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Doomdark's Revenge is a strategy and role-playing video game developed by Mike Singleton and originally released in 1985 for DOS and various home computer systems, including the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, and Commodore 64. It is the sequel to the earlier game Lords of Midnight and is known for its unique combination of strategy, adventure, and storytelling elements. 
The game is set in a fantasy world called Midnight, which is threatened by an evil sorceress named Shareth the Heartstealer, who serves the titular character, Doomdark. The player takes on the role of Luxor the Moonprince, who must lead a group of heroes on a quest to gather allies, unite the Free People of Midnight, and ultimately defeat Shareth and her master, Doomdark.

How to play Doomdark's Revenge

To slow down the game emulation press CTRL+F11, to speed up the game press CTRL+F12. Press Escape (ESC) to exit fullscreen mode.
Input: keyboard
Game modes: single-player
Doomdark's Revenge runs in your browser thanks to the Emularity library.

More about Doomdark's Revenge

Status: abandonware

Genre: strategy

Released in: 1985

Publisher: Beyond Software

Developer: Beyond Software

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