Abandonware DOS title

Fixed screen, games with no scrolling

In a fixed screen game there is no scrolling, neither vertical nor horizontal. In a fixed screen video game, the screen doesn't move in any way. Anything but the screen can usually move anyway, but gameplay is restricted to the fixed screen. Early arcade games where typically fixed screen games: scrolling was harder to obtain in the early age of video gaming.

Most popular fixed screen games

CD-Man v2.0
Alley Cat
Street Fighter 2

Fixed screen games

  • monopoly-stevens-01
  • monopoly-deluxe-virgin-01
    DOSWindows 3.x19924/5 Parker Brothers

    Monopoly Deluxe is an abandoned turn-based top-down Monopoly adaptation  of the classic board game, developed by Parker Brothers and released by Virgin Interactive in 1992. Monopoly Deluxe was published for DOS, Windows 3.1, and Macintosh.

  • montezuma-revenge-04
    DOS19844.3/5 Parker Brothers
  • mspacpc-1
    DOS1995remake4.2/5 Magicom Multimedia
  • mspacman-2
    DOS19833.9/5 Midway Manufacturing Company
  • murder-in-the-atlantic-02
    DOS19883.3/5 CobraSoft
  • murdersinspace-4
    DOS1990protected4.1/5 Hitech Productions
  • nightmissionpinball-1
    DOS19823.6/5 subLOGIC
  • night-raid-04
    DOS1992remake3.8/5 Argo Games
  • noexit-02
    DOS19903.4/5 Coktel Vision
  • novatron-1
    DOS19823.3/5 Verisoft
  • nuclearwar-1
    DOS19894.1/5 New World Computing

    Nuclear War is an abandoned turn-based strategy game designed by Eric Hyman and Jon Van Caneghem. Nuclear War was developed and released by New World Computing in 1989 for Amiga and, later, for DOS, and it's loosely based on a card game of the same name. Nuclear War took a satirical approach to the grim possibility of a global nuclear war and succe...

  • nyet-03
  • opong-1
  • oils-well-02
    DOS19843.4/5 Sierra On-Line
  • onemustfall2097-2
    DOS1994freeware4.2/5 Diversions Entertainment
  • 1on1jb-2
    DOS19883.7/5 Electronic Arts
  • over-the-net-03
    DOS19903.5/5 Genias
  • pacgal-02
  • pacmania-champ-03
    DOS19934.1/5 ChamProgramming corp.
  • pacpc-04
  • pac-girl-1
    DOS19823.6/5 Magicom Multimedia
  • packman-1
    DOS1983remake3.4/5 Magicom Multimedia
  • pango-02
  • panzakick-1
    DOS19904.2/5 Loriciels
  • paratrooper-5
    DOS19823.9/5 Orion Software
  • pc-globe-01
    DOS19873.7/5 Broderbund
  • pcbert-02
  • pcman-1
    DOS1982remake4.2/5 Orion Software

    PC-Man is an abandoned top-down Pac-Man clone in every regard: from the shape of the protagonist, to the cute ghosts. PC-Man was designed by Greg Kuperberg, developed by Orion Software and released in 1982 for DOS. As PC-Man, you have to move through a one screen maze to collect dots (pills? wafers?) and avoid being touched by one of the usual Pac-...

  • pent-hot-numbers-01
    DOS1993NSFW4.1/5 reLINE Software