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year game genre system
Boxer Rebellion 1982 Boxer Rebellion action DOS
Car Builder 1982 Car Builder simulation DOS
Jetset 1982 Jetset vehicle simulation DOS
Kangaroo 1982 Kangaroo action DOS
Pac Gal 1982 Pac Gal action DOS
Air Trax 1983 Air Trax vehicle simulation DOS
Amazing Maze 1983 Amazing Maze action DOS
Beneath Apple Manor 1983 Beneath Apple Manor rpg DOS
Bert and the Snake 1983 Bert and the Snake action DOS
Burger Blaster 1983 Burger Blaster action DOS
Oubliette 1983 Oubliette rpg DOS
Pango 1983 Pango action DOS
Space Miner 1983 Space Miner shooter DOS
Beast 1984 Beast action DOS
Bouncing Babies 1984 Bouncing Babies action DOS
Castle Adventure 1984 Castle Adventure action-adventure DOS
Chess88 1984 Chess88 strategy DOS
Core War Plus 1984 Core War Plus strategy DOS
David's Kong 1984 David's Kong action DOS
DBase 3 1984 DBase 3 application DOS
DND 1984 DND rpg DOS
Drug wars: a game based on the New York drug market 1984 Drug wars: a game based on the New York drug market simulation DOS
Encounter 1984 Encounter shooter DOS
Flightmare 1984 Flightmare shooter DOS
Frogger Jr. 1984 Frogger Jr. action DOS
Hack 1984 Hack rpg DOS
Hard Hat Mack 1984 Hard Hat Mack action DOS
Holy Grail 1984 Holy Grail adventure DOS
Janitor Joe 1984 Janitor Joe action DOS
Pong v.2.1 clone 1984 Pong v.2.1 clone action DOS
Tapper 1984 Tapper action DOS
Xonix 1984 Xonix action DOS
8088 Othello 1985 8088 Othello strategy DOS
Alice: The Personal Pascal 1985 Alice: The Personal Pascal application DOS
Antix 1985 Antix action DOS
Archery 1985 Archery sports DOS
Armchair Quarterback 1985 Armchair Quarterback sports DOS
Cavequest 1985 Cavequest rpg DOS
Cyrus 1985 Cyrus strategy DOS
Global Thermo War 1985 Global Thermo War strategy DOS
Monopoly 1985 Monopoly strategy DOS
Monopoly 1985 Monopoly strategy DOS
Silly Master Blaster 1985 Silly Master Blaster action DOS
Space Commanders 2 1985 Space Commanders 2 shooter DOS
Spacewar 1985 Spacewar shooter DOS
Striker 1985 Striker shooter DOS
Tournament Tennis 1985 Tournament Tennis sports DOS
Turbo Gomoku 1985 Turbo Gomoku strategy DOS
Willy the Worm 1985 Willy the Worm action DOS
ACE: Air Combat Emulator 1986 ACE: Air Combat Emulator vehicle simulation DOS
Backgammon 1986 Backgammon strategy DOS
Desert Rats 1986 Desert Rats strategy DOS
Dragonfly 1986 Dragonfly shooter DOS
Dragons: A Challenge in Chivalry 1986 Dragons: A Challenge in Chivalry action DOS
Gapper 1986 Gapper puzzle DOS
Hamburger Hell 1986 Hamburger Hell action DOS
Larn 1986 Larn rpg DOS
Mind Mirror 1986 Mind Mirror simulation DOS
Othello 1986 Othello strategy DOS
Round 42 1986 Round 42 shooter DOS
Skullduggery: Adventures in Horror 1986 Skullduggery: Adventures in Horror adventure DOS
Tera: La Cité des Crânes 1986 Tera: La Cité des Crânes rpg DOS
Wall Street Raider 1986 Wall Street Raider simulation DOS
Yacht Racing Simulator 1986 Yacht Racing Simulator racing DOS
Acheton 1987 Acheton adventure DOS
Arcade Volleyball 1987 Arcade Volleyball action DOS
Kobayashi Naru 1987 Kobayashi Naru adventure DOS
Lawn Mower 1987 Lawn Mower action DOS
Mission: Mainframe 1987 Mission: Mainframe rpg DOS
NetHack 1987 NetHack rpg DOS
Starlord 1987 Starlord vehicle simulation DOS
Tau Ceti 1987 Tau Ceti vehicle simulation DOS
The Great Giana Sisters 1987 The Great Giana Sisters action DOS
A Dudley Dilemma 1988 A Dudley Dilemma adventure DOS
Alien Fires 2199 AD 1988 Alien Fires 2199 AD rpg DOS
Awesome Earl in SkateRock 1988 Awesome Earl in SkateRock action DOS
Captain Comic, The Adventures of 1988 Captain Comic, The Adventures of action-adventure DOS
Dungeon of Shalan 1988 Dungeon of Shalan action-adventure DOS
EGA Trek 1988 EGA Trek simulation DOS
LHA 1988 LHA application DOS
Nyet 1988 Nyet puzzle DOS
Off Shore Warrior 1988 Off Shore Warrior sports DOS
Omega 1988 Omega rpg DOS, Linux
The Colony 1988 The Colony action-adventure DOS
The Twilight Zone 1988 The Twilight Zone adventure DOS
Virus 1988 Virus shooter DOS
Weird Dreams 1988 Weird Dreams puzzle DOS
Zoom! 1988 Zoom! puzzle DOS
9 Poker 1989 9 Poker strategy DOS
Aldo Again 1989 Aldo Again action DOS
Alice in Wonderland 1989 Alice in Wonderland adventure DOS
At-slow4 1989 At-slow4 application DOS
Autobots 1989 Autobots shooter DOS
Beyond Columns 1989 Beyond Columns puzzle DOS
Bloodwych 1989 Bloodwych rpg DOS
Blue Angel 69 1989 Blue Angel 69 puzzle DOS
China Sea Trader 1989 China Sea Trader simulation DOS
Dive Bomber 1989 Dive Bomber vehicle simulation DOS
Dungeons of Kairn 1989 Dungeons of Kairn rpg DOS
House of Cards 1989 House of Cards strategy DOS
Iskib 1989 Iskib shooter DOS
Magnetic Crane 1989 Magnetic Crane puzzle DOS
MinerVGA 1989 MinerVGA strategy DOS
Safari Guns 1989 Safari Guns shooter DOS
Sarge 1989 Sarge shooter DOS
Scrabble 1989 Scrabble strategy DOS
Star Trek Combat Arena 1989 Star Trek Combat Arena shooter DOS
Star Wars 2 1989 Star Wars 2 shooter DOS
Take Down 1989 Take Down sports DOS
The Golden Fleece 1989 The Golden Fleece adventure DOS
The Invaders 1989 The Invaders shooter DOS, Windows XP/98/95
The Kristal 1989 The Kristal adventure DOS
Trivial Pursuit 1989 Trivial Pursuit strategy DOS
Vampyr: Talisman of Invocation 1989 Vampyr: Talisman of Invocation rpg DOS
Ante-Up at The Friday Night Poker Club 1990 Ante-Up at The Friday Night Poker Club strategy DOS
Arj 1990 Arj application DOS
At the Carnival 1990 At the Carnival puzzle DOS
Bang! Bang! 1990 Bang! Bang! strategy Windows 3.x
Battle for Atlantis 1990 Battle for Atlantis strategy DOS
Betrayal 1990 Betrayal strategy DOS
Bounce Zone 1990 Bounce Zone action DOS
Captain Comic 2: Fractured Reality 1990 Captain Comic 2: Fractured Reality action-adventure DOS
Crossbow: The Legend of William Tell 1990 Crossbow: The Legend of William Tell shooter DOS
Death by Backgammon 1990 Death by Backgammon strategy DOS
Dungeon Explorer 1990 Dungeon Explorer rpg DOS
Frac 1990 Frac puzzle DOS
Joust VGA 1990 Joust VGA action DOS
LadyLove 1990 LadyLove action DOS
Mario Bros VGA 1990 Mario Bros VGA action DOS
Night Breed 1990 Night Breed action DOS
Penthouse electric jigsaw 1990 Penthouse electric jigsaw puzzle DOS
Tank Wars 1990 Tank Wars strategy DOS
The Price is Right 1990 The Price is Right puzzle DOS
Xiphos 1990 Xiphos vehicle simulation DOS
3D-Maze 1991 3D-Maze action Windows 3.x
A Night with Troi 1991 A Night with Troi adventure DOS
Armor Alley 1991 Armor Alley shooter DOS, Mac
DOS Navigator v 1.5 1991 DOS Navigator v 1.5 application DOS
Gnome Alone 1991 Gnome Alone strategy DOS
Jimmy White Whirlwind Snooker 1991 Jimmy White Whirlwind Snooker sports DOS
No Greater Glory 1991 No Greater Glory simulation DOS, Mac
Scorched Earth 1991 Scorched Earth strategy DOS
Scrooge 1991 Scrooge adventure DOS
SkiFree 1991 SkiFree sports Windows 3.x
Viz 1991 Viz sports DOS
Wordtris 1991 Wordtris puzzle DOS, Mac
X Trek 1991 X Trek adventure DOS
Angband 1992 Angband rpg Windows XP/98/95, DOS, Linux
Aquanoid 1992 Aquanoid action DOS
Aquaphobia 1992 Aquaphobia shooter DOS
Bass Tour 1992 Bass Tour sports DOS
Bible Builder 1992 Bible Builder puzzle DOS
Bicycle Bridge 1992 Bicycle Bridge strategy DOS
Color Buster 1992 Color Buster puzzle DOS
D-Zone 1992 D-Zone strategy DOS
Defender of Boston: The Rock Island Mystery 1992 Defender of Boston: The Rock Island Mystery rpg DOS
Kaeon 1992 Kaeon shooter DOS
Kaiser 1992 Kaiser simulation DOS
Manhole 1992 Manhole action DOS
Mech War 1992 Mech War strategy DOS
Moria 1992 Moria rpg DOS
Rawcopy 1992 Rawcopy application DOS
Stone Age 1992 Stone Age puzzle DOS
Sword Quest 1: The Search 1992 Sword Quest 1: The Search rpg DOS
UnReal World v. 3.20 1992 UnReal World v. 3.20 rpg Windows XP/98/95, Mac
WinRisk 1992 WinRisk strategy Windows 3.x
Winter Supersports 1992 1992 Winter Supersports 1992 sports DOS
WinTrek 1992 WinTrek vehicle simulation Windows 3.x
18th Airborne 1993 18th Airborne shooter DOS
Arcade Trivia Quiz 1993 Arcade Trivia Quiz puzzle DOS
Armaeth: The Lost Kingdom 1993 Armaeth: The Lost Kingdom adventure DOS
Bass Duel 1993 Bass Duel sports DOS
Bravo Romeo Delta 1993 Bravo Romeo Delta simulation DOS
Chopper Duel 1993 Chopper Duel shooter DOS
Coaster 1993 Coaster simulation DOS
Crime City 1993 Crime City simulation DOS
Endless Horror 1993 Endless Horror action DOS
Il Grande Gioco di Tangentopoli 1993 Il Grande Gioco di Tangentopoli shooter DOS
Jetpack 1993 Jetpack action DOS
Jetpack: Christmas Special 1993 Jetpack: Christmas Special action DOS
Ken's Labyrinth 1993 Ken's Labyrinth shooter DOS
MicroMan 1993 MicroMan action Windows 3.x
NeoPaint 3.2 1993 NeoPaint 3.2 application DOS
Rome: Pathway to Power 1993 Rome: Pathway to Power adventure DOS
Safe Opening Simulator 1993 Safe Opening Simulator puzzle DOS
Slam! 1993 Slam! sports Windows 3.x
Slicks 'n' Slide 1993 Slicks 'n' Slide racing DOS
Socrates 1993 Socrates strategy DOS
Sword Quest 2: Tale of the Talisman 1993 Sword Quest 2: Tale of the Talisman rpg DOS
The patcher 6.1 1993 The patcher 6.1 application DOS
Tom and Jerry 1993 Tom and Jerry action DOS
Ultimuh MCMLXVII: Part 2 of the 39th Trilogy 1993 Ultimuh MCMLXVII: Part 2 of the 39th Trilogy rpg DOS
Worlds of Legend: Son of the Empire 1993 Worlds of Legend: Son of the Empire rpg DOS
5th Fleet 1994 5th Fleet strategy DOS
Axet 1994 Axet action DOS
Dangerous Streets 1994 Dangerous Streets action DOS
Deadly Racer 1994 Deadly Racer racing DOS
Disciples of Steel 1994 Disciples of Steel rpg DOS
Fast Tracker 2 1994 Fast Tracker 2 application DOS
Flying Tigers 1994 Flying Tigers shooter DOS
Flying Tigers 2 1994 Flying Tigers 2 shooter DOS
Glider 4.0 1994 Glider 4.0 action Windows 3.x, Mac
Iron Seed 1994 Iron Seed simulation DOS
Lollypop 1994 Lollypop action DOS
Plague of the Moon 1994 Plague of the Moon adventure DOS
Reelect JFK 1994 Reelect JFK simulation Windows 3.x
Strip Poker Deluxe 1994 Strip Poker Deluxe strategy DOS
Super Mariio Bros 1994 Super Mariio Bros action DOS
The Aethra Chronicles 1994 The Aethra Chronicles rpg DOS
Tubular Worlds 1994 Tubular Worlds shooter DOS
Uncover It 1994 Uncover It action DOS
XQuest 1994 XQuest shooter DOS
4Play 1995 4Play strategy Windows 3.x
AlphaMan 1995 AlphaMan rpg DOS
Black Crown 1995 Black Crown strategy DOS
Blackstar: Agent of Justice 1995 Blackstar: Agent of Justice adventure DOS
Impulse Tracker 1995 Impulse Tracker application DOS
Indenture 1995 Indenture action-adventure DOS
Meteor Mission 1995 Meteor Mission action DOS
Mirror Magic 1995 Mirror Magic puzzle Windows XP/98/95, Linux
Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol 1995 Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol rpg Windows 3.x
Pac PC 1995 Pac PC action DOS
Queen of Tenshindo 95 1995 Queen of Tenshindo 95 strategy Windows XP/98/95
Radix: Beyond the Void 1995 Radix: Beyond the Void shooter DOS
River Raid 1995 River Raid shooter DOS
Space Invaders 1995 Space Invaders shooter DOS
Super Speed 1995 Super Speed racing DOS
Yabog 1995 Yabog action DOS
Zorlim's Arcade Volleyball 1995 Zorlim's Arcade Volleyball sports DOS
15x15 Picture Puzzle 1996 15x15 Picture Puzzle puzzle DOS
Alien Rampage 1996 Alien Rampage shooter DOS
Ancient Domains of Mystery (ADOM) v1.1 1996 Ancient Domains of Mystery (ADOM) v1.1 rpg Windows XP/98/95, DOS, Linux
Azalta: Cult of the Raven 1996 Azalta: Cult of the Raven rpg DOS
Battlestar 1996 Battlestar strategy Windows 3.x
Cave Wars 1996 Cave Wars strategy DOS
Genocide 1996 Genocide strategy DOS
Joyous Rebel 1996 Joyous Rebel rpg DOS
O-Pong 1996 O-Pong action DOS
Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers 1996 Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers adventure DOS
X-Tetris 1996 X-Tetris puzzle Windows XP/98/95
Adventure Game Studio (AGS) 1997 Adventure Game Studio (AGS) application Windows XP/98/95, Linux
African Adventure 1997 African Adventure adventure DOS
Aleshar World of Ice 1997 Aleshar World of Ice rpg DOS
Checkers for Windows 1997 Checkers for Windows strategy Windows 3.x
Dilbert's Desktop Games 1997 Dilbert's Desktop Games action Windows XP/98/95
Dungeon Crawl 1997 Dungeon Crawl rpg Windows XP/98/95, DOS, Linux
HTML Tads 1997 HTML Tads application Windows XP/98/95
PC*Bert 1997 PC*Bert action DOS
Slash'Em 1997 Slash'Em rpg Windows XP/98/95, Linux
Warheads 1997 Warheads strategy Windows XP/98/95
240 Racing 1998 240 Racing racing DOS
Acid Tetris 1998 Acid Tetris puzzle DOS
Fatal Relations 1998 Fatal Relations adventure Windows XP/98/95
Football Fanatic 1998 Football Fanatic sports DOS
Fuck Quest 1998 Fuck Quest adventure DOS
Monopoly (Adam Stevens) 1998 Monopoly (Adam Stevens) strategy DOS
Pharoah's Curse 1998 Pharoah's Curse action Windows 3.x
Quandaries 1998 Quandaries simulation DOS
Settlers of Catan 1998 Settlers of Catan strategy DOS
Star Wars Rebellion 1998 Star Wars Rebellion strategy Windows XP/98/95
Udoiana Raunes 1998 Udoiana Raunes adventure DOS
Wizard of Wor 98 1998 Wizard of Wor 98 action DOS
BitStorm 1999 BitStorm puzzle DOS
Cap Man 1999 Cap Man action Windows XP/98/95
Jet Set Willy 1999 Jet Set Willy action DOS
Liero 1999 Liero strategy DOS
Mick's Strip Poker 1999 Mick's Strip Poker strategy Windows XP/98/95, Windows 3.x
Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator 1999 Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator rpg Windows XP/98/95
Warzone 2100 1999 Warzone 2100 strategy Windows XP/98/95, Linux, Mac
Arrakis 2000 Arrakis strategy DOS
BlockOut 2 2000 BlockOut 2 puzzle Windows XP/98/95, Linux
Gal Pani X 2000 Gal Pani X action Windows XP/98/95
Noctis 2000 Noctis vehicle simulation DOS, Windows XP/98/95
Attack of the Mutant Camels 2001 Attack of the Mutant Camels shooter DOS
Auf Wiedersehen Monty 2001 Auf Wiedersehen Monty action Windows XP/98/95
Mario and Luigi 2001 Mario and Luigi action DOS
NetHack - Falcon's Eye 2001 NetHack - Falcon's Eye rpg Windows XP/98/95
Outbound 2001 Outbound shooter Windows XP/98/95
Scorched 3D 2001 Scorched 3D strategy Windows XP/98/95, Linux
ScummVM 2001 ScummVM application Windows XP/98/95
Space Invaders 2001 2001 Space Invaders 2001 shooter Windows XP/98/95
The Castle of Dr. Malvado 2001 The Castle of Dr. Malvado action DOS
DOSBox 2002 DOSBox application Windows XP/98/95, Linux
Taipan for Windows 2002 Taipan for Windows simulation Windows XP/98/95
WinFrotz 2002 WinFrotz application Windows XP/98/95
ResidualVM 2003 ResidualVM application Windows XP/98/95
TomeNET 2003 TomeNET rpg Windows XP/98/95, Linux
Blues Brothers RPG 2004 Blues Brothers RPG rpg Windows XP/98/95
Dark Horizons Lore: Invasion 2004 Dark Horizons Lore: Invasion vehicle simulation Windows XP/98/95, DOS, Linux
Pyjamarama 2004 Pyjamarama action Windows XP/98/95
Spider-Man 2: The Game 2004 Spider-Man 2: The Game action-adventure Windows XP/98/95, Mac
UFO 2000 2004 UFO 2000 strategy Windows XP/98/95, Linux
Warp Rogue 2004 Warp Rogue rpg Windows XP/98/95, Linux
Baseball Mogul 2006 2005 Baseball Mogul 2006 sports Windows XP/98/95
Lyle in Cube Sector 2006 Lyle in Cube Sector action Windows XP/98/95
Ascii Sector 2007 Ascii Sector simulation Windows XP/98/95, Linux, DOS
Doszip Commander 2007 Doszip Commander application DOS
Incursion 2007 Incursion rpg Windows XP/98/95, Linux, Mac
MDDClone 2007 MDDClone vehicle simulation Windows XP/98/95, Linux, Mac
D-Fend Reloaded 2008 D-Fend Reloaded application Windows XP/98/95
The Way of the Exploding Fist PC 2008 The Way of the Exploding Fist PC action Windows XP/98/95
Ardentryst 2009 Ardentryst rpg Windows XP/98/95, Linux
Super Mario Fusion Revival 2011 Super Mario Fusion Revival action Windows XP/98/95
Bagman 2013 Bagman action Windows XP/98/95
WitchavenRL 2013 WitchavenRL rpg Windows XP/98/95, Linux
DBGL: DOSBox Game Launcher 2017 DBGL: DOSBox Game Launcher application Windows XP/98/95
Novatron 1982 Novatron racing DOS
Dr. Ruth Computer Game of Good Sex 1986 Dr. Ruth Computer Game of Good Sex puzzle DOS
Grand slam bridge 1986 Grand slam bridge strategy DOS
Up Periscope! 1988 Up Periscope! vehicle simulation DOS
Advanced Tactical Fighter 2 1990 Advanced Tactical Fighter 2 vehicle simulation DOS
Oil Barons 1992 Oil Barons simulation DOS
Reaping The Dungeon 1993 Reaping The Dungeon rpg DOS
Skyroads 1993 Skyroads racing DOS
Club Football: The Manager 1994 Club Football: The Manager sports DOS
The Clue! 1994 The Clue! simulation DOS
Yendorian Tales: Book I - Chapter 2 1996 Yendorian Tales: Book I - Chapter 2 rpg DOS
Tennis Elbow 1997 Tennis Elbow sports DOS
Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans 1998 Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans adventure Windows XP/98/95