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Grand Theft Auto

In Grand Theft Auto the player takes the role of a criminal who can freely roam around the city (Liberty City) completing tasks for the local mobs: stealing cars, killing pedestrians, all of it while avoiding the police and the army. The freedom of gameplay and the "I'm the bad guy" appeal of the game made the Grand Theft Auto series very popular.

Grand Theft Auto screenshot
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Additional info about Grand Theft Auto

Input: joystick, keyboard, gamepad

Distributed on: cd-rom

Also published for: Windows, PlayStation, Game Boy Color

Abandonware DOS views: 39176


  • Daniel L J Hearn - 04/09/2017 07:38
    This is the original and classic beginning of a long franchise of titles. In this helicopter view game, you have to drive around town completing various missions and accomplishing tasks that gamers will enjoy. You can get out of your car and steal another, like the game title implies (Grand Theft Auto) but there is a lot of other stuff for you to have fun doing also. So strap in sit back and get ready for part one of GTA Grand Theft Auto.
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