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Saturday, 2nd January 2021

Abandonware DOS in 2020: what's changed and what's new

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who donated a few bucks to help me keep working on Abandonware DOS. THANK YOU, THANK YOU and again THANK YOU!

2020 will go down in history as the COVID year. I live in northern Italy, in one of the first regions to be hit heavily by the virus. Thank god I didn't catch it (as far as I know). I worked from home, mostly, and that gave me time to focus on Abandonware DOS.

Here's some of what I did this year to make Abandonware DOS better.

  • Remade the game info page: it's now loading faster and it's more informative
  • Added lots of excerpts from old video games magazines reviews
  • Remade the Recent remakes and ports section
  • Added a Abandoned remakes page
  • Tweaked and cleaned the web design across all pages
  • Cleaned Abandonware DOS from broken links
  • Remade the retro game collection section
  • Added the collector's corner with helpful info for big box game collectors like myself
  • Reviewed the info about multiplayer modes: more keywords, more modes, links to multiplayer modes

The site didn't change much, I chose to focus on content and added LOTS of games (even obscure ones I never heard about). I finally reached the 2000 games milestones and I have no intention to stop.

That's all!