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Ultima 5: Warriors of Destiny manual

Ultima V Warriors of Destiny

Note: Please see page 1 for instructions on installing and running this game on your CD drive.

User Information

1. After starting ULTIMA V, you will see a scene of Britannia. Press any key to bring 
   up the ULTIMA V main menu.
2.  The first time you play, you will need to press C to select Create New Character.
3.  Enter the name of your new character.
4.  Select the sex of your new character.
5.  Answer the questions asked by the gypsy. There   are no "right" or "wrong" answers just Iet your inner feelings be your guide.
6.  After answering all of the gypsy's questions,   you will be taken back to the 
Ultima V main   menu.
7.  Once you have finished creating your   character, press J to select Journey Onward.


Except in dungeons or during combat, your party is represented by a single figure. During combat, each party member is shown and allowed to act independently. The Keypad on the right side of your computer keyboard provides movement and direcction.  The North (key 8), South (key 2), East (key 6), and West (key 4) keys will move your party or party member in the designated direction.   is also used to indicate direction when aiming weapons and casting spells. 
When in dungeons, pressing the Enter or Period keys will turn you around. The diagonal keys are used exclusively for aiming weapons or casting spells in combat. Movement is not allowed using the diagonal keys.


In a game menu, use the directional keys to move the cursor bar and highlight your choice. When you are satisfied with your selection, press the Spacebar or the Enter key. To leave a menu without making a choice, press the Escape key. If you are selecting a member of the party from the party roster, you may alternatively indicate your choice by typing in the number of the player's position in the roster.

An arrow symbol just below a menu indicates that the list extends to include more items in one or both directions.

Following is a list of commands that can be executed by pressing the designated key

Key     Command   Function

A	Attack	Attempt to engage a person or creature in combat. Must be 
		followed by a direction. In combat, you can aim weapons in any 
		direction at any target within the weapon's range by using the
		number keypad and moving the crosshair on top of the target. Press 
		the A key again or the Spacebar to fire.
B	Board	Board a frigate, skiff, or other conveyance or mount a horse. If you
		board a ship from a skiff, the skiff will be stowed and kept ready for 
		later use.
C	Cast	Cast a spell. Must be followed by the first letters of the spell's 
		syllables. Only works when the proper reagents have already been 
		mixed and the spellcaster has enough Magic Points remaining. 
		Some spells require additional information (direction or target).
E	Enter	Enter towns, castles, and other structures. Party members must be 
		standing directly on structure to enter.
F	Fire	Fire cannons. Must be followed by a direction. Ship cannons may 
		fire only when the ship's broadsides are facing the target.
G	Get	Take possession of gold, food, and other items. Must be followed by 
		a direction.
H	Hole up	In dungeons and wilderness, hole up and camp once a day to rest, 
		heal wounds, and recover magical strength. In cities, hole up in an 
		unoccupied bed to pass time quickly. On the sea, hole up to make 
		minor repairs to your ship.
I   Ignite a Torch  Light a torch, if you  have one, to see at night or in dungeons.
J  Jimmy lock	Unlock most doors and   safely open chests with a   skeleton key. 
		Keys are reusable but often break if   the person jimmying is not   
		nimble enough.
K	Klimb	Climb up or down ladders in buildings and dungeons, down steel 
		grates, or over small rockpiles, fences, and other objects.
L	Look	Identify any object or terrain feature or read signs one step away. 
		Must be followed by a direction. May allow further interaction with 
		some objects, such as wells and fountains.
M	Mix	Prepare spell reagents for later use. Enter the first letters of the
		spell's syllables, then select the appropriate reagents from the
		menu. Press M again to mix.
N     New Order	Exchanges the position of any two party members, except the 
		leader. Select the two members to be exchanged from the roster 
		menu with the cursor bar or by pressing the Number key 
		representing the players' positions within the party.
0	Open	Opens an unlocked door or chest. Opening a locked chest will set 
		off a trap if the chest has one.
P	Push	Allows small objects, like tables and chairs, to be moved. May be 
		used to block doors.
Q  Quit and Save  Save the current game status. If you do not use this 	
	                command to end a playing session, any progress made   
	                since the last save will be lost.
R	Ready	Equip a party member with personal items from the party's stores. 
		Use the direction keys and Spacebar or Enter key to select or 
		deselect an item in the menu bar. Press Escape when finished. (See 
		Note below Z-Stats command).
S	Search	Search the location or object in the direction indicated. Searching 
		may detect traps on chests, concealed doors, dungeon floor traps, or 
		reveal hidden items. Use the south direction key (2), to search the 
		immediate area in dungeon halls.
T	Talk	AIlows you to converse with merchants or townfolk in the direction 
		indicated. Conversation is possible over counters, tables, fences,
		and through windows and doors with windows.
U	Use	Use a potion, scroll, or other special item found during the game. 
		(See Note below Z-Stats command. )
V	View	Reveals a bird's-eye view of the surrounding countryside, city, or 
		dungeon floor currently occupied. View requires a special item.
X	X-it	Exit or dismount current form of transportation, leaving it behind 
		while continuing on foot. Horses not left by a hitching post may 
		wander off. Exiting from a ship is possible only if there is a skiff 
		available or if the ship is next to Iand.
Y	Yell	On a ship, Yell will hoist or furl sails. In other situations, Yell will 
		allow you to enter up to two lines of text to be spoken loudly.
Z	Z-Stats	Displays the status and attributes of your party members, including 
		several screens of information such as supplies, weapons, and
		spells. 	Use the East and West directional keys to change pages.
		Use the North and South directional keys to scroll. up and down
		long lists. Pressing the Escape key or the Spacebar will exit the 
		Z-Stat screens.
		Note: Extra keys available for Z-Stats, Ready and Use commands:
		Home		Move to beginning of   list.
		End		Move to end of list.
		Page-Up	Scroll a page up.
		Page-Down	Scroll a page down.

1-6, 0 	Designate/	Several commands request one party  member be selected 
	Active Player     	perform the action  requested. When this is required, an 				illuminated cursor bar will appear over the names of your 				party members. Use the directional keys to highlight the 				name of  the character you wish to designate and press  				Enter, or abort the command by pressing Escape.
		  	Instead of selecting a party member to perform a
			command each time you invoke it, you may set any living
			party member as the "active player." The "active player"
			will be the default player for commands that require a 
			single party    member for execution (i.e., Jimmy, Get,
			Search, etc.).   This player will remain your active player 
			until  you select another party member or disable this     
			feature by pressing 0. This player will not serve as the 
			default during combat. You may assign a party member to 
			be the active player during combat if you so choose. To 
			assign a player as the active player, press the number       
			key from 1 to 6 representing that player's position in the 
			party roster.
Spacebar   Pass		Pass a turn, allowing time in the game to proceed. Also 
			aborts any command requiring a directional key. 
Escape	Escape		Aborts or exits commands that use scrolling menus. 
			Escape speeds exit from combat scenes after all foes have 
			been overcome, and allows you to abandon any charmed 
			creatures in combat and dungeon rooms.
Ctrl-S	Toggle		Turns sound effects on or off.
Ctrl-B	Toggle 		Turns keyboard buffer on or off.
Ctrl-E	Exit 		Exit the game and return to the CD Games menu. Be sure 
	Game		to save your game first if you want to save your current 				position. 

Magic & Casting Spells Ultima 5 - Warriors of Destiny

The Languages of Magic
	Some aspects of magical lore have become fairly well known.  One such is the language of magic.  This is a set of twenty-four syllables compiled by a great language scholar after traveling throughout Britannia for more than seven years.   These are all the components of any magic spell yet unknown; but they are little help -- and extremely dangerous -- without knowledge of how to combine them into the phrases that make meaningful incantations.
	Following is a list of these powerful syllables, approximations of their meanings, and a guide to their pronunciation.

Syllable		Idea		Sound
An		negate		ah   n
Bet		small		b   eh   t
Corp		death		k   oar   p
Des		down		d   eh   ss
Ex		freedom		x
Flam		flame		fl   ah   m
Grav		energy		gr   ah   v
Hur		wind		h   oo   r
In		create		ih   n
Kal		invoke		k   ah   l
Lor		light		l   oar
Mani		life		m   ah   n   ee
Nox		poison		n   ah   ks
Por		movement	p   oar
Quas		illusion		kw   ah   ss
Rel		change		r   eh   l 
Sanct		protection	s   aa   ng   kt
Tym		time		t   ih   m
Uus		up		oo   ss
Vas		great		v   ah   ss
Wis		knowledge	w   e   ss
Xen		creature		z   eh   ss
Ylem		matter		aye   l   eh   m
Zu		sleep		z   oo

The Mixtures of Magic
	Reagents are herbs needed for the preparation of magical mixtures.  Most are sold in apothecaries; a few are hard to find and require special effort to obtain.  Following is a chart of the magical reagents and the general areas of proficiency they affect (in parentheses).
	Black Pearl (Projection)-- A rare version of the standard white pearl, a black pearl is a forceful reagent in the creation of kinesthetic magic, that is, projecting objects.
	Blood Moss (Movement)-- Fungal growth usually found in deep forests and warm, damp areas; especially favored as a reagent for its ability to enhance mobility.
	Garlic (Warding)-- Ubiquitous and strong-scented reagent, used effectively in warding off evil spirits.
	Ginseng (Healing)-- Ancient reagent used extensively in healing.
	Mandrake Root (Power)-- Very rare and usually expensive magical herb growing only in swampy areas, mandrake root is said to bring great power to magic that uses it.
	Nightshade (poison, Illusion)-- Rare, poisonous plant that appears only when the moons are in a certain conjunction.  Those who learn its whereabouts and manage to be there in the dead of night when the moons are full can pick nightshade without danger and benefit from its powerful ability as a reagent to create illusions.
	Spider Silk (Binding)-- The magical product of the garden spider and its relatives has no peer in its ability to bind.  As a reagent mixed for magic, spider silk magnifies its binding power many times over.
	Sulphurous Ash (Energy)-- Common material left by volcanic action, ash is an excellent source of energy in magical mixtures.

The Spells
	Spells diverge greatly in term of difficulty, and, correspondingly, in terms of danger to the caster.  After years of observation, and experimentation, scholars in magic have classified spells into eight circles of difficulty.  Thus, mages who can command only the simplest spells are considered to be in the first circle.
	Full magesí magical ability is directly related to their intelligence. Bards appear to have half the magical ability of full mages and fighters rarely have any.  Casting spells drains magical powers, limiting how many spells mages can cast before resting.  A spell will drain magical powers in amounts proportional to the spellís circle of difficulty.
	On the facing page, a chart classifies the spells by circle, with a brief indication of each spellís use, a note on when it can be used, and an ingredient list.  Do not take the ingredient lists to be recipes, as wrong quantities or careless mixing could have terrible results.
	Note that not all spells can be used in all situations.  Quite a few spells need far too much time or concentration to be cast during combat, others feed on the energies present in the battle arena.
	Full descriptions of each spellís nature, use and effects follow.  In the following chart, dng./com. signifies that the spell works in both dungeons and combat.

Chart of Spells
1st Circle
An Nox		cure poison	anytime		ginseng, garlic
An Zu		awaken		combat		ginseng, garlic
Grav Port	magical missile	combat		ash, pearl
In Lor		light		noncombat	ash
Mani		heal		anytime		ginseng, silk

2nd Circle
An Sanct	unlock		anytime		ash, moss
An Xen Corp	repel undead	combat		garlic, ash
In Wis		locate		noncombat	nightshade, silk, pearl
Kal Xen		call animal	combat		silk, mandrake
Rel Hur		wind change	noncombat	ash, moss

3rd Circle
In Flam Grav	wall of fire	dng./com	pearl, ash, silk
In Nox Grav	wall of poison	dng./com	nightshade, silk, pearl
In Por		blink		anytime		silk, moss
In Zu Grav	wall of sleep	dng./com	ginseng, silk, pearl
Vas Flam	ball of flames	combat		ash, pearl
Vas Lor		great light	noncombat	ash, mandrake

4th Circle
An Grav		dispell field	anytime		pearl, ash
Des Por		downward move	dungeon		moss, silk
In Sanct		protection	anytime		ash, ginseng, garlic
In Sanct Grav	protection field	dng./com.	mandrake, silk, pearl
Uus Por		upward move	dungeon		moss, silk
Wis Quas	reveal		combat 		silk, nightshade

5th Circle
An Ex Por	magic lock	anytime		ash, moss, garlic
In Bet Xen	insect swarm	combat		moss, silk, ash
In Ex Por	magic unlock	anytime		ash, moss
In Zu		sleep		combat		ginseng, nightshade, silk
Rel Tym		quickness	combat		ash, mandrake, moss
Vas Mani	great heal	noncombat	ginseng, silk, mandrake

6th Circle
An Xen Ex	charm		combat		pearl, nightshade, silk
In An		negate magic	anytime		garlic, mandrake ash
In Vas Por Ylem	tremor		combat		moss, ash, mandrake
Quas An Wis	confuse		combat		mandrake, nightshade
Wis An Ylem	xray		noncombat	mandrake, ash

7th Circle
In Nox Hur	poison wind	combat		nightshade, ash, moss

In Quas Corp	fear		combat		nightshade, mandrake, garlic

In Quas Corp	peer		noncombat	nightshade, mandrake

In Quas Xen	clone		combat		ash, silk, moss, ginseng, 								nightshade, mandrake
Sanct Lor	invisibility	combat		mandrake, nightshade, moss

Xen Corp	kill 		combat		pearl, nightshade

8th Circle
An Tym		time stop	anytime		mandrake, garlic, moss
In Flam Hur	flame wind	combat		ash, moss, mandrake
In Mani Corp	resurrect		noncombat	garlic, ginseng, silk, ash, moss, 							mandrake
In Vas Grav Corp	cone of energy	combat		mandrake, nightshade, ash

Kal Xen Corp	summon		combat		mandrake, garlic, moss, silk

Vas Rel Por	gate travel	noncombat	ash, pearl, mandrake

Conversation is integral to ULTIMA V. Only by piecing together clues from the different inhabitants can you complete your quests. You may ask inhabitants about a number of topics. Often you will need to know what to ask a specific person to glean interesting information. All inhabitants will talk about their jobs and give you their names, and asking about these will often help you learn who else to interview and what questions to ask them.

As an example of conversation, you might Talk to Dupre. First you type job. He responds, "I am hunting Gremlins!"  Type hunting and he may respond with an interesting insight. Or Iolo might have suggested that you ask Shamino about his	 sword. If you have already spoken to Shamino, you would not have known to ask
him that, and must seek him out again. You may be asked questions by some of those you meet. Consider carefully before responding; your life may depend on it. How you converse with others will determine how willing they will be to share any new information they have when you next meet them. Do converse with people more than once. Some people you meet may be willing to become your traveling companion. If you wish them to do so, invite them to join your party.

Press Enter or type bye after an inhabitant's response to conclude a conversation. 

Keep a journal of your travels. Keep a list of the clues you pick up; there will be
too many for you to carry in your head.

Thoroughly explore the realm. Exploring each town, castle, keep, and other populated spots will prove to be time well spent.


The party is shown standing on the shore south of the town of Britain. To the east is the castle of Lord British and two of its outlying villages. A frigate is docked at the harbor to the southwest. A marauding band of Ettins, evil two-headed giants, approaches from the north.  In the upper-right window the Z-stats command shows the status of the companion British. Normally the party members would be listed
in this window. British is a Male Avatar who has attained the second level of experience.He is in Good Health, with 19 Strength, 19 Intelligence, and 23 Dexterity Points. While he currently has 49 Hit Points, he can have a Maximum of 60 Hit Points. He has earned 156 Experience Points in battle and has 19 Magic Points.

Pressing the  key at this point would display the list of armor and weapons he currently carries.

At the top of the left window, the sun is about to set, and the newly risen moon, Trammel, is in its Gibbous Waxing phase.

The Ettins are attacking ! In this close-up view of the battle field, the Ettins are closing in on British from the east and west. Shamino lies slain, crushed by aboulder. In the upper-right window the names and current conditions of all three companions
are shown: British has 45 Hit Points and is Poisoned, while Shamino is Dead with 0 Hit Points, and Iolo is in Good condition with 87 Hit Points. The party has 116 meals' worth of Food, and 150 Gold Crowns. It is the eighth day of the fourth month of the year 137, and the position of the sun would mark the time as midmorning.