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Ultima 6: The False Prophet manual

Ultima VI--The False Prophet 


When you start ULTIMA VI, an introductory sequence will begin. Read all text 
messages that appear and press any key or click in the message box to move on to the 
next message or screen. (Press Escape if you want to bypass this sequence 
When this is over, the main menu will appear, listing five options-Introduction, 
Create a Character, Transfer a Character, Acknowledgements, and Jourey Onward. 
To select one of these options, click on it with the mouse. From the keyboard, use the 
arrow keys or numeric keypad to highlight the one you want, then press Return, or 
type the first letter of the option's name.

The first time you play, you will want to go directly to Create a Character. Here, 
you can type in your character's name and select his or her Sex and Portrait. Go on to 
the next portion of the character creation system by clicking on the Continue box (or 
by typing C). This will take you to a series of questions. Answer by selecting the A or 
B response to each question. The way in which you answer determines the kind of 
character you get.

When your character is complete, you will automatically be taken to the 
Introduction. This will tell you what the game is about. If you want to watch 
this again later, select Introduction from the menu.

If you've played ULTIMA IV or ULTIMA V, you may want to bring your 
character from one of those games over to ULTIMA VI. Transfer a 
character allows you to do that. Select this option and follow the directions 
on the screen, then click on theTransfer button and you're ready to use your 
old character in your new game. 

Acknowledgements tells you who did what in the creation of ULTIMA VI.

Journey Onward takes you directly into the ULTIMA VI game.   Select this option 
when you're ready to play.

The first time you play ULTIMA VI, you will have to create a character. If at some to 
point you wish to create another character, you must reconfigure your data disk. To 
do this, select Reconfigure a game from the CD Games menu and then select Ultima 
VI: The False Prophet. You will eventually be asked if you want to initialize or 
continue your current game. If you choose to initialize, then your current character 
will be erased so you can create a new one.

The game screen is divided into four regions-the map, the status display, the message scroll, and the command icons.
The Map
The largest region, in the upper left, is the map. This shows the world you are
moving through, with the view centered on you (or another member of your party
if it's his or her turn).
With a mouse, move your characters around by positioning the pointer over the
map until it becomes an arrow pointing in the direction you wish to move. Then
click the left button. Some actions ask you for a target location. (You may have to
say where you want to drop an item, for example). To select a location, click on it
with the left mouse button.
If you want to use the keyboard, move by pressing one of the arrow keys or one of
the eight keys around the 5 on the numeric keypad. These keys are also used to
select target locations-move the crosshairs on the screen to the desired location
and press Enter to initiate the action.
You can pass your turn and do nothing by positioning the mouse pointer over your character and clicking the left mouse button or by pressing the Spacebar.

The Status Display
In the upper-right corner of the screen is the status display. At the top of the
display, the current position of Britannia's sun and the positions and phases of the
two moons in the sky are shown.
Beneath this is a roster of all the members of your party, along with each
character's figure and current Hit Points. A character whose Hit Points are printed
in red is hurt badly; one whose Hit Points are green is poisoned. (CGA and
Hercules cards will differ slightly. )
When a party has more than five characters, arrows appear at the top and bottom of
this part of the screen. Click on these arrows to scroll up and down through the list
of party members. The + and - keys can also be used.
If you click on a character's name, or press a function key (F1-F8), you will be shown that character's portrait and statistics. The higher a stat, the better. Strength determines how much a character can carry, and how effectively he or she can strike with bludgeoning weapons. Dexterity determines how quick characters are (faster characters get to move and/or attack more often) and how effective they are with nonbludgeoning weapons as well as crossbows, bows, and other missile weapons.
Intelligence determines a character's bargaining ability and effectiveness as a spellcaster.
The next two stats show pairs of numbers-the current number of points the character has and the maximum possible. Magic Points determine how many spells can be cast. For instance, a spell of the fourth circle uses four magic points. Health determines how much damage the character can take before being killed. Each hour, you recover a number of magic points equal to your current level. Health can be regained only by rest or healing.
The next statistic in the list is Level, which indicates how powerful a character
has become through experience gained in past adventures. The last stat, Experience, determines when a player is ready to progress to the next level by meditating at a shrine.
To view a character's Inventory, click on one of the figures to the left of the roster,
On the left side of the inventory display is a figure showing all equipment that is readied for immediate use-either held in the character's hands or being worn. If you are holding something that requires both hands, such as a crossbow, you will not be allowed to put anything in the other hand. Below this figure is the current weight of all Equipped (E:) items, and the maximum weight the character can have readied, measured in stones(s).
On the right side of the inventory display are all other items carried by the character. The total weight of his or her inventory (I:) is listed here, along with the maximum weight the character can carry. To ready or unready an item, just click on it with the left mouse button. To look inside a container in your inventory, such as a bag or a chest, just click on it. Click on it again to return to the main inventory display.
At the lower right, the character's current combat mode is displayed (see "Begin/ Break Off Combat," below).
At the Iower Ieft of the status display are five buttons. From Ieft to right, their functions are: show previous character, return to party display, switch between portrait and inventory displays, show next character, and change combat mode.
To use the inventory display from the keyboard, press the Tab key to move the crosshairs to the status display. You can then move to any item or button with the arrow or numeric keypad keys and press Enter to select it. Pressing the Tab key again will return the crosshairs to the map. The function keys Fl through F8, will switch the display to show the different members of your party. (If you don't know the position of a character in your roster, the + and - keys allow you to show the next and previous characters.) FIO will return to the main party display. The asterisk (*) key will toggle between a character's portrait and inventory displays.

The Message Scroll
At the lower right of the screen is the message scroll. All text describing things you see and hear, as well as the results of your actions, is displayed here. When a message is too long to fit on the scroll, a flashing, downward-pointing arrow appears at the bottom of the scroll. Press the space bar or click in the message scroll to view the rest of the message.

Underneath the map are ten command buttons. The main commands in ULTIMA VI can be selected either with the mouse or the keyboard. To use a command from the keyboard, simply press the first letter of its name. With the mouse, move the pointer
to the command button you want to use and click the left mouse button. Then select the object or person you want to use the command on.
For frequently used commands, such as Get, Look, Attack, or Move, you can set up a default command for use with the right mouse button. Click the right button on a command, and a blue line will appear under it. From then on, clicking the right button on any shape on the map or in your inventory display will execute that command on that object. You can change the default command at any time. For all functions other than executing the default command, the left mouse button should be used. The ten main commands are:

Key	Command	Functions
A	Attack		Used to fight monsters, animals, or people, or to attempt to 
			destroy objects. After choosing the Attack command, 
			choose a target on the map that is in range of the weapon 
			you have readied.
C	Cast		Allows you to cast magic spells. You must have a 
			spellbook readied, and have enough Magic Points and 
			reagents available to cast the desired spell. When a 
			character tries to Cast a spell, the spellbook will be shown 
			in the status display, listing the names of all the spells he 
			or she has learned. Each name is followed by the number 
			of times that spell can be cast with the reagents in 
			inventory. To page through the spells, click on the blue 
			arrow buttons below the list or use the  and  keys on the 
			keyboard.  You cast a spell by clicking on its name, or by 
			selecting it with the  and  keys and pressing Enter. Typing 
			the first letter of each syllable of the spell also works. For 
			instance, to cast the Repel Undead spell-An Xen Corp-you 
			could type AXC and press Enter. Some spells require you
			to specify whom or what you are casting them on. Simply 
			select a target on the map or in your inventory.  There is 
			one special spell, the Help spell, which requires no 
			reagents. This will return you instantly to Lord British's 
			Castle. It should be used only in the most desperate of
			situations, however, as it will usually cost your party 
			many experience points.
T	Talk		Lets you converse with the people you encounter in the
			game. You can also speak with some shrines and statues 
			and with the other members of your party. You must select 
			the character on the map you wish to speak with. The 
			character's portrait will appear in the status display while 
			he or she is speaking.
			You talk by typing single words on the keyboard and 
			pressing Enter. All words may be abbreviated to the first 
			four letters (e.g., elephant may be abbreviated to elep).

			Most people will respond to the words name, job, and bye. 
			(The "bye" command ends a conversation. You can
			accomplish the same thing by pressing Enter without 
			typing anything.) Some people will also respond to the 
			words join and leave, allowing you to add members to 
			your party (up to a maximum of eight) or remove them. 
			During the course of conversation, people give you an idea 
			of what they're interested in talking about. If you have the 
			help function on, as it is when you start the game, the 
			subjects they want to talk about will appear in a different 
			color on the screen; if help is off, you'll have to figure out 
			the key words in their conversations. (Note that the help 
			function is not available on CGA cards.) You can turn 
			help on or off by pressing Control-H. However, be aware 
			that some people will respond to other subjects if you ask
L	Look		Allows you to identify anyone or anything in the location 
			you select on the map or in your inventory. This command 
			can be used to read books, signs, and gravestones or to 
			examine paintings. It will also give information on the 
			effectiveness of weapons and armor. When you use the 
			Look command on an object you are adjacent to, you will 
			search it. This will reveal the contents of chests, bags, 
			crates, barrels, etc. It will also let you find hidden items or 
			secret doors.
G	Get		Lets you pick up an object on the map. You must be 
			standing next to it. If it isn't too heavy, it will be put into 
			your inventory.
D	Drop		Can be used to lighten your load by getting rid of items 
			you no longer need. First select the item in your inventory, 
			then choose a spot on the map to place it.
M	Move		Used to push an item or to move it between characters in 
			the party.
			If you select an item on the map, you can sometimes push 
			it to an adjacent square to get it out of your way. If it's 
			something alive, though, it may not always let you! 
			Moving an item into a square with a chest, barrel, or crate 
			will place the item inside it.
			This command can also be used to move things in and out 
			of containers or from one character to another. To move 
			an item to another character, click on the character on the 
			map. When you buy a new spell, you must move it into 
			your spellbook before you can cast it.
U	Use		Operates any object that has some function. Among other 
			things, it will let you open and close doors and chests, 
			enter or exit ships, climb ladders, milk cows, mount 
			horses, light or extinguish fires, look into telescopes or 
			crystal balls, ring bells, eat or drink food and beverages, or 
			play musical instruments. When using a musical 
			instrument, you play it with the numbers 0 through 9, and 
			press Enter when finished.
R	Rest		Lets your party set up a camp and recover health and 
			Magic Points. You will be asked how many hours you 
			wish to rest, from 1 to 9, and who will stand guard. Select 
			a character on the map display, or press Escape to have no 
			guard. Characters will not regain Hit Points if they are out 
			of food or if they stand guard. If you are ambushed while 
			resting, however, your party will not be awakened unless 
			you have someone on guard ! You can rest only on land. 
			At sea, this command repairs your frigate. Multiple 
			"Rests" may be required to repair a ship completely.
B  Begin/Break		Switches back and forth  between party mode 
      Off Combat		and combat mode. In party mode,the members of your 
			party automatically follow you around. In combat, each          
			character will behave according to the combat mode you 
			have selected for him or  her on the inventory display. 
              			Characters in Front, Rear, or  Flank modes will   
		                position themselves in a formation centered around you.         
			Characters in Assault mode will attack the nearest enemy, 
			while those in Retreat mode will avoid combat. Characters
		          	in Berserk mode will charge and attack the strongest foe.      
		            	Lastly, if you select Command mode for a character, you 				can control that character's actions each turn, just as you       		       	do for your own character. You can change a character's
	                   	combat mode at any time even  in the middle of a battle.

Control-S	 Saves the game You will be asked if you really want to save the 			game. Type Y (Yes) to save or N (No) to cancel the command and 			keep playing.
Control-R 	Restores the game to the last saved position As in the case of the 	
		Save command, you will be asked to reply Y or N.
Control-Q 	Quits the game and exits to the ULTIMA CD GAMES menu. Make 
		sure you have saved the game first if you want to return to the same 
		position later!
Control-H 	Toggles HELP mode on/off.
Control-Z	Toggles sound and music on/off.
1 through 8 	Place a member of the party in Solo mode. In this mode, you can 
		move that character around and perform whatever actions you 
		wish, while the rest of the party remains motionless Note that you 			can't talk to people or use ladders, dungeon entrances, or 				moongates in Solo mode-you must be in Party mode.
0 (zero)		Exits Solo mode and returns to Party mode.
Escape		Aborts most functions.

Ultima 6 Copy Protection Questions and Answers

Lord Britishís Questions
1.  What doth Trolls Lack?
	A:  Endurance
2.  What part of the tangle vine doth put one to sleep?
	A:  Pod
3.  How wert the headlesses produced?
	A:  Wizard
4.  What valued item canst one find near the spawning grounds of Hydras?
	A:  Nightshade Mushroom
5.  How canst one fend off Rotworms?
	A:  Torch
6.  How doth Sea Serpents attack?
	A:  Fireballs
7.  What creature art wisps oft mistaken for?
	A:  Firefly
8.  How doth giant squids cruch their prey?
	A:  Beak
9.  Where hath images of the Silver Serpent been seen?
	A: Tomb walls
10. What art reapers remnants of?
	A:  Enchanted Forest

Mariahís Questions
1. What does the magic syllable ĎZuí mean?
	A:  Sleep
2. What does the magic syllable ĎQuasí mean?
	A:  Illusion
3.  What does the magic syllable ĎHurí mean?
	A:  Wind
4.  What does the magic syllable ĎJuxí mean?
	A:  Danger/Trap/Harm
5.  What does the magic syllable ĎOrtí mean?
	A:  Magic

Selganorís Questions
1.  What kind of fork should mandrake roots be prepared with?
	A: Silver
2.  What part of the nightshade mushroom is used in spellcasting?
	A:  Cap
3.  Where does Sulfurous Ash come from?
	A:  Volcanic Eruptions
4.  What are the Black Pearls used for?
	A:  Kinetic propellent

Magic & Casting Spells Ultima 6 - The False Prophet

The 26 syllables and their general meanings are as follows:

Syllable		Meaning
An		Negate/Dispel
Bet		Small
Corp		Death
Des		Lower/Down
Ex		Freedom
Flam		Flame
Grav		Energy/Field
Hur		Wind
In		Make/Create/Cause
Jux		Danger/Trap/Harm
Kal		Summon/Invoke
Lor		Light
Mani		Life/Healing
Nox		Poison
Ort		Magic
Por		Move/Movement
Quas		Illusion
Rel		Change
Sanct		Protect/Protection
Tym		Time
Uus		Raise/Up
Vas		Great
Wis		Know/Knowledge
Xen		Creature
Zu		Sleep

There syllables are combined to form the incantations used when casting spells.  A list of spells appears below.  This list, while not necessarily complete, collects all of our current knowledge of the ways of magic.

The Eight Circles of Magic
Mages with little training and experience are limited in the spells they can cast.  As a spellcaster grows in stature, penetrating the mysteries of the higher circles of magic, he gains the ability to cast more powerful spells.  Great power is not without cost, however.  When he casts spell, the mage experiences a drain in magical power equal to the level of the circle of that spell.  Thus, a simple first level spell drains one point while a fifth level spell, more difficult to cast, drains five.  The casterís magical power returns within hours.

1st Circle
Create Food
	Incantation:	In Mani Ylem
	Reagents:	Garlic, Ginseng, Mandrake Root
	Effect:		A fine bounty of food will be added to your pack.

Detect Magic
	Incantation:	Wis Ort
	Reagents:	Nightshade, Sulfurous Ash
	Effect:		Discerns the magical nature of special objects and the 				specific magical charge currently in an item.

Detect Trap
	Incantation:	Wis Jux
	Reagents:	Nightshade, Sulfurous Ash
	Effect:		Discovers concealed traps in suspicious chests and doors

Dispel Magic
	Incantation:	An Jux Ort
	Reagents:	Garlic, Ginseng
	Effect:		Removes a sorcerous enchantment or poison which causes 				illness and bondage.  Also awakens a person under a Sleep 				spell.

	Incantation:	An Flam
	Reagents:	Garlic, Black Pearl
	Effect:		Extinguishes flames

	Incantation:	An Mani
	Reagents:	Nightshade, Spiderís Silk
	Effect:		Inflicts moderate damage on your opponent

	Incantation:	In Mani
	Reagents:	Ginseng, Spiderís Silk
	Effect:		Applies healing energy to one who is injured

	Incantation:	Kal Lor
	Reagents:	(none are required)
	Effect:		Quickens the userís demise and resurrects him and his 				party before the Throne of Britannia

	Incantation:	In Flam
	Reagents:	Sulfurous Ash, Black Pearl
	Effect:		Ignites a lifeless torch, fireplace or brazier

	Incantation:	In Lor
	Reagents:	Sulfurous Ash
	Effect:		Illuminates a darkened area

2nd Circle
	Incantation:	Quas Lor
	Reagents:	Nightshade, Sulfurous Ash
	Effect:		Detects the presence of living, warm-blooded beings in the 				dark.

Magic Arrow
	Incantation:	Ort Jux
	Reagents:	Sulfurous Ash, Black Pearl
	Effect:		Fires a moderately damaging missile at your opponent

	Incantation:	In Nox Por
	Reagents:	Nightshade, Blood Moss, Black Pearl
	Effect:		Poisons your opponent with toxic venom

	Incantation:	In Ylem
	Reagents:	Spiderís Silk, Blood Moss, Black Pearl
	Effect:		Undoes the effect of the vanish spell, making the vanished 				object return to this world.

	Incantation:	In Zu
	Reagents:	Nightshade, Spiderís Silk, Black Pearl
	Effect:		Induces unconsciousness in the chosen victim

	Incantation:	Ort Por Ylem
	Reagents:	Blood Moss, Mandrake Root, Black Pearl
	Effect:		Moves objects near the user without physical contact

	Incantation:	In Jux
	Reagents:	Spiderís Silk, Nightshade
	Effect:		Places a concealed trap on a chest or door

Unlock Magic
	Incantation:	Ex Por
	Reagents:	Sulfurous Ash, Blood Moss
	Effect:		Negates magical traps on chests and doors

	Incantation:	An Ylem
	Reagents:	Garlic, Blood Moss, Black Pearl
	Effect:		Makes simple objects disappear from this world

3rd Circle
	Incantation:	An Sanct
	Reagents:	Sulfurous Ash, Nightshade, Garlic
	Effect:		Reduces the effectiveness of a foeís armour, prowess and i				intelligence

Dispel Field
	Incantation:	An Grav
	Reagents:	Black Pearl, Sulfurous Ash
	Effect:		Neutralizes magic fields generated by field spells

	Incantation:	Por Flam
	Reagents:	Sulfurous Ash, Black Pearl
	Effect:		Hurls a mighty flaming missile at your opponent

Great Light
	Incantation:	Vas Lor
	Reagents:	Sulfurous Ash, Mandrake Root
	Effect:		Provides long lasting illumination

Magic Lock
	Incantation:	An Por
	Reagents:	Sulfurous Ash, Blood Moss, Garlic
	Effect:		Applies a magical lock to a chest or door

Mass Awaken
	Incantation:	An Vas Zu
	Reagents:	Ginseng, Garlic
	Effect:		Awakens all nearby sleepers with an explosion

Mass Sleep
	Incantation:	Vas Zu
	Reagents:	Ginseng, Nightshade, Spiderís Silk
	Effect:		Induces sleep in all beings in the area targeted by the caster

	Incantation:	Vas Wis Ylem
	Reagents:	Nightshade, Mandrake Root
	Effect:		Reveals the world and the casterís place in it as though 				peering through an eagleís eye

	Incantation:	In Sanct
	Reagents:	Sulfurous Ash, Ginseng, Garlic
	Effect:		Increases the effectiveness of armour as well as the targetís 				prowess and intelligence

Repel Undead
	Incantation:	An Xen Corp
	Reagents:	Garlic, Sulfurous Ash
	Effect:		Causes all undead in the casterís field of vision to flee

4th Circle
	Incantation:	Ort Ylem
	Reagents:	Sulfurous Ash, Mandrake Root, Blood Moss
	Effect:		Causes inanimate objects to come to life and wander about, 			though not under casterís control

	Incantation:	Kal Xen
	Reagents:	Spiderís Silk, Mandrake Root
	Effect:		Summons a wild beast to your side to aid in combat

	Incantation:	An Vas Mani
	Reagents:	Nightshade, Spiderís Silk, Mandrake Root
	Effect:		Inflicts a grievous wound, nearly killing the target

Fire Field
	Incantation:	In Flam Grav
	Reagents:	Black Pearl,  Sulfurous Ash, Spiderís Silk
	Effect:		Creates a searing wall of fire

Great Heal
	Incantation:	Vas Mani
	Reagents:	Ginseng, Spiderís Silk, Mandrake Root
	Effect:		Restores oneís health fully

	Incantation:	In Wis
	Reagents:	Nightshade
	Effect:		Reveals the casterís location like a magical sextant

Mass Dispel
	Incantation:	Vas An Jux Ort
	Reagents:	Garlic, Ginseng
	Effect:		Dispels all magic in the area targeted by the caster

Poison Field
	Incantation:	In Nox Grav
	Reagents:	Ginseng, Nightshade, Spiderís Silk, Black Pearl
	Effect:		Creates a wall of noxious gas

Sleep Field
	Incantation:	In Zu Grav
	Reagents:	Ginseng, Spiderís Silk, Black Pearl
	Effect:		Creates a wall of sleep-inducing energy

Wind Change
	Incantation:	Rel Hur
	Reagents:	Sulfurous Ash, Blood Moss
	Effect:		Allows caster to alter the prevailing direction of the wind

5th Circle
Energy Field
	Incantation:	In Sanct Grav
	Reagents:	Mandrake, Root, Spiderís Silk, Black Pearl
	Effect:		Creates an impassable wall of energy

	Incantation:	Vas Por Flam
	Reagents:	Mandrake Root, Sulfurous Ash, Black Pearl, Blood Moss
	Effect:		Creates a powerful explosion, injuring those caught in it 				blast

Insect Swarm
	Incantation:	Kal Bet Xen
	Reagents:	Blood Moss, Spiderís Silk, Sulfurous Ash
	Effect:		conjures up a swarm of insects to aid you in combat

	Incantation:	Sanct Lor
	Reagents:	Nightshade, Blood Moss
	Effect:		Causes begins to become unseen

	Incantation:	Ort Grav
	Reagents:	Black Pearl, Mandrake Root, Sulfurous Ash
	Effect:		Hurls a powerful bolt of lightning at your opponent

	Incantation:	An Xen Por
	Reagents:	Spiderís Silk, Sulfurous Ash, Nightshade, Black Pearl
	Effect:		Momentarily paralyzes your opponent, thus disabling him

	Incantation:	Por Ylem
	Reagents:	Blood Moss, Spiderís Silk, Nightshade
	Effect:		Lets the caster take one of the targetís belongings

	Incantation:	An Sanct Lor
	Reagents:	Spiderís Silk, Nightshade, Mandrake Root
	Effect:		Makes invisible beings in the area become visible again

	Incantation:	Kal Mani Corp
	Reagents:	Blood Moss, Mandrake Root, Nightshade, Spiderís Silk, Sulfurous Ash
	Effect:		Lets the caster speak with the dead as though they still lived

	Incantation:	Wis Ylem
	Reagents:	Mandrake Root, Sulfurous Ash
	Effect:		Allows the caster to see places otherwise obscured by walls 			and obstacles

6th Circle
	Incantation:	An Xen Ex
	Reagents:	Black Pearl, Nightshade, Spiderís Silk
	Effect:		Changes the alignment of the target to match that of the 				caster

	Incantation:	In Quas Xen
	Reagents:	Sulfurous Ash, Spiderís Silk, Blood Moss, Ginseng, 					Nightshade, Mandrake Root
	Effect:		Creates an identical, though not controllable, replica of any 				being

	Incantation:	Vas Quas
	Reagents:	Mandrake Root, Nightshade
	Effect:		Sends opposing foes into disarray

Flame Wind
	Incantation:	Flam Hur
	Reagents:	Sulfurous Ash, Blood Moss, Mandrake Root
	Effect:		Sends a gale of flaming wind in the direction of your foes

Hail Storm
	Incantation:	Kal Des Ylem
	Reagents:	Blood Moss, Black Pearl, Mandrake Root
	Effect:		Brings down a storm of hailstones upon the casterís enemy 			and the surrounding area

Mass Protect
	Incantation:	Vas In Sanct
	Reagents:	Sulfurous Ash, Ginseng, Garlic, Mandrake Root
	Effect:		Increases the effectiveness of armour, as well as the 					prowess and intelligence of nearby beings

Negate Magic
	Incantation:	An Ort
	Reagents:	Garlic, Mandrake Root, Sulfurous Ash
	Effect:		Temporarily prevents the casting of spells and magic

Poison Wind
	Incantation:	Nox Hur
	Reagents:	Nightshade, Sulfurous Ash, Blood Moss
	Effect:		Sends a gale of noxious wind in the direction of your foes

	Incantation:	In Quas Ylem
	Reagents:	Sulfurous Ash, Spiderís Silk, Blood Moss, Ginseng, 					Nightshade
	Effect:		Produces a duplicate version of simple objects

	Incantation:	In Des Por
	Reagents:	Spiderís Silk
	Effect:		Lays a fine, sticky web upon the ground to hinder a foeís 				progress

7th Circle
Chain Bolt
	Incantation:	Vas Ort Grav
	Reagents:	Black Pearl, Mandrake Root, Sulfurous Ash, Blood Moss
	Effect:		Causes a bolt of damaging energy to leap from one being to 			another

	Incantation:	In Ort Ylem
	Reagents:	Spiderís Silk, Mandrake Root, Sulfurous Ash
	Effect:		Empowers special items with magical energy

Energy Wind
	Incantation:	Grav Hur
	Reagents:	Mandrake Root, Nightshade, Sulfurous Ash, Blood Moss
	Effect:		Sends a gale of wind in the direction of foes

	Incantation:	Quas Corp
	Reagents:	Nightshade, Mandrake Root, Garlic
	Effect:		Causes all evil foes in the area to flee in terror

Gate Travel
	Incantation:	Vas Rel Por
	Reagents:	Sulfurous Ash, Black Pearl, Mandrake Root
	Effect:		Teleports the casterís party to a moonstone location 					determined by the moonphase

	Incantation:	In Corp
	Reagents:	Black Pearl, Nightshade, Sulfurous Ash
	Effect:		Sends a lethal bolt of energy towards an opponent

Mass Curse
	Incantation:	Van An Sanct
	Reagents:	Sulfurous Ash, Nightshade, Garlic, Mandrake Root
	Effect:		Reduces the effectiveness of armour, as well as the prowess 			and intelligence of all nearby beings, friend and foe alike

Mass Invisibility
	Incantation:	Vas Sanct Lor
	Reagents:	Mandrake Root, Nightshade, Blood Moss, Black Pearl
	Effect:		Causes all nearby beings to become unseen, though still 				present

Wing Strike
	Incantation:	Kal Ort Xen
	Reagents:	Blood Moss, Spiderís Silk, Mandrake Root, Sulfurous Ash
	Effect:		Sends a powerful dragonís wing against your opponents

Wing Eye
	Incantation:	Port Ort Wis
	Reagents:	Blood Moss, Nightshade Root, Mandrake Root, Sulfurous 				Ash, Black Pearl, Spiderís Silk
	Effect:		Allows the caster to see otherwise obscured

8th Circle
Death Wind
	Incantation:	Corp Hur
	Reagents:	Mandrake Root, Nightshade, Sulfurous Ash, Blood Moss 
	Effect:		Sends a gale of lethal wind in the direction of foes

	Incantation:	Vas An Lor
	Reagents:	Mandrake Root, Sulfurous Ash, Nightshade, Garlic, Blood 				Moss
	Effect:		 Causes the moons to block the sunís rays for a brief time

Mass Charm
	Incantation:	Van An Xen Ex
	Reagents:	Black Pearl, Nightshade, Spiderís Silk, Mandrake Root
	Effect:		Changes the alignment of nearby foes to match that of the 				caster

Mass Kill
	Incantation:	Vas Corp
	Reagents:	Black Pearl, Nightshade, Mandrake Root, Sulfurous Ash
	Effect:		Sends lethal bolts of energy toward all nearby beings

	Incantation:	In Mani Corp
	Reagents:	Garlic, Ginseng, Spiderís Silk, Sulfurous Ash, Blood Moss, 			Mandrake Root
	Effect:		Restores life to a being who was dead

	Incantation:	Vas Rel Xen
	Reagents:	Blood Moss, Nightshade, Mandrake Root
	Effect:		All evil creatures are changed to slime

	Incantation:	Kal Xen Corp
	Reagents:	Mandrake Root, Garlic, Blood Moss, Spiderís Silk
	Effect:		Calls forth a demon from the underworld who may assist 				you in combat

Time Stop
	Incantation:	An Tym
	Reagents:	Mandrake Root, Garlic, Blood Moss
	Effect:		Temporarily suspends time while the caster continues his 				journey

	Incantation:	Var Por Ylem
	Reagents:	Blood Moss, Sulfurous Ash, Mandrake Root
	Effect:		Causes the ground to shake, injuring all beings in the 					affected area