and climb south and the west to find Stonegate. When you get to Stonegate, you will face Balinor. You can try to answer his riddle, but he’s going to fight you anyway.
If you did not save the game just a little bit ago, this would be a VERY STRATEGIC time to save the game. If the Shadowlords are still alive (and if you are following all of this, they should be) they will be here also. They are guarding the Scepter. The Scepter will make the dungeon crawling to come much easier, so it is worth the risk to get it (it will dispel any magical field). There are a number of ways to outsmart and avoid the Shadowlords so that you can get the Scepter and run. The best is to use the magic carpet, and its superior speed, to outmaneuver the Shadowlords. Good luck!

Windemere and the Black Badge

Now is the time to go to Windemere, just off the tip of the Isle of the Avatar (location AI’ PI’).
Talk to Elestaria and get the black badge. To do this, ask her about the Oppression and give her the password. If you don’t have it (and you might not) here it is: Impera. Give her the password, and she will give you the badge. This will make life in Blackthorn’s castle much easier.

Blackthorn’s Castle

If you have the Black Badge, go to the roof and get Lord British’s Crown. Wear it all the time, as it protects you from magic attacks.
Go to the basement and talk to Hassad. Mention Kaiko and he will tell you the Word of Power for the dungeon Hythloth.

Dungeon Hythloth (Mystic Weapons and the Shard of Cowardice)
Prepare at least 15 Blink spells (more is much better) and stock up on as many gems as you can afford.
In the Undwerworld, take a path leading northwest from Hythloth’ exit. Find the Mystic Armor and Weapons in the middle of the lava pool (location OJ’ OJ’). Keep searching until you find them all. Use the gems to find your way when you get lost.
Travel South from Hythloth’s exit as far as you can walk. Now use a Blink spell to travel west to another meadow. Walk northwest, then Blink to the west again. Blink west again, then walk a short distance to the west. Use another gem to line up then next meadow to the north. Blink north, blink north again, into a swampy area. Ride the magic carpet to the northeastern tip of the area, and blink north one more time. The Shard of Cowardice is to the northwest.


Drop a member of your party before going to this area.
Find a whirlpool and sail into it. The sail southeast until you find a waterfall. Go down the falls and you will find an island.
Talk to Captain Johne, and let him join you (he is tough and can cast high level spells). He also has some stuff worth taking (its another no Karma zone).

Shard of Hatred

Here is the easy way to get the Shard of Hatred right after you recruit Capt. Johne.
Go northeast as far as you can go, and then Blink east.
Enter the mountains to the northwest and wind your way through the maze, using gems to find your way. You will eventually reach the Shard of Hatred.
You can return via Wrong or Covetous.

Shard of Falsehood

The shard of falsehood lies in the underworld below the dungeon Deceit. From that entrance to the underworld, you should go Southwest across the mountains, then northwest at an intersection. When the path splits, go Northeast. You should soon find a series of waterfalls which you should go over, and the shard is on an island in the middle of that lake (location: FA’ MA’).

Getting the Amulet

Make sure you have some Blink spells and plenty of Gems.
This is in the underworld under the dungeon Destard. You can also enter this part of the underworld by falling into the underworld through certain waterfalls. If you follow the path of Lord British's last journey, you should find it without any problem. It is east of a vast swamp. Follow the path that leads to a large meadow with five graves. The amulet is needed in order to provide light in the dark region around the final dungeon. If you don't use it, you will be trapped in the darkness.

Death to the Shadowlords

To kill the Shadowlords, you must go to the Lycaeum, Serpent’s Hold, and Empath Abbey (in any order), stand before the Eternal Flame and Yell the appropriate Shadowlord’s name, wait until he steps into the flame, and Use the Shard.
Serpent’s Hold- Yell: Nosfentor and Use the Shard of Cowardice
Lycaeum- Yell: Faulinei and Use the Shard of Falsehood
Empath Abbey- Yell: Astaroth and Use the Shard of Hatred

Shame (the Grand Finale)
NOTE!!! Make sure that your party is FULLY healed and loaded to the hilt with all you can find. You must also have the following items in your possession: the Crown, the Scepter, the Amulet, and the Sandalwood Box.
Enter the underworld under Shame. You must get through Shame to get to dungeon Doom. The first room in Shame is sort of tricky. You must attack the walls to open a passage to the south. Once the passage is open, you must Klimb over the rocks. Now just get through Shame.


This would be an ideal time to SAVE THE GAME and hole up and camp to make sure you r party is at its strongest.
To the East of where you emerge (from Shame), there is an island covered with lava. Enter the dark center of the island, and use the amulet. Yell 'Veramocor' and enter the dungeon Doom. Use the scepter to destroy the barriers, and leave the room in any direction (did you remember the Scepter? If you did not, I hope you saved the game, because there is no way out of this dungeon). If you follow along the path of Lord British pretty carefully, this dungeon shouldn’t be too bad (it does have some tricky moments).