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Carmageddon was a controversial and violent vehicular combat / car racing game, where the player must compete against a number of computer controlled opponents. Running over pedestrians and damaging opponents cars grant time bonuses and credits to be spent for upgrades.

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Carmageddon reviews

"For: you can drive absolutely anywhere. Fantastic graphics engine and near-perfect gameplay complete the puzzle.
Against: levels can take a boringly long time to load, and the pedestrian's scream sample can really get on your nerves. Considering these are the only things wrong with it, why hesitate? We certainly wouldn't!" - PC Powerplay Issue 015 (1997)


Video courtesy of Squakenet.com.

Additional info about Carmageddon

Input: joystick, keyboard, mouse, gamepad, wheel

Distributed on: cd-rom

Abandonware DOS views: 16376


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