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Donations: why Abandonware DOS needs support

Abandonware DOS is a free service, born from my passion for old PC games for DOS and Windows. However, there are costs to sustain. If you're wondering how to help, well, you can donate a few bucks using PayPal.

I spend the money to:

  • pay hosting and server costs: Abandonware DOS uses two distinct hosting services: one for the site and one for hosting games
  • replace faulty hardware (I'm not spending anything on new hardware... I mean, old games can run on an old PC, right?)
  • get help from translators (being italian, sometimes I need professional help...)
A big THANK YOU to everyone who donated so far (a lot of people)!

Features I'm working on


  • adding manuals, walkthroughs, maps
  • adding DOS and Windows games still missing on Abandonware DOS
  • fixing bugs and making the whole site better looking and easier to navigate


  • a new "abandoned remakes" section with remakes of old games to download
  • embed PDFs and TXT manuals into the page
  • add bigger files to download (ISO images, etc.)


  • redone the companies and designers pages
  • rework of the "play DOS games in your browser" functionality
  • revamped the collecting games page
  • a most downloaded games chart
  • advanced search using the search box
  • overhaul of the company sections: developers, publishers, designers
  • make Abandonware DOS responsive
  • fixed how the screenshots are shown
  • play DOS games in a browser section
  • a video games awards section
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