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Game company profile: SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.

Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI) was a prominent American video game developer and publisher specializing in role-playing games (RPGs) and strategy games. The company was founded in 1979 by Joel Billings and initially focused on creating wargames for personal computers, particularly for platforms like the Apple II and later the IBM PC.

SSI gained significant recognition and success in the 1980s and 1990s for its RPG and strategy game titles, many of which became classics in the gaming industry.

In 1994, SSI was acquired by Mindscape, a software company specializing in educational and entertainment products. Over time, SSI's prominence began to wane, and the company faced challenges in adapting to the evolving gaming market. The company's operations gradually scaled down, and by the early 2000s, SSI effectively ceased to exist as an independent entity.

Strategic Simulations Inc. games are NOT available for download on Abandonware DOS as per request of the IP owner.

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SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.

Games by SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.

A chronological list of games published or developed by SSI Strategic Simulations Inc. from 1982 to 1998 on Abandonware DOS for DOS, Windows, Linux or Mac.
  • the-battle-of-the-bulge-tigers-in-the-snow
    1982DOSstrategyprotected wargame, turn-based tactics
  • battle-for-normandy
    1983DOSstrategyprotected wargame, turn-based tactics
  • epidemic
    1983DOSsimulationprotected board game
  • knights-of-the-desert
    1983DOSstrategyprotected wargame, turn-based tactics
  • battle-of-antietam
    1985DOSstrategyprotected wargame, turn-based tactics
  • b-24-combat-simulator
    1987DOSvehicle simulationprotected flight simulation
  • kampfgruppe
    1987DOSstrategyprotected turn-based tactics, wargame
  • mech-brigade
    1987DOSstrategyprotected wargame, turn-based tactics
  • phantasie-1
    1987DOSrpgprotected top-down party-based RPG
  • phantasie-3-the-wrath-of-nikademus
    1987DOSrpg top-down party-based RPG
  • president-elect
    1987DOSsimulationprotected political simulation
  • rings-of-zilfin
  • roadwar-2000
    1987DOSstrategyprotected turn-based tactics
  • roadwar-europa
    1987DOSstrategyprotected turn-based tactics
  • shard-of-spring
  • wizard-s-crown
  • dungeon-master-s-assistant-vol-1
    1988DOSapplicationprotected gaming
  • pool-of-radiance
  • questron-2
  • star-command
    1988DOSstrategyprotected space exploration, turn-based tactics
  • stellar-crusade
    1988DOSstrategyprotected 4x
  • curse-of-the-azure-bonds
  • demon-s-winter
    1989DOSrpgprotected top-down party-based RPG
  • dragons-of-flame
    1989DOSrpgprotected action RPG
  • dungeon-master-s-assistant-vol-2
    1989DOSapplicationprotected gaming
  • heroes-of-the-lance
  • hillsfar
    1989DOSrpgprotected action RPG
  • sword-of-aragon
    1989DOSstrategyprotected 4x, kingdom simulation, turn-based tactics
  • waterloo
    1989DOSstrategyprotected turn-based tactics, wargame
  • buck-rogers-countdown-to-doomsday
  • champions-of-krynn
  • dragon-strike
    1990DOSvehicle simulationprotected board game
  • renegade-legion-interceptor
    1990DOSstrategyprotected wargame, turn-based tactics, board game
  • secret-of-the-silver-blades

    Secret of the Silver Blades is a fantasy RPG set in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons universe, developed and released by SSI Strategic Simulations Inc. in 1990 for DOS, Macintosh, Amiga and Commodore 64 systems. Secret of the Silver Blades is part of the Pool of Radiance series and uses the same "GoldBox" engine with isometric turn-based combat and first-person (false) 3D exploration perspective.

  • war-of-the-lance
    1990DOSstrategyprotected wargame
  • death-knights-of-krynn
  • eye-of-the-beholder-2-the-legend-of-darkmoon
    1991DOSrpgprotected first-person party-based RPG, dungeon crawl

    Eye of the Beholder 2: The Legend of Darkmoon is an old DOS fantasy RPG set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, developed by Westwood Studios and published by SSI Strategic Simulations Inc. in 1991. Eye of the Beholder 2 (also called EotB2) is one of the most popular party-based dungeon crawlers every released for PC.

  • eye-of-the-beholder
    1991DOSrpgprotected first-person party-based RPG, dungeon crawl
  • eye-of-the-beholder-3-assault-on-myth-drannor
    1991DOSrpgprotected first-person party-based RPG, dungeon crawl
  • gateway-to-the-savage-frontier
  • neverwinter-nights
  • no-greater-glory
    1991DOSMacsimulationprotected political simulation
  • pools-of-darkness
  • tony-la-russa-ultimate-baseball
    1991DOSsportsprotected baseball
  • a-line-in-the-sand
    1992DOSstrategyprotected board game, wargame, turn-based tactics
  • buck-rogers-matrix-cubed

    Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed is a CRPG developed by SSI Strategic Simulations Inc. and released in 1992 for DOS only. Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed is the sequel to Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday and it's based on a campaign setting created by TSR in the late 80s. The game uses the Gold Box engine, common to much of the RPGs developed by SSI.

  • carrier-strike-south-pacific-1942-44
    1992DOSstrategyprotected wargame, turn-based tactics
  • conflict-korea
    1992DOSstrategyprotected wargame, turn-based tactics
  • dark-queen-of-krynn
  • gary-grigsby-s-pacific-war
    1992DOSstrategyprotected wargame, turn-based tactics
  • great-naval-battles-north-atlantic-1939-1943
    1992DOSvehicle simulationprotected naval simulation
  • prophecy-of-the-shadow
  • the-summoning
    1992DOSadventureprotected dungeon crawl
  • treasures-of-the-savage-frontier
  • clash-of-steel
    1993DOSstrategyprotected wargame, turn-based tactics
  • dark-sun-shattered-lands
    1993DOSrpgprotected top-down party-based RPG
  • dungeon-hack
    1993DOSrpgprotected dungeon crawl

    Dungeon Hack, based on Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, is a first person dungeon crawl. You can create your one-man party and generate a random the dungeon everytime you start from scratch. Dungeon Hack gameplay is very similar to the Eye of the beholder series.

  • fantasy-empires
    1993DOSstrategyprotected turn-based tactics
  • forgotten-realms-unlimited-adventures

    After publishing a plethora of Gold Box titles, SSI decided to release a fantasy RPG based on the Forgotten Realms scenarios of Dungeons & Dragons where the player could create its own adventures. Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures (FRUA) is the ultimate Gold Box RPG and received praise from everyone who played it. If you loved Dark Knights of Krynn, Treasures of the Savage Frontier or Secret of the Silver Blades, give it a try.

  • gary-grigsby-s-war-in-russia
    1993DOSstrategyprotected wargame, turn-based tactics
  • stronghold
    1993DOSstrategyprotected real-time strategy, kingdom simulation
  • the-great-war-1914-1918
    1993DOSstrategyprotected turn-based tactics
  • veil-of-darkness
    1993DOSaction-adventureprotected isometric action-adventure
  • al-qadim-the-genie-s-curse
    1994DOSrpgprotected action RPG
  • cyclones
    1994DOSshooterprotected first-person shooter
  • dark-legions
    1994DOSstrategyprotected board game
  • dark-sun-2-wake-of-the-ravager
    1994DOSrpgprotected top-down party-based RPG
  • great-naval-battles-vol-2-guadalcanal-1942-43
    1994DOSvehicle simulationprotected naval simulation
  • menzoberranzan
    1994DOSrpgprotected first-person party-based RPG

    Menzoberranzan is a old DOS fantasy first person perspective RPG developed by DreamForge Intertainment in 1994 from an original idea by John McGirk. Menzoberranzan setting is based on the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms campaing setting. Menzoberranzan gameplay is party-based and class-based.

  • panzer-general
    1994DOSstrategyprotected wargame, turn-based tactics

    Panger General is a turn based strategy wargame developed by SSI set in World War 2. The player can choose Axis or Allies and fight against the AI or another human player in more than 30 scenarios on a classic hex based map.

  • ravenloft-strahd-s-possession
    1994DOSrpgprotected first-person party-based RPG

    Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession is a computer role-playing game (CRPG) released in 1994. It is set in the Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting of Ravenloft, which is known for its gothic horror themes. The game was developed by DreamForge Intertainment and published by Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI).The gameplay is based on the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition ruleset, and players create a party of characters to navigate through the treacherous world of Ravenloft. The game features a real-time, first-person perspective for exploration and combat.

  • entomorph-plague-of-the-darkfall
    1995Windows XP/98/95Windows 3.xMacrpgprotected action RPG
  • great-naval-battles-vol-3-fury-in-the-pacific-1941-1944
    1995DOSvehicle simulationprotected naval simulation
  • ravenloft-stone-prophet
    1995DOSrpgprotected first-person party-based RPG

    Ravenloft: Stone Prophet is a fantasy RPG set in the egyptian Ravenloft campaign that uses the Advanced Dungeons & Dragon ruleset. It's the sequel to Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession and uses the same first person real-time 3d engine. Stone Prophet was developed by DreamForge Entertainment and published by SSI in 1995.

  • steel-panthers
    1995DOSstrategy wargame, turn-based tactics

    Steel Panthers is the first game in the Steel Panthers series. It was released in 1995 by Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI). This initial release laid the foundation for the series and introduced players to the turn-based tactical wargame experience that would be further developed in subsequent titles. The game focused on armored warfare and featured a variety of scenarios and campaigns set in different historical periods. 

  • fantasy-general
    1996DOSstrategyprotected turn-based tactics

    Fantasy General is a hex-based turn-based strategy fantasy wargame. The player can duel either against a computer or a human opponent or even take part in a longer campaign. There are two sides to chose from, one good and one evil, each with unique and colorful units.

  • great-naval-battles-vol-5-demise-of-the-dreadnoughts-1914-18
    1996DOSvehicle simulationprotected naval simulation

    Great Naval Battles vol. 5: Demise of the Dreadnoughts 1914-18 is an abandoned naval simulation game, developed for DOS only by Divide by zero and released by SSI Strategic Simulations Inc. in 1996. As the title implies, Great Naval Battles vol. 5 is a fairly accurate historical simulation set in World War I. The game also includes a mission editor.

  • star-general
    1996Windows XP/98/95DOSstrategyprotected turn-based tactics, wargame
  • pacific-general
    1997Windows XP/98/95strategyprotected wargame, turn-based tactics
  • panzer-general-2
    1997Windows XP/98/95strategyprotected wargame, turn-based tactics
  • steel-panthers-3-brigade-command-1939-1999
    1997DOSstrategyprotected wargame, turn-based tactics
  • people-s-general
    1998Windows XP/98/95strategyprotected wargame, turn-based tactics