Abandonware DOS title

Fixed screen, games with no scrolling

In a fixed screen game there is no scrolling, neither vertical nor horizontal. In a fixed screen video game, the screen doesn't move in any way. Anything but the screen can usually move anyway, but gameplay is restricted to the fixed screen. Early arcade games where typically fixed screen games: scrolling was harder to obtain in the early age of video gaming.

Most popular fixed screen games

CD-Man v2.0
Alley Cat
Street Fighter 2

Fixed screen games

  • death-gate-01
    DOS1994protected3.9/5 Legend Entertainment
  • death-sword-02
    DOS19884.2/5 Palace Software

    Death Sword (also known as Barbarian in Europe), is a fighting game developed by Palace Software, set in a fantasy world full of huge sword-wielding barbarians. Compared to modern brawlers, Death Sword gameplay may seem slow, but at the time it was considered adequate. Instead of rushing into multiple chain combos, the slow pace allow the players t...

  • devastator-01
    DOS19843.4/5 COMPUTE! Publications
  • digdug-1
    DOS19833.8/5 Namco
  • crazy-digger-1
    DOS19834.2/5 Windmill Software

    Digger is an abandoned action game developed and released by Windmill Software back in 1983 for PC only. Gameplay is a mix of two classics: Dig Dug and Mr. Do!: dig down, get gems, avoid death, reach the next level and so on.

  • dilbert-desktop-games-04
    Windows XP/98/9519974.2/5
  • dinosaur-balls-02
    DOS19923.8/5 Amwa (HK) Computer Co.
  • donkey-4
    DOS19834.1/5 Nintendo
  • dragons-chivalry-03
  • duck-hunt-03

    Duck Hunt is a faithful remake based on the original light gun game Duck Hunt published by Nintendo in 1984. Duck Hunt was a shooting gallery game with a straightforward gameplay: use your gun to shoot down ducks. If you fail to shoot enough birds, the game ends.

  • educatlas1993-02
  • egatrek-03
  • egaroids-2
    DOS1986freewareremake3.7/5 Designer Software
  • electranoid-02
    DOS19954.1/5 Pixel Painters Corporation
  • elevator-1
    DOS1986freeware3.4/5 Wordworks Software
  • encounter-1
  • endless-horror-02
  • enigma-sh-04
    DOS1996freeware2.6/5 Geckosoft
  • epidemic-06
    DOS1983protected4.1/5 SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
  • evolution-1
    DOS19833.4/5 Sydney Development
  • faces-tris-3-03
    DOS19903/5 Sphere
  • family-feud-03
    DOS19873.4/5 Softie
  • fastfooddizzy-2
    DOS19894/5 Codemasters
  • fiendish-freddy-04
    DOS19892.9/5 Gray Matter
  • flixmix-02
    DOS19933.5/5 Celeris
  • floppy-frenzy-03
    DOS19823/5 Windmill Software
  • frac-03
  • frogger-2
    DOS19834.1/5 Konami
  • froggerjr-2
  • galpanix-07
    Windows XP/98/952000freewareNSFW4.1/5

    Gal Pani X is an action-puzzle game reminiscent of the classic arcade Qix, developed by D2 and released in 2000 for Windows. Gal Pani X is an adult-themed Doujin game: it was made by fans and wasn't for profit.