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Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness other - readme file


This README file contains errata and information
not covered in the Warcraft II manual, as well as
additional troubleshooting tips.

Minimap Options
Capturing Screen Shots
Resetting Game Display & Keys
Scoring Clarifications
Usage of Walls 
Usage of Spells
Manual Errata
Map & Sound Editor Help
Contact Information

The TAB key toggles the minimap between two
different views during gameplay.  These views
are the standard view which reveals known
terrain and units, and unit view which shows
units only, with no terrain.  The unit view is
especially useful for tracking down units on
a map that are difficult to find.

The Print Scrn key allows the user to take
screen captures at any time.  These will be
stored in PCX format in your Warcraft 2
directory.  If this does not work under Win95,
try using CTRL-ALT-Backquote(') instead.

The Scroll Lock key will reset the display if
it becomes corrupted, which can occur when
switching between applications in Windows.
If the keyboard hot-keys seem to stop responding,
press the backslash (\) key to reset the keyboard.

The unit and kill counts on the score screens
may not always match up.  This can happen in 
the buildings and razings score where you 
receive credit for destroying a partially 
built structure, but your opponent will not 
receive credit for building it.

Walls cannot be placed in single player games.
Walls may be used in multiplayer games that have
at least two human participants.

Spells such as raise dead, bloodlust or healing
only affect units that are organic in nature.
These types of spells will not affect units
such as ships, catapults or flying machines.

Haste increases the speed of a unit to the
equivalent of a Knight.  If haste is cast on a
Knight or faster unit, no change in speed
will occur.

Bombers and Sappers are unstable due to the
dangerous charges they carry.  Casting Unholy
Armor or Invisibility on them will set off
their explosives and kill them.

Bloodlust increases the speed of a unit and
increases the amount of damage done per attack.

Death Coil will drain life from any organic 
enemy unit within the area that the spell is 
cast and adds that life to the caster's.

There is no manual based copy protection in
WarCraft 2.  To play single player games,
you will need to have the Warcraft CD in the
drive.  You may install a spawned copy onto
another system and that person can play in
multiplayer games against a player with the
Warcraft CD.  You can play with up to 3 people
with 1 CD, 6 people with 2 CD's, and 8 people
with 3 CD's.

There is only one install type as opposed to 
the three install types listed in the manual.

The Map and Sound Editor that is included with
Warcraft 2 is a Windows application.  If you
are using Windows 3.1x, you will need to 
have installed both Win32S and WinG.  If you 
have not installed these add-ons to Windows, 
you can download them from several Microsoft 
sites which are listed when you attempt to run 
the Map Builder in Windows.  If you are using 
Windows 95, there is no need to install these 
additional files.

When you are using the Map Builder to create
custom maps, they will be saved as .PUD
files.  These .PUD files must be saved in your
Warcraft 2 directory to be accessed.  For tips
on creating your own .PUD files, check the
Help section in the Map Builder.

If you are having problems running under 
Windows 95, please shut down to DOS and then 
run Warcraft II from there.  To do this, 
press the start button, select "Shut Down"
and then select "Restart in DOS Mode".
If you are running in Windows NT and the mouse
is caged to the top left of the screen, set
the vidmouse=0 line in your WAR2.INI file to 

If you are using an Ensoniq Soundscape and
are experiencing sound degradation, use the 
Warcraft 2 setup program to set the digital
sound configuration to SoundBlaster.

Modem Init Strings
For best performance you will want to disable
compression and error control on your modem.
Here are some init strings for popular modems
that we have found to work well.

    AT &K0 M1 S46=0 &D2 &Q6

    CLEAR string set to:AT &F0
    AT &K0 M1 &M0 &D2

INTEL 14.4:
    AT &F\N0\Q0

    CLEAR and INIT strings set to ATZ

If your system does not run smoothly during
MODEM or DIRECT LINK play and you are using 
MIDI music, turn music OFF to increase game 
speed.  This is done by setting your MIDI 
Music Volume to 0, or by using the alt-m 
keystroke shortcut.

If your CD-ROM drive does not support Redbook
Audio or is not connected properly, uncheck the
"Enable CD Audio" selection box in the sound 
options dialog.  This will cause the game to 
now play MIDI music.

          For technical support please contact
              Blizzard Entertainment at:

               Phone:  (714)955-1382
              Online:  support@blizzard.com
             WebSite:  http://www.blizzard.com