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Ultima 6: The False Prophet walkthrough

Ultima VI Walkthrough

By Rand VanFossen
Gabe Nickelson

January 6, 1998

There are many sub-plots in this game. It is not necessary to accomplish all the quests. We've provided the necessary quests. Take other quests as you wish.

The Arrival
When you arrive in the game you will be in Lord British's Throne Room. You must attack the three gargoyles in the room. After you kill them, talk to Lord British. Click on the talk icon then click on Lord British, or press 'T' on the keyboard and use the arrow keys to select him and press enter.

Lord British
You must answer questions from the Compendium. Answer the questions and Lord British will fill you in on what has been happening around Britannia since your last visit and give you a key (Key A). Any texts which appear in bright red are topics which Lord British will tell you about. When you get the prompt 'You say:' type in the word and press enter. Not all topics will appear in bright red. You must ask about other topics too. Most will come later in the game.

After you finish talking to Lord British, talk to Nystul. He will ask about the book in Iolo's possession. He will tell you to take it to the Lycaeum. Nystul will also ask about the Orb of the Moons in your possession. After you finish talking to Nystul, talk to Lord British again and ask about the stone. Just type 'stone' at the prompt. He will inform you how the stone works. Below is a diagram of where the stone will take you.

First Steps
It is recommended at this point that you collect items from within the castle to prepare you for your journey. Roam around the castle and grab items which may be useful. It will be useful to talk to people around the castle. Make sure you talk to everyone. Some people you are not required to talk to, but they can provide many other quests not mentioned in this walkthrough.

You may want to ask Sherry to join your party later in the game. You can get cheese for her in the kitchen storage room. Eventually, she will get you a rune you can't reach in Jhelom.

You need to collect the rune in Britain. Talk to Ariana and ask her about 'runes'. She will give it to you after you get her parents permission. Go to the Blue Boar Tavern and talk to Anya. Ask about 'rune'. She will grant you permission to borrow the rune. Return to Ariana and get the Rune of Compassion.

Cove - Talk to Ahramaand and ask him about the rune. Then ask about the 'mantra'. He will tell you to talk to Lord British's Chancellor Tholden. Tholden will tell you a bit about where to find the other stones. He will inform you to talk to the Bards in Britain. Ask Kenneth about the Mantra and he will tell you 'Mu'. Teleport to the Shrine of Compassion with the Orb of the Moons. You may also reach the Shrine by traveling east of Britain. Use the Rune of Compassion with the shrine by chanting 'mu'. This will free the shrine. Grab the moonstone.

Skara Brae – Talk to Major Trenton first. Ask him about the 'mantra' and he will tell you to read it in a book. He will also tell you that Quenton has the rune and is dead. You will find a cottage just north of the moongate. Marney is Quentons daughter. In the chest, you will find the Rune of Spirituality and a Book of Spirituality. The book will tell you the mantra is 'om'. Free the shrine by teleporting with the Orb of the Moons and chanting the mantra. Once the shrine is free, grab the moonstone.

While visiting the Island of Skara Brae, visit Horace the magic user. Purchase the Explosion Spell and the Kill Spell.

Yew – Talk to Mayor Lenora. Ask her about 'runes' and ask twice about 'mantra'. She will tell you the mantra which is 'beh'. A thief has stolen the rune and is jailed just south of the sundial in town. Go into the jail and talk to the guard. He will tell you he can't give you the key to the jail without the permission from the Mayor. Return to the Mayor to get 'permission'. Talk the guard again and get the key to the locked door to the east. The thief is in the south cell. Look in the window to talk to the thief. Tell the thief you can gain his freedom by telling you where the rune is. He will tell you that it is under a potted plant in the Slaughtered Lamb Inn, just north of the sundial. Get the rune, and go to the Shrine of Justice. Follow the road east and just north of Yew. You may want to teleport there with the Orb of the Moons. Free the shrine and get the moonstone.

Note: You may want to buy swampboots for all party members in this town while you are here.

Minoc – Talk to Major Isabella. She will tell you the healer Tara will be able to tell you the mantra. Ask her about the 'rune'. She will tell you she gave it to Selganor the Artisan. Talk to Tara the Healer. Ask her about 'mantra'. She will tell you the mantra is 'cah'. Go to the Artisan Guild Hall, which is west of Isabella's house. Talk to Selganor the Artisan and ask about 'runes'. He will tell you that he will give the rune, but you must first become a member. To become a member, you must make panpipes. You must talk to Julia about making these. You must also be able to play the song 'stones' on the pipes. Learn the song by asking Gwenno about 'stones'. Gwenno can be found in the guild and Julia can be found north of the guild. Talk to Julia and she will tell you that you need a fresh cut board to make the pipes. You must get the wood in Yew. Teleport or walk to Yew and talk to Mayor Lenora about 'wood'. She will tell you to go west of her house until you run into trees, and then to the north. There you will find the woodcutter Ben. Ask him about 'wood' and he will sell you a piece of wood for 5 gold pieces. Get the wood and take it to the woodcutter in Minoc. Use the Orb of the Moons to get there, or walk to Minoc. If you teleport to Minoc, the woodcutter is directly south of the moongate. Talk to Aaron about 'wood' and he will cut your wood into a board at a small fee of 5 gold pieces. Return to Julia and ask her about 'Panpipes' and 'board'. She will make them for you. Now go to Gwenno, and ask about 'stones' if you haven't already. The order of stones is:


Once you learn Stones, you become a member of the guild and get the Rune of Sacrifice. Teleport or walk to the Shrine of Sacrifice. Follow the path east of Minoc until you hit the mountains to get to the shrine. You will find a pass through the mountains to the desert. Travel east through the desert until you reach the shrine. The shrine is located in the middle of the desert. Chant the mantra 'cah' and free the shrine. Grab the moonstone.

Moonglow – You will find the Mayor Aganar within town. Ask him about the 'mantra' and he will tell you to talk to Penumbra. Ask him about the 'rune' and he will tell you Beyvin (the most honest man he knows) has the rune. He will tell you that Beyvin lives with Penumbra. Find Penumbra just east of the moongate. You will need to cast 'dispel field' to get into talk to her. If you don't have the spell, you can get it north of Moonglow past the Library of Lycaeum by talking to Xaio. The spell will cost 75 gold. Ask Penumbra about 'mantra'. She will tell you for 5 gold pieces. The mantra is 'ahm'. Ask her about 'Beyvin', and she will tell you he is dead. Ask about 'rune'. She will tell you it was buried with Beyvin in the catacombs underneath Moonglow. Just south of the tavern in Moonglow is Manrel house. Find him and ask him about 'Beyvin'. He will give you a key to his crypt if you drop off flowers and the crypt for him. Get to the catacombs by going to Xaio's house and cast 'Unlock Magic' on the magically locked door. If you do not have this spell, talk to Nicodemus in Yew, or get it in Skara Brae. Go down the stairs and you will be there. Beyvin's tomb is on the second level.

When you reach the tomb of Beyvin, search his bones and you will find the Rune of Honesty. Leave the flowers given to you by Manrel. Leave the Crypts by teleporting to the Shrine of Honesty, otherwise you will need a boat to get there. The shrine is located on a island north of Moonglow. Free the shrine by chanting the mantra 'ahm' and grab the moonstone. After you get the stone, teleport to Trinsic.

Trinsic – The rune of Honor is in the middle of the town on a pedestal. Just grab it. Talk to Lord Whitsaber and ask about the mantra. He will tell you to chant 'summ'. Take the Rune to the Shrine of Honor to the west of town.

New Magencia – There is a magic shield under a plant near the docks. Talk to Conor. Ask him about the 'mantra'. He will tell you 'lum'. Now talk to Lord Antonio about 'runes'. He will tell you to seek out the most 'humble' person in town. Everyone you speak to will tell you they are the most humble except for one person; Conor. He is actually the most humble. That is the answer to his question. He will give you the rune. Teleport to the Shrine of Humility, or you may want to travel there by boat to the island south of New Magencia. Free the shrine by chanting the mantra 'lum'. Grab the moonstone.

Jhelom – Talk to Zellivan, Lord of Jholom, and ask about the 'rune'. He will let you know that he had a tournament for the rune, and no man won. Ask 'mantra' to Zellivan, and he will tell you to go to the Sword and Keg pub. Now, go to the blacksmiths shop, just west of Zellivans. You will find 'Nomann' there. Ask him about the 'rune'. He will tell you about a 'tale'. Ask 'tale', and he will tell you that rat took the rune and ran away. Go to the pub and talk to Lyssandra the barmaid. Ask her about 'rune' and she will mention the rat. Ask about 'rat', and she will tell you where the rat hole is. Say 'idea' and she will tell you to get Sherry. Teleport to Lord British's castle and get Sherry to join your party. You must have cheese for Sherry. Now teleport back to the tavern in Jhelom. Enter solo mode with Sherry. While you are Sherry, enter the rat hole and get the Rune of Valor. You may want to pick up other items while you here. Return to party mode after you leave the rat hole. Talk to Culham. Ask him his name twice, and then ask him about 'mantra', 'sing', and then 'play'. He will give you the mantra 'ra'. Teleport to the Shrine of Valor and free it by chanting 'ra'. You may reach this shrine by taking a boat to an island south of Jhelom. Grab the moonstone once you free the shrine.

Lycaeum – Just east of the library, before the astronomer, you will find Mariah's house. She may be in the Library. Ask her about the Book of Prophecy by saying 'book'. She will tell you about a tablet with similar writing. Ask about 'tablet' and she will tell you to talk to the Gypsies. Grab the tablet from her desk in the study. Go down the ladder surrounded by the force fields. You will, of course, have to cast 'Dispel Field' before doing this. Once down, follow the map below to grab a couple books. Get the book titled 'Wizard of Oz'. Lord British will give you gems for this. Another good book is the 'Book of Mantra'. This will list all the mantras.

Note: Visit Xaio and purchase the telekinesis spell, Explosion Spell, and the Locate Spell.

Gypsies – Look for Zoltan, King of the Gypsies. Zoltan will be traveling with 3 other people. One of these people is a juggler name Blaine. They can be found in any city in Britannia. They often travel from city to city. Ask Zoltan about the 'tablet'. He will tell you to seek out Captain Hawkins in Buccaneers Den. The tablet was broken in two pieces. He was able, however, to take the other half of the tablet to the Lycaeum. You should have picked up this piece at the Lycaeum already.

Buccaneer's Den – Located directly east of Paws, you can reach the Den two ways. Get boats and sail there, or venture through the sewers under Lord British's castle. Find Homer and ask him about Captain Hawkins. Then ask about the 'tablet' and he will mention Captain Hawkins buried treasure. Now ask about 'treasure', then 'cave'. He will tell you about the map which is in 8 pieces if you will help him. Homer has one piece, and he will help you if you bring him the other pieces. He gives you five clues on where to find map pieces. Locate these people.

1.	Hawknose went to the Dry Land to kill the demon.
2.	Sandy the cook went to Trinsic.
3.	Ybarra said he was headed for the dungeon shame.
4.	One of the men may have died in a shipwreck.
5.	Another one has settled in Jhelom, but cannot remember his name. He has a hook for a hand.

Map Pieces – You must get the map pieces now. Teleport to Trinsic and talk to Sandy. Ask him about 'pastry' and he will ask you for 'favor'. Tell him 'favor' and he will ask you a riddle. The answer to this riddle is 'egg'. Tell him 'egg', he will tell you to get a dragons egg. You may get a dragons egg in Dungeon Destard which in located northwest of Trinsic. Destard is hard to find. Head south of the mountain range and look for the pass heading north. It is located in there.

Dungeon Destard – Warning, this dungeon requires high skills to master. You need to go down to the fourth level to find the dragons egg. On level two, drop down one of the holes. When you get to level four, the eggs will be located in the north cavern. Grab a couple eggs and look around for some nice treasure. Once you have the dragons egg, teleport back to Trinsic with the Orb of the Moons, or work your way back up through the levels. Once in back Trinsic, talk to Sandy. Give him the egg. Tell him you are interested in learning about pirates. He will tell you about more pirates where you may find the other map pieces.

6.	A pirate in Serpents Hold has a piece of the map. He cannot remember her name.
7.	Another pirate resides on Dagger Isle, a hermit.
8.	A pirate a Empath Abby, Nathaniel Moorehead.
9.	Mayor Whitsaber is the last pirate.

Talk to Mayor Whitsaber in town. Call him 'Gorden'. Tell him 'map' and keep his secret. You now have a map piece.

Teleport to Jhelom and talk to the peasant Heftimus McPry. Giving him gold and ask him about the 'map'. Give him the 20 gold and he will tell you he tried to start a fire with it in Dungeon Wrong. Travel to Dungeon Wrong. Get to the dungeon by teleporting with the Orb of the Moons to Yew. Travel east towards Minoc. Take the boat across the river. Continue to follow the path east, until you run into the mountains. Now go North and you will find a path in the mountains going east. Go south, then west and you will find it here in the mountains.

Dungeon Wrong – Upon entering, travel to the East. Open the magically locked door with the 'unlock magic' spell. Travel down the stairs. Go to the east end of level two and cast telekinesis on the lever behind the portcullis. Travel west on level two and go down to level three through the door which was just opened. On level three, go to the door on the east side, northern door. Enter the door and kill the hydra. Look for secret door on north wall. Open the door and follow the passage to the next room which will contain the next map piece. Grab some treasure here too. Use the Orb of the Moons to get out of Wrong, or explore the caverns more. You need to teleport to Britain so to find Dungeon Shame.

Dungeon Shame – This dungeon is located west of Lord British's castle in the mountains. You will need food to give to Ybarra. There is also a Cyclops cave near this dungeon. Once you enter the dungeon, head past the building and go south. You will find a stairway down. Go down. On level two, simply follow the passage to the southwest and you will find the ladder to level three. On level three there are two ladders leading down. Take the ladder furthest north. Just follow the passage and on level four you will find Ybarra. Say 'food' to him, and then he will talk to you. Say 'map' and he will ask you more food in exchange. After you get the map, teleport to Yew.

Empath Abbey – Once you teleport to Yew, Empath Abbey is easy to find. It's just southwest of Yew; follow the road. Locate Nathaniel Moorehead's wife, Sylaina, slightly north and to the west. Ask about the 'map' and she will tell you the Gypsies stole it. You need to locate the band of Gypsies in their camp just north of Trinsic. Teleport using the Orb of the Moons to get there.

Gypsy Camp – After you arrive at the camp, talk to Arturos. Ask him about the 'map'. He will offer to sell it for 100 gold. Say no to this. He will hold out up to 50 gold. Buy the map piece and teleport to the Shrine of Sacrifice.

Ant Mound – After Teleporting the to Shrine of Sacrifice, go directly south and you will find the hole in the ground which will lead you to the Ant Mound. Go down. To get to level one, go north, then travel west. There you will find a large open area with four columns in it. In the center of the columns is another hole. Drop down into this hole. On level two, there are two holes to drop down. Drop down to the closest one, which is just to the east and the first passage north. On level three, go all the way south, then follow the passage to the west, which will bring you to the next hole you need to drop down. After dropping down, you will be on level four. Go north, then follow the first passage east. Follow this passage east through the room with the four pillars in it, to the next large room. Here you will find the queen ant. In the southeast corner of the room you find the body of Hawknose. Search his body and you will find the map piece. Teleport out of there to Britain.

Dagger Isle – You need to reach this by boat or skiff. Purchase one in Britain. You just teleported here, so find the ship master and purchase a deed. You should have enough gold saved up by now. Travel east across the ocean to Moonglow, then head north. That island is Dagger Isle. Head to the northeast part of the island and get out of the boat. Search for a lone house and look for Bonn the pirate. Ask him about the 'map'. He will tell you it is well hidden. He mentions his basement. Leave Bonn and go to his house. You will see a harpsichord inside. Move it and it will reveal the ladder to the basement that Bonn was talking about. Find the map piece down there in the crate. It will be in the third bag. Lots of other items here. Grab what you need. Return to the boat and travel to Serpents Hold, which is located directly south of Buccaneers Den.

Serpents Hold – Once at the hold, look for a female character. You are looking for Morchella. Try checking the tavern. Ask her about the map. She knows about the map, and will tell you where it is if you give her a magic shield. Give her a magic shield and she will give you the map.

Shipwreck – The wreck is located at 71 degrees south, and 15 degrees east. Look at the ship and the map piece will be revealed. Grab it and head back to Buccaneers Den.

Buccaneers Den – Go back and talk to Homer. Tell him you have all the map pieces. He tells you to find the island with the 'x' on it. Three stones stand in the center. Walk three paces to the south, then nine paces west, and then twelve more paces south. This will put you next to an old dead tree. Dig in the dirt just south of your position and you will find treasure. Before leaving, put the map together. Find a large area on the ground and assemble the map. This will pinpoint the Treasure Island with the 'x' on it. As you will notice, it is just southeast of Buccaneers Den.

Treasure Island – Once on the island, find the three stones and stand in the center. Walk three paces to the south, then nine paces west, and then twelve more paces south. This will put you next to an old dead tree. Dig in the dirt just south of your position and you will be able to drop into the hole. Once in the hole, just go north. Take the passage west and follow it to the south. Avoid hole, do not drop in hole going west. Go south, then go east until you can only go south. Go west until you can only go north. Go north until you get the stairs. Take those stairs down to level two. On level two, go all the way south, then take passage to the west until you go north. Then go west at 'T'. Take first split to the north, then take the next passage west to ladder. Go down this ladder to level three. On level three, follow the west passage, which will go south, then west again. Follow it north until you can only go west. Then take the first north passage and at the 'T' go east to hole. Drop down this hole to level four. Once in level four, follow the passage around until you get an option to turn north. Take the third path to the north. You will need to use the 'Dispel Field' spell to remove the poison fields. You will then come to a large building with a locked door. Use a powder keg or the Explosion Spell to open the locked door. Behind the door you will find many treasures. Most importantly, get the cloak, tablet, and the magic fan. Leave this place be leaving the way you came in, or use the Orb of the Moons to get back to Buccaneers Den. You may lose your skiff or ship if you teleport.

Buccaneers Den – Now that you've got the cloak, talk to Homer again. Give the cloak to Homer. Teleport with the Orb of the Moons to Moonglow. This is the closest you will get to the Lycaeum.

The Lycaeum – Return to the Lycaeum and talk to Mariah about the 'tablet'. She will study the tablet and tell you a story about the end of the world. She will tell you about a Gargoyle named Sin'Vraal located in the desert. Seek him out. Teleport with the Orb of the Moons to the Shrine of Sacrifice. Sin'Vraal's home is located just of south of the shrine. Find him and ask him about 'prophecy'. Then ask him about 'sacrifice'. He will then tell you to seek out another Gargoyle through Hythloth. Ask about 'intelligence', and will inform you about flying. Ask about 'flying' and he will tell you about the balloon. He will also tell you that you need to speak to someone in Minoc. Teleport to Minoc or walk there.

Minoc – Once you arrive, talk to Selganor. Ask him about the 'balloon'. Now ask him about 'Sutek'. He will tell you where to find him. Look east of Serpents Hold on an island. Travel there.

Sutek's Castle – Find the docks to the south and walk to the north. His evil bunnies will attack you. Use the Explosion Spell on the locked door. Once inside, use the Telekinesis Spell on the crank across the void. This will lower the bridge. On the north wall you will see a decorative sword. Move the sword away along with the plaque behind it. Now look at the wall and you will see a secret door. Pass through this door. The chamber you need to get in is to the east. Use the Dispel Field spell to lower the force field. Open the door to the northwest. Dispel all the fields here too. Use two of the levers only. Pull the ones on the far right only. Leave the one on the left. You should now be able to work your way up to the Hydra. Kill the Hydra and get the decorative sword and plaque on the wall. There is a kidden door behind it. Inside you will find Sutek himself. Talk to him and ask about the 'balloon'. He will tell you to go to the catacombs. These are located in the Hydra's Chamber to the south. Find the secret door and go down the ladder. Once down on the first floor of the catacombs, go to the room in the northwest. Use the switch on the right only. This will open a door to the south, allowing access to the ladder down. On the second level, open the secret door to the north. Ignore the horse and head east, then north. Descend to level three. On level three, go south and take the second east passage. Then go south to the ladder. Go to level four. On level four, walk to the northeast corner of the catacombs to find the balloon plans. Get these and return to the Castle Level.

Balloon – You will need several items to make the balloon. Go to Minoc to get the basket. Michelle the basketmaker will get you this. Ask about 'basket'. Choose 'custom basket' and say 'plans' to her. She will make a basket for you, but it will cost 300 gold. Get the basket and head to Paws. You need silk and the only person to give it to you is Arbeth. Ask her about 'silk'. She will sell you a spool for 20 gold. Make sure you have spider silk. She gives you the thread. You now need to get the thread woven into silk cloth. Arbeth recommends talking the silk thread to Thindle to get it woven. Thindle tells you only one person can do this. Travel to New Magincia and talk to Charlotte. Have her weave it for you. Return to Paws and speak to Marissa. Tell her about the 'plans'. She will create the silk bag for you. Go buy rope from Mortude in Paws. Get a cauldron in Dungeon Wrong on level one. Once all the balloon materials have been readied, read the plans. A balloon will be made on the ground. Have a strong character hold the balloon.

Hythloth – As Sin'Vraal mentioned, you must go to Dungeon Hythloth. This is located near the Shrine of Humility. Enter the dungeon. The ladder for level two is in the northeast corner of level one. Descend down and head north and follow the path which will lead into a large room with fire. Head to the south wall and the room will come to a point. West of this point is where you will find the ladder to level three. On level three, go east, north, then take the west path. Follow this path and you will come to a fork. Head south. Follow this path south until you get to a room with a ladder going up, and a ladder going down. Take the ladder down. On level four, go north and take the second passage west. Now take the passage south until you reach a fork. Head east. Take the first passage south and follow the west passage. This will lead you into a room with a building. You need to find Captain John and talk to him. Talk with him and ask him any questions highlighted in red. He will eventually ask you if you want to learn the language. He will give you a scroll for the language. Once you acquire this scroll, read it. Take the stairs down. The stairs are located west, then north of Captain John's house.

Realm of the Gargoyles – The first Gargoyle you will meet is Beh Lem. Talk to him and he will join your party. He will want you to talk to his father, Valkadesh. Find him by following the mountains north, then head east. Follow the coast line to the south and you will eventually come to his house. Talk to him. Ask him about any topics which appear in red text. He will eventually tell you that you will need to surrender to Lord Draxinusom. Find Draxinusom and tell him 'surrender' then 'sacrifice' as Valkadesh told you earlier. He will give you an amulet. Now visit Naxatilor the Seer. Talk to him and ask him any questions in red text. He will tell you to talk to the healer about the codex. Travel north and talk to him. He will heal your party at no charge. Ask him about the 'codex'. Now talk to Naxatilor the Seer and ask him about the 'vortex'. He will tell you to look in the Hall of Knowledge. Go to the Hall of Knowledge and read the Book of Rituals. Look for the broken Vortex Lens in the South Hall. Get it and take it to the lens maker. He will repair it. Take the Lens back to Naxatilor and he will tell you to get another lens crafted by humans. You need to go to Moonglow. Talk to Ephemerides in Moonglow. You can find his shop just east of the Lycaeum. Ask him about the 'lens' and he will make one for you if you have a glass sword. There is no additional charge for the lens. Return to the Realm of the Gargoyles and talk to Captain Bolesh at the healers. Ask him any questions which appear in red text. He will talk about the cube. Talk to the caretaker at the Hall of Knowledge. Ask him about the 'cube'. Now launch your balloon to the north to get to the Temple of Singularity. Make sure you are setting a south wind. Fly over and land on the other side. Dispel the fields and enter the Temple. Talk to the triangular alter. Ask about the 'codex'. You are seeking this for 'both' races. Ask about each of the alters for each catacomb.

Catacombs – Passion. The catacomb of passion is on the East Coast. Go into the catacombs and talk to the Statue of Minox and learn the mantra 'or'.

Control - The catacomb of control is on the West Coast. Go into the catacombs. Use the switch on the wall to the northwest. Use the switches and levers as follows:

xx XX
x X
x X
x X

Lower case x's are the levers you need to use. Don't touch the large X's. Head north and talk to the Statue. After you learn the mantra 'un', head to the next catacomb.

Dilligence - This is located to the south. Once in, head south through two doors. Now go west. Look at the wall in the south. It will open up a door and reveal a ladder. Follow the passage to the northwest to learn the next mantra 'us'. Once you have learned all the mantras, head back to the Temple. Chant the mantra 'UMORUS' and the alter will grant you the quest.

Final Quest – Find the Stonegate. Located south of Minoc. Find Papa Cyclops and talk to him. You will need to get his fishing pole and fish in the ocean. Catch a fish and return it to Papa Cyclops. He will give you a key which will allow to get the Vortex cube. Enter the keep and look to the south and you will find a secret door. Go down this ladder. Use all the levers in this room and return up again. Go down another ladder besides the one you just came up. Find another ladder down here which will lead you down. Go the far southwestern room and use the ladder there to go down. Travel east, then north and use the ladder. Go to the east door and cast 'Magic Unlock' on it. Open the door and travel east and immediately look at the north wall. Go through the secret door and use that switch. Go to the south and then west. Go north and there will be another secret door. Cast 'Dispel Field' on the poison field. The next door will be opened with the key that Papa Cyclops gave you. Inside you will see the Vortex Cube. Get it and leave.

Go to the Shrine of Codex by boat, skiff, or balloon. This is located just north of the Shrine of Humility. You should be able to pass through the statues and find the Shrine itself. Read the book and find out the steps to send the codex. Drop the Cube in front of the codex. Place the Britannia lens to the left of the shrine, two tiles away. Do the opposite for the Gargoyle Lens. Drop all the moonstones into the Cube. Now use the Cube.

Congratulations. You've won.