Abandonware DOS title

Turn-based games sorted by release date

In direct contrast with real-time games, turn-based games gameplay is based on the players taking turns to do what needs to be done: move in a dungeon, play cards, attack enemy units.

Most popular turn based games

Magic: The Gathering
strategyWindows XP/98/95
Civilization 2
strategyWindows XP/98/95
strategyDOS, Windows 3.x

Turn based games

  • minesweeper-04
    Windows 3.x19924.2/5 Microsoft
  • monopoly-deluxe-virgin-01
    DOSWindows 3.x19924/5 Parker Brothers

    Monopoly Deluxe is an abandoned turn-based top-down Monopoly adaptation  of the classic board game, developed by Parker Brothers and released by Virgin Interactive in 1992. Monopoly Deluxe was published for DOS, Windows 3.1, and Macintosh.

  • oil_barons-02
    DOS19923.9/5 Starsoft Development
  • onenil-3
    DOS19923.9/5 New Era Software
  • premiermanager-1
    DOS19924.2/5 Gremlin Graphics / Gremlin Interactive
  • rampart-3
    DOS19924/5 Atari

    Rampart is an abandoned mix of strategy and shooter game designed by Dave Ralston and John Salwitz, developed by Atari and released by Electronic Arts in 1992 for DOS. Rampart was converted from the original arcade version to a number of platforms, including Amiga, Atari ST, C64, Game Boy, Genesis, Lynx, NES, SEGA Master System, SNES. Rampart is a ...

  • scrabble-usgold-04
    DOS19923.2/5 U.S. Gold
  • sexy-droids-05
    DOS1992NSFW3.7/5 Eleven Software
  • siege-06
    DOS19923.8/5 Mindcraft Software
  • spacecrusade-1
    DOS19924.1/5 Gremlin Graphics / Gremlin Interactive
  • spaceward-ho03
    Windows 3.xDOS19924/5 Delta Tao Software
  • stone-age-03
  • sword-quest-1-01
  • four-crystals-trazere-05
    DOS19924/5 Mindscape
  • theatreofwar-1
    DOS1992protected3.2/5 Artech Studios
  • treasuresfrontier-1
    DOS1992protected4/5 Stormfront Studios
  • unreal-world-roguelike-09
    Windows XP/98/95Mac1992freeware4.1/5
  • v4vvelikiye_005
    DOS1992protected4/5 Atomic Games
  • winrisk-01
    Windows 3.x19924/5
  • allan-border-cricket-01
    DOS19933.8/5 Audiogenic
  • arcade-trivia-quiz-02
  • battle-isle-93-03
    DOS19934/5 Blue Byte Software
  • bloodstone-3
    DOS19934/5 Mindcraft Software
  • castleofthewinds-3
    Windows 3.x1993freeware4.2/5 SaadaSoft

    Castle of the Winds (1993, by Saadasoft) is a perfect example of an atypical roguelike (no ASCII, runs in Windows) turned into a liberated game. Surprisingly Castle of the Winds is still very playable to this day, if you can make it run under a recent version of Windows.

  • clash-of-steel-07
    DOS1993protected3.9/5 SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
  • eishockey-manager-06
    DOS19934.2/5 Kron Simulation Software
  • empire-deluxe-07
    DOSWindows 3.x19934/5 White Wolf Productions
  • fantasy-empires-07
    DOS1993protected4/5 Silicon Knights
  • football-manager-3-06
    DOS19934.3/5 Bedrock Software
  • unlimited-adventures-09
    DOSMac1993protected4.1/5 MicroMagic

    After publishing a plethora of Gold Box titles, SSI decided to release a fantasy RPG based on the Forgotten Realms scenarios of Dungeons & Dragons where the player could create its own adventures. Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures (FRUA) is the ultimate Gold Box RPG and received praise from everyone who played it. If you loved Dark Knights ...