Abandonware DOS title

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Rogue is one of the first RPGs in the history of video gaming. It's a text-based dungeon crawler in which you have to fight your way in the dungeon to recover the Amulet of Yendor. Rogue became popular around 1980 on mainframes and later ported to various platforms, including DOS in 1984. Rogue is simply the father of all the roguelike games that came later.

How to play Rogue

To slow down the game emulation press CTRL+F11, to speed up the game press CTRL+F12. Press Escape (ESC) to exit fullscreen mode.
Input: keyboard
Game modes: single-player
Rogue runs in your browser thanks to the Emularity library.

More about Rogue

Status: abandonware

Genre: rpg

Released in: 1984

Publisher: Artificial Intelligence Design

Developer: Artificial Intelligence Design

Also known as: Rogue: Exploring the Dungeons of Doom

Download Rogue and play it on your computer. An emulator is needed in order to play older games.