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Sunday, 2nd January 2022

Abandonware DOS in 2021: let's say goodbye to a not so great year

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First of all, I would like to thank everyone who donated a few bucks to help me keep working on Abandonware DOS. THANK YOU, THANK YOU and again THANK YOU!

I must confess that I didn't put a lot of work in implementing new features these last year. I had a few rought months (personal life...) and I didn't have the time to work on Abandonware DOS as I wanted. Anyway, I like Abandonware DOS the way it is and I can't think of features that can add something useful for us retro games fans. Well, perhaps there is something... but I'll think about it a little more before deciding if it's worth it.

Here's a list of what I did on Abandonware DOS this past year.

  • Added content to the abandoned remakes page and remade it from scratch (again).
  • Added cover box pictures for a lot of games.
  • Added a "from the same series" column in the game pages.
  • Beautified the layout, cleaned and refactored a lot of code.
  • Optimized the whole site for smartphones (it's not a "mobile first" site, but it comes close).
  • Added a "most played online" page.
  • Implemented better DataTables here and there: companies list, developers list, keyword list, etc.
  • Revised all the keywords related to game engines.
  • Clarified what abandonware is in each games pages: apparently it's not that obvious for some of you.
  • Added A LOT of DOS games and a few Windows 3.1 ones, although many are still missing, expecially the lesser known ones.

And for 2021... that's all. I hope to be able to maintain this site as I did for the past years. It warms my heart when I receive a message like "OMG! I played this game as a child! Thank you". 

Have fun!