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The most popular abandonware action games

Action video games are a genre of video games that emphasize physical challenges, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time. These games typically involve fast-paced gameplay, where players control a character who must navigate through a dynamic environment filled with obstacles, enemies, and other challenges. The primary focus is on the player's ability to react quickly and make split-second decisions.

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The Typing of the Dead
actionWindows XP/98/95
DX-Ball 2
actionWindows XP/98/95

Action games

  • zzt-2
    DOS1991freeware4.2/5 maze, action puzzle
  • magic-pockets-5
    DOS19924/5 platform
  • hocuspocus-1
    DOS1994protected4.2/5 platform
  • zool-3
    DOS19923.9/5 platform

    Zool was to Amiga what Sonic was for Sega consoles: a cool protagonist (a ninja of the Nth dimension!) for a high adrenaline action platformer. Zool was designed by George Allen and published by Gremlin in 1992 and it was an instant success. It was ported for many platforms, DOS included, and followed by Zool 2 in 1993.

  • artura-1
    DOS19893.2/5 platform
  • qbert-06
  • indy3action-3
  • prehistorik-1
    DOS1991protected4.1/5 platform
  • ninja-gaiden-2-02
    DOS19904.1/5 beat 'em up
  • amazing-spiderman-captain-america-02
  • giana-3
    DOS1987remake4/5 platform

    The Great Giana Sisters is a platform video game developed by Time Warp Productions and published by Rainbow Arts. It was originally released in 1987 for the Commodore 64 and other platforms, and later unofficially ported to MS-DOS.The game follows the adventures of two sisters, Giana and Maria, as they journey through a dream world filled with var...

  • titusthefox-1
    DOS1992protected4.2/5 platform

    Titus the Fox is a DOS horizontal scrolling platform game developed by Titus Interactive in 1992. As Titus, you have to advance through 15 levels to rescue your beloved Suzy who has been kidnapped. The player can interact with objects by throwing them at foes, or jumping higher. There are bosses at the end of each level and secret rooms spread acro...

  • jbird-4
  • hard-hat-mack-02
    DOS19844.1/5 platform
  • colorado-02
  • 3demon-3
    DOS19833.7/5 maze
  • cosmos-adventures-1-03
    DOS1992protected4.1/5 platform
  • extremepinball-5
    DOS19954.2/5 pinball
  • jill-of-the-jungle-3-1
  • bio-menace-3-06
    DOS1993freeware4.2/5 platform, run and gun
  • eyeoforus-1
    DOS19894.1/5 platform
  • keen3-1
    DOS1990protected4.1/5 platform
  • arcticadventure-1
    DOS19913.4/5 platform
  • primal-rage-03
    DOS19954/5 fighting
  • antattack-1
    DOS1994freeware3.7/5 maze
  • mortalkombat3-01
    DOS1995protected4/5 fighting

    Mortal Kombat 3 is a fighting action game developed by Midway Manufacturing Company and released by GT Interactive Software in 1995 for DOS and Windows as well as for many other platforms. Mortal Kombat 3 is the third chapter of the acclaimed Mortal Kombat series that spawned many sequels, a few TV series and even movies (with various degree of suc...

  • jazzjackrabbit-7
    DOS1994protected3.7/5 platform
  • bomb-jack-01
    DOS19844.5/5 platform, action puzzle

    Bomb Jack is a classic arcade platform game developed and published by Tecmo in 1984. The goal of the game is to collect bombs while avoiding enemies; the whole game takes place in a fixed screen. Bomb Jack for DOS is a conversion from the arcade original version. The arcade and the conversions were a huge commercial success.

  • jet-set-willy-remake-02
    DOS1999freewareremake3.7/5 platform
  • antix-05