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A chronological list of games published or developed by - from 1982 to 1994 on Abandonware DOS for DOS, Windows, Linux or Mac.
  • boxer-rebellion
  • car-builder
  • jetset
    1982DOSvehicle simulation civilian flight simulation, flight simulation
  • kangaroo
    1982DOSaction platform
  • novatron
    1982DOSracing racing: futuristic
  • pac-gal
    1982DOSaction maze
  • air-trax
    1983DOSvehicle simulation civilian flight simulation, flight simulation, traffic and transportation
  • amazing-maze
    1983DOSaction maze
  • beneath-apple-manor
    1983DOSrpgfreeware roguelike
  • bert-and-the-snake
  • burger-blaster
  • oubliette
    1983DOSrpg dungeon crawl, roguelike
  • pango
    1983DOSaction maze
  • space-miner
    1983DOSshooter shoot 'em up
  • beast
    1984DOSaction maze
  • bouncing-babies
  • castle-adventure
    1984DOSaction-adventurefreeware interactive fiction, dungeon crawl
  • chess88
    1984DOSstrategy chess
  • core-war-plus
    1984DOSstrategy real-time tactics
  • dnd
    1984DOSrpg dungeon crawl, roguelike
  • david-s-kong
  • deskmate
    1984DOSapplication utility, spreadsheet, word processor

    Deskmate is a software suite developed by Tandy Corporation that provided a graphical user interface (GUI) and a set of applications for personal computers. It was often bundled with Tandy's TRS-80 and Tandy 1000 series of computers in the late 1980s and early 1990s.Deskmate included various applications such as a word processor, spreadsheet, calendar, address book, file manager, and other productivity tools.

  • drug-wars-a-game-based-on-the-new-york-drug-market
    1984DOSsimulation business simulation
  • encounter
    1984DOSshooter shoot 'em up
  • flightmare
    1984DOSshooterfreeware shoot 'em up
  • frogger-jr
  • hack
    1984DOSrpgfreeware dungeon crawl, roguelike
  • hard-hat-mack
    1984DOSaction platform
  • holy-grail
    1984DOSadventure interactive fiction
  • janitor-joe
    1984DOSaction platform
  • pong-v-2-1-clone
  • tapper
  • xonix
  • dbase-iii
    1984DOSapplication database

    dBASE III is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that was popular in the late 1980s. It was developed by Ashton-Tate, a software company. dBASE III was a successor to the earlier dBASE II and was part of a series of dBASE products. dBASE III played a significant role in the history of database management systems, especially during the era when personal computers were becoming more prevalent.

  • 8088-othello
    1985DOSstrategy board game
  • alice-the-personal-pascal
    1985DOSapplication programming
  • antix
  • archery
    1985DOSsportsfreeware unconventional sports
  • armchair-quarterback
    1985DOSsports american football
  • cavequest
  • cyrus
    1985DOSstrategy chess
  • global-thermo-war
    1985DOSstrategy board game
  • javelin
    1985DOSapplication spreadsheet
  • monopoly
    1985DOSstrategy board game
  • monopoly
    1985DOSstrategy board game
  • silly-master-blaster
    1985DOSaction pinball
  • space-commanders-2
    1985DOSshooter shoot 'em up
  • spacewar
    1985DOSshooter shoot 'em up
  • striker
    1985DOSshooter shoot 'em up
  • tournament-tennis
    1985DOSsports tennis
  • turbo-gomoku
    1985DOSstrategy board game
  • willy-the-worm
  • ace-air-combat-emulator
    1986DOSvehicle simulation flight simulation
  • backgammon
    1986DOSstrategy board game
  • bank-streek-writer-plus
    1986DOSapplication word processor
  • dr-ruth-computer-game-of-good-sex
    1986DOSpuzzle trivia / quiz
  • dragonfly
    1986DOSshooter shoot 'em up
  • dragons-a-challenge-in-chivalry
    1986DOSaction block breaker
  • gapper
    1986DOSpuzzle action puzzle
  • grand-slam-bridge
    1986DOSstrategy cards
  • hamburger-hell
  • larn
    1986DOSrpgfreeware dungeon crawl, roguelike
  • mind-mirror
    1986DOSsimulation life simulation
  • newsmaster
    1986DOSapplication graphics editor
  • othello
    1986DOSstrategy board game
  • round-42
    1986DOSshooter shoot 'em up
  • skullduggery-adventures-in-horror
    1986DOSadventure interactive fiction
  • tera-la-cit-eacute-des-cr-acirc-nes
  • thedraw-4
    1986DOSapplication graphics editor
  • wall-street-raider
    1986DOSsimulation business simulation
  • yacht-racing-simulator
    1986DOSracing racing: unusual vehicles
  • acheton
    1987DOSadventure interactive fiction
  • arcade-volleyball
    1987DOSaction volleyball
  • kobayashi-naru
    1987DOSadventure point and click adventure
  • lawn-mower
  • mission-mainframe
    1987DOSrpg board game
  • nethack
    1987DOSrpgfreeware dungeon crawl, roguelike
  • starlord
    1987DOSvehicle simulation space simulation
  • tau-ceti
    1987DOSvehicle simulation space exploration, space simulation
  • the-great-giana-sisters
    1987DOSaction platform

    The Great Giana Sisters is a platform video game developed by Time Warp Productions and published by Rainbow Arts. It was originally released in 1987 for the Commodore 64 and other platforms, and later unofficially ported to MS-DOS.The game follows the adventures of two sisters, Giana and Maria, as they journey through a dream world filled with various platforming challenges and enemies. The primary objective of the game is to navigate through a series of levels, collecting diamonds and defeating enemies to progress.

  • a-dudley-dilemma
    1988DOSadventure interactive fiction
  • alien-fires-2199-ad
    1988DOSrpg action RPG
  • awesome-earl-in-skaterock
    1988DOSaction unconventional sports
  • captain-comic-the-adventures-of
    1988DOSaction-adventurefreeware metroidvania
  • dungeon-of-shalan
  • ega-trek
    1988DOSsimulation space exploration
  • lha
    1988DOSapplication utility
  • nyet
    1988DOSpuzzlefreeware falling blocks
  • off-shore-warrior
    1988DOSsports racing: unusual vehicles
  • omega
    1988DOSLinuxrpgfreeware roguelike
  • super-battleship
    1988DOSstrategy board game
  • the-colony
    1988DOSaction-adventure first-person action-adventure
  • the-twilight-zone
    1988DOSadventure graphic adventure with text parser

    The Twilight Zone is an abandoned sci-fi themed adventure game based on the popular TV series of the same name. The Twilight zone released in 1988 by First Row Software Publishing for DOS and Amiga. At it's core, The Twilight Zone is a text adventure, so you have to type in commands, but it's supported by the graphics.

  • up-periscope
    1988DOSvehicle simulation submarine simulation
  • virus
    1988DOSshooter third-person shooter
  • zoom
    1988DOSpuzzle action puzzle
  • 9-poker
    1989DOSstrategy poker, cards
  • aldo-again
    1989DOSaction platform
  • alice-in-wonderland
    1989DOSadventure interactive fiction
  • at-slow4
    1989DOSapplication utility
  • autobots
    1989DOSshooter shoot 'em up
  • beyond-columns
    1989DOSpuzzle falling blocks
  • bloodwych
    1989DOSrpg dungeon crawl, first-person party-based RPG

    Bloodwych is an abandoned RPG set in the fantasy world of Trazere. Two players can play at the same time in split screen mode, a feature that was unusual at the time, especially for an RPG. Bloodwych was released in 1989 by Image Works for DOS, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, C64, ZX Spectrum.

  • blue-angel-69
    1989DOSpuzzle tile-matching, reveal the picture
  • china-sea-trader
    1989DOSsimulation business simulation
  • dive-bomber
    1989DOSvehicle simulation flight simulation
  • dungeons-of-kairn
    1989DOSrpg top-down party-based RPG
  • grand-prix
    1989DOSsimulation racing: Formula 1, business simulation
  • house-of-cards
    1989DOSstrategy cards
  • iskib
    1989DOSshooter run and gun
  • magnetic-crane
    1989DOSpuzzle tile-matching
  • minervga
    1989DOSstrategyfreeware business simulation
  • safari-guns
    1989DOSshooter shooting gallery, rail shooter
  • sarge
    1989DOSshooter shoot 'em up
  • scrabble
    1989DOSstrategy board game
  • star-trek-combat-arena
    1989DOSshooter shoot 'em up
  • star-wars-2
    1989DOSshooter shoot 'em up
  • take-down
    1989DOSsports wrestling
  • the-golden-fleece
    1989DOSadventure interactive fiction
  • the-invaders
    1989DOSWindows XP/98/95shooter shoot 'em up
  • the-kristal
    1989DOSadventure point and click adventure
  • trivial-pursuit
    1989DOSstrategy trivia / quiz, board game

    Trivial Pursuit is a popular trivia board game that was adapted into a computer game for various platforms, including DOS. In the game, players answer trivia questions from various categories in order to collect pie pieces that correspond to those categories. The goal is to collect all the pie pieces and complete a full pie before your opponents.

  • vampyr-talisman-of-invocation
  • advanced-tactical-fighter-2
    1990DOSvehicle simulation flight simulation
  • ante-up-at-the-friday-night-poker-club
    1990DOSstrategy poker, cards
  • arj
    1990DOSapplication utility

    ARJ is a file compression utility and file format created by Robert K. Jung. The name "ARJ" stands for "Archived by Robert Jung." It was popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a compression tool for MS-DOS and other systems. ARJ offered high compression ratios and various features, such as archive encryption and error recovery.

  • at-the-carnival
    1990DOSpuzzlefreeware word puzzle
  • bang-bang
    1990Windows 3.xstrategy artillery
  • battle-for-atlantis
    1990DOSstrategy board game
  • betrayal
    1990DOSstrategyprotected kingdom simulation
  • bounce-zone
  • captain-comic-2-fractured-reality
    1990DOSaction-adventurefreeware metroidvania
  • checkit-3
    1990DOSapplication utility
  • crossbow-the-legend-of-william-tell
    1990DOSshooter shooting gallery
  • death-by-backgammon
    1990DOSstrategy board game
  • dungeon-explorer
  • frac
    1990DOSpuzzle falling blocks
  • joust-vga
    1990DOSaction platform
  • ladylove
  • mario-bros-vga
    1990DOSaction platform

    Mario Bros VGA is a fan made remake of the original Mario Bros by Nintendo, the game that popularized the character of Mario, the italian plumber first saw in Donkey Kong. Mario Bros VGA is a fixed-screen platform arcade game that truly shines when played in co-op with a friend.

  • night-breed
  • penthouse-electric-jigsaw
    1990DOSpuzzle tile-matching, reveal the picture
  • tank-wars
    1990DOSstrategy artillery
  • the-price-is-right
    1990DOSpuzzle trivia / quiz
  • visual-star-trek
    1990DOSsimulation space exploration
  • xiphos
    1990DOSvehicle simulation space simulation, space exploration, space combat
  • 3d-maze
    1991Windows 3.xaction maze
  • a-night-with-troi
    1991DOSadventure interactive fiction
  • armada-2525
    1991DOSstrategy 4x
  • armor-alley
    1991DOSMacshooter shoot 'em up
  • dos-navigator-v-1-5
    1991DOSapplicationfreeware file management
  • gnome-alone
  • jimmy-white-whirlwind-snooker
    1991DOSsports pool / snooker
  • no-greater-glory
    1991DOSMacsimulationprotected political simulation
  • scorched-earth
    1991DOSstrategyprotected artillery
  • skifree
    1991Windows 3.xsports
  • viz
    1991DOSsports unconventional sports
  • wordtris
    1991DOSMacpuzzle word puzzle
  • xtrek
    1991DOSadventurefreeware interactive fiction
  • angband
    1992Windows XP/98/95DOSLinuxrpgfreeware dungeon crawl, roguelike
  • aquanoid
    1992DOSaction block breaker
  • aquaphobia
    1992DOSshooterfreeware shoot 'em up
  • bass-tour
    1992DOSsports fishing
  • bible-builder
    1992DOSpuzzle trivia / quiz
  • bicycle-bridge
    1992DOSstrategy cards
  • color-buster
    1992DOSpuzzle sokoban
  • d-zone
  • defender-of-boston-the-rock-island-mystery
  • kaeon
    1992DOSshooter shoot 'em up
  • kaiser
    1992DOSsimulation kingdom simulation
  • lynx
    1992DOSapplicationfreeware internet
  • manhole
  • mech-war
    1992DOSstrategy wargame, turn-based tactics
  • moria
    1992DOSrpgfreeware dungeon crawl, roguelike
  • oil-barons
    1992DOSsimulation business simulation
  • rawcopy
    1992DOSapplication utility
  • stone-age
    1992DOSpuzzle sokoban
  • sword-quest-1-the-search
  • unreal-world-v-3-20
    1992Windows XP/98/95Macrpgfreeware roguelike
  • winrisk
    1992Windows 3.xstrategy board game
  • wintrek
    1992Windows 3.xvehicle simulation space exploration, space simulation
  • winter-supersports-1992
    1992DOSsports multi-sport, olympic sports
  • 18th-airborne
    1993DOSshooter shoot 'em up
  • acrobat-reader-1
    1993DOSapplication utility

    Acrobat Reader was the first of a family of application software developed by Adobe Inc. to view, create, manipulate, print and manage Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Acrobat Reader 1 was released in 1993 for DOS and Mac.

  • after-dark
    1993DOSWindows XP/98/95Macapplication utility
  • arcade-trivia-quiz
    1993DOSpuzzle trivia / quiz
  • armaeth-the-lost-kingdom
    1993DOSadventure point and click adventure
  • bass-duel
    1993DOSsports fishing
  • bravo-romeo-delta
    1993DOSsimulation submarine simulation, political simulation
  • capture-the-flag
    1993DOSstrategy turn-based tactics
  • chopper-duel
    1993DOSshooterfreeware shoot 'em up
  • coaster
  • crime-city
  • data-perfect-2-6
    1993DOSapplication database
  • educatlas-1993
    1993DOSapplication educational software
  • endless-horror
    1993DOSaction fighting
  • il-grande-gioco-di-tangentopoli
    1993DOSshooter shooting gallery, shoot 'em up
  • jetpack
    1993DOSactionfreeware platform
  • jetpack-christmas-special
    1993DOSaction platform
  • ken-s-labyrinth
    1993DOSshooterfreeware first-person shooter
  • microman
    1993Windows 3.xactionfreeware platform
  • nanotank
    1993Windows 3.xpuzzle action puzzle
  • neopaint-3-2
    1993DOSapplication graphics editor
  • reaping-the-dungeon
    1993DOSrpg dungeon crawl, roguelike
  • safe-opening-simulator
    1993DOSpuzzle math puzzle
  • skyroads
    1993DOSracingfreeware racing: futuristic, racing: unusual vehicles
  • slam
    1993Windows 3.xsports unconventional sports
  • slicks-n-slide
    1993DOSracing racing: car
  • socrates
    1993DOSstrategy chess
  • sword-quest-2-tale-of-the-talisman
  • the-patcher-6-1
    1993DOSapplication utility
  • tom-and-jerry
    1993DOSaction platform
  • ultimuh-mcmlxvii-part-2-of-the-39th-trilogy
  • worlds-of-legend-son-of-the-empire
  • 5th-fleet
    1994DOSstrategy turn-based tactics, wargame, board game
  • axet
    1994DOSactionfreeware block breaker
  • club-football-the-manager
    1994DOSsports soccer, business simulation
  • codebreaker
    1994DOSpuzzlefreeware trivia / quiz, board game
  • dangerous-streets
    1994DOSaction fighting
  • deadly-racer
    1994DOSracing racing: car, racing: off-road
  • deadly-racer
    1994DOSracing racing: car, racing: off-road
  • disciples-of-steel
    1994DOSrpg top-down party-based RPG
  • fast-tracker-2
    1994DOSapplication sound editor
  • flying-tigers-2
    1994DOSshooter shoot 'em up
  • glider-4-0
    1994Windows 3.xMacaction
  • iron-seed
    1994DOSsimulationfreeware space simulation, 4x, space exploration
  • lollypop
    1994DOSaction platform
  • plague-of-the-moon
    1994DOSadventure point and click adventure
  • reelect-jfk
    1994Windows 3.xsimulation political simulation
  • strip-poker-deluxe
    1994DOSstrategy poker, cards
  • super-mariio-bros
    1994DOSaction platform
  • the-aethra-chronicles
    1994DOSrpg top-down party-based RPG

    The Aethra Chronicles is not a well know fantasy RPG, but it deserves some praise. It was developed by only one person (Micheal Lawrence) and, as the title implies, was intended to be the first volume of a saga. Unfortunately, volume two and three were never made. For a shareware game, Aethra was pretty solid and is still loved by the ones who played it back in the 90s.

  • the-clue
    1994DOSsimulationfreeware point and click adventure
  • tubular-worlds
    1994DOSshooter shoot 'em up
  • uncover-it
    1994DOSaction block breaker
  • xquest
    1994DOSshooter shoot 'em up
  • 4play
    1995Windows 3.xstrategy board game

    4Play is a multi-player board-like strategy party-game for adults released for Windows 3.1 in 1995. 4Play is a board-game very similar to Monopoly in which players have to perform certain (adult) actions in response to events happening on the board.

  • alphaman
    1995DOSrpg roguelike
  • black-crown
    1995DOSstrategy board game
  • blackstar-agent-of-justice
    1995DOSadventure point and click adventure
  • duck-hunt
    1995DOSshooterfreeware shooting gallery, unconventional sports

    Duck Hunt is a faithful remake based on the original light gun game Duck Hunt published by Nintendo in 1984. Duck Hunt was a shooting gallery game with a straightforward gameplay: use your gun to shoot down ducks. If you fail to shoot enough birds, the game ends.

  • f-prot
    1995DOSapplication utility

    F-PROT is an antivirus developed by FRISK Software International. The name "F-PROT" stands for "FRISK-PROActive," emphasizing its proactive approach to virus detection and prevention. F-PROT Antivirus is designed to protect computer systems from various forms of malware, including viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malicious software.

  • impulse-tracker
    1995DOSapplicationfreeware sound editor

    Impulse Tracker was a popular music tracker software developed by Jeffrey Lim in the late 1990s. Impulse Tracker utilized a tracker-style user interface, which was common in the demoscene and among enthusiasts of chiptune and electronic music. The interface is characterized by a grid of rows and columns where users input note and instrument data.Impulse Tracker was widely used for creating music in a variety of styles, from electronic and techno to chiptune and ambient.

  • indenture
    1995DOSaction-adventure maze
  • meteor-mission
  • mirror-magic
    1995Windows XP/98/95Linuxpuzzlefreeware physics puzzle
  • mordor-the-depths-of-dejenol
    1995Windows 3.xrpgprotected dungeon crawl, first-person party-based RPG

    Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol is fantasy RPG game released in 1995 for Windows 3.x, but it runs flawlessy even Windows XP (see this faq if you want to play Mordor in a virtual machine). Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol is a mix of first-person and top-down perspective dungeon crawler; the game shows the dungeon in by both perspectives at once, taking advantage of Windows features.

  • pac-pc
    1995DOSactionfreeware maze
  • queen-of-tenshindo-95
    1995Windows XP/98/95strategy cards
  • radix-beyond-the-void
    1995DOSshooter first-person shooter
  • river-raid
    1995DOSshooterfreeware shoot 'em up
  • space-invaders
    1995DOSshooter shoot 'em up
  • super-speed
    1995DOSracing racing: car
  • yabog
    1995DOSactionfreeware block breaker
  • zorlim-s-arcade-volleyball
    1995DOSsportsfreeware volleyball
  • 15x15-picture-puzzle
    1996DOSpuzzlefreeware tile-matching, reveal the picture
  • alien-rampage
    1996DOSshooter run and gun
  • ancient-domains-of-mystery-adom-v1-1
    1996Windows XP/98/95DOSLinuxrpgfreeware dungeon crawl, roguelike
  • arachne-www
    1996DOSapplicationfreeware internet

    Arachne is a graphical web browser for DOS. Arachne was developed by Michal Polák and released in the early 1990s as a text-mode web browser with limited graphical capabilities. Arachne allowed DOS users to browse the World Wide Web in a graphical, though quite basic, manner. It supported features such as displaying images, handling links, and rendering web pages in a text-based graphical interface.

  • azalta-cult-of-the-raven
    1996DOSrpg top-down party-based RPG
  • battlestar
    1996Windows 3.xstrategyfreeware board game
  • cave-wars
    1996DOSstrategy real-time tactics
  • color-balls
    1996DOSpuzzle falling blocks
  • genocide
    1996DOSstrategyfreeware artillery
  • joyous-rebel
  • o-pong
  • red-dwarf-infinity-welcomes-careful-drivers
    1996DOSadventure interactive fiction
  • snood
    1996DOSWindows XP/98/95Macpuzzlefreeware tile-matching
  • x-tetris
    1996Windows XP/98/95puzzle falling blocks
  • yendorian-tales-book-i-chapter-2
    1996DOSrpg first-person party-based RPG
  • adventure-game-studio-ags
    1997WindowsLinuxMacapplicationfreeware gaming

    Adventure Game Studio (AGS) is a software development tool that enables users to create point-and-click adventure games. It was originally created by Chris Jones and has been used by game developers to produce a variety of 2D adventure games. AGS provides a scripting language, a visual editor, and various other tools to simplify the game development process, particularly for those creating graphic adventure games.

  • african-adventure
    1997DOSadventure interactive fiction
  • aleshar-world-of-ice
  • checkers-for-windows
    1997Windows 3.xstrategy board game
  • dilbert-s-desktop-games
    1997Windows XP/98/95action
  • dungeon-crawl
    1997Windows XP/98/95DOSLinuxrpgfreeware dungeon crawl, roguelike

    Dungeon Crawl (also known as Linley's Dungeon Crawl from the name of the original programmer: Linley Henzell) is a classic roguelike: an RPG with permadeath, procedural generation and high replayability. Dungeon Crawl was released on 1997 but it's not maintained anymore. The spiritual successr of Crawl is DCCS (Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup).

  • html-tads
    1997Windows XP/98/95applicationfreeware gaming
  • manic-miner-remake
    1997DOSaction platform
  • pc-bert
  • slash-em
    1997Windows XP/98/95Linuxrpgfreeware dungeon crawl, roguelike
  • tennis-elbow
    1997DOSsports tennis
  • warheads
    1997Windows XP/98/95strategy artillery
  • 240-racing
    1998DOSracing racing: car
  • acid-tetris
    1998DOSpuzzlefreeware falling blocks
  • fatal-relations
    1998Windows XP/98/95adventure visual novel, point and click adventure
  • football-fanatic
    1998DOSsportsfreeware business simulation, soccer
  • fuck-quest
    1998DOSadventurefreeware graphic adventure with text parser
  • monopoly-adam-stevens
    1998DOSstrategy board game
  • pharoah-s-curse
    1998Windows 3.xaction platform
  • quandaries
    1998DOSsimulation life simulation
  • settlers-of-catan
    1998DOSstrategy board game
  • star-wars-rebellion
    1998Windows XP/98/95strategyprotected real-time strategy
  • udoiana-raunes
    1998DOSadventure point and click adventure
  • warcraft-adventures-lord-of-the-clans
    1998Windows XP/98/95adventurecanceled point and click adventure
  • wizard-of-wor-98
    1998DOSaction maze
  • bitstorm
    1999DOSpuzzle action puzzle
  • cap-man
    1999Windows XP/98/95action maze
  • jet-set-willy-remake
    1999DOSactionfreeware platform
  • liero
    1999DOSstrategyfreeware artillery
  • magic-the-gathering-interactive-encyclopedia
    1999Windows XP/98/95strategy collectible card game

    Magic: The Gathering Interactive Encyclopedia is an abandoned "educational" application and turn-based strategy game based on he Magic: The Gathering collectible card game. MTG: Interactive Encyclopedia was developed by Wizards of the Coast and released in 1999 for Windows XP, 98, 95. The base application contains Magic cards up to the Mercadian Masques expansion; following updates were available via internet untile the release of the Judgment set.

  • mick-s-strip-poker
    1999Windows XP/98/95Windows 3.xstrategy cards, poker
  • septerra-core-legacy-of-the-creator
    1999Windows XP/98/95rpgprotected JRPG
  • warzone-2100
    1999Windows XP/98/95LinuxMacstrategyfreeware real-time strategy
  • arrakis
    2000DOSstrategy real-time strategy
  • blockout-2
    2000Windows XP/98/95Linuxpuzzlefreeware
  • gal-pani-x
    2000Windows XP/98/95actionfreeware

    Gal Pani X is an action-puzzle game reminiscent of the classic arcade Qix, developed by D2 and released in 2000 for Windows. Gal Pani X is an adult-themed Doujin game: it was made by fans and wasn't for profit.

  • invaders-78
    2000DOSshooterfreeware shoot 'em up
  • noctis
    2000DOSWindows XP/98/95vehicle simulation space exploration, space simulation
  • ace-2-02
    2001DOSapplication utility
  • attack-of-the-mutant-camels
    2001DOSshooterfreeware shoot 'em up
  • auf-wiedersehen-monty
    2001Windows XP/98/95action platform
  • mario-and-luigi
    2001DOSaction platform
  • nethack-falcon-s-eye
    2001Windows XP/98/95rpgfreeware dungeon crawl, roguelike
  • outbound
    2001Windows XP/98/95shooterfreeware third-person shooter
  • scorched-3d
    2001Windows XP/98/95Linuxstrategyfreeware artillery
  • scummvm
    2001Windows XP/98/95applicationfreeware gaming
  • space-invaders-2001
    2001Windows XP/98/95shooter shoot 'em up
  • the-castle-of-dr-malvado
    2001DOSaction platform
  • ultra-mortal-kombat-vendetta
    2001Windows XP/98/95actionfreeware fighting
  • dosbox
    2002Windows XP/98/95Linuxapplicationfreeware emulator
  • freedos-shell
    2002DOSapplicationfreeware utility, file management
  • taipan-for-windows
    2002Windows XP/98/95simulationfreeware business simulation
  • winfrotz
    2002Windows XP/98/95applicationfreeware gaming
  • 1893-a-world-s-fair-mystery
    2003Windows XP/98/95Macadventure interactive fiction
  • residualvm
    2003Windows XP/98/95applicationfreeware gaming
  • tomenet
    2003Windows XP/98/95Linuxrpgfreeware roguelike, dungeon crawl
  • blues-brothers-rpg
    2004Windows XP/98/95rpgfreeware JRPG
  • dark-horizons-lore-invasion
    2004Windows XP/98/95DOSLinuxvehicle simulationfreeware first-person shooter, mech simulation
  • ghosts-n-goblins-remake
    2004Windowsactionfreeware run and gun, platform
  • pyjamarama
    2004Windowsaction platform
  • spider-man-2-the-game
    2004Windows XP/98/95Macaction-adventure third-person action-adventure
  • ufo-2000
    2004WindowsLinuxstrategyfreeware turn-based tactics
  • warp-rogue
    2004WindowsLinuxrpgfreeware roguelike
  • baseball-mogul-2006
    2005Windowssports business simulation, baseball
  • ghostbusters

    Ghostbusters is a abandoned action game based on the 80s hit movie Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters was released in 2006 as a remake of the game of the same name developed by Activision in 1984 for a number of platforms including C64, Atari 2600, ZX Spectrum.

  • lyle-in-cube-sector
    2006Windowsaction-adventure platform, metroidvania
  • ascii-sector
    2007WindowsLinuxDOSsimulationfreeware space exploration, space simulation
  • doszip-commander
    2007DOSapplicationfreeware file management
  • finders-keepers
    2007Windowsaction platform

    Finders Keepers is an abandoned free platformer game with a medieval setting. It's a remake of the original Finders Keepers, developed by David Jones and released by Mastertronic in 1985 for a number of 8 bit platforms (C64, ZX Spectrum, MSX, Amstrad CPC).

  • incursion
    2007WindowsLinuxMacrpgfreeware roguelike, dungeon crawl
  • mddclone
    2007WindowsLinuxMacvehicle simulation space exploration
  • d-fend-reloaded
    2008Windows XP/98/95Windowsapplicationfreeware emulator

    D-Fend Reloaded it's one of the most user-friendly front ends for the popular DOS-BOX emulator. The installer download includes the latest versione of DOS-BOX and is available for free for Windows

  • the-way-of-the-exploding-fist-pc
    2008Windowsactionfreeware fighting
  • ardentryst
    2009WindowsLinuxrpg JRPG, platform
  • duke-nukem-3d-reloaded
    2011Windowsshootercanceled first-person shooter
  • super-mario-fusion-revival
    2011Windowsactionfreeware platform

    Super Mario Fusion Revival is a remake of the popular Super Mario platform game by Nintendo. SMFR was released in 2011, designed and developed by SMFR Team.

  • bagman
    2013Windowsactionfreeware platform
  • witchavenrl
    2013WindowsLinuxrpg roguelike
  • dbgl-dosbox-game-launcher
    2017Windowsapplicationfreeware emulator

    DBGL is a free and open-source frontend for DOSBox available for many platforms, developed in Java.

  • 2112
    1994DOSadventure interactive fiction