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Monday, 16th March 2020

What does COVID have to do with Abandonware DOS?


As you probably know, Abandonware DOS is run by one person only: here I am. I'm Italian and - lucky me! - I live in Lombardy, the Italian region where the Coronavirus is most present: almost 15000 cases so far, and rising.

It's like living under curfew. I can go out for valid reasons only (groceries, health issues, etc.), otherwise I'm stuck at home. I can't even see my girlfriend, who lives far from here. Thank god I'm not sick, nor is my girlfriend or my relatives.

Some of you will probably be in a similar situation soon... but I really hope that the measures your country will take to fight this virus will be enough to ensure your good health.

So... what does any of this have to do with Abandonware DOS? Well, my daytime job is reduced to 4 hours a day... this means I have more time to update Abandonware DOS. This means more games to download, more games to play directly in your browser, more content. See? There's a bright side... sort of.

See you soon (maybe!). In the meatime, I'm playing both Theme Hospital and Quarantine... it's my way to say "fuck you, virus!".