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Wing Commander

Wing Commander 1 is a space combat simulator video game; the first game in the Wing Commander series. Wing Commander 1 was developed and published by Origin Systems in 1990. The game was created by Chris Roberts and became known for its innovative use of cinematic storytelling and cutting-edge graphics at the time.
In Wing Commander, players take on the role of a pilot in the Terran Confederation's fight against the evil Kilrathi Empire. The game features a branching narrative, where the player's choices and performance in missions affect the course of the story, while the space combat is in a first-person perspective.
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Retro gamer collector's corner:

Wing Commander shipped with an instruction booklet styled as a shipboard magazine, Claw Marks. It provided tactical suggestions, statistics on fighters and weapons both Kilrathi and Terran, capsule biographies of notable pilots on both sides of the line, and general shipboard news. Notable contributors to the Claw Marks magazine include Captain Aaron Allston, Major Warren Spector, and Col. Chris Roberts.

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Additional info about Wing Commander

Status: freeware
Input: keyboard, mouse
Distributed on: 3,5 floppy disk, 5,25 floppy disk
Also published for: Amiga, SNES, FM Towns, SEGA CD
Abandonware DOS views: 25726
Series: Wing Commander is part of the Wing commander series.
Awards won by Wing Commander:


  • TigerBlazer 06/05/2021 21:05
    Without a doubt, one of the best games ever made. Play it now! You will not regret it.
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