Abandonware DOS title

Warcraft: Orcs and Humans other - cheat codes

These are the cheats for Warcraft v1.0
First press [enter], then type the message, then press [enter] again.

Sally - uncovers all the area, no need to explore!
Pot of gold - gives you 10000 pieces of gold and 7000 lumber. Do it as
              much as you want!
Hurry up guys - lets you make buildings faster and to train your people.
                Very useful!
Iron forge - upgrades all your weapons!
Eye of newt - upgrades all your magics. Only
              use it when you have people who can use magic.
Humanwin - This enables the following -human1 (end of 1st level)
                                         "  2 ( "   " 2nd   "  )
Orcwin - Same as above, but replace "human" with "orc"
Corwin of amber- enables the following cheat -
There - makes your men invunerable, hitting with 260 points of damage with 
        every hit they make. They can only be killed by a direct catapult
Yours truly - Skips a level.
Crushing Defeat - lose a level.

The controls are practically the same as Dune 2.